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Cliff Drive / 8/18/14 NE League at Cliff Drive-Post LDO set up
« on: August 19, 2014, 09:41:14 am »

No ace was hit, it grows to $535.

We had 9 out on a hot hot night to play a version of the LDO layout that added a little teeth, but nothing to monumental.

Jose Ossa had the "heat on" during the round as he shot the best with a 51.  There was a tie then for second place between Dick Parker and Peter Bures with a 53.  Though Dick did have 6 birdies, he balanced that with a 5 and many a missed putt, as did Peter as well, so at times, yes Peter and Dick were short....HEEYY-OOOO!  It was balanced out though as the rest of the pro playing field all shot a 54 on the course......which speaking of 54's that happened to be the Advanced best in Ryan Westa who knew he shot better than an 825 that he did last week, in fact over 100 points better at a 936, and Bill Shinoski continues to improve week over week at Cliff.  Bill has only played below his rating 2x, and is averaging 19 points over his rating at Cliff.  I only wish I could say the same.

Missed a chance on the easiest layout of the year last night, and want to try it?  Want to get a better round rating on the course?
Wednesday Night Wandering League will be in the same format and with more people playing it will make for different ratings.

Next week we will play a continuation of shorter and "newer" holes as the daylight erodes, we play to have fun, and as football gets closer, we play to mot miss the games, but still get our disc fix on.

See you next week, or I won't that decision is yours.

Tournaments / Tree Love Classic-PDGA C-Tier-Cliff Drive Sat Sept 13
« on: August 18, 2014, 03:18:57 pm »

When: Saturday, September 13th, 2014
Where: Cliff Drive Disc Golf Course at Kessler Park
What: PDGA C-Tier Tournament, KC Mini Series Event
Why: Raise money to plant trees at the course
Fees: All Open Divisions- $45
All Amateur Divisions - $35
Ace Fund - $2
Non-PDGA Members - Additional $10

*Amateur Divisions Will Play for Trophy Discs*

Check-In by 8:30 am - Players Meeting at 9:00
72 Players Maximum - Pre-Registration is Required by 6pm Sept. 12th.
*Ams Must be Pre-Registered by Friday September 5th at 6pm to receive a Players Pack*

Online registration will be available soon.

Cliff Drive / Big thank you
« on: August 11, 2014, 10:55:46 am »
I want to give a big thanks to all the people that were out to help on Saturday.  This has been a wonderful work to create and continue to improve on a course many have grown to love, and we continue to improve upon.
Danny Rodriguez and Brett-brought in the machines and workforce to make it happen!
Drew Neitzel
Mike Penney
Dick Parker
Ben Crosby
Mike Petrin
Mark Moseley
Blu Alexander
Bob Hartness
Matt Crowe
John Kirby
Demian Vela
Previous weeks leading up to over the summer-that weren't here but their contributions go far...
Beckett Carduff
Mike keizer
Ted Keith
Jose Ossa
Gary Harvey
Brett Shoffner
Doug Keehler
Matt Eklund

There are SOOOOOO many people that I can thank that this list shames me to even post it.

That being said, there is still some work to do out there, and we will be tidying it up to make sure that you enjoy a great disc golf experience, and overall enjoyment to the park that so many long for!



Cliff Drive / Cliff Drive League Night 8/11/14
« on: August 11, 2014, 10:35:11 am »
We will be playing league at Cliff Drive tonight.

I am hopeful that we will be playing with the new holes and the complete Lion's Den Open version.  I will bring maps, but here it is in a nutshell.
1-playing Hole #1 to the practice basket
2-playing fro the road to the original long #1 basket
3-playing the LONG hole NEW #1 placement, yes LONG not short as we did 2 weeks ago, but LONG, it is pretty darn cool.
4-playing from the short placement of the new #1 last time as the teeing area for the new #2 for the time being to the new #2 pin on the hillside
5-playing original #2 (short)
6-playing original #3 only
7-playing #4 to the right (short)
8-playing #5 (short)
9-playing #6 (long right)
then go to #10 original-yeah sorry about the walk, we can discuss to see if we want to play 20 holes, and add #8 hangar and #9-group decision.....

10-playing #10 to the right shorter (middle placement)
11-tee from road behind first tree on #18 to practice basket (Blue)
12-#11 Short to practice basket
13-play from road behind tree on #11 to #11 long pin (ala Sully placement)
15-#13  Short or middle (I haven't decided yet on this one, leaning towards middle...
16-#15 Under the tree
17-#16 long
18-Tee from #17 pad to long #18 basket

If the new holes are "too muddy" to play we will play as described above using #8 to the hangar and #9 for the round tonight.

I am hoping to swing by and get everything moved before the round (moving #13 to the middle and #18 to the top if you have keys....) and then planting with temp the new pins on #1 and #2.

The short track and lots o'aces can be found and started tonight at Cliff.

Cliff Drive / Cliff drive League Night 8/4/14
« on: July 30, 2014, 02:46:40 pm »
read for layout information.

