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Tournaments / Re: Mighty MO-May 10th
« on: May 09, 2009, 09:52:22 PM »
Angie   Biondo   28890   FPO
Kristin   Cherry   19654   FPO
Sarah   Hokom   34563   FPO
Deb   Imel   36121   FW1
Christine   Claring   17642   FW2
Nicole   Claring   21637   FW2
Amanda   Jackson   38971   FW2
Kassandra   Claring   17641   FW2
Leslie    Palmer      FW2
Ben   Askren   26612   MA1
Brad   Damico   28309   MA1
Tony    Dutiel   20418   MA1
Aaron   Gabrielse   37485   MA1
Matthew   Hummel   38576   MA1
Josh    Taulborg   32863   MA1
Reed   Weber      MA1
Wes   Lubberts      MA1
Cooper   Arnold   39511   MA1
Demian   Vela   22579   MA1
Marshal   Wolfe   30571   MA1
Chad   Chadwick      MA1
Brett   Burgess   34687   MA2
Kevin   Crist   28865   MA2
Shane   Diersen   34230   MA2
Elliott   Hicks   33394   MA2
Frosty   Hicks   33395   MA2
Jared   Jenkins   33248   MA2
Eric   Kolkmeier   32120   MA2
Greg    Lewis   39806   MA2
James   McLaughlin   39535   MA2
Spencer    Weatherholt   20731   MA2
Kevin   Manning      MA2
Eli   Bears      MA2
Brian   Palmer      MA2
Matt    Barnett      MA2
Bruce   Wehling   38359   MA2
Dana   Davenport      MA2
Tobin   Kennedy      MA2
Charlie    Tull   38053   MA3
Mike   Spady      MA3
Jeff   Jansky   15468   MG1
Theo   Langer   12664   MG1
Tom   Butler   22969   MM1
John   Chapman   5559   MM1
Ken    Hostetler   27150   MM1
Ron   Klein   6950   MM1
Steve   Rose   6517   MM1
Dan   Zink   23077   MM1
Paul   Eklund   13498   MM1
Mark   Morales   15961   MM1
Brian   Gammon      MM1
Jeff   Ash   17843   MPM
Pete   Cashen   13909   MPM
Scott   Holter   3560   MPM
Bruce   Hudson   2485   MPM
Iqbal   Jehan   11258   MPM
Mark   Martin   2532   MPM
Tom   Demark   13870   MPM
Chris    Claring   9931   MPO
Ken   Franks   25447   MPO
Dasun   Keylor   19746   MPO
Justin   Kreutzer   21879   MPO
Andy   Lewis   30120   MPO
Jack    Lowe   15316   MPO
Aaron   Martin   25075   MPO
Dick    Parker   20250   MPO
Fred    Smith   20578   MPO
George   Smith   4034   MPO
Arturo   Villareal   23183   MPO
Bobby   Villareal   23184   MPO
Leo   Daprato   22135   MPO
Justin   Atwater-Taylor   33117   MPO
Drew   Neitzel   22568   MPO
Geoff   Bennett   24962   MPO
Phil   Bates      MPO

Club Archives / Re: Volunteer sign ups please-Sunday July 26
« on: May 06, 2009, 03:19:50 PM »
Please only reply if you plan on helping, I don't what these to turn into what to do threads, you can either help or not.  If you want to help, acknowledge and help, don't post in here what you want others to do, that is not what this is for, get with Becky and work on it from there, this is not where the work will be done, but rather who will do the work. 

So I will put CD and Andy down as helpers for all day Sunday.



Club Archives / Re: Volunteer sign ups please-Friday July 24
« on: May 06, 2009, 03:17:43 PM »
You do what you need to Kev, you are the man that helps the machine move!

Swope / Re: Swop League - 5/5/2009
« on: May 06, 2009, 01:28:04 PM »
how many aces do you need at Swope? Lets move things around a little......

Club Archives / Re: Volunteer sign ups please-Sunday July 26
« on: May 06, 2009, 12:49:55 PM »
Registration Hotel 9-6
Need to have 3-4 people at all times
Pencil me in for a slot at the reg table on Sunday.

I'd volunteer at the hotel on Saturday too, but detail work at Wyco may run over from Friday. 

Come on, quit waving your hand, your answering all the questions, lets let others answer as well.  Who will be the first?

Club Archives / Re: Volunteer sign ups please-Friday July 24
« on: May 06, 2009, 12:31:26 PM »
Thanks Tracy, this is more thinking out loud, than a set in stone, but what I would want to see.  Good to see some response as I am working on the other days!!! ;D

Are you sure you're going to be able to help get it set up? ;D


J/K thanks for all that you are doing, I wish we could replicate your enthusiasm!!

Club Archives / Volunteer sign ups please-Monday July 27
« on: May 06, 2009, 12:29:38 PM »
Final prep for all courses completed
Paint and ensure OB's Marked

10 meter circles on Pro Courses
--Blue Valley
--Water Works
--Thornfield(Should not need help here)
--Rosedale (uptop)

Prepare signage for each course-4 people
Ensure all TD's packs complete for each course-4 people
--Clocks, white board, scorecards, horns, first aid kits, scoreports, phone lists, pencils, maps (directions), rulebooks, schedules, assigned pools for the week, P&R #'s,
Ensure all water coolers for each course-4
Ensure Port-o-potties in place at courses where needed
--Water Works
--Cliff Drive
--Shawnee Mission
--P Hill
--Blue Valley (2--#6, by our shelter(2?))
--Swope (by the road)
Ensure bathrooms open and clean
--Swope (we may want to clean this prior our selves)

Meeting preperation
Flyers, handouts, any last minute adjustments.

