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Ben is WRONG....sorry bud...
For Advanced (Amateurs) you can be a 1000 rated player and plan in any division in Advanced (Masters, Grand Masters, etc.....)

The Rec/Int/Novice though do have "Limits"  You must be an 849 rated or lower to play Novice, you must be a 899 or lower player to play Recreational, and you must be a 934 or lower rated player to play Intermediate.

It gets dicier as Pro's playing as Ams (with MAC many pros played in an "AM" tourney as would be allowed by their ratings).  There are CUTS as well though to the AGE protected divisions that a "pro" can play in....See the bottom of the chart "Pros Playing Am" for more reference.  They CAN NOT play in MAJORS as Am's though regardless of their rating.

The cut off on the registration is 2 weeks, a ratings update may have altered his rating.... 2.2 A. #2

Hope this clears it up some for ya.

Kudos to Scott and all for helping this event become the largest PDGA event in KC.  And all AM's.  I would love to see more of our local "pro's" come and help this event grow.  It will need a 4th course next year for certain based on the growth that this has seen to date.

Pro's of the event-

Things ran on time-this is incredible.  If YOU DON'T know to make it at least 10 minutes before your tee time to play in an event, you shouldn't be playing organized disc golf yet.

Water-I personally can't emphasize how important this is at events, and HOW MANY places I have played over the years where this wasn't handled properly (thinking of world's this year as an example, it wasn't done correctly)

Professionalism of the staff-HUGE upgrade this year, everyone I interacted with from spotters to directors was able to answer and talk within the group appropriately.  This showcases the efforts that locally we have a great group of people willing to donate their time to help events grow, THANK YOU!!

Course selections-Using the "core three" makes sense.  Most players know them and how to get to them, so it makes it easier for people to understand the notion of where to go and how to get there.

Ease of check in advance-Love it.  Thanks for making that simple as well for all the players.

Many other positives, a few take-aways though for learning lessons..

One MAN can't do it all.  Scott, you have to delegate a few items.....namely...Maps, and more markings on the courses for the OB's.

In many cases the OB's weren't clear enough to be discerned for the players.  Having more flags could help, or just spread them out with the starting and ending point (Thinking of #2/#4 at Rosie for certain, #8 at WW, #13-I know of at least 3 people that had no idea that the OB would be extended to the north in the grass, and no flags there made it tough to realize the change).  Just reach out, there are many helpers on this.  I would have loved to help on the WW set up when we played it Wednesday to mirror a map.

As this grows, rely on more help and that would be the biggest complaint from me.  It is "small" in some respects, but will elevate the event even more than you have already done, and I have the utmost confidence that you will take this information and incorporate it to the future plans as you push this event further.

Now if only I could have gotten my game better (YUCK)-that is the biggest CON job here, the fact that I thought that I could play this sport.....Seriously though I may have checked out early on Sunday, but the event itself was good.  I just wish that I had another round to play...Maybe 3 days?  Maybe 2 rounds Sat/1 Sunday?  I don't know I just know after yesterday's round I either wanted to play another to prove I don't stink that bad, or give my bag away and never play again......

Quit forcing shots Jack, and maybe you would have played better......'Doh!

it takes an entire community of support to make the sport happen, thanks to all that play, help, and engage.

The online registration closed earlier than the time posted. I know of one female that would have liked to have played but we were at the K tonight.

Most registration sites use EST not CST, waiting until the last hour is never a good idea regardless.....

This happened with me at Worlds as well......

Prairie Center / Re: 08-10-15 PC MINI
« on: August 12, 2015, 11:05:15 am »
no ace huh?  :-)

One of these days that will pay off!

No worries!

Water Works / Re: WW Work Days
« on: August 12, 2015, 11:04:19 am »
Is there anybody going to work on WW before this weekend? I am available during the day on Wed/Thurs and could bring the clubs chainsaw and pole saw.

I know that Pablo was talking about mulching the trail on 15-16 uncertain when he was going to attack it though....

No...LSD Discs has another business (Vapor) that is taking a lot of their time, so creating, getting the temp courses ready, etc.....isn't something they have the bandwidth to do.

I had heard (GOSSIP ALERT) that it was offered to DD by the local club, but not enough lead time for DD to feel comfortable in attacking an event with the history, and they didn't want to short change it.

The local club hasn't had anyone step up offering to run it at this point as well so I stand by comment initially of "no".

Feel fortunate that even though some in here feel we are a bunch of "mean spirited goobs" that many of us are willing to put that aside and work towards a more refined approach to helping spread the sport we love even with the people we don't.

I love the KCFDC even in all it's faults....

General Banter / Re: cut the grass
« on: August 12, 2015, 09:22:36 am »
Cliff was mowed yesterday as predicted....

Prairie Center / Re: De-Thorning
« on: August 11, 2015, 02:40:06 pm »
AWESOME WORK by you folks down there, just AWESOME work.


Water Works / Re: WW Work Days
« on: August 11, 2015, 10:08:11 am »
wink and Pablo were doing mulch, me and mills got the trash

Sad I had too much to do around the house this past weekend.....THANK YOU!

Sorry to ask such a Noob question, but where does one park at WW during a tournament?  Rosedale and Swope seem obvious but WW has so little parking anyway.

Excellent question, if EVERYONE would park diagonally, it isn't a problem, use the parking lot as "one way" parking only on the EAST side until the circle starts (kind of by #11 tee), that is the best methodology for parking out there.  As tee times roll, the parking spots will open throughout the day, and should balance well.....

I'll be there spectating, drinking beer, and offering tempting young, amateur golfers into my Caddie services.

I will also be watching like a hawk, for any infractions.

Care to elaborate?  'DOH!

Tournaments / Re: Thomas Park Open - Salina, KS Aug 8th
« on: August 10, 2015, 02:45:17 pm »
Yep good catch, that would make sense on that one, good detective work there!

what is in it for them?  That is the problem with sponsors, how many "eyes" will be on their logo?  How many inputs are they getting.  If Sprint sponsored it, how many people would switch carriers?  Applebees, locally may be able to get away with exact how many people came and ate here.....the bigger sponsors to me are clothing apparel lines where the photos become images and input, same with shoes, why Keen has done well with it, they see the "disc golf type" sales pick up based on their participation.....

Hallmark, what would they benefit?

until the sport starts to pay people in excess of $100,000 per event and gains regular traction it is hard pressed.  Your soda/red bull, chips may make a splash in it, but it will be the way it is until we get outside vendors seeing the spend of our pockets as a way to get them involved.

Not one of these organizations is going to "pay" to be a part of something that doesn't benefit them, or their brand recognition.

Having a "youth" expo may be the only way to start it, but it won't start with the events we want unless there is a "VESTED INTEREST" or a person with the purse strings to make it happen......

Sad but true....

Tournaments / Re: Thomas Park Open - Salina, KS Aug 8th
« on: August 10, 2015, 02:39:22 pm »
I know he shot 65 then a 52...but that's funny right there, maybe he really didn't go.....

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