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Cliff Drive / 2016 League Plan
« on: January 04, 2016, 09:57:57 AM »
Planning on returning the 2016 Northeast League in a different format (well slightly)

Will move this to the 3rd Monday of the month at Cliff Drive and the 1st Monday of the month at Blue Valley.  This year not a big deal but we may move June's month to align with the Wide Open closest date to the course that may be in use that year.

I believe the Ace Fund is a little over $500 and will continue to be used at both parks.  With Doug and Jim working continually out at Blue Valley we will see shorter courses to align with the possible aces at both now.

Look for more information as we get closer, but right now April 18th looks to be the return to disc golf at Cliff.

Leagues / 2016 Regular league Season
« on: January 04, 2016, 09:49:16 AM »
Typically we have leagues run from April-September here in KC.

I am going to put in historically what we have been looking at for leagues in the KC area.  As we start the new year, please be mindful that there are current leagues running around in town during the "off season"  they include:

Monday-Glow Olathe PC

Wednesday-Glow Harmon Park

Thursday-Glow Water Works

Saturday-Down Under @ 12:30

There are a few other "leagues for fun" you can read about or find on courses out there as well.

Most of those leagues start at 6, you can find more information in each of the appropriate parks thread. 

The regular league season constitutes typically paying $5 for the league and an additional $1 for the ace fund.  Those individuals that are current KCFDC members do receive a $1 discount to play.


Olathe's Prairie Center and Lake Olathe's courses (aka Birdland) they alternate months check site to see information.

Rosedale-New Players League Night (Free to play)

Rosedale-Ladies Night Out (Free to play)

Cliff Drive and Blue Valley (2016 will alternate between the 2 courses with the 1st Monday being at Blue Valley and the 3rd Monday at Cliff in the last few years this has been a PDGA League, and will be again this year) Northeast League Night


Swope Park

Shawnee Mission Park (Mike has held PDGA Leagues here, I expect he will again at some point this year)

Old Pike (NON-KCFDC league, but still fun place to play)



Liberty Bad Rock Creek

Blue Springs?????--Sorta fell apart last year, looking for help to support it again this year


Water Works--You know it, be there!

Pleasant Hill-Beginners League-Low entry or none


WyCo--Looking for help running it this year again, Beckett has stated he will do quite a bit, but looking for those that will help when he can't

Legacy Park--Mixed formats

If I missed anything or anyone (Rob??? uncertain your plans this year with Wandering) please put it in here.  I believe that Eric Kolkmeier will be the actual director of leagues so you if you prefer to PM him about your plans that is ok as well.

Looking forward to another great year of disc golf in Kansas City!

Water Works / Trash cans?
« on: December 07, 2015, 10:58:46 AM »
I was told that the cans were missing, anyone have any information on this?

Tournaments / Ice Bowl 2016
« on: October 26, 2015, 01:49:26 PM »
EDIT--Here is the FLYER for the event!

More information to follow, but hope to have a bigger and better turnout than last year, and looking to break the $10k mark for the charities.

Let's get this going!

Saturday January 16/Sunday January 17-Satellite event Location TBD (MO/KS location)

Saturday January 23/Sunday January 24-Satellite event Location TBD (Other State Location)

Saturday January 30-Rosedale Shotgun starts at 9:30 AM and 1:00 PM

Saturday January 30th-Rosedale ShotGUN start 10:00

Sunday January 31-Swope-Rolling starts 8:30-10:00, final 9 ~2:30

Looking for help on my side from people running their location event prior to the "Ice Bowl Weekend"  Wanting to run just one satellite event in each state this year, one state per day, so say, Olathe on Saturday, Liberty Sunday, then the following weekend P-Hill on Saturday and Shawnee Mission Park on Sunday.  I will make it relatively easy, and be sure to print more mulligans this year.  Remember you can't use the mulligans on the final 9 at Rosedale.

Then needing more people to help with Saturday at Rosedale with shot gun starts.

Sunday needing teams to help with the following:

Registration/Checkin-2 people every 2 hours=6 people needed

Merchandising-2 people every 2 hours=8 people needed

Chili Contest helpers-1 to 2 people from 9-11

Scoreboard facilitation-Need 8 people from 11-1:30, 2 people per board (and someone to check in people from Sunday's round)

Other things needed......

