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Rob Martin is running a 1 day, 1 round ratings based tournament in November.  By 1 round, I mean all 27 holes at Blue Valley and they are to be maxed out.  Hole 1, then executive course then 2 through 18.  I am looking forward to playing with my 851 to 900 breathren.

In case you missed it...I think though that it has been moved to the 21st of November....

.... Thanks for clarifying.


Generally what I try to do, but I know that I am a smarta$$ often and some people take it as an antagonistic approach, when it is truly more of a flippant response!

Glad to help!!

Water Works / Re: Dead deer on 13
« on: August 21, 2015, 09:06:16 am »
So my friend played at lunch today and sent me a picture of the aforementioned deer on the hill from 13. is the imgur link not sure how to post pictures.

Is it still there to skin at least?

Do you read anything all the way through?

Thanks for posting.

I was able to reach out to the right folks on staff with the Parks and Recreation.

I notified them, and they had it taken care of within hours of reading this post.

Seriously less than an hour from when I notified them they sent me a note saying it was done.

We are BLESSED to have the best parks department in the country work with us.

Water Works / Re: Dead deer on 13
« on: August 20, 2015, 04:46:09 pm »
Thanks for posting.

I was able to reach out to the right folks on staff with the Parks and Recreation.

I notified them, and they had it taken care of within hours of reading this post.

Seriously less than an hour from when I notified them they sent me a note saying it was done.

We are BLESSED to have the best parks department in the country work with us.

You gonna do it along the lines of the Gold to Purple then Rob?

Can people "play" above their rating, or will you be required to play only in your "color" based on ratings?

I'm sure it's just a typo but it's fun to poke the guy sometimes.....     ::)



General Banter / Re: Coming soon to pc or anywhere there a pond
« on: August 20, 2015, 10:52:21 am »
I will pay $20 for any discs in the ponds of mine that you get out at WyCO or Olathe, Smithville...the rest are pretty safe from me....Don't forget Bales Lake at Blue Valley or the Pond at Cliff Drive....

...... I know the rules regarding pros playing am events. It is what it is. I don't have any problem with those guys playing in the MAC per say......

Wait for it.....( I do this all the time, don't take offence to it from me please)

But what made me think was that it was brought up that in Majors, pros absolutely cannot play AM regardless of rating. I know the MAC is not a major, but is there anyway to establish the same rating rules as a major for this tournament?

Yes, by making it a MAJOR, which it isn't.  This is NOT a MAJOR, if it gets to that point then yeah, but how many  of the <970 are truly "PRO's"  Because by this logic..... There was only one over 970 and he was an Amateur..... He finished tied for 6th.....  Yet at AM world's there were 13 over 970+, The winner (987) topped the grouping, but there was a 141 place finisher (Missed the cut-971-Rated) a 980 finished 20, and 976 59th....

I heard a few players who were just a little disappointed that in an Amateur championship they weren't actually competing against just amateurs. I know the system is flawed. We don't have to get into that. Just wondered if this was a possibility or not. I think it would almost make it an even more elite style tournament if there was a real am only designation.

I guess elitism is an issue here, you want elitism, you should be looking to move to the "pro" level in my own mind.

If you want to compete against like minded relatively balanced individuals that are not "truly pro" then I believe that this format works.


I have mentioned to Scott that I would like to see a "RATINGS ONLY" event of this magnitude, where you play the following fields-
<800-849  4--Sorry Kevin!!

You would only be able to play in the appropriate rated area.  You would need to have at least 12 rounds rated, and 6 within the year of the event to qualify.

So you pulled a "me" and you do have a problem with it.  But it is the way that it is to allow for a more competitive field.

The only way this can change is to go to a RATINGS based field, or get enough to make it a "MAJOR", which BTW will require more $$$ from people in the other fields to pay as you have to be current, pay for your officials tests, you want to charge more how you gonna pitch that?


Swope / Re: Swope League 2015
« on: August 18, 2015, 12:19:38 pm »
^^^^I was thinking the same thing, I think I shot a 54.....

And, I do consider caddying as helping beyond their game.  The pros can help keep a group of Ams moving as they "should" know the rules better (picture Rick's dream for the RAC), can notice things an Am might not notice out on the course and report back to me, might be willing to run an errand for me or help out in other ways briefly should I have chosen to ask them to do something.

