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Tournaments / Re: 23rd Mid America Open, Columbia, MO 7/14 and 7/15
« on: July 18, 2007, 03:36:33 PM »
i meant for SuperDave and your netflix scenario.......

Curb your enthusiasm.....I really mean it.

Tournaments / Re: Mid-Nationals St. Louis MO 9/7-9/07
« on: July 18, 2007, 03:35:09 PM »
Prizes only.......unless they decide to do like last year, where you can receive 1/2 cash for the prize value, and relinquish your amateur status....Highbridge was the BOMB last year, why I am heading up there again this year for the Pro Worlds, cuz my game ain't the was also a long ways away for most, and followed a holiday weekend last year.  St. Louis is closer, and easier to get to, so it should have plenty of people this year.  Is a division based ratings event only.....

General Banter / Re: Lee's Summit Course close-need some support
« on: July 18, 2007, 03:28:34 PM »
That was Jim, former club president i believe Steinebel......we talked about it at the WOXXV as well.....unsure of where it is at.....I do know that the proposed course in Southern Johnson county should be nice as well.....hopefully to be played during the Olathe Open.......

General Banter / Re: Lee's Summit Course close-need some support
« on: July 18, 2007, 11:46:03 AM »
As we get information about the next meeting, please post here.  I think that they expected more people at the last meeting.  I was just doing more introduction than anything else.  We can garner support I know that I have heard requests for this area since I moved here in 1998, soo.......keep us posted as things move forward.

Tournaments / Re: 23rd Mid America Open, Columbia, MO 7/14 and 7/15
« on: July 17, 2007, 11:21:24 AM »
If only Kevin Bacon knew how to spell computer........

Curb your enthusiasm Jay.......

Bag Tags / Re: 2007 What number ya got?
« on: July 10, 2007, 10:26:52 PM »
Nick Arbeitman had #1, with a sore shoulder, did not play.......gave it back to Mike D, who had it for the Brock Barrett Benefit.......Dave Z tried to hustle it home, but alas Jay Rivard the wiley Down Under veteran walked away with it, as Dave Z who was up by 2 strokes with 4 holes to go blew it like a candle in the wind.......then Mike D took #49 to league in Olathe, where he beat Crappy Fred who had #2, brought to league where the mysterious #4 who was in the possession of one Jamie Barry lost at Cliff ME!!!   well then Kevin Corbett hits the 6 holes with birdies to take #2, Mike D shot solidly, but not enough to hold Corbett back and took #4....which left me with #51 from Corbett.......then an off card challenge to Tom Mollenkamp had me leaving with I blew my chance at #1, Sunday, to take #1, got to #4 on Monday, then Tuesday lose the job, and lose the single digits and head to triple digits......141, and not playing in a league the rest of the week......heading to Columbia with it though, any off card challengers?

Tournaments / Re: 2007 Am Worlds in Wisconsin
« on: July 10, 2007, 10:19:04 PM »
The recently unemployed Mr. Jack Lowe will be in attendance.......anyone need a good HR person to handle their needs?  Over 15 years experience.  I will not be able to work until after the Worlds though, possibly the Pro Worlds as well.....not that I am unemployed, Highbridge is the BOMB!

General Banter / Re: Brock Barrett
« on: July 06, 2007, 10:07:52 PM »
For trhose that dont like to click links.....

A loss to the Ultimate Frisbee Community

Our prayers are extended to Mike "Bear" Barrett, he has touched many of our lives and has suffered a great loss.

His son Brock Barrett past away July 3rd in a fireworks accident at his home. Brock was a friend to both the ultimate frisbee community, as well as the disc golf community.

Kansas City Ultimate, has set up a Memorial Fund to assist with costs associated with the wake, funeral and medical costs.

A News Story Link

Memorial Fund Checks can be made out to:
Mike Barrett
Include in Memo: "Deposit to Acct# 5635"

Send to:
Commerce Bank
Attn: Zachary Johnson
8901 State Line Road
Kansas City MO 64114

Memorial Service Saturday 3-5 p.m.
Newcomers Dw Sons Cemeteries
11200 Metcalf Avenue
Overland Park, KS 66210

Dress is informal, Mike really wishes that people come as they are and not dress up - Brock would have preferred it this way.
There will be a power point presentation about Brock and a private booth for personal reflections.

