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« on: November 03, 2006, 07:51:10 AM »
Thanks Ted, this is GREAT information to share with everyone!!


Cliff Drive / BASKETS
« on: November 03, 2006, 07:48:28 AM »
I had heard about #2 missing, and was hopeful that Jamie was moving it to a new location that we discussed.  What other basket is missing, since I have not heard from Jamie, I am assuming that it was stolen.

Someone also took #17 from Blue Valley, and we moved the practice basket there.  That means over the last year we have had 4 baskets stolen from the courses.

I am wondering if someone is trying to build a course as someone was messing with #5 or #6 up top at Rosedale as well.

Thanks for the note Max.  Beit as sad as it is.

Water Works / 10/26 Water Works League
« on: October 27, 2006, 09:38:10 AM »
Bring on the GLOW

Cliff Drive / Monday 23rd League - CANCELED
« on: October 20, 2006, 12:14:46 AM »
House said tonight that he has not "officially" concelled the last week of leagues, so if you can get to the park and start before 5:00, you probably have a chane of playing the last league of the year at Cliff.

General Banter / roles and responsibilities of the EC
« on: October 17, 2006, 03:44:59 PM »
I put this together in 2003, it still holds true today.

Roles and responsibilities of the Executive Council for the KCFDC:

CC’s-It starts with you. The Course Coordinator is the most integral part of our organization. You will be the person that spends the most time on your course. You will notify the EC either directly or through your VP about problems, and areas of interest that need to be addressed. You will work with the P&R at getting a trash schedule down to keep the course looking good. This can be done with the help of others, by encouraging people to adopt a hole, and work with you to make the park as nice as it can be. You will need to gain more memberships through the use of flyers, or handout’s to get the casual golfer to know you and create an interest and a knowledge in the KCFDC, as many new players are unaware that a club exists to take care of the park, they feel that the disc golf course is part of the tax dollars at work.

You will need to be a liaison with the P&R on tournament dates, and work in conjunction with the Tournament Directors for events that occur through the KCFDC. You are responsible for updating the EC on any additional changes, and may have the chance to develop new ideas with regards to course design as needed. All course changes must be approved by the EC prior to beginning to administer any changes. You will have fiduciary responsibilities to the club, especially if you have a donation box on your course. It must be maintained and emptied on a regular basis, at least twice a week. It is suggested that you notify the EC of any problems immediately with these boxes, as once they go to being vandalized; it is hard to get people to
understand the importance of what their donations do to help our sport. You are required to attend 4 meetings throughout the year. They include the first meeting after being elected, the first meeting prior to leagues starting, typically in March, one meeting during leagues, preferably before the Wide Open for updates, and then the last meeting prior to elections generally in October.

You are encouraged to attend all meetings, as your input will drive decisions from the EC. You may with written authorization proxy your vote to the VP of your state on specific voting issues. In other words, if we are voting on putting in a tree, you must either e-mail or hand write a letter indicating that you are in favor of spending money to buy a tree. You can not just say, I give power to vote to the VP on all issues. It must be very specific. The best way to ensure that you and your course are well represented is to attend the EC meetings; we generally try to have one once a month, or every 6 weeks during league season. You are the backbone of the club, and should be the most recognizable person to the disc golf community for your course. You should always promote the sport, and should attempt to generate new people to the club, if nothing else, but to help you run your course, by adopting a hole. You should ensure that leagues are run in accordance with KCFDC standards, including locating or running a league yourself, if you can not run a league, please help ensure that your league is the most successful in town. Your term is valid on a one year interval.

Sergeant-at-Arms-This position is one that the club needs to have a disciplined individual for. This position will basically ensure that all rules, orders, and procedures are followed. The Sgt/Arms is responsible for making sure that all meetings run according to the agenda, if it is off line, it is the job of the Sgt/Arms to get the meeting back on task. The Sgt/Arms is also responsible for helping with the social functions and planning for the KCFDC, such as the Club picnic, club championships, and other events as determined by the EC. The Sgt/Arms will work in conjunction with the VP’s to get this done. The Sgt/Arms is also the enforcer of club violations. It is the duty of the Sgt/Arms to administer fines, collect dues, and other items of importance to the KCFDC. The Sgt/Arms will maintain a list of expiration dates for all CC’s and EC members, and will enforce payment to prevent a lapse in dues. This will be coordinated with the Treasurer of the Club. Your term is for 2 years, and is voted on when the Secretary is up for election, this will run alternate of the Presidential Terms.