I can see that as a much stronger value added worded this way.

Kudos for yet again having me flip flop....

Thanks Jack,  open mouth insert foot.

Ratings a MESSY thing, I didn't realize the Pros can play as an AM thing until Claring called me on it as I was almost too high to be a pro and play Am Masters....I fixed that be going back to I can play Intermediate, though my round Sunday looks to put me back in Novice....ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Then shot a 56 at Olathe last night....UGH....

so you had 5 people actually helping.  Caddying doesn't count as helping the event.

Coda isn't local so he can get a no problems bro from that for certain....

THANK YOU all the people that did help to make this happen.  There are many, just would like to have seen more people that are typical league playing pros come out and help a few hours.  Or see them at the workdays......or see them helping beyond their game....

.... thanks pro's it won't be forgotten,...

I tend to agree on this one for certain.  Though many of the local "pro's" were playing the event, it would have been nice to see some others step up and show a few hours of support.  Clue came down from Des Moines and spotted.....I mean a guy comes from Des Moines to help a cool event, it sure would've been cool to see locals helping the cause for certain.................................I agree entirely with the comments made above!

Ben is WRONG....sorry bud...
For Advanced (Amateurs) you can be a 1000 rated player and plan in any division in Advanced (Masters, Grand Masters, etc.....)

The Rec/Int/Novice though do have "Limits"  You must be an 849 rated or lower to play Novice, you must be a 899 or lower player to play Recreational, and you must be a 934 or lower rated player to play Intermediate.

It gets dicier as Pro's playing as Ams (with MAC many pros played in an "AM" tourney as would be allowed by their ratings).  There are CUTS as well though to the AGE protected divisions that a "pro" can play in....See the bottom of the chart "Pros Playing Am" for more reference.  They CAN NOT play in MAJORS as Am's though regardless of their rating.

The cut off on the registration is 2 weeks, a ratings update may have altered his rating.... 2.2 A. #2

Hope this clears it up some for ya.

Kudos to Scott and all for helping this event become the largest PDGA event in KC.  And all AM's.  I would love to see more of our local "pro's" come and help this event grow.  It will need a 4th course next year for certain based on the growth that this has seen to date.

Pro's of the event-

Things ran on time-this is incredible.  If YOU DON'T know to make it at least 10 minutes before your tee time to play in an event, you shouldn't be playing organized disc golf yet.

Water-I personally can't emphasize how important this is at events, and HOW MANY places I have played over the years where this wasn't handled properly (thinking of world's this year as an example, it wasn't done correctly)

Professionalism of the staff-HUGE upgrade this year, everyone I interacted with from spotters to directors was able to answer and talk within the group appropriately.  This showcases the efforts that locally we have a great group of people willing to donate their time to help events grow, THANK YOU!!

Course selections-Using the "core three" makes sense.  Most players know them and how to get to them, so it makes it easier for people to understand the notion of where to go and how to get there.

Ease of check in advance-Love it.  Thanks for making that simple as well for all the players.

Many other positives, a few take-aways though for learning lessons..

One MAN can't do it all.  Scott, you have to delegate a few items.....namely...Maps, and more markings on the courses for the OB's.

In many cases the OB's weren't clear enough to be discerned for the players.  Having more flags could help, or just spread them out with the starting and ending point (Thinking of #2/#4 at Rosie for certain, #8 at WW, #13-I know of at least 3 people that had no idea that the OB would be extended to the north in the grass, and no flags there made it tough to realize the change).  Just reach out, there are many helpers on this.  I would have loved to help on the WW set up when we played it Wednesday to mirror a map.

As this grows, rely on more help and that would be the biggest complaint from me.  It is "small" in some respects, but will elevate the event even more than you have already done, and I have the utmost confidence that you will take this information and incorporate it to the future plans as you push this event further.

Now if only I could have gotten my game better (YUCK)-that is the biggest CON job here, the fact that I thought that I could play this sport.....Seriously though I may have checked out early on Sunday, but the event itself was good.  I just wish that I had another round to play...Maybe 3 days?  Maybe 2 rounds Sat/1 Sunday?  I don't know I just know after yesterday's round I either wanted to play another to prove I don't stink that bad, or give my bag away and never play again......

Quit forcing shots Jack, and maybe you would have played better......'Doh!

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