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General Banter / Re: Legacy Park Course in Lee's Summit
« on: July 11, 2008, 05:44:43 PM »
I'll hit ya up on it.  Monday is league night, that is my last free night of the week as of now!

Found and Lost / Re: Lost 150 White Valk at Cliff
« on: July 11, 2008, 01:56:39 PM »
I'm sorry I only carry 6 Valk's in my bag....

Found and Lost / Re: Lost 150 White Valk at Cliff
« on: July 11, 2008, 10:32:19 AM »
thanks Dan......

What R U doing throwing a Valk on that hole?

Cliff Drive / Re: League July 7
« on: July 11, 2008, 10:19:28 AM »
hole #13 is replaced with my front yard basket.


Tournaments / Re: Sun Burn Open July 6th
« on: July 11, 2008, 10:17:25 AM »
12 is not a par 4.......

City of Foutains will have a different layout for Blue Valley, watch for some changes coming for the World's......will it be for the rest of the world, the rest of the time.......unsure, but will make some changes on the course soon.

General Banter / Re: Legacy Park Course in Lee's Summit
« on: July 11, 2008, 10:13:08 AM »
I have offered to help a few times, and was met with little enthusiasm. 

I offered my disc golf design services for free, and was met with less enthusiasm.

They want to do it their way, it is their park, and it will be less work that we as members need to do.  That is great.  What concerns me is the layout of the "pads" already, and the design that they had, there are safety concerns that people that do not play the sport may come into play.

Once the course is in, I will be more than happy to help, but at this point, the best thing to do is to let them go on with their time table, they will get it opened up as soon as it makes sense for them to maintain it, and make it playable for the public.

They are very organized on what they want to do, so it will not be a situation that the park is ignored.  SM park is not ignored, it is just growing pains, and if you have been out to SM Park lately, you now understand that they are working on this as well, and that dialogue between the club and them has helped.

The same will hold true here at LS, patience.....boy we have added 5 public courses, and one private course to the area in the last 5 years, you would think that there is enough new places to play......

But if you really want to come mow.....Cliff Drive 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10 can use it, lemme know, and I'll point you in the direction of what needs to be done!! ;D

Swope / Re: 7/8 league
« on: July 09, 2008, 11:18:32 AM »
must have scared people off with the ID check last night huh? ;D

« on: July 09, 2008, 11:15:13 AM »
Wussies.....Becket, Tavish and Otto finished the round, now there is some dedication....or is it idiocy?

Tournaments / Re: Sun Burn Open July 6th
« on: July 09, 2008, 11:11:56 AM »
my bad......I bet its closer to a 1000' in change, being sure that alt #7 was accounted for, also you will be adding about 200' in elevation change on the three holes that I mentioned.

Swope / Re: 7/1 league
« on: July 08, 2008, 03:34:29 PM »

everyone please bring i.d. next week. thank you.

Thats one way to Keep Arturo and Bobby from taking league money!!

Tournaments / Re: Sun Burn Open July 6th
« on: July 08, 2008, 03:00:29 PM »
7, 17, 18 were shorter for this event than Steve's 57.  The total savings of feet is close to 2000'

Cliff Drive / Re: League July 7
« on: July 08, 2008, 02:04:38 PM »

Found and Lost / FOUND-Yellos J/K Valk-Dan Wienart
« on: July 08, 2008, 11:59:06 AM »
Something about free waka tickets.......still didn't find Dick's Star Maxx.....

I'll look for your truck at CLiff Drive, and leave it there.....

Cliff Drive / Re: League July 7
« on: July 08, 2008, 09:41:39 AM »
Heres a story, about disc golf course named cliff, who was growing up on its very own....there was a car parked on the tee pad, and the man was all alone....and this one day when this league came to play, and they knew that it was much more than a hunch...that this car, this car was made of metal, and it was in the way.....

So these golfers got on the fairway....and they threw the discs over the car, and the cops, well they took their time, but they came along.  Finally after 3 hours had elapsed....

The basket on #13 long was TACKLED, DESTROYED, whatever you want to call it, a mangled mess.  I will bring in my basket from home to replace it in the interim.  The P&R are aware of the damage, and will be ordering a replacement.  I will try to get out there tonight to replace the basket with my red basket, or get one from Swope, so it will be different.

All that work this last weekend to have this happen, well it just sucks.

Cliff Drive / Re: League July 7
« on: July 07, 2008, 09:53:42 PM »
marshal wolfe -53
jack lowe-55
jamie danger-56
pete cashen-58
dick parker-58
tavish sanders-60
chris timko-60
sean elliot-64

Old folks
Mark morales-59
paul klunel-60
dan coffman-63
john chapman-64

where else can you play on a basket that's been destroyed.....have a car on tee pad #2....and wait I hours for the police to show up?

cliff drive where league play is different everytime you come....and never a dull moment!!!!

see you next monday!

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