Big power generator for up to 30 crock pots--Danny Rodriguez??

Beer--Covered-Multiple KC places

Course set Short up top and Down Under

Apple Cider & Hot Totties

Ensure Water is available everywhere

Club to provide--Crackers, plates, utensils, cheese, sour cream.....

Others bring Chili (Be sure to register, to be in contest must be checked in by no later than 10:00 AM on Sunday with Chili Handlers"

Desserts from those of you that like to bring them, we all enjoy them....

Rum Balls--There can be only ONE!

Course Set Up-Visually attract everyone to the area

Press Releases in January and Friday beforehand

Large Coffee?  Who has a line here?  I may, but need to check, anyone else have that coffee connection we need to have out there?

There will be other items come up, but I wanted to get this out so we can start to plan.  Most importantly right now is that if you want to run a Pre-event at your course, reach out to me so we can get the proper information available to you to run it, and get the P&R behind it as well.  IF, and there is a BIG IF, we enjoy the 36 hole layout at Swope during the Club Championship, I may elect to go with a 36 hole layout for the final 9 at Swope instead.  More to follow, but I did want to get out what I am thinking along the lines for the biggest local event we have, and to show us all off to the world!

Leagues / 2016 Leagues
« on: October 19, 2015, 09:45:45 AM »
Curious about the scheduling for leagues in 2016.  I do plan on having some type of North East League again probably a Monthly event on Monday's rotating between the two, was curious what else may be going on or people wanting to plan.

General Banter / personal apology, especially to the Women...
« on: October 02, 2015, 10:23:15 AM »

So I had a long conversation with Rhonda this week and I just felt horrible.  I felt that I should share with the entire community the process of which the Wide Open was moved to a 2 tier weekend and the date selected.

The PDGA informed us that the Wide Open in June as an NT wasn't an option (or a decision on dates wasn't met with the same enthusiasm as needed to secure the June date from us)......  We were essentially left with the option of April, May or July.  I had to struggle with all other options in terms of Emporia getting the Glass Blown (people coming to Emporia to play 2x) and the Worlds, how many people (traveling pro's for the NT that we were asked to run) do you think will make 3 trips to the area for the event? Would coming to KC before the worlds happen, or would they rather practice on Emporia Courses.  Emporia runs Thu-Sat, so having it the weekend before leaves people with a lot of time off requests, how many ams would be willing to play back to back A-Tiers and the expense and the time off requests from them which would be difficult. This was the only logical option to an absolutely bad scenario and I completely spaced on the weekend for the Women's event.....

As many of you can tell from the schedule there is a full month of June, and the PDGA couldn't support another NT/Major in June.  Based on this, the notion of hosting it in middle May, made little sense for both events.  If you have the GBO as an NT tying the area events into each other should ensure a large portion of "traveling" pros make this a mandatory stop.  Another thought was going to try it the weekend before, but April, as we know May as well the weather is a crap shoot, so it made more sense to make it happen after the event to me.  I checked with Rusco prior to giving the PDGA our commitment to see what he had planned for the GBO.  As they need to book the entire city, their golf courses, etc.... he was already locked into the May 2nd weekend.  This only made sense then to try to tie it in with both.  Going to July we run up against the World's in Emporia for the Pro side, so attendance wouldn't be as strong there.  Going into August is just heat and more heat, and after the world's that close, how many would return to KC if they played it?

To me and the conversations I had, this made the most sense.  We have done this in the past a few times (held separate weekend events), and it works.

I failed to recollect the Diva Feeva event in the planning as I was taken aback that after all the years we needed to adjust the dates.  I truly didn't think about any other events in the thought process with the exception of the known "Biggies", Des Moines, and Emporia came to mind to work around, I missed the boat on the Women's event, and when Rhonda called me to ask why this week while I was away with surgery for my daughter I didn't have a good answer.

I have given a suggestion to utilize Rosedale on that Saturday for the top and bottom as Rosedale won't be part of the NT this year, but I completely understand the frustration the concern, and the lack of feeling "part of" in regards to the conversation with the weekend and expanded development of the event that I was well was hopeful to watch grow. 

