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Cliff Drive / Re: Expansion-Interested in helping
« on: October 27, 2014, 03:15:16 PM »
I don't think that is jumping, I think that is playing the advocate of unfortunately cameras won't work.....unless you do this.... to me it pokes more fun at the cops than anything else.

Tournaments / Re: East Vs. West 2015
« on: October 27, 2014, 03:13:37 PM »
Can we pick a team, and then a captain?  I don't know how comfy I feel for a Missouri Resident that bleeds Blue and Red running a team that is Black and Gold..... ??? :P  That and he keeps on asking me to play Candy Crush...... ::)

Cliff Drive / Re: Expansion-Interested in helping
« on: October 27, 2014, 09:18:34 AM »
......I just don't appreciate my bathroom  reading enjoyment removed like it never happened.

I hate doing it as well, but I also dislike having PM's posted.....that is the last time I checked why they are you know Personal....kinda like your reading environment I am thinking as I type this..... ;D :o

Cliff Drive / Re: Expansion-Interested in helping
« on: October 24, 2014, 04:39:16 PM »
there are motion cameras in the park, unless we physically capture them dumping in the photo with a clear shot of their face, and their license to verify it can't be prosecuted.  The city is aware this is a MAJOR pain point, and are working with the prosecutor to see if we can change the limits.  There are many ideas that we have had, right now it appears closing the gates to make it a one way and only eastbound is going to win.  No one is really happy with this, but ultimately it is all about keeping it better.

I still think that education and enforcement are the only viable options to deter and help.

Cliff Drive / Re: Expansion-Interested in helping
« on: October 24, 2014, 09:02:04 AM »
I pulled it as I have MAJOR heartburns and frustrations with people that feel as though Private messages intended for them need to be fueled into the public comments.

Suffice it to say posting something threatening a course garnered 3 pages of forum fodder and some good conversation points in less than 24 hours over when a simple request seeking those that may want to know and how to help garnered nothing.

I get called bullying and everything else, I attempt to inform privately my intention for the thread and in turn it goes on here.

If I wanted to post something publicly, I think all of you are aware that I it's ok.  The goal is truly about what the lack of membership is doing to support the courses we have and the continued improvement of the parks.

Apparently after 15 years of helping the disc golf scene, I am unaware of how to handle the situation and as such have been told so.

It got personal and then private messages being sent was really the last straw for me.

Bottom line, our club, organization needs to have a more focused and concentrated direction than we have in my opinion.  We aren't doing what needs to be done, and I am quite fearful that what I am seeing in another city could happen here.  If WE don't step up and honor our commitments to the cities parks that we promised we would, they should be pulling them.

I digress.  Really the goal here in this thread is quite simply as we move forward with the redesign and additional placements, I want to know who I can count on.  Obviously I can't count on those that feel it is someone's job to work the parks other than their self, and honestly I hope that they feel shame when they play.

MIKEDOPEN has been out to workdays at Cliff, many of you have.  Some of you have in the past and get this is a community project for our COMMUNITY, guess what most of the neighborhood residents don't use the parkdisc golf course, we do.  So asking the neighborhoods to help is one that we do, but met with low expectations.  My expectations are that we as an organization have able bodied individuals with a passion for our sport to help grow and develop trust within the communities to allow us to move into these new municipalities.  Apparently that only should happen if it is cleaned once and then left to others to maintain.

That isn't the case, and I am saddened by the notion of some that should be.

Suffice it to say I will continue to move forward in spite of those that feel this way.  We will have a great course and they should feel significant shame playing the course with the self entitlement component that they feel is ok.

I personally feel that is part of the societal problems.  You can type a mean game, but can you continue to strive to improve the quality of life you enjoy, or do you ignore it and say, well other people destroy it, so I won't help, let's let it go to crap.....which obviously some feel is ok.  I don't.  Many others don't and those are the people I am pleased to engage with and make a difference.  They get it, they understand it, and gosh darnit they care.  They care enough to act on it, and make a difference for all of us to enjoy, to many don't. 

I don't know why I get upset about people but I trust and hope that people will be genuine, they aren't in many cases, and try to hide behind facets of entitlement to help them sleep.  I only wonder at times how they really feel they impact our sport.

Cliff Drive / Re: Expansion-Interested in helping
« on: October 23, 2014, 04:58:45 PM »
Drew is a machine but his 3 boys will be keeping him more busy for certain, so we all need to help where we can.  Seeing activity is always a positive thing to me!

Cliff Drive / Re: Expansion-Interested in helping
« on: October 23, 2014, 02:32:43 PM »
I will let folks know as we move forward.  With the leaves going, this will be the time to make it happen much easier for certain!

