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Items to do-based on priority-
Mow holes 2-8
#2-mow fairway all the way to the long placement as well as all along the side towards the West, removing downed trees, careful to not placing anything along the single track trail
--create a better pass through from #2 pin to #3 pad
#3-clear out the entire area around the basket and the side of the hill going up, removing downed trees, and exposing the walls more so
#4-Mowing fairways, clearing out downed trees
#5-Mowing and clearing out the hillside and the green
#6-Mowing fairways.....removing gulley cuts of honeysuckle if possible-complete clearing out the new "long placement"
#7-Clear all along the cliff out of weeds between #8 pad and #7 long basket, start to expose alternate trail at end of the green for Singletrack riders to utilize instead of the green.  (Going past pin and up and reconnect with the trail past the pin, accessible and safer than current configuration)
#8-Clear out more of the long pin green, along the stage and rocks, etc.....

Next priority level......
#1, mow the short pin areas and remove downed trees
Alternate holes, move and spray honeysuckle growths, or remove with shoveling
re grade "fly pads" for flatter stance
#10 clearout the dead tree on the side, use to border long placement roller portection
#11-wait for P&R to spray, but try to chop down weed trees in reservoir
#12-Clean up hill side, (Looks good BTW comparatively to years past!)
#16-Clear out the trees on the inside of the reservoir and get P&R out to clean up.

Next level priority
Get tee pads all backfilled in
Finish the first 2 alternate holes, means clearing out more and planting trees.
New safer stair casing on #4 needs to be done
Bridge to get across the 2 new holes, as well as the new #6 extended, and possibly stair cases for the new hole after #6 extention (though we may be able to move the current stairs from #6, and repurpose them)
Expand hole #4 to get new pad/pins around the corner, then start to get another coming back to the current #5 clear out.
Additional holes beyond new extended #6 (this is going to be 3 additional holes)

Plant trees as approved by P&R and in conjunction with Trails/safety components.

This is an aggressive plan, but one that I hope we can get done.  Help can be used for however long you can be out there!

Cliff Drive / WTF-Where did all the distance come from?
« on: April 27, 2015, 12:26:20 PM »
In working on the team championship qualifications, Cliff Drive is in about the longest setting it can go into.

Please read the "sticky" topic to see the locations, but suffice it to say, it is long and longer than most configurations that we have had out there.

Post your scores below if you dare.....

Tournaments / Blue River Blowout.........November 7th 2015-Canceled
« on: April 20, 2015, 09:04:36 AM »
Since the Blue River goes to both courses, it makes sense to attach them.  This is a revisit to the "Sun Burn Open" that was along these lines about 10 years ago.  All the work at Blue Valley and the fun course of Swope will make this a great day.  The following week I believe that Rob Martin is planning another event at Blue Valley (Big Blue) where I believe he will be STRETCHING out Blue Valley and putting it's teeth in.  This will give you a chance to play alternate courses and formats on a great track of land.  Something that course needs more of for certain!

One round Swope UBER short and a modified Blue Valley (think last years club championships).  Will probably cap at 90, play Swope in the morning, and Blue Valley in the afternoon.

It is a PDGA C-Tier (entries will be $35-$60 for non PDGA members +$10 more)

More information to follow.

Tournaments / Am Worlds-Who is going?
« on: March 30, 2015, 01:46:04 PM »
I am thinking that I will be making the trip to K-Zoo for Worlds in July, was wondering who else was thinking that?

General Banter / Apologies to Rob and a few others.
« on: March 23, 2015, 10:07:57 AM »
I would like to publicly go on the record with an apology to Rob and a few others that I may have offended.

In the case specifically of Rob, my biggest problem with is a perception problem of my own.  I may post a little more passionately about how I view things, and how they should be done in my eyes.  I at times fail to have the realization that it is sole focus burning and not to the betterment of Disc Golf.  Not my intent, but clearly it can come across that way.

So I wanted to let the record show that although I am very passionate about my own beliefs, desires, and expectations, many others may not share that vision or passion.  As such my comments made at times may not be the best alignment to point out how great our community is.

I tend to view the forum as an open chance for dialogue to start conversations that at times may get heated.  I don't back down, but I will change my own opinion as time and conversations make me see that I may need to be more altruistic.  This is the case here. 

I do think that Rob is getting some great traction in the less than normally played locations.  I may not agree with the mannerism that he goes about, but that is just simply because he is doing it his way and I shouldn't chastise him for that as I have been.

There are other conversations that come up that I clearly do get heated on, and it is the basis for my apologies to others as well.  It appears in my typing at the computer that I am guilty of what I despise the most.....typing at the machine, not talking and communicating and I hated realizing that is what I have been doing as well.  Not my intent (ok some times it is....  ;D ) to alienate individuals, but in most instances it is the belief that we all have a passion to take the sport forward.

My devotion may be greater than some, weaker than others, and honestly more tied to the notion of the work that I personally give and see others give.  I know the requirements in many cases, and I expect and at times demand people be held to the standard I have of myself.  I don't even make that standard often, so as such I shouldn't be throwing rocks in the glass house that I am looking through.

For that I do apologize to Rob specifically as my intent wasn't to belittle, but rather shine a light that I felt needed, which probably isn't my place to do so publicly.  Others I may have offended, realize that this is only due to my own desire to have Kansas City as the greatest town in the world to play our sport.  Even though on the Chatter Room here I may come across as all knowing and wonderful, I am but a man behind the green curtain, and as such it isn't just I that can complete anything in town, it takes all of us.  We may offer disagreeing terms, and some times may get heated, my intent isn't to alienate, but to engage, discuss and find a solution to help us all.

