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General Banter / Courses CLOSED THIS WEEKEND!
« on: June 18, 2014, 01:52:05 pm »
Obviously the courses in some places will be closed to the competitive play for the Annual Wide Open-
Friday-Courses Closed-
Cliff Drive (Pulling baskets for a Bike race this weekend on Friday-replacing on Monday)

Saturday-Courses Closed-
Blue Valley
Cliff Drive
Rosedale Top (Until 1 PM)
Rosedale Down Under (Until 1 PM)

Sunday-Courses Closed-
All Day-

Cliff Drive
Until 1:00 PM
Blue Valley
Water Works

Please visit the other area courses to play, or better yet come help, can't do that, then come and watch the top pros and top am's in the country compete in this event that appears to be heading close to 350 players called the Kansas City Wide Open!!!

Tournaments / The Challenge?
« on: May 21, 2014, 11:21:49 am »
What no love?  C'mon folks it is home to some of the better courses away from KC.  If you haven't played it, you are missing out.  Great people, wonderful courses, and all within a 3 short hour drive from here.

You should get up there at some point, soon.

Always good to see positive disc golf related articles!

Can you come out and help?  Would love to see a few folks out here for certain!

1-3 at the concourse.

For those that don't know, typically on the first Monday of the Month the KCFDC League night is at Blue Valley-This aligns with the Cliff Drive League night normally on Mondays as well.

The ace fund between the 2 courses will be shared so, it carries over accordingly.  The schedule for the leagues as of today appears to be as follows:

April 7th Blue Valley-"Inner Course"-playing from the short pads and the course within the course

May 5th-Big Blue Valley

*****Note Change in JUNE to align with the Wide Open*****

June 16th-Wide Open Configuration-Big Blue

July 7th-Mix of use of courses for 18 hole safari style

August 4th-BIG BLUE (Last one of the year for the League Night)

I know you may be asking why is August the last, well, we end League in September due to daylight, and there are not leagues for the Holidays on Monday on the NE side.  THat would make it Memorial Day in May and Labor Day in September.  Unfortunately Labor Day kills the September schedule for the league.  Matt MAY decide he wants to run it on the holidays, but historically I have encouraged people to enjoy the holiday with family and friends.  If you must play in a league, the fine folks in OooooooLAYyyyyyyyTHAaaaaaa  will gladly accept you in their confines on these Mondays.

We look forward to having another great year of Disc Golf in NE.

Cliff Drive / 2014-The Extrodinary Leagues of the Northeast
« on: March 17, 2014, 10:03:29 am »
In case you only read in the Cliff Drive Section on this forum.....(well you do get an extra credit point for reading this section only, as well as a keepsake to be determined later.....)  I posted this in the league section, but it does pertain to this course as well as Blue Valley!

Northeast League will be commencing March 31.  It will be at Cliff because....well March 31 isn't the first Monday of the month now is it?

Matt Eklund will be starting out to run leagues out there, we may need help over the year to make it work, but suffice it to say, we will get it done.

What does that mean to you?

It means get out here and play disc golf.  It also means that on April 7th we will be at Blue Valley.

It also means that by playing leagues out at Cliff Drive you will from time to time get to play on some of the "new design" holes this year.  Every week will be slightly different, in that you may experience a different throw from the previous week.

We will be shooting to start on the first 2 weeks by 5:45, so try to be there by 5:30 with registration ready, after that we should be good to go.

If you too want to help keep the league running strong, and step up to learn how, just ask.  We will make it very easy on you.

This year I also plan on giving away "league trophies" for those that make it to at least 13 leagues for some varying averages, attendance, and work day partners.  Some will be subjective scoring, and others will be based on stats.  No PDGA league this year will happen unless someone else wants to run it at Cliff, we will allow it (you would only pay $1 to that person extra) if someone steps up to do.  Otherwise we will be a KCFDC and Cliff Drive/Blue Valley ONLY league.

We may at one point end up playing a modified 27 hole round, with 9 holes of Mini golf thrown in the mix as well.

As my time allows it to help be creative we may do some crazy things at cliff this year, so watch as we move towards more disc golf in new lands out here!

Cliff Drive / 2014-the year that Cliff Changed-
« on: February 25, 2014, 10:15:36 am »
Beverly Hills Cop - PHIL!.wmv

Ok so it's not Phillip, its Cliff, and this is the year that he change.  Will be looking for more Taggarts, and less Rosewoods, but I think that if you come out, you get points for the change as well.

