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Just found out my daughter has a program Friday Morning to become an environmentalist with the aquarium for next I really can't go even though I was thinking it.

Tournaments / Re: Am Worlds-Who is going?
« on: March 31, 2015, 09:49:20 am »
ok I'll start looking at places up there.

doubles events take longer.  It just does.  You spend more time asking questions, planning thinking, retracing, looking.  The ONLY part that is short is alternate shot, everything else takes longer.

Having this many people on the course will SLOW it down considerably.

Kudos to Scott for attempting this!

Tournaments / Re: Am Worlds-Who is going?
« on: March 30, 2015, 03:37:58 pm »
Well I know that I am going, but I will probably head up a few days early and stop in Chicago to visit some folks....but getting to K-Zoo I'd like to figure out housing arrangements that make sense for all.  Possibly renting a house, it is a college town, and before school starts....

Tournaments / Am Worlds-Who is going?
« on: March 30, 2015, 01:46:04 pm »
I am thinking that I will be making the trip to K-Zoo for Worlds in July, was wondering who else was thinking that?

Tournaments / Re: 2015 KC Corporate Challenge
« on: March 30, 2015, 11:43:09 am »
Everyone forgets about the long pad on 16.   ;)

Yeah, I don't forget about it, but it just isn't in play generally except for the Gold layout.  As such.....I failed to mention it accordingly....

Soo...good catch! ;D

Blue Valley / Re: Be a part of history-Saturday come help!
« on: March 30, 2015, 09:50:59 am »
Thanks to the 10+ disc golfers out there on Saturday.  It is SOOOOO much better than years past, still work to do, but man it looked a 1000* better.

Thanks all for the Help and Doug for pushing us on!

Tournaments / Re: 2015 KC Corporate Challenge
« on: March 30, 2015, 09:48:17 am »
Women are playing from the short pads, and men will play from the longs, the ONLY exception is #13, where EVERYONE will be playing the short pad.

This is what has been proposed for the layout....

We want to make sure that we are able to align it close.  We do have "alternate" pads on the following holes at Swope, #5, #11, #13 (though we will probably use the short pad here for both groupings), #14, and #18.

My initial thought on the placements for ease of playing with this many competitors on the course would be as follows:
Men's- Divisions-all long pads *Except #13*
1-Blue Pin-I would use the MANDO through the trees off the pad as well-On flat of hill
2-Red Pin provided it is straightened-The Mando's above will enable safety while people are on #1-Short pin
3-BluePin-Top of hill on this side of road
4-Blue Pin-Middle placement
5-LONG PAD-Blue Pin-Bottom hill left flat part
6-Red Pin-Short behind tree
7-Blue Pin-Center behind bushes
8-Blue Pin-Middle placement
9-Red Pin-Behind Rock
10-Red Pin-Mando Tree forcing left of
11-LONG PAD-Blue Pin-Middle by Table
12-Blue Pin behind bush hill
13-SHORT PAD-Blue Pin-long right on hill
14-LONG PAD-Red Pin-Mando Tree forcing left of
15-Orange Pin-Up deep on this side, old bathroom location
16-Orange Pin by road and sign
17-Red Pin Short
18-LONG PAD Red Pin Short

Women's *Denotes basket needs to move

1-Blue Pin-I would use the MANDO through the trees off the pad as well-On flat of hill
2-Red Pin provided it is straightened-The Mando's above will enable safety while people are on #1-Short pin
3*-Red Pin-Behind Tree
4*-Red Pin-Short
5-SHORT PAD-Blue Pin-Bottom hill left flat part
6-Red Pin-Short behind tree
7-Blue Pin-Center behind bushes
8*-Red Pin-Short placement
9-Red Pin-Behind Rock
10-Red Pin-Mando Tree forcing left of
11-SHORT PAD-Blue Pin-Middle by Table
12-Blue Pin behind bush hill
13*-SHORT PAD-Red Pin-Short placement flat
14-SHORT PAD-Red Pin-Mando Tree forcing left of
15*-Red Pin-Short behind tree
16*-Red Pin-Short flat spot
17-Red Pin Short
18-SHORT PAD Red Pin Short

Moving those 6 pins with the shorter pads will enable a shorter yet still remaining challenging configuration with minimal work needed for the change over.  I am not completely certain on the color coding out at Swope as the holes in some locations have up to 5 placements, so I have attempted to make it work with information as well about the location.