I will post in here and on Face blather about the details on this.  It should be very exciting to say the least.

I appreciate it Mike!

Cliff Drive / Re: Expansion-Interested in helping
« on: October 23, 2014, 08:54:22 AM »
Thanks gain Doug!  You always step up.

Tournaments / Re: Tournaments outside of KC/MO area.
« on: October 22, 2014, 11:27:08 AM »
We are very spoiled in the area.  We have also helped to facilitate others to enjoy that type of environment and watch as they "mirror" them accordingly and grow.

We are very spoiled in the area as a whole, and this expands to the Iowa areas as well.  Des Moines, CR, Quad Cities regionally all put on good events as well.

Tournaments / Re: Paradise 54
« on: October 20, 2014, 12:05:34 PM »
heading to 54 in Vichy....sorry sounds fun up there

Cliff Drive / Expansion-Interested in helping
« on: October 20, 2014, 11:35:28 AM »
Looking to probably expand Cliff in its current configuration to a 24 hole course.  Are you interested in helping?

After many hours of conversation and discussion the realistic footprint is that cliff will remain pretty much the same with expansion to a 24 hole layout.

Will be looking at making current #7 in the short pin vanish.  We will be making the rocks on the right of the fairway OB, and adding more rocks, and trees along that stretch.

#17 will remain as it is, but with more trees, as will #13 and #14.

We will be working on a complete change of the trees coming up with a plan in place.

I have been working diligently at development of a plan that allows the usage of the bike trail and the disc golf course, and I think that all of us agree with the changes that were suggested.  The hope is that this minimizes impact on either of us with the great work that the trails have done in bringing in excitement, and the enjoyment that we have of seeing more people in the park.

Our gem is nice, but to show off the gem is always better.  To know that we have been instrumental in the development and improvements of the park over the past 15 years is also something that we can be proud of.  And finally our ability to engage and work towards a harmonious plan should be cool for us to all enjoy a diverse use of a great green space is wonderful.

Plans look like this:
The 2 new holes-they are partially done, we want to continue to clear it out, plant some dividing trees, and extending them both, initially the first one for the pin, and the pad on the second one.

Beyond hole #4.  Looking to continue around the long placement and wrap around the hillside with a shot about 270-320', then going down the hill a touch and coming back around towards #5 pad.  Initially I have always wanted to have hole #5 pad back further, but in this configuration we will be throwing down the slope of the hill towards it, a tricky placement shot that should be about 250-275' downhill

Beyond #6-going back back back, this hole will gain about 200' going the other direction from current long right placement, with valleys and ravines in place will play very uber technical on the shot.  We will then tee from the woods with a gut line shot about 300' through the woods heading up to the top of the grass to the northside of the road across from the lake.  We will then tee from that part of the land on the northside of the road and go towards current #7 from there.

So we lose short #7, an original hole from the days of past disc golf, we gain a value added partner in continuing to improve and positive activity within the park, and we will see more disc golf holes to play in the park that will create a uniquely interesting challenge to develop a course like very few, and in turn create better disc golfers in KC.

Pay attention as the leaves fall more work will be needed, and I know we can use a lot of help from a lot of people to get this done collectively!

Hey Harold, please post pin positions @Cliff Drive...   ;D

I posted them on the Tourney Thread Doc.  See you manana

1-Original (behind the trees)
6-Long right (tunnel)
7-Middle (Short on hill)
10-Middle (Right)
15-Short (Under tree)
16-Short (Middle of the fairway)
17-Short (New Short behind #18 pad)
18-By the road
Total 6756'

We are tweaking Cliff, I wanted to play the "new holes" but with all the rain, safety first so we are back at the drawing board.  It will be a mix of long and short placements.

Tournaments / Re: KCFDC Championships - October 11-12, 2014
« on: October 13, 2014, 09:43:02 AM »
Thanks for all the help this weekend from so many folks!  Doug Keehler has been doing great out at Blue Valley ( I know he would thank Jim Kreeger as well), Mike Petrin and Van Spratford for helping me with cards and set up.  I do appreciate it so much folks!

Now there was a request at Blue Valley to bring in all the tee signs, we were VERY CLOSE, but someone I am willing to bet grabbed holes #3 and #4 signage and forgot to bring them up to me.  If so, please just reach out to one of the disc golf partners and drop them off.  I will pick them up and return them to the storage.

It all helps, and I am exhausted and beat as I am sure many are.

How many other places in the country WORLD can you get that type of "free tourney" to play on such diverse and challenging courses for just being a part of the club?  We Roc!

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