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Do you think it is appropriate or even fair for a Tournament Director to only use Facebook in order to let player know that they are going to lose their spot because they haven't passed their test yet?

No, the TD should call them, I have done that in the past, I have gone as far as informing them that there will be a "written version" available for them to take prior to the event, and it will be waiting for you at course X.

Facebook is one method, but clearly not the main method a TD should contact their folks.

General Banter / Re: Down Under Hole 9 Area
« on: March 09, 2015, 10:54:29 am »
Thanks Pete!

Tournaments / Re: KC Metro vs Iowa Challenge?
« on: March 09, 2015, 09:14:08 am »
the only problem with Tulsa is that is a FAR way to drive to Lamoni, where I thought the other folks would be able to drive up to Lamoni earlier in the day, or so was why I planned it that way.

The ratings cap was like 7500-7600 or so I will look, but it allowed so you don't have 8 1000 rated golfers on a team.

Water Works / Re: KC Star Article
« on: March 06, 2015, 10:01:11 am »
I get that Mark, but ultimately it is what it is.  The bottom line is that it is not "our park" but the city and the community.  Yes we have been the most active in the park over the past couple of decades, but the park is older than that.

The city views this as a great park, as we all do, they could have just started construction without our input, but instead have asked and used our input to develop a plan that does minimize the impact to the course.

As I indicated initially, this is something that has been coming down the pipe for about 11 years now, so it's not really "new news" just newly shown to actually coming to fruition.

Until we have private land that is owned and maintained we as a disc golf community in the world must adapt to the needs of the entire community, not just our own.

Ideal, I really don't know, ultimately though it's their land, yet they think enough of us to ask before they do, and that speaks volumes, if you don't think so, ask a community that doesn't have that luxury in the disc golf world.....almost any other city will tell you they don't have that.....and are jealous.

That is due to the nature of the club, and the people that work with the departments over the years.  It is a long road, and why following respect and guidelines as an organization, not an individual can lead to partnerships that require give and take, and why we aren't losing a course, but altering a great place, and getting more amenities to help improve the course in many aspects.

At least that is how I view it, and yeah, I get my glasses are colored differently than others.

Tournaments / Re: 33rd Annual Kansas City Wide Open - June 19-21, 2015
« on: March 06, 2015, 09:24:33 am »
exciting stuff there Dick, thanks to all that will help.

Remember even if you can't play you can help.  Even if you plan on playing you can help, the bottom line, we can always use help.  This takes an entire community to make it work.

General Banter / The High Five
« on: March 05, 2015, 04:25:17 pm »
So started in another thread, what 5 courses would you want to play in one day in a winner take all format locally.  The gist is though they can't be on one location, so you can't do Up top then Down Under, back to back, you could do one, play 3 others then come back...

Here are Richard's initial thoughts....
How about :

Woodhenge-Back Thorn-Beaver Creek-Jesse James-Stocksdale


Rosedale(DU)-Rosedale(UP)-Water Works-Cliff-Swope




PHill-Legacy-Wilbur-Cliff-Water Works

I was thinking of the following-
Something Smithville
Swope or SMP

Birdlandia or PC
Rosie or Cliff


General Banter / Re: Courses you never played before
« on: March 05, 2015, 03:40:17 pm »
I can start arguing with you and you can take it personal and it will get more views..... ;D

Seriously need to look at the "jamidanger" event, 5 courses one day, winner take all.  Can't all be in Smithville, has to be 5 different courses, maybe even like 5 courses, requirement 3 or four counties.

Water Works / Re: KC Star Article
« on: March 05, 2015, 03:20:27 pm »
once there is a finalization on the path I will share it, as well as the options of the replacement of #7.  Though initially #7 will remain until the next wave of gentrification on the park.

The paths will enable us to have a "tighter" OB line, and minimize the impact for certain.

The notion of an alternate #8 is in play in my mind for certain as well, the biggest issue though is many of the trees (save Terry Adams/Danger reclamation project) are in their mature declination, and therefore we need to be VERY proactive in replacing them.  The attention given to the upgrades in the park will help us in obtaining them as well in that avenue.

As for the restrooms.....alas currently there are no plans to put in "perm" restrooms.  One thing to remember is that the servicing of restrooms is a labor intense process, as such the current funding isn't there, so port-a-potties will continue to be utilized.  There are already issues with the restrooms at Swope and that was sort of a "test run" and has been tough to maintain them opposed to the Best Toilet option, so for now, no restrooms.

In the long run, the biggest issue here is really getting the runners off the road, I also have addressed the bench on #18, so a wall will be built there more than likely.  Erosion from the top areas will also be addressed to better help that problem also (#9-#10 primarily).

Once we have a better understanding of what we will help to work I'll get some diagrams up for all to view.