Secretary-The secretary is the ears of the general membership. The #1 purpose of the secretary is to take notes for the minutes of the meetings, and to get out news and information to the general membership in a timely fashion. The Secretary should plan on getting out at least 4-6 newsletters a year. They will be responsible for getting out information on elections, general meetings, major events, and work days. They are the single most responsible individual for making sure that all club members knows what is going on within the club. They are the key to communication within the KCFDC, without this person taking good notes, getting good information to the membership, we will lose interest. The Secretary should be able to communication and articulate in a manner that all members can understand and appreciate. Your term is for 2 years, and is voted on when the Sgt/Arms is up for election, this will run alternate of the Presidential Terms.

Treasurer-The Treasurer is responsible for fiscal responsibility of the club. The Treasurer is who all monies for the club need to go through. This entails Leagues, Events, Club Dues, benefits that the club puts on, paying ace funds, paying bills from the KCFDC, and working with the EC at maintaining and keeping an accurate account of the club financials. The Treasurer should bring copies of the most current financial statements to the EC meeting, and MUST provide a copy of the clubs finances for the election meeting. The Treasurer alone shall have the power to sign checks for the KCFDC, the Treasurer and President may spend anything under $300 if both agree, all CC’s and every member of the EC may spend up to $50 with no approval needed for workday items, or general maintenance for the course. Anything over $50 requires both the President and the Treasurer to approve up to $300, and anything over $300 requires approval of the EC to spend. This is known as the $50/$300 rule that was adopted and passed in previous EC board meetings. Your term is for 2 years, and is voted on when the President and Vice President(s) are up for election

Vice President(s)-This position will now have added responsibilities for the State that they represent. It is HIGHLY suggested that if you run for VP, that you be a resident of the state that you are running for. Your role will be one of liaison between all the CC’s in your state. You will need to meet and greet the P&R in your parks, and should know how to contact them with any problems, any conflicts for scheduling, and other items needed by the P&R. Your goal is quite simple; you will now become the eyes and ears of the disc golf courses within your state. You alone should know what is going on at each park that is within your state, or should be able to make sure that the CC for that park will be in attendance at the EC meetings. You should do everything you can to encourage the CC to attend the meetings, as they are key and instrumental to the continued success of the KCFDC. The VP is also responsible for planning and administering all KCFDC functions and social activities, you will work with the Sgt/Arms at developing plans to make things fun and entertaining. You will be required to help the Secretary get up to date information about the courses within your state for the newsletters, as well as maintaining a solid line of communication within the KCFDC. This role will also require that you get to know more about the Parks in your state. What are future growth plans for the parks, where is the direction of the park heading, will there be any modifications to the park in regards to the disc golf area, etc… You should attend a few general meetings so that the P&R know who you are, and the KCFDC is well represented. You should also alert the President on issues that may require his/her immediate attention, suggest bids for new items within parks, and develop long term growth plans with how to keep disc golf “fresh” within the state. You will also be required to give continual and constant support of Disc Golf in general. You may be required to attend functions that will acknowledge work done by the KCFDC, and we want you to tip your own hat. This should be a highly visible position, and most any disc golfer should know who you are in your state. Your term is for 2 years, and is voted on when the President and Treasurer are up for election.

President-The role of the President of the KCFDC is quite simple. Promote the sport of disc golf and maintain the standard of disc golf in Kansas City. This is done through many efforts and venues. You will need to know all the P&R folks within the region, and develop a strong working relationship will P&R personnel. You will need to monitor and suggest new areas of development, push city wide agendas to support disc golf, maintain the club as a reputable organization that will serve as a fun low cost recreational activity that is on the rise. The President must work at all levels within the community, developing plans to spread the word of disc golf into areas that may never have heard of the sport. You will be required to ensure that all other EC members are doing there roles and responsibilities, and will work at developing plans in the event that they do not do their job. You must work hard at getting the support of the entire organization behind you and the EC on issues that will affect the disc golf community. This position should require you to meet with and discuss plans to create more disc golf in Kansas City and its surrounding communities. You need to represent disc golf in a positive fashion, and develop working relationships to build upon the future of disc golf.

Your role as President will also require the working of diverse organizations to spread out into. You may accomplish this through many various functions and associations. This needs to be a HIGH priority for this position. You should be the key catalyst to drive new people to the sport, secure new opportunities at sponsorships, and develop a game plan for the continual growth of sport within the area. You should develop media outlets and contacts; work with businesses at establishing a common ground for growth within our sport. You should always be driving disc golf home to new people, and should carry the flag so to speak for disc golf in Kansas City. You should represent yourself well to the PDGA, and attempt to continue on the success of years past within the KCFDC. The KCFDC has historically been one of the benchmark setters for disc golf, and it is your rule to continue that trend by utilizing the community of well traveled and diverse disc golfers within the community. Your goals should be simple, utilize the talent around you that has made disc golf so great in the Kansas City area for the last two decades, and continue to move forward into the future with the same
motivation to create more greatness for the sport of disc golf.

