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Tournaments / City of FOuntains Classic NEEDS YOU!
« on: July 08, 2005, 11:53:21 AM »
Like courses in Kansas City, welcome to Blue Valley, think Water Works on Steroids, and Cliff Drive, think cross section of all KC courses.

Blue Valley Disc Golf Center-23rd & Topping KCMO
Cliff Drive Disc Course-Lexington & Prospect Ave KCMO
We want to showcase these courses for the first time, and even in
the rough state that they are in, being new and no concrete pads for us spoiled
types, they will truly shine as another great addition to our stable of courses.  
Please come out to help.

Along those lines, pass the word that the event for next Saturday is ON!  be at
Cliff Drive between 8-9 please for registration:
All fees do NOT include an additional Non-PDGA member fee of $5 if not current
All other Pro divisions-$42
Am Divisions
Adv divisions-$37 (Masters/Grand Masters..etc....)
Adv Women-$32
All current KCFDC members receive a $2 discount.

There will be a players package for all amateur divisions that will be quite
nice, and Budweiser thats right folks Bud will be donating 2 kegs for the party
afterward.  House and Steve Hoog will be cooking at Blue Valley between rounds
for a free lunch as well, and there should be added cash of at least $200 for
the Open division, and possibly $100 for each pro division beyond that.

We have also made strides for Shawnee Mission Park, as we will be having an
event out there, similar to league on August 13.  We need help on the workday
the weekend prior of August 6, and then baskets for the following weekend.  
Contact Dirk Hacker at 816.678.4468 for more information, but entry will be no
more than $10, play one round, have a lunch, then move a few baskets to play
another layout and play round 2.  Ed Gonzales and Dirk Hacker have spent quite a
bit of time working on this project, and the funds are in, so lets get a design
that works for all of us in a Johnson COunty park that sees a ton of people.

Lance Stanton Doubles are right around the corner as well, remember to find your
doubles partner, as this event for Cystic Fibrosis comes on the Sunday of Labor
Day weekend, at Cliff Drive.

Well, I am heading out to Cliff Drive to do some work, if you are reading this
you probably can't help today, but please come out tomrrow to help at one of the
courses.  I am going to try and play a round at Blue Valley today ~3:30, should
be done by dark then!  Come on out and lets play the newest course, as the
baskets are in, tee markers are up, and Kreeger and Penney have husteld it in
for a great new BIG place to play~


===o {>[]----

Jack Lowe
"Disc Golf-
Like ball golf, only faster,
cheaper, and healthier!"

Cliff Drive / Working at Cliff Drive June 27-28
« on: June 27, 2005, 10:38:39 AM »
I will be out at CLiff Drive working on the course over the next few days, if interested in helping me, just show up!  I should be primarily working on holes 6-14.


Tournaments / Mighty MO Results
« on: April 17, 2005, 08:34:40 PM »
Mike Penney typed these in for us, thanks to Scott Wade, Bob Hartness, Mike Penney, Mark Morales, Rick Rothstein, Paul Eklund, Judy Lowe, Marley Lowe, Fred Smith, House, and others for the work today.  I am workin on a report for wok, more to follow, but thanks to all who played!!


