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I couldn't live with it for long either....

Veiled, yes, but more like failed seeing how some people are so serious... :D

Maybe Spencer's right and it's that pic of Laimbeer pointing at me that bugs me.....   ::)

Keizer you are so WEAK!  Now there is a Detroit Piston!  My first Avatar, thanks folks for making it happen.....

It's okay, Kevin, I've already come to the conclusion that you don't think too highly of me, so I'm not at all surprised by your comments here. If you think I'm an ass, perhaps you can save the fake smiles and cordiality the next time we cross paths, and say it to my face instead of over the internet.

I'll say it, I said, and I'll do it! ???

But thats cuz I M  8)

So much is lost on the internet, yet soo much more is gained....what is the trade off, and who really wins?

Arturo will I am saying....

Tournaments / Re: Mini Golf at Club Championships???
« on: October 15, 2009, 10:35:33 AM »
ummm...there are note enough options to answer, I could not find my response listed....

I think it was Mike's veiled attempt at humor, its hard because everything in Detroit is so hard to handle, they still are driving around celebrating their Stanley Cup Victories, and their Football CHampionship years of the 50's there....eventually once the mayor has completed his prison sentence, the rest of the state shuold catch up to the great things at Kalamazoo, and then have a drink of Bells, and be much more 2 hearted to handle in the rest of society.....

AS for Dick.....welll....Kevin you're awfully nice almost as nice as Keizer was mean...... ;D

Can I get some people out here?  Will anyone show up to try to take down ARTURO, thats right, I said it, ARTURO WILL WIN, who is going to prove me wrong?  (note it will not be me!  I want a cool long sleeve shirt, so I will be playing Am!)

I just wanted the flow of #6 to go where the stairs are for people Keizer......I believe that Drew will be the next CC at Cliff Drive as he has expressed an interest.  Maybe I'll keep #5 long........I am leaning that way and started to think about it last night, tromple some of the growth up around there is a good idea.

i am also making BV as short as I can for this pro's calling some of the holes tweener holes I think are more at the top of the course than the bottom of the course from what I was given feedback both at the worlds and when I asked at the USDGC.

We need to talk about the bridge on #3, that could be a little more than I can get a grant for, and I think that it would be a better placement for alternate #13 to go there than 3, so lets think about it before we decide to carve anything out of the woods.....

BTW, I did see mowers out at Cliff Drive this morning, so it may be the last mow of the season, and just intime for this event!

There I fixed it!

Tournaments / Re: Club Championships 2009 - Oct - 24th & 25th
« on: October 14, 2009, 12:55:21 PM »
Why you telling me, I didn't do it......

Registration at Blue Valley only.
Never got my PDGA Online e-mail set up, and really was too busy to care.

Ryan, probably ~4.

Tournaments / Re: Club Championships 2009 - Oct - 24th & 25th
« on: October 13, 2009, 05:12:28 PM »
In the past registration is generally from ~8:30-9:30 on Saturday trying to tee off by 10, I know last year I saw Lisa Lampinelli on Friday night and shouldnt have been driving to SM Park on Saturday still.....the on Sunday I think that we shoot for a 9:00 or 10:00 start, hoping to get the ball rolling and the second round of the day ~ 2-2:30....

I could be completely wrong though, but that has been the past few years....

Tournaments / Re: Club Championships 2009 - Oct - 24th & 25th
« on: October 13, 2009, 12:54:22 PM »
Ohhh I love this change! ;D

I will try to get out on Friday to set the courses.  Cliff Drive is almost set, but I lost my keys last night during league while moving baskets, thanks to Drew I found them, all that needs to move at Cliff will be #5 & #6.  Blue Valley will probably be set with the exception of #3 and #9, as they will require temporary settings.
Cliff Drive
1-432-Only (4)
2-210-Short (3)
3-234-Only (3)
4-225-Right (short) (3)
5-186-Short (3)
6-387-Long right (3)
7-300-Middle on hill (3)
8-384-Middle betweeen trees (3)
9-309-Only (3)
Front 9-2667(28)
10-324-Middle (soon to be short)
11-279-Short (3)
12-375-Only (3)
13-487-Short (3)
14-339-Only (3)
15-396-Only (3)
16-360-Short (3)
17-750-Island* (4)
18-495-Right by Road (3)
Back 9-3805 (28)
Total-6472 (56)
*Island hole, you must land on island to throw from it, other wise use drop zone, or where it last went out of bounds.  You may throw from drop zone after your drive goes out of bounds.  so if you if throw your drive OB, you play regular OB, if your subsequent shot goes OB, you may go to drop zone where you will be throwing 5 to get on Green.

Blue Valley, I have not been out there since the World's, so I am not sure where the pins are currently, but this is what we will be looking at for the course.
1-short (3)
2-only (3)
3-left up hill (short) (3)
4-only (4)
5-only (3)
6-short (3)
7-short (3)
8-only (4)
9-Extra long (new idea) (5)
Front 9 (32)
10-only (3)
11-only (4)
12-only (4)
13-short (4)
14-only (3)
15-only (3)
16-only (3)
17-short (4)
18-short (4)
Back 9 (32)
Total Par (64)
I could use some help in getting #3, and #9 set up.  I will probably have to use one extra basket as I don't have another sleeve, but I may see if I can get one.

Looking forward to seeing folks out there this Saturday.

Tournaments / Re: which tourny are you attending?
« on: October 12, 2009, 11:49:02 AM »
BOth are great venues, and it looks like Sunday will be a warmer day!  I doubt that my arm can handle 4 rounds in 2 days after throwing enough strokes at Winthrop for a year of golf.

If you have to make a choice, it will not be a bad one regardless of where you go, but I for one am staying close to home.

I personally think that it is awesome that we have events this late in the year to make up a season!!

Does it matter which course you go to?

Play the one with interesting stories, or the one that gets mowed more often (supposedly) you will have a great time with disc golf in KC this weekend!

Cliff Drive / Re: 9/28/09 Cliff Drive League
« on: October 01, 2009, 07:29:53 PM »
Im from pong.....its up and down and good to be black or white!

General Banter / Re: NASCAR TIX FOR SALE
« on: October 01, 2009, 03:34:35 PM »
C'mon help a person who doesnt know Nascar have fun.

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