This is how this event will be played.  When a team gets to Hole #10, they will decide who is driving from that pad and then there partner will throw the next shot.  No player will shoot 2x in a row.  The person who is driving is only decided on the 1st of hole of this format, after that, the players will alternate between players.

The pdga rules is how I've played alternate shot in the green country dubs twice in Tulsa. No player throws twice in a row. Jacks scenario that a team would intentionally miss a putt so the better driver could drive is a possibility, but the strokes would add up if they did it repeatedly. It is simpler to just play it as player ever shots twice in a row.

Coolio thanks for the clarification, and Tom I am not saying that the person would miss a putt per se, but if you do have that long driver that can get it to the pin on each hole, they will be teeing on every hole.

Scott has clarified it.  Every other shot, I just wanted to make absolutely sure! 

Thanks so much for taking time to answer it here.

......Alternate Shot is closer to a singles format, where one partner can't bail the other out. If you miss a short putt, chances are good that you'll be driving the next hole........

Which is EXACTLY what I am asking Scott about.  in this exact scenario if you have a clearly better driving partner it will beneficial in many instances to allow that person to drive the next hole over a 1 stroke component.

Hence (and again this is just the way I used to run it when I did 6-6-6 format double events) you alternate shots, but you also alternate Drives as well.  We also did it this way in the ball golf/disc golf round.  That way everyone has to drive and use their drives accordingly at some point.  If you go to the model of every other shot, you could in theory have that long armer throwing it to the basket on every drive, and the other person putting in drop in's.  Not really creating the notion of using every person to balance the holes.

Now, this is just my own interpretation on how it will be played, and that is why I am just wanting to see some specific clarification on this stance.  You can alter it accordingly.

But I believe that the way Scott is saying he will it have it is straight on Alternate shot, which could mean that the entire series of 9 holes only one person could drive and one person would putt.  Just want to make sure I am getting it the way he wants it.  Which I think is this method.....not as I indicated.

Just as he has already indicated that on the Worst shot both players need to make it "In the Best Shot and Tough Shot formats, the second player does not throw if the first player has holed out." , this could also be clarified and hence my asking.  As long as it is consistent from beginning to end of the event that is fine, but just trying to grab clarification as well.

THe 6-6-6 format is one I used for the LS Doubles over the years, 1-6 Best Shot, 7-12 alternate shot, and 13-18 Worst shot.....IO love the idea all in all, just trying to point out an issue that I see when you really make it every other shot the entire time on alternate, it can create an unfair advantage very quickly......

On Alternate shot, player A would drive, player B would take the upshot and player A would make the putt.  On the next hole Player B would drive and so forth.  This style format would not allow a player to throw 2x in a row.

Ok, so for I know you get it as well.....

Alternate shot will be alternate shot on the hole as played, that alternate player would drive on the next hole.  The way it is worded, could be construed that you alternate every shot all the time was my only concern.  I get it, but others may not who haven't played in this format.


On the alternate shot format, typically there is an alternation between the driving on the holes as well.   In which case you MAY throw 2x at the same time.   Now that is a typical scenario, but you can call them as you see fit, I was just wondering if that will be the case or not.  So Player A throws farther by 30% over player B, and as such Player A misses a putt to always drive.......

Your call entirely but wanted to see what you thought.  Could be the case as well in mixed so that you are alternating drives.

just throwing it out there.

Good times folks.  Uncertain if I can make it down there this year though. ???

Pleasant Hill / Re: P Hill work day
« on: March 26, 2015, 01:08:05 pm »
thank you!

So question:
I currently live in Missouri, but moving to Kansas prior to tournament. Born in Lawrence so I guess that makes me more of a Kansas guy historically. Technically tied for Kansas qualification at Rosedale and will do best to qualify for MO. But are there any rules/precedents on this?

He is an Iowa boy, Full on DQ.

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