First Name   Last Name   PDGA #   Wtr Wrks   Cliff Dr   Total   Payout
Kevin   Corbett   17588   47   54   101   100
Greg   Hodges   n   48   55   103   60
Eric   McCade   11674   53   54   107   30
Todd   Henry   not current   54   53   107   
Beckett   Carduff   renew   55   62   117   
Pro Master               0   
La Ron   Harris   5703   49   54   103   120
Otto   Spires   3498   52   53   105   60
Mark   Martin   2532   54   52   106   40
Bruce   Hudson   2485   55   52   107   30
Nick   Arbeitman   n   55   54   109   
Jamie   Barry   3628   51   59   110   
Randy   Greywoolf   9945   55   56   111   
Henry   Pohocsucut   n   57   56   113   
Brad   Milder   4603   53   60   113   
Ted    Keith      58   56   114   
Bryian   Guthrie   24398   55   58   113   
Tracy   Walker   7148   55   59   114   
Adv Men               0   
Leo   Daprato   22135   52   51   103   40
Dirk   Hacker   20393   56   53   109   30
Robert   Strausas   new   49   61   110   20
Brad   Meyrs   22044   56   54   110   20
Joe   Hasting   24884   54   56   110   20
Danny   Polk   n   52   58   110   20
Ryan   Schulz   n   54   58   112   10
Bryan   Gammon   new   52   61   113   10
Jason   Springer   15417   58   55   113   10
Fred   Smith   20578   58   57   115   
Jim   Muzic   n   54   63   117   
Chad   Wilkinson   18630   60   57   117   
Jack   Lowe   15316   60   58   118   
Nick   Altieri   n   63   56   119   
Wes   Hyde (*ace Hole #7 Cliff)   n   62   59   121   
Ken   Hosteler   new   59   65   124   
Dick   Parker   y   59   65   124   
Demian   Vella   22579   63   62   125   
Mark   Mercer   n   60   66   126   
Fred   Netherton   n   61   65   126   
Aaron   Pickert   n   61   67   128   
Josh   Oothoudet   n   67   67   134   
Jason   Venable   n   66   71   137   
Steve   Dresser   n cur   62   DNF   DNF   
Paul   Hanger   25934   60   DNF   DNF   
Will   Love   n   61   DNF   DNF   
Advanced Master               0   
Steve   Norby   new   56   57   113   40
Paul   Klunel   13498   55   59   114   30
Jack   Gilmore   9587   58   57   115   20
Gary   Brinkmeyer   25090   56   60   116   15
Tom   Butler   22969?   59   59   118   15
Dan   Coffman   23680   57   60   117   15
John   Johnson   12310   56   62   118   
Mark   Moralas   n   60   61   121   
Doug   Kantro   new   59   63   122   
Bryan   Woodson   n   64   63   127   
Theo   Langer   n   60   67   127   
Dave   Zentz   12261   58   75   133   
Adv Women               0   
Tavish   Sanders   23043   70   66   136   20
Angie   Plitsch   23106   76   76   152   10
Sally   Rowden   n   96   DNF   DNF   
Dan   Doke   26478   57   60   117   20
Chad   Chadwick   25853   59   70   129   15
Kurt   Miller   26661   63   67   130   15
Brad   Chadwick   26843   64   68   132   10
Bobby   Benton   n   60   73   133   
Aaron   Chadwick   25501   67   68   135   
Aaron   Saunders   23838   67   78   145

Winter Leagues / Homey is where?
« on: April 04, 2005, 12:43:58 PM »
Bobby is Homey, scheduled for WW on the 10th.

Water Works / Work day April 30
« on: March 28, 2005, 05:03:13 PM »

Saturday, April 30, 2005
9 a.m. – 1 p.m. – RAIN OR SHINE !

Project Participants:
Northland Community Alliance, KCMO Parks Department, KCMO Police Department – North Patrol Division, KC Flying Disc Frisbee Golf Club, Boy Scouts – Troop 9 and Cub Scouts-Pack 9, Claymont Homes Association, and other neighborhood groups.

We will meet at 9am at Waterworks Park in the upper parking lot (closest to North Oak and the playground equipment) to divide into work teams.  Volunteers should provide their own gloves and any other equipment such as rakes, clippers, shovels that they will need to help with the clean up.  Neighborhood groups may also choose to use this day as a clean up day for their own neighborhood.

Project Work Areas Include:

Water Works Park – Pick up trash, tree limbs and branches and stack into piles near edge of road; rake leaves and trash along stone walls and remove; wipe down play equipment, sweep play ground surface and remove branches and trash; spread mulch on frisbee golf trails.  Pick up trash along either side of entrance on N. Oak.
Briarcliff School, Trail and Greenway – pick up trash put into trash bags and pile limbs in piles for removal.

Briarcliff Parkway – pick up trash, stack any brush in piles for pick up, rake if necessary.

