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I am thinking of running an additional session for another 10 weeks of the PDGA league out here in the NE on Monday nights.  This would go through to the end of August I think, and then in September we would just run it as a standard league.  I am curious to know what say you.

General Banter / So who you got now?
« on: May 30, 2013, 12:33:51 PM »
Thanks much to the EPIC Meltdown of the rubber meeting the ice last night...Blackhawks outscored the Red Wings 10-5 after managing just two goals in Games 2-4 -- they became the 25th team to win a series after trailing 3-1. It was the first time in franchise history Chicago has made such a comeback.

How fitting it kicks Detroit out of the West and sends home to worry about the disc golf housing project downtown.

You know who I am riding the rest of the way, so who you got?

Cliff Drive / Work to be done at cliff-if you have the time....
« on: May 28, 2013, 03:09:22 PM »

A lot of love has been going on out at Cliff Drive, and though I know in the future we may be losing holes 7-8-9 as they stand today, we haven't lost them yet, and I have been told that they want to really work with us to try to remain to have them in play. 

What that may mean though is that the fairway on #8 will get TIGHTER, and Tree lined, can you say tough SOB!  but rest assured even with the possibility of having them not vanish, I plan to expand the course.  Ideally if this happens making it a 24 hole course.  I think that is a perfect number for disc golf personally.  Time will tell. 

In the mean time, Beckett has been carving out the new holes with intensity not matched in years out there.  Johnny Harrison attacked holes #5 & #6 to clean them up.

I finished cleaning up #4, and then got #8 long green taken care of last night.

What remains to be done in the annual "summer clean/Spring Clean of Cliff" is the hillside on #6 by the downed tree.  The green on #7 middle, and then the trail from #7 up to the stage to the cliff.  I will try to get out there and work some on it this week, probably Friday so that it looks a little better for the East Championships, but if you have time and a mower or weed whacker, anything anyone does will be appreciated.

Thanks for the love on the course this month out there, it is looking good!

General Banter / Sponsors?
« on: May 22, 2013, 10:36:03 AM »
Anyone looking to sponsor the Wide Open in some way or shape?  I have a couple of folks that have given me information about sponsors for the BBQ party, what say you?  You have someone lined up that would like to get their name out there to about 300 people regionally based that like to go and spread the word about things that help make disc golf events better?

General Banter / Volunteers -registration lets get it on!
« on: May 22, 2013, 09:31:16 AM »
We need help, volunteers, more players, you know the drill!  We are less than a month away from the Wide Open, and you can help make it better.  Sign up to help or play, or work on the course beforehand.

Help be a part of the longest running and biggest disc golf tournament of the year in KC!

Looking forward to good times!

I will be in Iowa, and the tradition of not having league on holidays is secure with me running it.  So there is not a league in the Northeast on Monday the 27th.  I will probably be out there working on the course though if you want to come out and help, and will be probably easily manipulated into making you a fine feast following the work.

What I would like to accomplish is relatively simple:
Finish 4 fairway (15 min)
Mow 5 Fairway and Green (30-40 Min)
Mow 6 fairway (30 minutes)
Mow path between 7 & 8 by rocks (40 min)
mow/weed whack around 8 pad (15 minutes)
clear downed tree limb and area around stage mow, etc... (hour)

Looking about 3-4 hours of work, and if you can help, all you need would be a lawnmower, and some time.  If enough of us come out, we could get it done in about an hour, and then maybe play disc golf...if enough, if not, then I will work on it and do what I can!  :-)

Playing the course in round one configuration tonight (of the EAST v. west Team Challenge).  Which means that we are playing #8 to the hangar, and nickels on everything else.

We got some love done on the course, and some still needs to be done, but it should be a great night out there to play for certain.

Par tonight will be set at 56.  We want to be teeing off no later than 6pm on the holes, so please be signed up by 5:50.  Ace Fund is $331 before tonight's contribution.  Aces are available at the following locations:
10 (it's going to be an epic shot, but it is there-depending on wind)

SO over half the course is set up for you to take home some money, come and get you some!