More to add on I am sure, just wanting to get started

Club Archives / Volunteer sign ups please-Sunday July 26
« on: May 06, 2009, 12:21:36 PM »
Field Events 8:30-6:30  Liberty Memorial Park
Distance spotters (3 all the time)
Speed monitoring (RADAR GUN)
Mini contest-2 people all the time
Putting Contest-2people all the time
EDGE-Unsure if they will sponsor themselves, no idea at this point, but it has been a part of the field events the last few worlds.

Registration Hotel 9-6
Need to have 3-4 people at all times

Merchandise help during registration
Need to have 2-3 people all day as well shop will be open during registration

Welcoming committee--
Things to do in KC, give ideas of what is fun and directions if needed.
2-3 people at all times

Club Archives / Volunteer sign ups please-Saturday July 25
« on: May 06, 2009, 12:16:09 PM »
Swope Mixed/Jr Doubles (7-5 2 rounds)
Spotters on #13
Water/Ice Detail

Registration Hotel from 10-7
Need 3-4 people at all times at Crown Center, so would like to have 8-10 people in 3 hour shifts

COntinue to work on all courses:
Paint and ensure OB's Marked at all locations

10 meter circles on Pro Courses
--Blue Valley
--Water Works
--Thornfield(Should not need help here)
--Rosedale (uptop)

Club Archives / Volunteer sign ups please-Friday July 24
« on: May 06, 2009, 12:10:17 PM »
I am starting a thread on each day for those people that are reading in here an plan on volunteering.  We need everyone to help, and I will list what we need done on a daily basis, then break it down to a course level:

Friday-All day prep work courses-
Paint and ensure OB's Marked

10 meter circles on Pro Courses
--Blue Valley
--Water Works
--Thornfield(Should not need help here)
--Rosedale (uptop)

Players Packages Prep (Hotel)

Hotel Set Up
--Registration area

Swope / Re: Swop League - 5/5/2009
« on: May 06, 2009, 11:57:46 AM »
By doing what Rick suggested, you get the mix of divisions with tags.  So, #1 (INT-Palmer) would play with #2 (ADV Master-Age protected, division protected, Gus protected TOM), #3 (Open-Fire protected-Fred) and #4 (Adv?!?!?-Who knows what division other than chippiest-Andy) would have 4 different divisions and the mix would happen that way.  Then no one division is isolated with the tag.

I have done the random tag at the end of the night at Cliff a few times, and it is ok, but at Cliff, we typically have 2 divisions, Open, and Becky !! 8^)

This is way better than trying to change the format though of league, so kudos to mixing things up without ruffling the feathers.

I will be out there all weekend working on Cliff Drive, primarily painting, working on new #11 long removing the old original (middle) and putting it in across the street, as well as working on the tee sign designs for Tracy/Dick, and getting distances.

I should have been out there last weekend, but family obligations trumped it.  I'll do light house cleaning, but could use a couple extra hands.  I want to start ~9-10.

FYI, and FWIW-
From P&R to my request.  I would ask that we get the alternate pad on #13 ready to go as well (new short)  I will keep you posted, but really if we can move #16, move #13 long (I still need to flag it) I think that we may just have it done by the Wide Open.....but I know I have said that before......

From P&R-
I (The P&R) will work the pad's in to my work load(regular work week). To work any overtime their needs to be money available to cross charge the account. I don't know if their is any money in your account to charge overtime ours to so we will have to do this in on regular hours.
05/06/2009 09:30 AM

"Cummings, Lou

"Herron, Michael"

Cliff Drive Tee pads? When?


It is going to be almost impossible for me to get the finishers out there to help at this point. We have taken way too long to get this organized. When do you expect to have this project completed? The forms are out there, but will need to be leveled, filled, poured and finished.

Please let know. This time of year with all the tournaments, and the concrete guys working overtime they are not going to be able to help as I had anticipated. I can possibly come out to help ensure that everything is in the right place, but I am by no means a concrete expert.

We have a tournament this weekend, and I will be out there all weekend getting things ready for that, but the next 3 weeks I will be out of town, and would have to get another disc golfer that I trust to work with you folks. If you plan on doing it during the week, I need at least a week notice to take off work, as right now my calendar is booked until May 15 with interviews and appointments, and keeps on going further and further out everyday.

Please advise, as everyday wasted, concerns me aboue all the lumber out there.

Let me know.


===o {>[]----

Jack Lowe
Vice President-KCFDC
Tournament Director 2009 Pro Worlds
"Disc Golf-
Like ball golf, only faster,
cheaper, and healthier!"

What we do for ourselves dies with us.
What we do for others and the world
remains and is immortal.-Albert Pine


Tournaments / Re: Mighty MO-May 10th
« on: May 06, 2009, 09:49:59 AM »
I will update after I get all the entries probably tomorrow from PDGA there Harry!

Tournaments / Re: Mighty MO-May 10th
« on: May 06, 2009, 09:22:44 AM »
It will be capped at 90.  You should pay in advance, you could possibly pay me at Cliff Drive on Friday night or Saturday, or take it to Disc Golf World (TAKE IT THERE, DO not just call! Cash or Checks only, no credit cards......)  If we are not at 90, I will take day of registration, as I indicated, I would prefer not to, but hey thats the way it goes.  Once we hit 90, were done.

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