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Cliff Drive / Leagues in 2014
« on: February 18, 2014, 12:17:16 pm »
I can't commit to running leagues this year for the NE on  Mondays, I will be supporting while in town, but need to see if anyone out here is willing to help ensure that we make it another year out there.

I hope this weekend to trudge through and start to tackle some of the additional course changes.  With all the changes that have been proposed, I have a good feeling that now we will be better served to start to make the changes beyond the first  new holes in the woods, and look to really enhance the course.  As you may be aware there will be a new ERTA track cutting through the course at times, it shouldn't impact the disc golf at all in most instances.  As we move to add more activities within the park, look to see a better improved course within the area.  The front 10 holes will be nicely carved out in many places it will feel the same, and in others it will be enhanced, longer, tighter, and more challenging is the motto that I am working on....(no not tooo long, but some length for certain).

Let's get some things moving and shaking on the course this weekend.

Plan of Attack - We will be cutting tree shoots and honeysuckle off of the fairway trees and adding said brush to the large brush pile that are scattered throughout the course. P&R is going to remove the piles once we are done (also remove dead trees/stumps). I would ask anybody who planned on coming out to bring a hand saw, I only have two extra. As an added incentive to the volunteers - we will be hitting Hi-Boys (best burger in town) for lunch afterwards. We will get started @ 11, I will be out there @ 10:30. Hope to see ya'll out there.

We need more people to help make this course better and ready by summer for the events that we have planned.  I think that even this spring that the City of Fountains event is moving to earlier in the year, so lets' get this party started, and enjoy more playing time when it is nicer out there!

Barter Town / customized 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 750
« on: November 19, 2013, 10:34:17 am »
ASking around $3k, negotiable,
 custom work - full body faring/windshield, hard bags, fenders, Mustang seat, tank belt, rack, sissy bar, chrome, etc.  It is very rare.  My understanding is that the custom stuff was only produced one year for this very bike - modeled and molded from the older Police Kawasaki 1000 bikes.  It has a new rear tire, oil change, tune-up, belt/cam chain tensioner.  It has been owned by me and my father (Family Member here folks).  It has 50+K well-maintained miles.  The miles include several trips to California/Southwest and back as well as commuter miles in CA.  It has never been down.  It is one of Kawasaki's best motorcycles/engines and has been for some time.
I am also open and may prefer trades for the right front-wheel, AWD, or 4x4.

If interested in some photos, let me know and I can send them to you.  HIt me up with a phone call or PM, I am travelling a lot, so tough to get a hold of at time.

Cliff Drive / 2013 League Season OVER-ACE FUND $430 to start 2014 League
« on: October 29, 2013, 09:47:40 am »
I will be working on getting the information into the PDGA for the league of the 2nd series.  I am playing some catch up on many items this week, and I just switched to Sanka, so have a heart.....

Cliff Drive / 9/16/13 League......Anyone? Seriously Anyone?
« on: September 12, 2013, 10:38:12 am »
I won't be in town next week as well, so.....looking for someone to RUN league.

I am also looking for someone to run it next year, as I have a feeling that I will not be able to do so.

I am uncertain of my work schedule the remainder of league can anyone help the last 3 weeks of league?

Cliff Drive / League 9/9/13-Tree Love Classic Set Up
« on: September 05, 2013, 12:48:14 pm »

I am probably going to be out of town for work next week so I would be needing someone to run league for me.  I will get the course set up in round 1 configuration though for the TLC.

If you can help out, please let me know.



General Banter / Unfair to not share......
« on: August 28, 2013, 09:49:18 am »

Tournaments / remaining events 2013
« on: August 27, 2013, 09:14:52 am »
Since I am highly doubtful for the Old Settlers this got me thinking about what events are left on the year.  I just wanna get some things done around the house, from all the neglect of the Wide Open, the Lion's Den, Worlds.....Challenge....Run for the Roses.....Mighty Mo.....:)

So we have the following as I see it-
8/31-Old Settlers-Olathe Courses
9/7-9/8-Fronteir Open-Hays
9/7-Dale Roberts Memorial-Nixa
9/7-Doubles Event-Lawrence
9/14-Tree Love Classic-Cliff Drive (SIGN UP NOW!)  ;D
9/21-Waterworks Work Day
9/21 Cliff Drive Workday (go to WW please if you wanna help this month, this is the Monthly workdays for Cliff Drive)
9/21-9/22-Mighty Shunga Nunga-Topeka
9/21-Roc Vs. Buzzz-Swope
9/27-9/29 4 States Open-Joplin
9/28-Big Brothers/Big Sisters Doubles event-Thornfield
9/28 Double Ogg Dare - PDGA C Tier Flex Start - Shawnee Mission
9/29-GVCCC-Des Moines
10/5-Commnuity Harvest in the Park-Cliff
10/2-10/5-USDGC  ;D
10/6-Disc Golf World presents the Rosedale Amateur Championships (RAC)-Rosedale
10/19-CLIFF DRIVE WORKDAY (this is where it really starts to work on the new holes!)
10/26-10/27-Oklahoma Open
11/3-7th City of Fountains-Cliff Drive and Blue Valley
11/9-11/10-Club Championships-Local Courses TBD (Free to all club members, only play 1 round, that is OK!)
11/16-Club ELECTIONS-Westport Flea Market 6:30-9:00
11/23-Cliff Drive Work DAY

