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Cliff Drive / 2013 Stats
« on: April 29, 2013, 03:30:51 PM »
DIV   First Name   Last Name   PDGA#   Weeks Played   Average Score
MPO   Jose   Ossa   28268   3   54.0
MPO   Joe   Hesting   24884   3   54.7
MPO   Matt   Crowe   48148   3   57.7
MPO   Matt   Perry   52050   2   55.0
MPO   Jordan   Hinck   45624   2   57.0
MPO   Adam   Cossette   44380   2   57.5
MPO   Steve   Timmesch   46929   1   55.0
MPO   Peter   Cashen   13909   1   60.0
MPO   Scott   Melrose   27493   1   61.0
MPO   Lee   Killian   17024   1   63.0
MPO   Tony   Burnett   53026   1   64.0
MPO   Daniel 'Day'   Loomis   35956   1   66.0
MPO   Ben   Crosby   16649   1   70.0
MPO   Jitt   Belcher   44621   1   999.0

Pro Masters
MPM   Jamie 'Danger'   Barry   3628   4   57.3
MPM   Ted   Keith   16896   2   68.0
MPM   Duane "CD"   Steiner   2883   1   50.0
MPM   Beckett   Carduff   12330   1   58.0

MA1   Rob   Martin   51540   4   68.8
MA1   Andy   Portwood   52809   3   65.7
MA1   Ryan   Westa   22977   3   65.7
MA1   Jason   Gillow   55524   3   70.3
MA1   Ryan   Keck   48875   1   58.0
MA1   Mike   Keizer   55555   1   59.0
MA1   Zeke   Henry   52670   1   62.0
MA1   Eric   Kolkmeier   32120   1   63.0

Advanced Masters
MM1   Jack   Lowe   15316   3   62.0
MM1   Gary 'G$'   Harvey   9174   2   62.0

Cliff Drive / 4/29/13 League Results
« on: April 29, 2013, 09:54:18 AM »
It is going to be a wonderful evening for disc golf and I look to rebound from that horrendous showing this weekend....Looking forward to having a bunch of us out there.  I should be there ~5:30 to get us moving along!

Cliff Drive / 4/22/13 League results
« on: April 23, 2013, 09:13:32 AM »
Well the rain held off long enough for everyone but CD's card to get in without too much hassle.  Considering when I left work it was pouring rain, it just goes to show you that the weather even 18 miles away can change in this environment.
Is the ratings and the stats for last night.

What I have determined is that in the PDGA scoring, you aren't playing in the same division that you are during the league.  In other words, I am putting your scores in based on your level, preferably AM/PRO is where it will be.  By the end of the series I will have tabulated a formula for the number of weeks that you play and people that you beat during that time frame, and will adjust accordingly with the PDGA, or whittle it down to an overall scoring field based on averages, and balance that our the last week.  I am uncertain how it will be calculated, but I will work with the PDGA on getting it in there correctly, so that the person that made all 10 weeks gets more points than the person that made it 6....Which I think is the minimum to be included in the field for scoring points.

So last night we had 12 brave souls spit in the wind, and say not tonight, tonight the hard rains not gonna come.
It looked a little like this:
Pro Field-
CD-50=$12 (1023 rated round as well out there in the misting rain and at twilight for D-Wayne!)
Jose Ossa-53=$9 (994 rated, it was close to a 1000 rated round....)
Beckett Carduff-58=$3
Danger Will Robinson-59 (But did win the playoff from last week so left with $3....)
G$-60 (But did leave with $3 from OB's, & Trees, Back and total score from me! ARGHHHHHHH!)
Jack Lowe-61 (But did pay Danger $3 from playoff, G$ $3 from not playing well, and gave Beckett a $1 from hitting the basket on #10 on Sunday)
Zeke Henry-62
Eric Kolkmeier-63

Advanced Field
Ryan Keck-58=$9 KcKash
Rob Martin-64=$6 KcKash
Jason Gillow-65
Andy Portwood-66

We had 2 people opt out of the Ace fund last night, so with no ace hit we will be moving the needle to $289 next week.  I am uncertain if I will be in town next week, so I may be looking for a little help to run league.  Next week will be at Cliff Drive, the following week will be at Blue Valley, and we will be playing BV long!  Trying to tee off at Blue Valley a little early, sending out cards on rolling starts ideally 3-somes.

Last night our card teed off at 5:55, and we finished ok, but CD's card started at the same time and came in the dark.  We will try to get things rolling around 5:40 or so next week, then after the Blue Valley first Monday we will push to 6:00 until September!

Thanks to all that bothered to show up and play last night.  It turned out to be an ok day to play!