Cliff Drive / 5/13/03 Monday PDGA League at Cliff
« on: May 13, 2013, 01:11:31 PM »
I will attempt to be out there as quickly as I can, but we should be in good shape to finish without too much of a hiccup.  Ace Fund is currently at $313 with a bunch of possibilities out there.  We will be playing to the Nickels on all baskets tonight as well, so Ace possibles on :
10 (Will probably move it before league though to LONG position, since we haven't played it there in awhile.)

SO come on out and get rated!

General Banter / Tick, Tick, Tsk....
« on: May 08, 2013, 09:17:44 AM »

"I had a pediatrician tell me what she believes is the best
way to remove a tick. This is great because it works in
those places where it's sometimes difficult to get to with
tweezers: between toes, in the middle of a head full of
dark hair, etc."

"Apply a glob of liquid soap to a cotton ball. Cover the tick
with the soap-soaked cotton ball and swab it for a few
seconds (15-20); the tick will come out on its own and be
stuck to the cotton ball when you lift it away.

This technique has worked every time I've used it
(and that was frequently), and it's much less traumatic
for the patient and easier for me.."

Also, if you just pull a tick off, their heads sometimes break off
and are left under the skin so this is much safer. Be aware

also that a tick with a white speck on its back is a Deer
Tick, these can cause Tick Fever so check yourself and
your family good if you see any of these!

"Unless someone is allergic to soap, I can't see that this
would be damaging in any way.

Cliff Drive / 5/6/13-NE League Night @ Blue Valley
« on: May 07, 2013, 08:33:50 AM »
Well, what a beautiful day to be out throwing plastic in the park last night it was.  We had 13 people come out to play, but only had 12 get there in time to start it off and finish.  We got all groups back without needing lights, and though the course wasn't set in Uber Long Wide Open settings, we did manage to play from the long pads last night.

Joe Hesting came in and said if my 56 isn't a 1020, this is silly.  Well, it was sorta silly, as it rated out a 1019 on the night as we played the course in a configuration that we are calling par 63 for evening.  This was a 56 with a disc that got stolen on #14 as they looked for Jake Bowen's disc in the Blue River where the geese were trying to decipher if it was a new type of egg for them to use.  I kid, I kid.


Joe Hesting-56-=$12
Jose Ossa-59=$9
Matt Crowe-62
Jack Lowe-62
Jake Bowen-64
Jamie Danger-66
Scott Melrose-67

Ryan Keck-63=$9 KcKash
Greg Utz-68=$6 KcKash
Tony Burnett-77=$3 KcKash
Jason Gillow-81
Rob Martin-84

I think that there were 3 people that didn't get in the ace fund, so next week back to Cliff Drive and the Ace Fund will jump up to $313 for next week.

Reminder that workday in the Northeast area community is slated for Saturday May 18.  I can use your help to work on the new areas we are working to create within Cliff, as well as some maintenance on the existing areas.  If only a few hours or even one you can do, it will help.  Thanks much-Jack

Cliff Drive / Blue Valley League Night-5/6/13
« on: May 06, 2013, 09:36:39 AM »
Reminder, that league is at BLUE VALLEY tonight!!
Well, I am uncertain if I can get there by 5:30 to play on the Big course, and get everyone going.  I should be there close to it though, and if we can get 3-somes going by 5:30, we should have enough time to play the big course.  I can play it generally in 2 1/2 hours if I don't doddle.  So if someone wants to step up and take names and $$$ until I get there, I think that the big course is on tonight boys.  If no one responds, then it will be "inner course" for all.

Blue Valley / Blue Valley League Night-5/6/13
« on: May 06, 2013, 09:35:27 AM »
Well, I am uncertain if I can get there by 5:30 to play on the Big course, and get everyone going.  I should be there close to it though, and if we can get 3-somes going by 5:30, we should have enough time to play the big course.  I can play it generally in 2 1/2 hours if I don't doddle.  So if someone wants to step up and take names and $$$ until I get there, I think that the big course is on tonight boys.  If no one responds, then it will be "inner course" for all.