Many of you over the years know my bark is far worst than my bite.  I very rarely bite, in fact generally will give off my plate instead.  I don't want our community to be viewed as hostile, and my recent conversations may have indicated that it is.  It isn't, and for that I feel shame, and it took the conversations recently to show me that I may be over stepping what I view as helping, because it hasn't, and for that I do apologize to all of you as well.



Cliff Drive / If you see something missing, please let someone know
« on: March 14, 2015, 03:09:44 PM »
Basket #13 was stolen, I have moved one of the practice baskets in its place.

If you let us know in here to fix these things it would be great.

I am also going to be heading out there tomorrow morning to clean up hole #1 off the pad (gulley) and move some more pins.  If interested in helping, show up.  If not, come play it if you aren't playing in the event!

General Banter / The High Five
« on: March 05, 2015, 04:25:17 PM »
So started in another thread, what 5 courses would you want to play in one day in a winner take all format locally.  The gist is though they can't be on one location, so you can't do Up top then Down Under, back to back, you could do one, play 3 others then come back...

Here are Richard's initial thoughts....
How about :

Woodhenge-Back Thorn-Beaver Creek-Jesse James-Stocksdale


Rosedale(DU)-Rosedale(UP)-Water Works-Cliff-Swope




PHill-Legacy-Wilbur-Cliff-Water Works

I was thinking of the following-
Something Smithville
Swope or SMP

Birdlandia or PC
Rosie or Cliff


Leagues / No league 2015 for the Cliff Drive-unless you wanna run it.
« on: March 02, 2015, 10:56:16 AM »
Too many other leagues on Monday's now, I am not committing to the time, if you want to run it, please contact your Board of Directors.

Surprised I was to hear about leagues going in on Monday nights with all around no inclusion to the protection of Cliff Drive.

As such at this point I have no intention of running a league with a few people on Monday's at Cliff.

If you are interested in running a league at Cliff, I suggest you work with the BoD to find a time line that works for all engaged.

There are plenty of options for playing disc golf out there folks, so have fun choosing another competitive format, or come play at Cliff with your own funding options.

Thanks for the years of enjoyment, maybe it will return in 2016.  It could be this year if someone wants to run it.

Tournaments / Iowa Tourney Schedule 2015
« on: February 24, 2015, 04:42:16 PM »
Folks there are many great courses to the North, and many good people running them.  This will be updated as they come along as well!!

General Banter / East Side TEAM page
« on: February 19, 2015, 04:30:05 PM » can we have a captain for 2015? ;D

Cliff Drive / Course CLOSED May 29/30/31 & August 9th 2015
« on: February 18, 2015, 03:46:41 PM »
The annual Bike Race 5k run is this weekend, so the course will be closed.

The event on the 9th, we will probably be having workdays for the Lion's Den, but the actual course will still be closed for all the trails that day.

General Banter / Help with a few events in January
« on: November 18, 2014, 02:18:33 PM »
I am in need of a few volunteers at the following courses, or at least interest in helping with something that I am thinking about, if you are interested in helping out during the following weekends on the following courses, please let me know:

Blue Springs
Lees Summit
Shawnee Mission

January 10/11 and 17/18 of 2015.


Tournaments / Lion's Den August 22nd 2015-Tree Love Classic August 23rd
« on: October 28, 2014, 03:48:29 PM »
Be prepared, be warned, play hungover on Sunday.

Cliff Drive / Expansion-Interested in helping
« on: October 20, 2014, 11:35:28 AM »
Looking to probably expand Cliff in its current configuration to a 24 hole course.  Are you interested in helping?

After many hours of conversation and discussion the realistic footprint is that cliff will remain pretty much the same with expansion to a 24 hole layout.

Will be looking at making current #7 in the short pin vanish.  We will be making the rocks on the right of the fairway OB, and adding more rocks, and trees along that stretch.

#17 will remain as it is, but with more trees, as will #13 and #14.

We will be working on a complete change of the trees coming up with a plan in place.

I have been working diligently at development of a plan that allows the usage of the bike trail and the disc golf course, and I think that all of us agree with the changes that were suggested.  The hope is that this minimizes impact on either of us with the great work that the trails have done in bringing in excitement, and the enjoyment that we have of seeing more people in the park.

Our gem is nice, but to show off the gem is always better.  To know that we have been instrumental in the development and improvements of the park over the past 15 years is also something that we can be proud of.  And finally our ability to engage and work towards a harmonious plan should be cool for us to all enjoy a diverse use of a great green space is wonderful.

Plans look like this:
The 2 new holes-they are partially done, we want to continue to clear it out, plant some dividing trees, and extending them both, initially the first one for the pin, and the pad on the second one.

Beyond hole #4.  Looking to continue around the long placement and wrap around the hillside with a shot about 270-320', then going down the hill a touch and coming back around towards #5 pad.  Initially I have always wanted to have hole #5 pad back further, but in this configuration we will be throwing down the slope of the hill towards it, a tricky placement shot that should be about 250-275' downhill

Beyond #6-going back back back, this hole will gain about 200' going the other direction from current long right placement, with valleys and ravines in place will play very uber technical on the shot.  We will then tee from the woods with a gut line shot about 300' through the woods heading up to the top of the grass to the northside of the road across from the lake.  We will then tee from that part of the land on the northside of the road and go towards current #7 from there.

So we lose short #7, an original hole from the days of past disc golf, we gain a value added partner in continuing to improve and positive activity within the park, and we will see more disc golf holes to play in the park that will create a uniquely interesting challenge to develop a course like very few, and in turn create better disc golfers in KC.

Pay attention as the leaves fall more work will be needed, and I know we can use a lot of help from a lot of people to get this done collectively!

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