It is with this notion that I want to apologize to the entire community for the unfortunate timing of the Wide Open coinciding with what I personally believe to one of the best planned events we offer in terms of diversity and growth through the sport to the women.  It was never my intent to step on the toes or to thwart that development.  My own hope is that we are able to host the 2 events the same weekend and that this may entice other women to come and play in the event (if she/they (Ben and Rhonda) chooses to run it) and encourage the participants to stay and watch what I believe will be some of the top women in the sport competing in Kansas City that might not otherwise be here.

Again this is not something that I thought through given the short time frame on date decision with the Wide Open.  I feel horrible and I wanted to share at least online the notion that I am truly sorry for not aligning the dates with the event we hope to have in Kansas City over the years as one that we look back on and go WOW look at how many women we have now!

Sincerely apologetic doesn't begin to explain my feeling about this.....


Cliff Drive / Work day Saturday October 3rd
« on: October 01, 2015, 05:28:22 PM »
9ish-1ish, primarily cleanup and a few other loose ends to coordinate with the area cleanup.

The more the merrier the better we look....

Meet around hole #1

Cliff Drive / Workday on Saturday-September 26th
« on: September 21, 2015, 09:50:40 AM »
Primarily around hole #4, probably walk up from Chestnut by hole #5.  9ish-1ish.

Chainsaws, weedwackers, etc if you got it bring it.

Would like to clear out a little on #3 hillside as well.

Since there wasn't an LDO it is a little hairy in there and we want to clean it up for the Mighty Mo coming up.

All those in attendance to help will receive "good course karma".

Found and Lost / Blue Katana-Japan Open Disc Lost Birdland #9
« on: September 08, 2015, 01:37:14 PM »
Old Settlers lost it....Has my name and stamps from Japan Open, would love to have it back. 

Lost 2 in the water at Olathe on #15 (Pond) red CCC Katana, and Star Lite Valk (Also Japan Open stamps)

If found, and returned, something cool can transpire for being cool and returning things....

Prairie Center / Free basket tonight.....
« on: August 03, 2015, 08:58:16 AM »
For an ACE on the island hole was the rumor Tom started at WW League on Thursday.....

Leagues / Basket giveaway at Olathe Tonight
« on: August 03, 2015, 08:57:35 AM »
Tom has said that if there is an ACE on the Island hole there is a "free basket" as well as the ace fund.....just thought I would share this information!

Found and Lost / THANK YOU-Cliff Drive pick up
« on: July 01, 2015, 02:42:23 PM »
Cooper just let me know that my Blizzard Destroyer made it's way into DD today.

I just wanted to thank whomever found it.  I know it was last seen at Cliff Drive, and I gave up early on it.

At any rate if you were the person that returned it.....please let me know where you found it at, and a few beers are on me!


Tournaments / Wide Open 2016
« on: June 22, 2015, 12:46:04 PM »
What did you like, what didn't you like about this year's event that you would want to see, not see next year?

Let's get the ideas as they are fresh in our heads.

General Banter / Workdays for the Wide Open
« on: June 02, 2015, 01:41:29 PM »
I imagine I am not the only one wondering how you can help, but we need it on the upcoming weekends to get ready for the Wide Open.

Please post who and when you will be working and what you need help with for the courses.  Courses used this year will include Swope, Rosedale, WaterWorks, and Blue Valley (modified).

The workdays need to be done really by June 17th, ideally June 6 and 7 to prep the ground work, remove dead/down lims, trim teeing, and hole placements, then after that workday, move the pins to their ideal location for the event.

June 13 and 14 should start to prep more manicured work, possibly the OB lines (done only by those authorized), 10 meter circles, etc...)

That Wednesday and Thursday afterwards, may be the time to paint the 10 meter circles more so.

All help is needed, please post what you are planning on doing if you are organizing the workday.



Cliff Drive / Fresh Mow-6/1/15
« on: June 01, 2015, 10:16:00 AM »
Drew was out there cleaning up the remaining wooded holes, the course was mowed Saturday by the crew, and it is still set long for another week or so.

Get your last chance to play on the MONSTER before it goes back to a "normal" course.

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