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Bag Tags / Re: 2008- What number ya got?
« on: January 28, 2008, 09:15:20 am »
I got #88...Mark Arnold has #2

Shawnee Mission / Re: Litterbugs - STOP IT!
« on: January 16, 2008, 10:39:10 am »
the litter is a bothersome component, but the alcohol is a bigger issue, you really must watch it out there folks, this is a serious matter, and although I don't like the idea of a public park not allowing alcohol, be SMART, don't ruin it for all of us.

Shawnee Mission / Re: Litterbugs - STOP IT!
« on: January 14, 2008, 01:14:37 pm »
Ah, but they are not park rangers, they are actually police officers in the SMP land.  The rangers have other things to worry about like Deer, and picnic baskets....

Shawnee Mission / Re: Litterbugs - STOP IT!
« on: January 14, 2008, 11:13:27 am »
Here Here!

Seriously folks, they will get you there if you drink.....they have their own POLICE DEPARTMENT, not just Rangers, but actually LAW OFFICERS, it will be a sad day when we have to report here the next fund raising event to help Disc Golfer IDIOT out of jail from SMP....

Water Works / Re: Pin Movement At Water Works
« on: January 14, 2008, 11:10:03 am »
Todd Henry shot -15 during league once, in a mixed setting, missed a few short holes.....when asked how do you shoot -15, he replied, you miss 3 F%$@ing putts.....

Tournaments / Re: Ice Bowl - 2008
« on: January 14, 2008, 10:32:59 am »
PA system would not be turned down!!


Tournaments / Re: Ice Bowl - 2008
« on: January 11, 2008, 11:01:12 am »
Whose bringing Chili?  Last year we ran out, we need more this year folks, and we would like to have someone bring something besides warm chili, like fresh vege's...since Rick thinks that it is going to be 48, weather should be perfect, and the veges will remain at a great temperature.

I plan on bringing my chili out there again, and hopefully will win the award again as best Disc Golf Chili expert, because, well I'm that good, and I of course did not write down any recipe from last year, so this years chili will not be a repeat of last, but rather a new chili that will be even better.....

What else can you bring to help?

Prizes for Ctp's...
Tables to put prizes and food on
A corporate check for $20,000 or a personal check for $20 is fine, heck even cash of $2 is good....
Buy Mulligans
Bring  a Friend
Bring a mistress
Call the TV stations and ask about the Ice Bowl, when is it, and how do I sign up, and what time will you be covering the finals?

Other ideas?

General Banter / EC Agenda 1/10/08
« on: January 09, 2008, 04:08:00 pm »
All are encouraged to attend, we will be meeting at TMS 701 SW Blvd KCK.  I would encourage all those that want to run for a position to be in attendance, at this point, I would say that we will probably be having the elections after the Ice Bowl, where we can let the other 260+ people that should be playing know about the event as well.  If you have any questions, please call me.



KCFDC E/C Meeting 1/10/2008

6:30-Call to order
6:32-See if we have Meeting Minutes from September Meeting (No Quorum)
6:35- Election location ideas, date  before or after Ice Bowl? , nominations to date

(Shiners lodge-$130, +$50 for a bartender)

(Possible Westin for free)
6:55- Ice Bowl-Rick, have New Belgium on board, where we need other help with, Chili, power, more foods….
7:10-’09 Worlds-Jack-Hotel, is $129-$139 @ Westin too much for our players to pay, does it make more sense to have the event in OP for $109 instead, and should we push downtown with all new amenities towards our players, I think we should, what do others think?  Courses need to get list of what every CC wants done to make their course an A++ ready place to play.

7:25 Newsletter Information-Rick What do we want, and how to get it all online, and available for print to those that need it?  Do we send only the online note with a link and basic advertisement on postcards, or do we continue to make an actual dead tree version?

7:35- Upcoming events, lets plan out the entire year, or at least through the Summer, how many KCFDC events need to be PDGA with the Worlds fast approaching, many events will fill at max levels with the interest.

7:45-Wide Open-Dan, last year for Team Cashen, who will step and take over as the running man for this event, last year for NT probably as well, next year A or B tier to defray from Worlds activity, possibly April or Early May time frame….Where are we at for 2008 KCWO

7:55-Open Discussion


===o {>[]----

Jack Lowe
"Disc Golf-
Like ball golf, only faster,
cheaper, and healthier!"

Tournaments / Re: Ice Bowl - 2008
« on: December 17, 2007, 09:25:48 am »
The key is donations.


Set the tone, make it possible to do this like a walk-a-thon, and get sponsors, lets see who can rais ehte most money.

As for the tax status, we are still working on that, I am working with an attorney on that and am hopefule to have by next year.

It takes many people to make it work, and we have been good, but the cities that you mention typically get a matching sponsor for their efforts, we have not, so be sure that you understand how these places make their charitable contributions,  and then try to mirror them.

Every year I drive to each of the TV stations and give them a heads up usually about the first of the year, and then follow it up the week before the event.  Rick does a great job of the press release, and then I give it to them directly so that it does not get lost in the cyberworld.

It takes an army to run and help, so we shall count you in on sponsorhip ideas Steve, Thanks for volunteering.