Cliff Drive / Shame-so many should feel it....
« on: April 22, 2013, 12:57:49 PM »
So here is a great story......As I had indicated earlier in the week last week, I had planned to go out and do some of the work needed to continue with the new addition to Cliff Drive Disc Golf Complexion....I assumed that I would be working out there by lonesome, because, well let's face it, most of you reading this aren't getting up at 8 am on a Saturday to show up at Cliff Drive to work on a course. (Notably, most I indicated, some of you would...)  So I do this, I get up to the area that I want to continue to work on, and as I pull in, a bobcat is there pulling and collecting debris from the area that I have been working on.  I think to myself....hmmmmm.......that's cool, I wonder who that is doing this...great.....I pull a little closer, and it has the KCMO signatures on it.  I think to myself, well that is odd, did I sleep until Monday?  I know it is Saturday right?  So I get up there, and start talking with the driver.  He indicated to me that he was being pro-active and wanted to get moving on some of this. I was in awe!  Then he stated, "Everyone else is over on the other hillside.", I was really confused at this point.

So I hop back in my car and discover that a church (Redemption KC) has organized a workday focusing in the area.  They have over 100 volunteers that come in and clean and work and make a difference in the park.

Combined with the helpers of about 8-10 on the new area, and other areas of the park, it is looking good.  It does though beg the question though how come a church can get 100 people to the park to help, and we are having trouble getting 5......

I for one am ashamed that we aren't working stronger in our parks, and I ask that each of you plan on helping with the organized workdays coming up as we get ready to host our guests for the Wide Open.  Not only will it help the event, but we are the benefactors for months to come with the effort of the work we put in.  Sure it looks good on the weekend of the Wide Open, but after they leave town, it looks good for us in the future as well.

I tell, I was in awe of the folks out there doing work for the community to feel good about it.  Almost none of them lived in or around the area.  I was saddened by the knowledge that this group that has no affiliation with the area was able to make an impact that I feel we should as a collective group, but many times don't.

I do understand that this is a work that goes beyond the effort of one weekend, but when we have the efforts of a few dedicated, we will make this venue better, and many others.

They got a great deal done towards my own goals for the course, and I challenge you to help where they left off.

My other thought is to leave the club and join the church, as at least they seem to have people that care about things that may not matter to their local area, but matter the community they live in.  Kansas City.......

Cliff Drive / 4/15/13 League Results
« on: April 16, 2013, 01:35:23 PM »
On a chilly evening we still had 13 people come out to play.  I will get this information uploaded into the PDGA:

Jose Ossa-50 ($10.50)
Joe Hesting-50 ($10.50)
Matt Crowe-55 ($1)
Steve Thimmesch-55 ($1)
Adam Cossette-55 ($1)
Jordan Hinck-56
Matt Perry-56
Mike Keizer-59

Jamie Danger-58 ($3)
Jack Lowe-58 ($3)

Ryan Westa-56 ($7 KcKash)
Rob Martin-65 ($4 KcKash)
Jason Gillow-71

More information to follow

Tournaments / Des Moines Challenge
« on: April 15, 2013, 09:47:46 AM »
Stolen from

Online Registration is up and running. Please note that we added a place for you, the player to sponsor a hole this year for $25. Damon referenced this above and Disc Golf Scene made it easy for us to make this happen. If you elect this sponsorship, a custom sign will be made for the hole, referencing you as the sponsor. You will be able to keep this sign after the event is completed. Make sure if you have a special hole request, you PM either Damon or myself with the details.

Here's the link to sign up!

PRE-REGISTER FOR The Des Moines Challenge Presented by G&L Clothing

You know you want to go if you have been there....If you haven't been there, you have heard that you should go, and this should happen....if you are reading this for the first time, and are wondering about Des Moines Disc Golf, then click the link above an plan on playing it.  This event is a fun time on four great courses.  Sad, that we won't get Ewing due to construction, but heard that last year.....Still should be a fun time!

Some of you may remember a time long ago when when had the Great American Cleanup, and it always coincided with the Cliff Drive workdays to build a better course.  There used to not be a hole #3-#8......these workdays helped over the years to fuel that additional playing ability within the park. Planning on like 8-1.

Though the GAC is no longer part of the plan, the following events:

Will help to make this a better place for all of us to enjoy.

With the Northeast Neighborhood cleanup this day, it is a great day to show the rest of the community how strong we are. This day we would like to remove trash, and honeysuckle primarily along the new hole area. We would ask that you bring gloves, rakes, and if you have them chainsaws. Food and drink will be provided, we will probably go from 8-1pm, and then possibly play some golf as well!

I would say that we really need extra hands to help as we clear out items, and trash is going to be high on the priority for the first 50' of the clearing.  As we chop out the honeysuckle, the trash is there.  Rakes, and shovels will be helpful in this respect.  But extra hands are always needed. 

This is a chance to really show the community how we can come together and help.  I know that this course won't be used for the Wide Open, but this course can be used for the continued improvements on how we as a club, and you as members make a difference within the community.  This is only done through the actions you bring forward.  Please plan on helping out for a few hours, even if only an hour, and lets make a strong showing at how we are a force to be reckoned with.



General Banter / Cliff Drive League 4/8/13 Cancelled
« on: April 08, 2013, 08:46:25 AM »
Too much Rain on the course last night.  Not sending people out to tear it up.  You may go to Birdland and tear up the mud pads they have if you are so inclined to want to play in the mud.  Should be back on track next week.

Cliff Drive / League cancelled 4/8/13
« on: April 08, 2013, 08:23:31 AM »
Too much rain last night, not going to trudge through the woods and destroy things out there so I have to fix them later on a league night.