Mixed emotions for certain, but I for one and many have known that this was in the works, like I said it has been planned since 2004, just getting funded now.

General Banter / Re: friday traveling league 3/6/15 ....swope???
« on: March 05, 2015, 03:03:34 pm »
Atchison in advance of the event this weekend.

Blue Valley / Re: Be a part of history-Saturday come help!
« on: March 04, 2015, 04:26:51 pm »
Boy this is an old post. Well this event is happening again. This year will mark the 25th annual Blue River cleanup. This workday will be on March 28th from 8-11. When I see the pictures from what the park looked like in 2011, I am blown away. The progress that has been made at this park is nothing short of remarkable. Please make some time to help clean up our park. #eastsidepride

I didn't realize it was an old post, I was like, coool!  Then I saw I posted it.  I will look to plan on being out there!  Thanks Doug!

Water Works / Re: KC Star Article
« on: March 04, 2015, 02:25:11 pm »
If hole 7 is removed will a replacement be planned? This is the course closest to me and my buddies play over lunch quite often so quite interested in how this goes. Great to see improvement just wondering how much the course will be affected. Will the trail run behind the teepad on 3?

no not on #3, there will be a replacement on the lost hole, and it may be down the road, as the initial trail and shelter is the biggest issue.  The Volley Ball Courts and playground will be more to the NE of the current playground, as the current playground will be where the shelter is going to be moving to.  Which may result in a renumbering.

I have an idea of a hole already to replace the #7 loss, but want to look at the scenario with one of the original designers before I propose it to the P&R and make sure it aligns well.  I believe it will, but want his input for certain.

Basically the trail that initially was going to bisect 5/4/3 I was able to get them to create an alternate plan that does intersect some with #4, but since that will be easily identified with individuals walking should enable a good multi-use environment.

There are several disc golf courses with trails in them.  I don't anticipate this being as busy as a SMP trail, but ultimately we may be forced to wait a few seconds on pedestrians as they go through.

It beats the alternative of a complete revamp on the course for certain, and now we should also be able to plant new trees along this that will beautify the course as well for all to enjoy.

Water Works / Re: KC Star Article
« on: March 04, 2015, 01:48:05 pm »
This has been in play since 2004.  I was on the initial Parks board for the change and have been in contact with them throughout the entire process.

Essentially what will happen is that we will have a trail that will go along many of the "walls", and then we will probably lose the following:
Hole #7-altogether, there will be a vista point by the circle drive, it will make no sense to have that hole there with the construction of the wall and the needed components.
Hole #8-Losing the LONG placement, may have to find an alternative.
Hole #!2 long right-there will be a trail that goes along there, and then to the very end of the land that will be to the right of the pad on #13, it will connect with the wall/trail on #17, go up and around Di-sect 15/16, and go down the road to cross the street on the west of #16 pad, travel down by long #8 towards #5, with a trail on the north end of #5 (being protected by Terrapin station) then reverting back to the southern part on #4, and up to #2 pad with it going back up the hill to the road way, behind long #1, and to the north of #2 pad.

It will create new "OB" rules, sure, it will also make it easier in many aspects to get things for events around the park, which is good. 
There will be a new Shelter installed by the playground area, there will be a new playground area, the practice basket over there will remain.
We may lose part of the "fairway practice" on #12, but there will still be some areas to throw and loosen up.

Bottom line is this.  they wanted a trail system to go through the middle of the course all over the course.  This park is becoming a multi-use park as has been planned for over a decade.  P&R has worked well at listening to all parties (they wanted volley ball courts in  "the old parking lot" bottom #13) and that would have created many issues.

Is it ideal, no, but it is a good thing as we will be getting upgrades in the park for certain.

These effects will not start on the disc golf area until after the MAC as well, so it will minimize impact to most events, the only one it may impact is the Mighty Mo, and Scott and I have been working on alternate plans in the event we can't hold it there.

So please understand that the only certainty in almost all of our disc golf courses is that we are on public land, as such it may from time to time alter, but ultimately I am hopeful that one of the initial designers of the course (Kreeger) will work to have a solution that enables us to continue to have a great place to play, and now will have more beneficial work being done (like replacing many of the trees that are at a mature declination point).

There will be essentially a trail that goes

I have heard of two other young Divas possibly playing.  There is a 16 and under division.  The ladies have done a great job selecting what divisions to offer.

Thanks all, I will see if I can get the marley-nator out there for this.  Appreciate it.

Is anyone having their daughters play in this event?

This can be one of the best things to happen to KC disc golf since World's if done right.

Let's all join in and show how much we can truly help engage the women in our sport.

Spotters, sponsors, helpers, the women have always been hard to help at all the other events, let's be sure all of us "dudes" step up and make this event an awesome "can't miss" for the ladies this year to start us on to a path for years to come.

It started this year!

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