A few weeks in October look to be open.....I may experiment with my little 50/500 thing I threatened during that timeline.....stay tuned for more information, if you can think of other local (thinking within a couple of hours away-Hays is just well attended by many so I included it) events that I may be missing, let me know!  Lets finish out the year working on the courses to get them looking nice at the workdays, and play well during the organized events.  There aren't too many leagues left this year either, so get out and play some league before its too dark!

Tournaments / ICE BOWL 2014 - January 25th and 26th
« on: August 26, 2013, 04:23:54 pm »
The dates will be January 25th and 26th I am sure, lets break some records this year!  Who is with me on this?

Look for online registration soon at For now, please download a registration form. You can pre-register at either Disc Golf World or Dynamic Discs. More information is on the form.

$10K and 500 Players for the 2014 Kansas City Ice Bowl

The Kansas City Ice Bowl is held every year in January at Rosedale Park. Its purposes are raising funds to fight hunger, having fun, and connecting our disc golf community in a positive way to the community at large. Our goals this year are to have 500 participants and to raise $10000 for our traditional charities: the Bishop Sullivan Center’s St James Food Pantry and Harvesters: the Community Food Network.

While the emphasis of the KC Ice Bowl is on charity and fun, we want as many disc golfers to play at least one, and hopefully, both rounds. This is how it works. You need to post an 18-hole score on either of Rosedale Park’s courses to qualify to play the nine-hole final round. Here’s when you can get your 18-hole round in:

Saturday, 9 pm: Shotgun start: Rosedale Top Course.
Saturday, 1 pm: Shotgun start: Rosedale Top Course
Saturday, 8am – 3pm: Flex start: Down Under
Sunday, 8am – 10 am: Flex start: Top or Down Under

For the shotgun starts, groups are limited to six per tee. The Ice Bowl tournament director, Ben Crosby, will do his best to accommodate all requests to play with your buds.

For the flex starts, especially on Sunday morning, please limit groups to five players. You can choose your own group or we will help you find one. Please note that to play the Sunday’s afternoon nine-hole final round, you need to turn your first-round  scorecard in no later than 12:30 pm.

Unlimited mulligans are for sale to be used during the first round only. Their use is highly encouraged as all mulligan proceeds go to our charities. In fact, we challenge you to buy an Ice Bowl Championship!

For the nine-hole second round, cards are determined by ranking players according to their first-round scores. This means that you'll likely be very closely matched (or at least have very similar scores) with others on your card. Players will be told which nine holes to play (top 1-9, top 10-18, DU 1-9, DU 10-18. The player on each card with the best total score wins a DX disc. The person with the lowest 27-hole score keeps the traveling trophy for a year.

The names on the KC Ice Bowl trophy include CD Steiner 1998, Laron Harris 1999, Todd Henry 2000 & 2002, Al Schack 2001, Mike Davis 2003, Brant Pfister 2004, Bobby Villarreal 2005, Brad Meyrs 2006, Otto Spiers 2007, Bryan Guthrie 2008 & 2012, Nick Winkelbauer 2009, Cecil Cameron 2010, Leo Daprato 2011, Eric McCabe 2013.

Potluck Lunch/Chili Contest
One of the wonderful traditions of the KC Ice Bowl is bringing food to share, especially chili. Those who bring chili are automatically entered into the Chili Contest, which awards a grand prize. Please let Rhonda Crosby know at 785.424.3672 or that you’re bringing chili and/or other food to share.

Prizes for the Closest-to-the-Pin Contest or Raffle
We depend on donated prizes for the CTP contest, such a new discs, clothing, gift certificates, or most anything that people might like to win. You Here’s a sponsorship form to solicit prizes or cash donations.

Contact Information: About the competition: Tournament Director Ben Crosby: 785.393.1555 or contactbencrosby@gmail. About sponsorship, donations, merchandise, or registration issues: Rick Rothstein: 816.471.3472 or 816.914.0094 or


Cliff Drive / 8/26/13 League
« on: August 26, 2013, 10:32:49 am »

I am going to be a late starter at league.  I am meeting with some people from the ERTA and Cliff Climbing groups tonight to discuss putting in trails adjacent and in conjunction with the disc golf course.  I will be there at 5:30ish, but will be out walking around the area quite a bit, and unfortunately not able to play.