Tournaments / Re: Club Championships
« on: December 14, 2007, 07:27:36 pm »
Championship Flight

Fred Smith-(49-50-40-47)--195 (2007 KCFDC CHAMPION!!)

Mark Martin-(52-48-46-50)--196
Cecil Cameron-(50-47-47-54)--198
CD "THE Compact Disc Player"-(47-53-50-54)--204

"A" Flight

Bryan Guthrie-(53-51-48-53)--205
Brian Gammon-(56-49-49-52)--206
Andy Lewis-(48-57-56-53)--214
Jack Lowe-(52-56-50-57)--215
Tom Butler-(57-51-58-52)--218
Mark Morales-(52-56-62-56)--226
Kelly Warren-(55-53-66-63)--257

"B" Flight

Dick Parker-(61-53-53-47)--214
Steve Harris-(56-59-48-53)--216
Jamie Barry-(55-57-56-56)--224
Matt Taylor-(53-58-58-59)--228
Bill Neenan-(51-53-60-58)--232
Nick Mense-(57-56-62-59)--234
Adrew Jewett-(56-59-64-58)--237

"C" Flight

Eric Garberg-(58-58-53-53)--222
Dennis Freeman-(57-59-56-56)--228
Chris Timko-(60-57-56-55)--228
Jeff Hoglund-(58-58-56-58)--230

"D" Flight

Timothy Duffy-(61-61-52-60)--234
Steve Campbell-(60-60-57-58)--235
John Chapman-(60-60-58-58)--236
Cooper Arnold-(57-62-56-62)--237
Neil Roth-(61-60-61-60)--242
Mike Penney-(63-60-64-59)--246

"E" Flight

Mio Sillings-(60-66-58-56)--240
Brian Palmer-(61-65-65-58)--249
Kevin Montgomery-(64-64-65-57)--250
Steve Glover-(62-65-67-69)--263
Shane Dearson-(64-65-70-66)--265
Shane Wickliffe-(66-68-69-62)--265

"F" Flight

Chris Haynes-(74-65-62-66)--267
Leslie Palmer-(74-74-75-63)--286
Notable Appearances by the following individuals:
Doug Kantro
Ted Keith
Carson Wilson
Joe Engelman
Tavish Sanders
Marshall Wolfe
Kevin Simpson
Fred Netherton

These people prove that you can have fun without playing all 4 rounds, so please play more!

These stats were not powered by Stats Inc, or they would have been posted about 6 weeks ago huh?

Water Works / Re: Pin Movement At Water Works
« on: December 04, 2007, 05:43:00 pm »
You calling Danger a weirdo?  He just changes it so that it is always the first thing in the thread, so he edits it everytime he moves pins....easy for him, and the
(EDIT) one of the few in town that is updated.

General Banter / Re: Call for you to HELP-Do you want to make a difference?
« on: November 29, 2007, 06:14:26 pm »
Really need to get everyone on the EC on the same page and with the holidays here and all, this has always been a hard time to schedule around everyone's interest, so the start of the year will allow us time to meet, get the plans in place and have a more organized meeting that will have substance to it.

Its not like I am disappearing, I will still be on the EC, just in a different capacity, so as for the lame duck....a quote from Duck Soup for ya...."Request help, 3 men and 1 woman trapped in building, if help is unavailable send 2 more women, 3 more women."

Love Groucho.....

General Banter / Re: Call for you to HELP-Do you want to make a difference?
« on: November 29, 2007, 10:11:17 am »
I would like to formally withdraw my self nomination for President of the KCFDC, and ask that you consider me for the wonderful position of VP of MO.  After careful deliberation I think that the timing is right for me to move into this role and help the club out in areas that I can still be effective and ensure that the mission of the 2009 DREAM TEAM is alive and kicking.

As you all know personal issues contend with the volunteer organization that we work with, and my new position requiring many more hours than the previous one, my time to donate is not as strong as where it should be to be as effective as I would like. 

I will gladly work with whomever is decided as President at making sure we continue to work at the promotion of our sport and building it for the future players.

With this announcement, we are going to move the elections to happen after the first of the year.  I am going to meet with the EC this month to discuss action items for the next two years, and we will have the elections at that point.  I have been promised by Rick that we will also get a newsletter out after the first of the year, to announce the elections, Ice Bowl Charity, and general membership meeting.

This has been a hard decision, but in all honesty one that probably shuold have been made at the last election.  I haev been on the fence with where i need to take my energies, and I am hopeful that with all the new progress going on within the area, that we will continue to find strong leaders to help us continue to be the best disc golf club in the country.

Please watch the website and forums here for more information, as we will conintue to use this method of communication over topica and hopefully eventually be entirely away from Topica by the start of disc golf season 2008.

I thank you for all your support, and look forward to hopefully serving you still in a somewhat smaller yet no less important role.



General Banter / Re: Call for you to HELP-Do you want to make a difference?
« on: November 26, 2007, 09:53:43 am »
I am working on the location, right now, I hope to announce it today or tomorrow for next week.

Blue Valley / Re: Blue League Time
« on: November 12, 2007, 09:38:51 am »
about 20-30 rounds a week

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