Thanks Mark for the post.

Tournaments / Re: Sun Burn Open-07-07-07
« on: July 06, 2007, 01:53:13 PM »
Course Distances and configuration, and Out of Bounds for Sunburn Open 2007
Round 1-Blue Valley
#1 (Hole #2 Big)-509’ on or across Road OB
#2 (Hole #3 Big)-Look for new placement up left Temp Basket-~400’
#3 (Hole #4 Big)-621’ Look at Tree for angles to basket
#4 (Hole #5 Big)-430’
#5 (Hole #6 Big)-~320’ Short pin placement on hole
#6 (Hole #7 Big)-618’ On or across the Road OB
#7 Use Tee Pad for #8 to basket on #9 Big-~300’ Head toward playground
#8 Temp Pad, flags south of playground, to basket by road-~300’ On or across road OB
#9 Temp Pad N of  Shelter to practice basket -~250’ on or across roads are OB-ReTee if OB
#10 (Hole 1 Exec)-256’ in parking area OB, on or across road
#11 (Hole 2 Exec)-207’
#12 (Hole 3 Exec)-269’
#13 (Hole 4 Exec)-292’ Water is OB
#14 (Hole 5 Exec)-170’
#15 (Hole 6 Exec)-243’ On or across sidewalk is OB
#16 (Hole 7 Exec)-197’ On or across sidewalk is OB, as is on or across road
#17 (Hole 8 Exec)-272’ On or across road is OB
#18 (Hole 9 Exec)-551’ On or across road is OB
If needed extra holes will be as follows:
1x)Temp set up from #8 basket, plays to basket #10
2x)Pad #1 to #18 basket
3x) Temp pad to basket towards Exec course
4x)-will be a ghost hole from the #1 hole on this configuration
Round 2-Swope
#1-308’-Inside Rocks is OB, painted line from Wide Open, Outer Edge of Rocks & MANDO re-tee
#2-320’-Inside Rocks is OB, painted line from Wide Open
#3-354’-Inside Rocks is OB, painted line from Wide Open, on or across road is OB
#4-254’-On or across road is OB
#5-356’-Backyard fence of house is OB
#7-285’-over fence is OB, LEAVE THE DISC GET IT AFTER ROUND
#8-325’-the Pro Shop and underneath is OB
#9-338’-Inside Rocks OB, over FENCE, OB, see #7 (And why did you throw it that far?)
#10-286-Inside Rocks OB, including bridges
#11-320’-Inside Rocks OB, including bridges
#12-323’-over fences is OB, LEAVE DISC GET IT AFTER ROUND
#13-412’-Left side edge, either rope or Paint, use spotters to decide, flags indicate ending area
#14-~370’-Inside Rocks is OB, MANDO with TREE is a MUST or SHORT PAD DROP ZONE
#15-232’-Inside Rocks is OB
#16-303’-on or across road is OB
#17-204’-Parking area is OB, if painted, use line, if not completely surrounded by concrete
#18-299’-Inside Rocks is OB
If needed extra holes will be Swope Gold extra 3 holes become 4
1x) after #5 walk to park sign in front of house temp pad, to practice basket, on or across all roads-~290’
2x) Across Street to (Park road) to basket across “Lake” -~440’
3x) From the Drop Zone of Wide Open on this hole to basket on hill, Alternate Drop Zone if not made on initial drive will be played-583’
4x) last hole tee by pole, on or across road is OB-345’

General Banter / Re: Brock Barrett
« on: July 05, 2007, 05:28:08 PM »
Saturday memorial services are 3-5pm at I believe....I am awaiting to see the Obit on the paper and post for sure.  I would like to have us do something for the family and related expenses at the Sunburn Open this weekend, a general donation of $10/person would go a long way.  I am sure that Brock would have been playing in the event, so it saddens me even more.