If I could get some help running league tonight I would appreciate it. 



Ace FUND-$430

General Banter / Structural Engineers?
« on: August 23, 2013, 12:47:28 pm »
I need one to look at somethings around the house, anyone in here that is one, or knows of one?

Cliff Drive / Upcoming Workdays for Cliff Drive
« on: August 21, 2013, 12:44:08 pm »

As I have indicated there are going to be more and more groups working to make Cliff Drive something very special.  We started a lot of the noticing on the park and though it has ha beauty way before we got there, our work in making progress towards the efforts of helping to reclaim the park are being met with swift action.  As such here are some dates with organizations that are planned to build and work on the park to improve the quality of it all.


Like Jack said earlier - there's plenty to do without having to work through the Disc events....

IMPORTANT - PLEASE send Will or I any dates that you or your group has park stuff planned for.  This is another one of those situations that with everyone on the same page, we'll get a lot more accomplished in the long run.  I applaud everyone's vigor and enthusiasm, but we MUST start coordinating events like this between each other BEFOREHAND - especially in this Phase 1 of park redevelopment, ERTA, KCCC, and KCFDC user groups will all be intermingling very soon on the west side of the park.  Days like these are fantastic, but can be made all the more better if we can include everyone (ie: no prior scheduled tournaments, races, events, etc).  I know Jack would MUCH rather be out cutting and treating honeysuckle versus chucking discs :D

Coordinated work throughout the west end of the park will not only benefit us, but legitimize our redevelopment efforts in the eyes of the naysayers.  A lot more gets noticed by the average person when we have 75 people working under the same goal versus 3 different goals (ie: clean crags, build trail, eradicate honeysuckle - to me, even as an ERTA Trail Steward, these three ACTIONS should support the one overarching GOAL of Park Restoration).

For everyone's reference - below are our planned "Community Work Days" for this season.  Obviously, each group will have their own workdays in addition, but we want these days to rally the community around and get some major work done!!!

September 21 - 9 AM
October 19 - 9 AM
November 23 - 9 AM
December 21 - 9 AM
January 18 - 9 AM
February 22 - 9 AM
March 22 - 9 AM
April 12 - 9 AM
May 3 - 9 AM
June 7 - (National Trails Day) - 9 AM

Cliff Drive / 8/19/13 League
« on: August 19, 2013, 10:56:26 am »
We will be playing in the Lion's Den Configuration tonight for PDGA league.  1 caveat is that I won't be moving back #8 sleeve again, so we will be playing a short shot at the #8 basket to break up the walk.  It will still be an Ace Run though!

I would like to have us all on the course by 5:50.



I am going to be walking through the holes in their normal configuration, but we will once again be using the Lion's Den Version of the course, which means that it will be a shorter version.  I haven't yet decided on the entire back side of the course for the shorter version, but suffice it to say it shall be a fun little round of golf.
#1-Clean the hillside of trash and honeysuckle if we can
#2-Mow (move pin short?  What say you folks?)
#3-Clean the green, clean all the rock to expose it better before the green as well as above it
#4-Mow and move to the right placement
#5-Mow? (I got an awful lot done there last night)
#6-Mow?  Unsure it really needs it, maybe continue to line fairway, and possibly lower off the pad greenery
#6-#7 exit ramp, mow/weedwack exit landing area
#7-Clean the side of the first hill and some of the back for the mini course, and the green up on top around both placements
#7-#8 clear the trail all the way to the rocks (I believe that Penny got some of that done already last night)
#8-clean all the way to the stage all the growth along the rocks, remove the downed tree branch (started)
Stage area-Clear all the greenery on the rocks visually distracting, all the area around it cleaned up
#9-Clear out towards the lake view, really open that area back up quite a bit

I need to repaint the Teeing areas from the road, please remember that the LDO version will be using a lot of the road for teeing areas, there is one by the practice basket, and then along the road from basically the tree before #18 pin all the way up so we don't want to park on that side unless further down the road towards #18 pad.  We will NOT be using #17 basket or #18 pad in this configuration, so you can park down along there.  We will be using #10 tee pad though, so you want to stay South of that if you can.  We hope to have the parking area pretty well marked all the way, but please do look for the NO Parking Signs, and once they stop, you should be able to park along the roads accordingly!

I think that we will be out there on Saturday from probably 9-2 or so, we will be working on these items and then also finalizing the 18 hole Mini disc Golf course as well so that we can get it all set up and ready to go for everyone to enjoy during the event as well.

Feel free to visit the website for more information about the event coming up!

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