Blue Valley / NE League 8/4/14 @ Blue Valley-PDGA Style
« on: July 30, 2014, 02:45:44 pm »
We will be playing the course as follows:
Hole #1-Long Par 5
then go to the "executive course"
There will be 5 holes over there on the "9 hole design"
It will start by hole #1 (for those that know the layout) and will be a "safari 5"
then hole #2-8 normal (Par 5 on #3, Par 4 on #4 & #6)
#9 will be split into 2 holes as it is in the "inner course"
play 10-12 regular.

Par 60 (I may be off on the numbering on the Exec Course, been a few since I played it, I will have maps and marked)
1-#1 long Par 5
2 -hole #1 on Exec course to #3 pin)-par 3
3-#4 on Exec Course-par 3
4-#5 on Exec Course-par 3
5-#6 pad to #8 basket on Exec Course-par 3
6-#7 pad to #1 basket on Exec Course-par 3
7-#2-par 3
8-#3 long par 5
9-#4 original-par 4
OUT-Par 32
10-#5-par 3
11-#6-Par 4
12-#7-Par 3
13-#8-Par 3
14-#9 to front Pin on Hill-Par 3
15-Alternate #9 Pad (second pad) to long #9 placement-Par 3
16-#10 Short pad to #10 pin-Par 3
17-#11 Original-Par 3
18-#12 Original-Par 3
Total Par=60

pre-register you know you want to.

Cliff Drive / Cliff Drive League 7/28/14
« on: July 28, 2014, 01:35:57 pm »
7-21-14-Try to use new holes #1 and #2 in this format will skip playing #9, #17, #18, play from #17pad to #18, all nickles
7-28-14-Back to all nickels.  Moderate length

So.....I am going to bring out a portable basket tonight and we will use the new #1 (will be #12 for tonight).  We will play the following configuration-
1-original (4)
4-right (short)
6-Long Tunnel
8-Hangar basket by stage
11-Short (red practice Basket)
12-Temp #1 New hole across road
13-#12 only
14-#13 long
15-#14 short
16-#15 under the tree
17-#16 long
18-#17 pad to #18 bottom of the hill

Par=56 (#1, and #14 tonight (#13 long) as the par 4's.

Come and see it if you like....or don't come at all....the choice is yours.

Cliff Drive / Work day Saturday August 8&9 at Cliff Drive
« on: July 28, 2014, 09:02:28 am »

This weekend I will be playing in the MAC, and may help get thing started (depends on my tee time), however that doesn't mean that the work is stopping.

I want to thank Keizer, Beckett, Mark Moseley(my neighbor), G$, Ted Keith, Penney, Jose Ossa for lending a hand on the over 60 hours of work we did this weekend at the course.  We essentially have the initial hole done for the new #1 hole.  We started to cut out the new #2 hole as well, but it (honeysuckle) needs to be pulled out and taken to the top to get it out and cleared.  That is essentially what I think will be needing to be done at the workday, is really yanking out that Honeysuckle that was cut.  I am hopeful that Keizer will bring not only his 4 wheeler to help expedite this, but also remember his cables this time.  I will attempt to get out there and cut or spray pain the trees that can go on the new fairway.  Initially this will be a "temp" pad, or possibly become the "short pad" for the new #2.

Yesterday Keizer and I were able to get most of the work done on #4, #5, and #6.  Though on #6 there needs to be some trimming (weedwhacking) done off the tee, and a few other locations, really on 4, 5, and 6, I didn't get to weed eat around the trees, and that should/could be done in about probably 30-45 minutes for all the holes.

Needless to say it does look very nice out there on those holes right now.  We also were able to clear most of the downed tree on #3.

So here is what I had listed heading into the weekend from last week's mental notes.  After I play at league tonight, I am sure I will have more possibly less to discuss.....

Here is the list of the work that needs to be done.  It is a COMPREHENSIVE LIST, so please don't think that we will be getting all of this done, but we shall try right?

Hole #1-weed eat, and trash clean up
New holes #1 and #2-remove Honeysuckle, clear out ravine of cut limbs from last weekend, complete trail, and continue to work on teeing area on #2 and expansion on the first green area.  This will require most of the work.
Hole #2-Mow the grass, clean up around green on the long placement.
Hole #3-weed eat around the side of the hill, weed eat around the pin placement, and expose the rock removing at the roots if possible the honeysuckle.  Work with P&R on getting the downed tree removed from the teeing area.
Hole #4-mow the fairway, and the side of the hill on the short placement
Hole #5-mow the front fairway, and the top green areas, and remove the downed Paw-paw trees
Hole #6-mow the fairway, and remove the downed tree.  That can be placed behind the basket down the ravine as we fill that with debris for better erosion control.
Clear better swath out of the woods towards #7 pad
Hole #7-work with P&R at removing the downed tree, clear the hillside, and the back pin placements for the Mini Golf clearing the rock all the way up to #8 tee where....
Hole #8 and the stage area all the way cleared out and expose the rock, clean up around the long pin, and go deeper into the woods between the stage and the long pin for the LDO.

That is all for now that is high on the list, we can worry about the other new holes after we get the new ones done.



