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General Banter / Re: KCFDC League Ratings for 2010
« on: April 14, 2010, 04:07:53 PM »
The way it should work if you were looking for a solid player average, you would drop off rouds, but then add them again as your play increases for a true reflection for a scoring average, or rating of the players typical abilities.

For the reasoning of handicapping, you should only drop off the lower scores, as someone could alter their rating based solely on the need to have strokes given to them......

Cliff Drive / Re: 4/12 League Mini
« on: April 14, 2010, 12:50:00 PM »
short and sweet is not my style......its my preference, but not my style.....

This just in as well, I doubt that I can make next MOnday league....

General Banter / Re: KCFDC League Ratings for 2010
« on: April 14, 2010, 12:13:10 PM »
But its not your normal round, and to base on an average of how you play, you would need to limit the high end and low end.  You can't just lose the low end, you would have to lose both to have the actual average of what you would normally shoot, not on your worst and best case scenarios.  That would skew it as well.

Cliff Drive / Re: 4/12 League Mini
« on: April 14, 2010, 09:46:03 AM »
ok dorky-o's.....hole #4 not only has a legit line, it has 3 legit lines.

Do this, and I am talking about the now "middle sleeve" placement:

Standing at the pin, look back towards the pad.

Look and see if there are the following three lines:

Spike Hyzer-over the trees ( I took a tree down right before worlds last year that will allow it even with growth of leaves)

Slow standard RHBH Hyzer (The original intent of the shot)

Little Anny to the left of the tree right off the pad

There aer 3 distinct lines and all of them are valid.  The real thing that you are all haveing problems with is the fact that it is not a defined tree fairway like #1, #2, #18 @ WyCo.  It appears to be scattered, but if you really want to look at the hole from the perspective of the shot from the basket, look backwards from the pin to the pad.  Better yet (and mind you I am not sure how much longer this is an option) play the entire course backwards.  You learn an awful lot of different approaches to the course.  PLay from the pin to the next pin (in this conversation it would be from #4 basket to #3 basket).

Once you have played the course that way you will start to see quite a few different shots.

I think that the long #1 has been a long time waiting, it will remain a very long shot, and ultimately could lead to a few other holes in the woods (I am thinking of 2, that would then alter some of the placements around the reservoir, but that is another plan......)

I will seek to have #4 put in the "new LONG" for league on Monday, and may decide to keep the tradition alive with a placement that I have been thinking about for quite some depends if I have time to clear out what I am thinking this weekend.

Thanks for all that you guys do for the course......

General Banter / Re: Top notch loafing/ morel hunting!
« on: April 13, 2010, 02:55:25 PM »
Ok Guru...... ???

General Banter / Re: KCFDC League Ratings for 2010
« on: April 13, 2010, 02:54:52 PM »
I have a call into Andy Klaasmeyer....and another call, and an e-mail, and antoher call.......

Chris you are on IT!

Cliff Drive / Re: 4/12 League Mini
« on: April 13, 2010, 02:15:38 PM »
Wow, looks like that Chris guy "Shotwell" for an Am...

Lots of birdies on #1's trial placement, Drew?

From what I understand, he was an outta towner that was sorta unaware how we run our leagues......oh well, its good to have that many people out at Cliff.

I birdied the temp hole, (hit a 35'.....Jumping at it......)

General Banter / Re: Any Saturday summer leagues?
« on: April 13, 2010, 02:03:00 PM »
which is fine, but bringing up old information was my question.

It boils down to a couple of issues:

1-Is there really a demand for a Saturday league?

2-Would there be consistent players to warrant having the league?

3-Who wants to committ the time needed to run the league on Saturdays?

4-What time makes the most sense to have the league happen if it were to?

5-Where would one have this league be at?

My premise is that it would fail to be an optimal league for the following reasons:

Weekends during the summer are generally used by people to do things with their families, in the winter time, there are less honey-do's around the place to do, because it is too cold, so often we get people that haven't been out so they get that hall pass on Saturdays to play disc golf in the cold.  They also get the look from people, "like man its freezing out there, and you wanna go, fine, leave already!"

Having a person dedicated to make the league happen at a venue and the stick-to-itness, requires a special dedication.  Very few people have successfully ran leagues in town, and that determination is a must when acknowledging that you will commit to it.

Vacations during the summer periods are a common place, so I feel as though again this would limit the amount of players on a regular basis to make the venue successful.

And finally and probably the biggest hurdle in this argument.......what course does not see enough foot traffic on Saturday to have said league?  The courses on the weekends are packed, so how are you going to accomodate the casual players that are out enjoy their leisure time with people that will undoubtedly get upset with the throngs of those players interfering with their chance to win league?

I think that it will be an argument waiting to happen, unless you do like a 8:00-9:00 tee time, and that then creates the question, of how many people will arrive at 8 to play league?