Found and Lost / Keys found at Blue Valley
« on: July 04, 2007, 04:36:21 PM »
I was given a key ring with over 11-12 keys this
afternoon as i believe the grass contractors said were
found at Hole 7 tee pad.

They have the grass looking good for the upcoming
Sunburn Open this Saturday.

There are Ford, GMC, Nissan, Haworth, Schlage, and
Magnum keys and i would like to get them out of my
possession soon.

Any one claiming these call me at 816-231-2009.

Mark Morales

General Banter / COurse maps-ok some of them
« on: July 04, 2007, 03:53:57 PM »
visit this thread, not sure how it got started in the Wide Open thread.....we need to send this to the Main page of course maps..


Tournaments / Re: 23rd Mid America Open, Columbia, MO 7/14 and 7/15
« on: July 04, 2007, 03:49:34 PM »
yes it is.  I think that I heard that it is $20 to play first roud, and $10 each additional round, your lowest score counts....

Tournaments / Re: Sun Burn Open-07-07-07
« on: July 04, 2007, 03:48:26 PM »
If you see me, I'll take your you can pre-register by finding me.  Here is the layout that we will be using at Blue Valley:
Hole #2 Big course plays to original basket
Hole #3-will play shorter there is a No Parking sign in the location, just E of shelter and downhill, I am not sure if you can see the No Parking sign from the pad, but I could see the players there while setting it, and you will be able to see basket from pad during event.
Hole #4-same (original)
Hole #5-same (Original)
Hole #6-Short placement
Hole #7-short placement
Hole #8-tee from #8 pad to #9 basket, then walk up towards playground
Hole #9-temp tee from just S of playground (flags placed today) to the trees just NE of Shelter, there is a No Parking sign there as of today as well, on or across the sidewalk to playground will be OB, and the road and across will be OB
Hole #XX(If Needed)-just to the West of temp basket, we will be teeing off to the center island practice area in front of the big shelter all road is OB, and you must be on the grass, or RE TEE
Hole #10-hole #1 Executive course
Hole #11-hole #2 Executive course
Hole #12-hole #3.....see the pattern

Hole XX may be used if we have over 90 players, if we really end up with over 100, then I have another option to bring in a slightly different layout with the temp holes, also then using #1 on the big course in the short setting, and adding another hole or 2 depending on headcount.  I trulyh expect ~60 people, so hopefully that is not going to be an issue though.........

Set up Swope last night in the configuration:
Rocks OB-using painted lines from Wide Open (Best guess in group, but outer edge is the markings, even the Bridges are OB in this event, on the back side)
All Long PADS, EXCEPT #13, will use short pad
Mando's on #1, #14,thinking about a double Mando on #10 but not sure yet about time decision.

Aceable holes at Swope-
(OK 6 if you are A BIG STUD)
(8 see 6)
(11 see 8 or 6)
16(sort of)

@ BV
All The Exec Course, except 9
temp holes should have a shot
#6 is possible
as is #5 (though TOUGH, TOUGH TOUGH)
7 is I guess some people have parked there from conversations around the water cooler....

SO there are plenty O-Aces to look at.

I will be out at BV ~8 to start doing things, and checking people in.  Can use some help from folks if you have time.  It will be fun, hot and though PDGA requires a shirt, with the Sunburn open be sure to have your shuolders showing!!


General Banter / Re: Brock Barrett
« on: July 04, 2007, 02:00:57 PM »
Thanks Mark, I was just getting ready to send something here as well.

Brock, was the tall lanky bleach blond side arm thrower that was always giving it back as much as he took it.  He generally had a great attitude for disc golf, and was always someone that you could find to play a round with dang near everyday.

This is once again a sad day, as he was with his family and suffered a fireworks accident that eventually took him from us.  I understand in some conversations that he will be creamated and part of his ashes are to be given to Rosedale.  We will do what we can to make this event a great one for Brock, and his family.

My sincere thanks for getting to know him, getting to watch him grow, and my heartfelt sympathies go to his family and friends.  Life is too short, and Brock was too young to leave us all.  I hope and pray that he is in a better place and will be missed by many in the disc golf community.

Sad day for KC Disc Golf,


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