We will attempt to try this again next week.

Cliff Drive / League 4/1/13 Results
« on: April 02, 2013, 01:06:03 PM »
Matt Perry-54=$12
Matt Crowe-58=$5
Jordan Hinck-58=$5
Joe Hesting-58=$5 (I owe you)
Jose Ossa-59=Many missed putts.....too many, it was a tough night to watch...
Adam Cossette-60=Jack, just because I didn't cash, I mean really, still give me credit for being there...
Scott Melrose-61=My shoes are light, it's ok!
Lee Killian-63=IDK, he was gone so fast it was crazy
Loomis-66=Well, at least I didn't get beat by Jack tonight, geesh...

G$-64=$4 (I will spend it for you and the skins money I didn't give you nicely somewhere else now!)
Jack Lowe-67=YEOUCH, I had so many 5's I thought that I was at the massage parlor with all those hand jobs...
Ted Keith-68=One of these days I am going to figure out where everything is on this course...

Andy Portwood-67=$7
Rob Martin-71=$4
Ryan Westa-75=Wow, I really threw a lot more than you guys.  In fact, I made better use of my money because I threw it more than anyone else.  Did I mention that I learned the rule that I can rethrow from anywhere and only have to add a stroke to my score.  This will clearly allow me the chance to throw more often than you in the future as well.

I would like to thank everyone that showed up.  Next week we will be back at Cliff Drive.  I'd like to be teeing off no later than 5:45, and will attempt to be there by 5 again.  We did good last night, with the last group being a 5-some that tees off at 5:30, as we finished in twilight, no lights were needed.

Swope / Swope Gold Wide Open 2013
« on: March 27, 2013, 01:01:06 PM »
This will be the configuration for the Swope Gold course 2013 style.....


Once Timko and I have a good idea of the layout I will post in here.....Needless to say it will OB driven and a challenge for our guests.  The Finals will be here on Sunday!

If you do see something that needs attention to the course though, please do post it in here!



Water Works / Water Works Wide Open 2013
« on: March 27, 2013, 12:59:06 PM »
Course information for the Wide Open to be listed below.  Please look and add in here other items that need attention to make this course shine for the event.

There will be more workdays planned I am sure to help make this place a beauty for the guest for the weekend, and the rest of us to use for the rest of the year!!

2-Top of Hill
3-Short Left
4-Urgh.....Peace sign, really don't like rocks cutting up discs there.....
5-Deep by Fence
9-Long left
11-Long Left
12-Long Middle (not across road, by #13 Pad)
13-Long Right
14-Long by Road (Stairs are IB in Wide Open the Road is OB--Paint needed accordingly)
16-Short (Need to clean up wall, and be sure to have clearly marked with OB paint)
17-Peninsula (Again check Wall for OB paint)
18-Long Left up gap

Rosedale / Rosedale Wide Open 2013
« on: March 27, 2013, 12:57:29 PM »
This is the configuration that we will be using for the Wide Open.  We will be needing to have help cleaning everything up.  The course shouldn't be set in tournament configuration until probably after Memorial day weekend, as we want the placements to look fresh and the mulch and everything else at the pins to spotlight the work that we do.  Please plan accordingly to make this the prettiest course it can be for our guests.  I am certain that workdays will evolve soon from this.

1-Long left Trees
2-Short Right
4-Through gap to Right
5-Long Right
6-Far Right Flat
8-Island Short
9-Long right by stairs before the stairs
11-Long right by #12 tee
13-Hill Top Center Circle Drive
15-Middle just behind Tree on right
17-Middle placement Not super long, but before it
18- Long Practice Basket past tennis courts

Other things that will be needing to take notice, are their flags, and the stanchions in good shape, or need repair?  Are the baskets level and in good shape?  I know that we want to work on #1 pad other pads that are worn?

Blue Valley / Blue Valley Wide Open 2013
« on: March 27, 2013, 12:45:00 PM »
Here will be the layout, we will be needing some help in cleaning up the areas, particularly around #5 for the alternate location and #7 to open up the gap as well.

This year the players will be starting on hole #2 as we will be having the big shelter for the weekend.  We will also be holding the check-in at Blue Valley on Thursday as well.

Blue Valley
5-Right--Need to clean it up
7-Long (Provided we can clear it out)

Blue Valley / Monday League Dates 2013 @ Blue Valley
« on: March 27, 2013, 08:46:33 AM »
First Monday's are back in the NE league, and as such we will be playing Blue Valley, and using the short course this upcoming week.

The dates for Blue Valley league are as follows-
April 1--Card should be able to leave by 5, no later than 5:30-Using the "inner course"-PDGA League
May 6--Long-PDGA League
June  10--Long-PDGA League, Will be the last week for PDGA League Session 1--(Since this is the week of the Wide Open, we will be moving this monthly event to align with Wide Open usage)
July 1--Long
August 5--Long
September 9--"Inner Course" (No league Labor Day, pushing this back a week....)

Ace fund from Cliff Drive league does carry over at this league as well.

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