Would love to here the plans for cliff whens the next work day I got a chain saw  ;)

Couple more holes going in between #2 and Reservoir Dr, for starters. Work has already begun, waiting now for the ground to dry a bit and then we can get back to honeysuckle removal in that area.

This past weekend I was able to start to look at the extension on hole #6 (current configuration) and then the new placement as well to lead us out of the woods.  Then looking beyond that it gets fun.  Now I have been told about the trail that is coming in that I initially thought was going to be there is going to not happen. 

It will be a tougher terrain sort of, with a few obstacles that I need to mitigate to ensure some type of safety, but I think that it can be done, and it will be COOL.

THe holes Mike mentioned above are also partially done, and need more work.  Realistically it is a never ending project, but with the right tools, and enough Axle Foley's out there and Taggarts we should have a total of about 100-150 hours to make this happen with everything but the pads.  I will work with the city on those, and ensure that they are the same as what we have out there (may not be colored however) to make this course even better!

Next weekend (Saturday March 1, 2014) though on Saturday go to Blue Valley to help with the workday out there at our big Brother Course!

Cliff Drive / Leagues in 2014
« on: February 18, 2014, 12:17:16 pm »
I can't commit to running leagues this year for the NE on  Mondays, I will be supporting while in town, but need to see if anyone out here is willing to help ensure that we make it another year out there.

I hope this weekend to trudge through and start to tackle some of the additional course changes.  With all the changes that have been proposed, I have a good feeling that now we will be better served to start to make the changes beyond the first  new holes in the woods, and look to really enhance the course.  As you may be aware there will be a new ERTA track cutting through the course at times, it shouldn't impact the disc golf at all in most instances.  As we move to add more activities within the park, look to see a better improved course within the area.  The front 10 holes will be nicely carved out in many places it will feel the same, and in others it will be enhanced, longer, tighter, and more challenging is the motto that I am working on....(no not tooo long, but some length for certain).

Let's get some things moving and shaking on the course this weekend.

Plan of Attack - We will be cutting tree shoots and honeysuckle off of the fairway trees and adding said brush to the large brush pile that are scattered throughout the course. P&R is going to remove the piles once we are done (also remove dead trees/stumps). I would ask anybody who planned on coming out to bring a hand saw, I only have two extra. As an added incentive to the volunteers - we will be hitting Hi-Boys (best burger in town) for lunch afterwards. We will get started @ 11, I will be out there @ 10:30. Hope to see ya'll out there.

We need more people to help make this course better and ready by summer for the events that we have planned.  I think that even this spring that the City of Fountains event is moving to earlier in the year, so lets' get this party started, and enjoy more playing time when it is nicer out there!

Barter Town / customized 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 750
« on: November 19, 2013, 10:34:17 am »
ASking around $3k, negotiable,
 custom work - full body faring/windshield, hard bags, fenders, Mustang seat, tank belt, rack, sissy bar, chrome, etc.  It is very rare.  My understanding is that the custom stuff was only produced one year for this very bike - modeled and molded from the older Police Kawasaki 1000 bikes.  It has a new rear tire, oil change, tune-up, belt/cam chain tensioner.  It has been owned by me and my father (Family Member here folks).  It has 50+K well-maintained miles.  The miles include several trips to California/Southwest and back as well as commuter miles in CA.  It has never been down.  It is one of Kawasaki's best motorcycles/engines and has been for some time.
I am also open and may prefer trades for the right front-wheel, AWD, or 4x4.

If interested in some photos, let me know and I can send them to you.  HIt me up with a phone call or PM, I am travelling a lot, so tough to get a hold of at time.

Cliff Drive / 2013 League Season OVER-ACE FUND $430 to start 2014 League
« on: October 29, 2013, 09:47:40 am »
I will be working on getting the information into the PDGA for the league of the 2nd series.  I am playing some catch up on many items this week, and I just switched to Sanka, so have a heart.....

Cliff Drive / 9/16/13 League......Anyone? Seriously Anyone?
« on: September 12, 2013, 10:38:12 am »
I won't be in town next week as well, so.....looking for someone to RUN league.

I am also looking for someone to run it next year, as I have a feeling that I will not be able to do so.

I am uncertain of my work schedule the remainder of league can anyone help the last 3 weeks of league?

Cliff Drive / League 9/9/13-Tree Love Classic Set Up
« on: September 05, 2013, 12:48:14 pm »

I am probably going to be out of town for work next week so I would be needing someone to run league for me.  I will get the course set up in round 1 configuration though for the TLC.

If you can help out, please let me know.



General Banter / Unfair to not share......
« on: August 28, 2013, 09:49:18 am »

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