So as you can see we really have right now #2 to mow and clean, and #3 to clear and expose the rock some more, then we need to work on the LDO area.   If you can make it out there this Saturday or Sunday that would be great.  If you can make it out there during the evening that would be great.  If you can get out and help make the course better we will all love you, just please let me know.  Most of the area on 2 is ready to be done with a standard push lawnmower.  Hole #3 will need loppers and a weed whacker....the LDO area needs all of that and your tender love to make this event even better.  We want to do as much around that area as we can folks for the Mini Golf, and to show off how we clean the area.

Now is the time to make it happen!

Cliff Drive / Cliff Drive Workday Saturday July 26th-9am-2pm
« on: July 21, 2014, 09:00:40 am »

I need help.  We are getting closer and closer to being able to use the area that we have been working on, but we need more hands on deck to make it happen. 

Right now we have been averaging about 40 hours of work on the course on Saturday making it look better.  We really need to have about 70-90 this upcoming weekend to pound it all out and make it accessible for us to use the initial placements. 

We are expanding and want to have the holes ready to go soon, but need to have help.  In order to do that, we really need to have about 10-15 people come out and help for about 4 hours each.  Some of us will stay longer, and that is ok, we can clear it up.  The other option will be to have it cover 2 days, where we do some of the work on Saturday and Sunday.

I know that is a lot to ask, but ultimately you want a better course, and I want to help make it for you.

If you can come on Saturday or Sunday, please let me know and I will make a decision by Thursday on whether or not Sunday looks like a good plan. 

The following weekend with the MAC will not allow me time to work, though we may have enough started to make it work, then the next weekend will be the clean up weekend in preparation for the Lion's Den Open in which we will be working the hillsides and areas for the LDO.  That area should be manageable with about 10-20 hours of volunteer time (hopefully).

So please let me know how you can help, and when you can help.  Rakes, shovels, and extra hands are the most needed items, as well as YOUR TIME.   That is really what makes this go, we have to cut and remove primarily honeysuckle where we are now, as well as gather up some trash.  Overall, it is looking wonderful, and you can you helped and have good karma flow through you.



Cliff Drive / Cliff Drive League 7/21/14
« on: July 21, 2014, 08:47:57 am »
7-21-14-Try to use new holes #1 and #2 in this format will skip playing #9, #17, #18, play from #17pad to #18, all nickles
7-28-14-Back to all nickels.  Moderate length
Was the initial plan, probably going to move back to the 7/28 format tonight.  Though we did get quite a bit done out there last week (May be able to play the new #1 and #2 BACKWARDS.....) I don't want to get things moving in the wrong direction quite yet.

SO tonight we will be playing nickles from the pads.  I will be moving probably #2, #4, #8(long) #17(peninsula) if I can get out there in time. I hope to be out there by 5:30ish to do this and we want to tee by 6:00, so please be out and bring exact money if you can.

Looking forward to another great night in the hot time of July.

Cliff Drive / League Results 7/14/14
« on: July 14, 2014, 09:35:03 am »

We have to play to get them, so who is going to come on out and see what we have happening?

As a reminder we have the following format tonight at league:

7-14-14-Shortening some holes, playing to practice baskets on #1, #8, #11

You know you want to play this park, so stop on by and see what we have in store for you tonight!

I should be there about 5:30-5:40 to start taking registrations.  EXACT money ($6 for Club members, $7 for non Club) is always appreciated.

Cliff Drive / Work Day Saturday July 19
« on: July 11, 2014, 11:26:13 am »
I will be out by the practice basket working tomorrow from 9am until I stop.

If interested in coming out, please do.  I will probably get some food in the middle of the day for those that are there.

I am working on the continuation of the new holes to the north of the practice basket, that will be 2 new holes.

Probably going to mow #5 fairway as well as try to get the tree removed from the downed stump on #6.

I know about the trees on #3, and #7, but will be working with P&R on those.



Cliff Drive / League Results 7/7/14
« on: July 08, 2014, 10:03:30 am »

Results on a hot and slightly circular wind.  Beckett took home the low score with a par 56 last night as we played #13 and #17 in the longer positions.  He had 3-5's as well on the night.  That made Beckett the winner in the Masters as well.

Jose held off Dick by one stroke in the open field to take home the cash there, and Ryan Westa held off Bill Shinoski by a stroke to take home the KC Kash (I owe him $9).  the results from the event will be based on the division that people normally play in the PDGA on the site, but here is how it really ranked last night:

Jose Ossa-57=$9
Dick Parker-58
Travis Corporan-71

Beckett Carduff-56=$9
Kelly Babbit-59
Jack Lowe-59

RAW-68=$9 KCKash
Bill Shinoski-69
Jason Allen-79

The ace fund is still being calculated from the weeks that I wasn't running it.  At this point I am confident to state that it is in excess of $463 (last entry is $455, and then $9 from last night =$464).

I moved a few pins last night as well, so we will try again next Monday, the forecast looks to be a little cooler, and hopefully we can have some more come out and enjoy the great Cliff Drive!

Thanks all!!

« on: July 07, 2014, 08:31:40 am »
A reminder that the PDGA league for the NE Leagues (Cliff and Blue Valley) will commence on 7/7/14.

Love to see you come out if you can!!

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