You are required to present agendas to the general public, and you should do so in as far advance as possible. If you do not have an agenda ready prior to one week before the meeting, announce a meeting has been planned with an agenda to follow. You must work with the entire EC to make sure that each is up to the task. You must work with the Secretary to ensure that the entire general membership is aware of what you are doing, and knowledgeable with what is going on within the community for disc golf. You are the ambassador of disc golf to all, you alone will drive people to the sport, and you alone will ensure the continued success of our sport. This position requires energy at a high level, and political awareness in dealing with the bureaucracy of the governments that hold the land that we use. You will be responsible for making sure all things get done right that have the KCFDC name attached to it. You will need help, and you should surround yourself with able bodied individuals that are autonomous, but work well with others.

General Banter / Club Elections - Nominees
« on: October 17, 2006, 02:53:40 PM »

So Jim Neal is out here looking to jump in the game, who else wants a piece?

Swope / Swope Love
« on: October 17, 2006, 02:52:29 PM »
No course in particular, but like at Swope when you have 7 possible placements, it may be time to re-look at the design layout, when you can combine some holes, for 2 or three different places, it may be time to look at  the design.  The basic premise is when is it ok to have a person place a pin?  Who should decide how a course evolves?  How should we reach that judgement?

Tournaments / Club Championship Ace Funds
« on: October 17, 2006, 02:49:13 PM »
why limit the ace fund then at all, why shouldn't all leagues be combined to a SUPER ACE FUND every dollar goes into a pool that would then become the KCFDC Ace Fund?  Why limit to the events only?

Swope / Swope Love
« on: October 17, 2006, 11:11:13 AM »
in some courses that needs to be done.  We have talked about that quite a bit.



Swope / Swope Love
« on: October 17, 2006, 07:57:43 AM »
confused, who is still a bum?

The simple fact is that this is a volunteer effort, some people have more time to volunteer than others.  If you have more time to step up, please throw your name in the hat for a position, we NEED more energy from MORE people.

Tournaments / Club Championship Ace Funds
« on: October 16, 2006, 10:56:51 AM »
Ace funds roll over to the next year, the ace funds aer at 50% so that there should always be some benefit for hitting it.  Club members that work on the weekends may not be able to make the Club Championships, so why would it be fair to that person that played 18* this year to miss out at the WyCo event and have someone hit it that may have never been there?

Leagues are the biggest income source for the club, each league is unique and therefore should be accounted for on an individual basis.  This is not something new, this has been this way prior to me ever living in KC, do we need to change it?  I can bring it up at the meeting tomorrow night.  

This also may go back to the ace fund in general, after all I got TICKED when someone from Topeka hit the WW ace fund that was close to $2000.  I did not think that it was fair to have someone that really did not play here or at league take home that much $$$, thus we changed the league fees and made it so that you had to pay an extra $1 to get in.  Club members get the $1 discount, so to those locally it was seamless.

I personally like the idea of $1or $2/round, give it all away at the end of the weekend, have it roll over on each round.  I guess I am kinda shocked that you did not realize that the ace funds roll over if no one hits it.  even WW glow (non-club) took from our page and pays out 50%, keep some money in the coffers so when it is hit, it has some bite to it.



WYCO / 10-13-06 League
« on: October 13, 2006, 12:02:34 PM »
ME, I plan on heading out there tonight babay, and I want another HIGH $$$ ace, keep bryan away from it.

General Banter / Club Elections - Nominees
« on: October 13, 2006, 12:00:38 PM »

That is EXACTLY what the CC's should do, get to know people that play their course on a regular basis and have them help out.  The job should not be an isolationist type of position, it should be shared.  I have thought about replicating the St. Louis club, where they have co-captains of courses that work in tandem, then only one needs to be at the meeting as well, if someone can not make it, or if htye both make it great.  The more people that get involved and understand that it is a tough assignment, yet easier with numbers, the more people we should have that will step up and help out in all area of the club.  We are lacking in numbers in many areas of those that will help.

We need people to help us all grow.



Tournaments / Club Championship Ace Funds
« on: October 13, 2006, 11:57:14 AM »
it only makes sense form my standpoint that if I can only play one round, I only want to pay $1.  Now if you have a seperate $5 for the entire weekend group, I'd be in on that as well, but thats an awful lot of $$$ to track down, and a helluva headache.

Winter Leagues / Chip Chuckers (formerly Advance Homey)
« on: October 13, 2006, 11:55:12 AM »
SMACK-if Andy truly will let me lpay, he can sleep in all he wants, but he wont be going home with all the money.

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