I've thought long and hard about this over the last decade, and part of the reason why I had thought that Cliff Drive may be the answer, but I could not hold to the committment (kids, every other weekend, tournaments on the others....) and I don't wanna get up after having a late Friday night to an early Saturday morning (but thats my lifestyle, and I knew it, so I couldn't hold my committment!)

I also thought that the floater, or rotating league (similar to what Timko is going to do) may be a better answer, as it may then drive people to all the courses we have to play.  But then I REALLY didn't want to leave my house at 7:00 to make an 8:00 tee off time at Olathe, or better yet P-Hill (again thats me, I didn't want to do it)

So in casual conersations, and even more heated EC meetings, the notion of having Saturday leagues just didn't make sense then for many of the reasons that I mentioned.

Now that could change, but it will require people with the dedication to make it happen, so if you have that dedication, I urge you to contact the EC to let them know that you haev the time committments to make that type of arrangemnet happen.

GFood for thought.  Noto saying it couldn't work, just saying that there are may obstacles that will be in the way of making it as successful as some of our current leagues.

As I type this though, I also think of WyCo, and how we struggled to determine if Friday night was a good night for league.....that seem to work out ok, it was slow in the begining, but it has grown.  The same must be said of Cliff Drive, it started out slow, and has gotten traction considerably.  It helps though that Drew is a solid person who committed himself to run Cliff Drive, and Kevin did it initially with WyCo.  Every week.

SPeaking of every week......look at Water Works, and I think that over the last 10 years I would be willing to bet that Ted Keith has maybe missed a total of 10 leagues (I think 3 of those was when he was in China).......dedication makes the league work, dedication and committment.  You must have the leader there with that mindset, or any league will never work.

Found and Lost / Re: Lost Crush at Blue Valley hole 1
« on: April 13, 2010, 09:51:08 AM »
that area likes Crush's....I thnk Fred lost a green one in there a few years back, and I lost a yellow one in there.....

General Banter / Re: Top notch loafing/ morel hunting!
« on: April 13, 2010, 09:31:24 AM »
Man, that took a long time parkless!! nuttin but luv!  ;D

You expected quickness.......

Man who in here is not a fool? :P

Bag Tags / Re: 2010- What number ya got?
« on: April 12, 2010, 03:58:14 PM »
I gave that to Andy at the Fuzzy..good to hear it made its way back to the old guys.....

Legacy Park - Lee's Summit / Re: Legacy KCFDC Summer League
« on: April 12, 2010, 01:32:18 PM »
but now there were 3 for SSA, so wheres it at?

General Banter / Re: Any Saturday summer leagues?
« on: April 12, 2010, 11:51:05 AM »
well steve, putting out information that is over 5 years old, is not addressing information that others may not understand.  So I was merely pointing out that you are using very old information that really never came to fruition, but was more of a notion, or an idea over an actual event that did happen.  if you want to see something on Saturdays, it would be better served to start talking about it, instead of talking about old information, that was my reasoning behind the comment, sorry if you did not understand the context of the comment.  I will try to point out all of my comments to you from here on out! ( ;D :o- For everyone, that was SARCASM)

The biggest issue on Saturday leagues is that people typically play in tournaments that have historically ran our league events.  Its tough to commit to a Saturday event if you know that over the course of the summer you may play in 6-7 events.  Compound that with the notion that many people play in these events, the attendance is lower, and therefore a smaller desire to make it happen.

The original plan to run league events was when I did not want to step on any leagues' toes to run a league at Cliff Drive.  Now we have multiple places for leagues to accomodate the players in several municipalities so it has turned out to be a benefit for those that desire to play without having to travel so far.

Not saying that Saturday leagues can't be done, but when you already have 8 leagues in a 5 day period, adding another league will take quite a bit during the summer to make happen.  I think that is why it has been working better for Saturday leagues in the winter time.....(or at least over the last decade..... ::) )

General Banter / Re: Any Saturday summer leagues?
« on: April 12, 2010, 09:59:19 AM »
I thought they had an alternating schedule on Saturdays. It was Cliff Drive and Blue Valley with BV getting played once a month.

That was 2004.......league is now played on Monday nights at Cliff might wanna leave the keyboard, and visit a local course to get more accurate information......

General Banter / Re: Tournament Director
« on: April 09, 2010, 02:04:25 PM »
The fee is waived for us as affliate members of the PDGA, that is why we ask that all club members apply and pay their dues to the PDGA through us.


The best thing to do is to help run an event for starters, then ask questions non stop, both from the people running the event, and the players.  I would start by letting the folks running the Wide Open know that you want to help, and typically we ask that you help with a more seasoned person to learn some of the tricks to making events run smooth.

There are plenty of events that need help, and we are always willing to have a new hand to help us pull off the events.

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