NCA Staff - coordinate project, request food from N. Oak merchants, design flyers – recruit volunteers, send press releases to press, invite neighborhoods to participate in clean up, take flyers to Briarcliff School to distribute through students to parents
Invite Briarwood West Homes Association volunteers to beautify south end of Briarcliff Parkway??
Invite other neighborhood groups to get involved in project or have clean up in their own neighborhood the same day.
Send info to NCA board members and NCA neighborhoods about project
Get donation of: Water, ice, cups, napkins, paper towels, drinks, 1st aid kit, get donations of food,

KCMO Police Department-North Patrol -  organize and monitor community service workers at work site

KCMO Park Dept. staff – provide trash bags, tools and pick up trash bags and branches, provide portable toilet in park

KC Flying Disc Frisbee Golf Club -  provide volunteers to work on day of clean up

Boy Scout Troop 9: The boy scouts are tasked with picking up trash along North Oak.  This runs from the north boundary of the park (by the bus shelter at Hill Street), to the south boundary (where the guardrail starts--this is also directly across the street from the south driveway at Cerner--previously known as the Farmland building).  Parks Department would also like any downed limbs placed on the shoulder of N. Oak.  It would probably be a good idea to designate an adult leader to be in charge overall and the Troops boy leadership to supervise.
Cub Scout Pack 9:  The cub scouts are tasked with picking up trash and tree limbs from around Briarcliff School and the Briarcliff Nature Trail.  Downed limbs should be brought to the top of the hill, or to the east entrance of the trail by the dead end street.  The Pack should also designate a leader.  

Claymont Homes Association Volunteers – participate in their own clean sweep of their neighborhood and beautify northern end of Briarcliff Parkway

Cliff Drive / Workday Planned Saturday, prep work Friday
« on: March 22, 2005, 12:23:44 PM »
There will be a workday at Cliff Drive this saturday morning.  I will be sure to have the gates open to drive in.  Plans include to complete the following:
Finish trail down from 7 to 8 pad.
Remove Temporary baskets 7-11 and place permanent baskets there.
Continue to clear out brush and dead trees along #13
Clear out #14 on the left of honeysuckle
Place alternate pins at #2, #5, possibly #16
Clear out brush and continue alternate trail on #7 to #8 (lower priority but needed)
Determine where to put water fountain at, thinking by #6, with a pad for port-o-potties there as well
Re-spray paint tee Markers
look for 13-18 Big Boulders to use as tee markers, would like to incorporate big rocks as tee indicators, what do you think?
Always pick up trash

I plan on heading out there on Friday, as I am off due to the Holiday.  I will be out there from 9-1 working, then probably play a round.  Don't answer your phone when I call unless you plan on helping.  I am trying to compete with foot traffic at Cliff Drive, as Pete thinks we get none out there!

Come on out and help with the workday on Sat, we will have fun and good times, and Karma will flow through you!



Tournaments / Mighty MO Challenge-April 17th
« on: March 07, 2005, 12:35:52 PM »
Thats right, Water Works (my bias on the best course (KCMO)and I am trying to change that with Cliff Drive!---TRY being the operative word) and the new Cliff Drive in a PDGA C Tier just for your fun. You can see the Mighty Missouri River from both courses, hence the name. We want to get people out here to enjoy the new land, and want some feedback as we continue to tinker with disc golf courses here in KC. INformation to follow, come out and play!

Mighty Mo Challenge
April 17
Registration-8:00-9:30 (No late arrivals)
Water Works-Round 1 @10:00
Cliff Drive-Round 2 @ TBD
$40-Open Divisions
$30-Master Divisions
$20-Adv Divisions
*Must have 3 to open a division
+$5 Non PDGA member
+$2 Non KCFDC member
+$3 Ace Fund (50/50 split if no ace hit (CTP), all aces share $$)
*2 Meter rule is NOT in effect
Come play KCMO's best course, and newest course! Directions to Cliff Drive from WW will be available to those that have not played there yet! If you are truly ambitious head out to Cliff Drive for the workday on the 16th of April in support of the Great American Clean Up day!!!

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