Cliff Drive / 2013 Stats
« on: April 29, 2013, 03:30:51 PM »
DIV   First Name   Last Name   PDGA#   Weeks Played   Average Score
MPO   Jose   Ossa   28268   3   54.0
MPO   Joe   Hesting   24884   3   54.7
MPO   Matt   Crowe   48148   3   57.7
MPO   Matt   Perry   52050   2   55.0
MPO   Jordan   Hinck   45624   2   57.0
MPO   Adam   Cossette   44380   2   57.5
MPO   Steve   Timmesch   46929   1   55.0
MPO   Peter   Cashen   13909   1   60.0
MPO   Scott   Melrose   27493   1   61.0
MPO   Lee   Killian   17024   1   63.0
MPO   Tony   Burnett   53026   1   64.0
MPO   Daniel 'Day'   Loomis   35956   1   66.0
MPO   Ben   Crosby   16649   1   70.0
MPO   Jitt   Belcher   44621   1   999.0

Pro Masters
MPM   Jamie 'Danger'   Barry   3628   4   57.3
MPM   Ted   Keith   16896   2   68.0
MPM   Duane "CD"   Steiner   2883   1   50.0
MPM   Beckett   Carduff   12330   1   58.0

MA1   Rob   Martin   51540   4   68.8
MA1   Andy   Portwood   52809   3   65.7
MA1   Ryan   Westa   22977   3   65.7
MA1   Jason   Gillow   55524   3   70.3
MA1   Ryan   Keck   48875   1   58.0
MA1   Mike   Keizer   55555   1   59.0
MA1   Zeke   Henry   52670   1   62.0
MA1   Eric   Kolkmeier   32120   1   63.0

Advanced Masters
MM1   Jack   Lowe   15316   3   62.0
MM1   Gary 'G$'   Harvey   9174   2   62.0

Cliff Drive / 4/29/13 League Results
« on: April 29, 2013, 09:54:18 AM »
It is going to be a wonderful evening for disc golf and I look to rebound from that horrendous showing this weekend....Looking forward to having a bunch of us out there.  I should be there ~5:30 to get us moving along!

Cliff Drive / 4/22/13 League results
« on: April 23, 2013, 09:13:32 AM »
Well the rain held off long enough for everyone but CD's card to get in without too much hassle.  Considering when I left work it was pouring rain, it just goes to show you that the weather even 18 miles away can change in this environment.
Is the ratings and the stats for last night.

What I have determined is that in the PDGA scoring, you aren't playing in the same division that you are during the league.  In other words, I am putting your scores in based on your level, preferably AM/PRO is where it will be.  By the end of the series I will have tabulated a formula for the number of weeks that you play and people that you beat during that time frame, and will adjust accordingly with the PDGA, or whittle it down to an overall scoring field based on averages, and balance that our the last week.  I am uncertain how it will be calculated, but I will work with the PDGA on getting it in there correctly, so that the person that made all 10 weeks gets more points than the person that made it 6....Which I think is the minimum to be included in the field for scoring points.

So last night we had 12 brave souls spit in the wind, and say not tonight, tonight the hard rains not gonna come.
It looked a little like this:
Pro Field-
CD-50=$12 (1023 rated round as well out there in the misting rain and at twilight for D-Wayne!)
Jose Ossa-53=$9 (994 rated, it was close to a 1000 rated round....)
Beckett Carduff-58=$3
Danger Will Robinson-59 (But did win the playoff from last week so left with $3....)
G$-60 (But did leave with $3 from OB's, & Trees, Back and total score from me! ARGHHHHHHH!)
Jack Lowe-61 (But did pay Danger $3 from playoff, G$ $3 from not playing well, and gave Beckett a $1 from hitting the basket on #10 on Sunday)
Zeke Henry-62
Eric Kolkmeier-63

Advanced Field
Ryan Keck-58=$9 KcKash
Rob Martin-64=$6 KcKash
Jason Gillow-65
Andy Portwood-66

We had 2 people opt out of the Ace fund last night, so with no ace hit we will be moving the needle to $289 next week.  I am uncertain if I will be in town next week, so I may be looking for a little help to run league.  Next week will be at Cliff Drive, the following week will be at Blue Valley, and we will be playing BV long!  Trying to tee off at Blue Valley a little early, sending out cards on rolling starts ideally 3-somes.

Last night our card teed off at 5:55, and we finished ok, but CD's card started at the same time and came in the dark.  We will try to get things rolling around 5:40 or so next week, then after the Blue Valley first Monday we will push to 6:00 until September!

Thanks to all that bothered to show up and play last night.  It turned out to be an ok day to play!

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