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9:30 am I think is the tenative target time to start it off there barefoot boy!

Reminder August 9th and 10th we will be working on preparing the area and need ALL OF YOUR HELP to do so, this is important in many areas to ensure that we are all set up to give everyone a great time!

pre-register you know you want to.

Cliff Drive / Re: Cliff Drive League 7/28/14
« on: July 29, 2014, 10:00:27 AM »

A fun night was had by most....mine not so much.  I had a bad day and it didn't get any better on the disc golf course with the exception of my drop in 3 on long #13 (14 at league)

The new placement puckered a few, and the vision of the long placement really raised eyebrows, but alas, we came we saw, and we kicked booty on the course with the weather being absolutely beautiful.

We played a relatively short course, and next week we go to Blue Valley where we will be playing a Hy-Brid course that I have yet to determine how it will play, but be sure that it will be challenging and fun, and should be something that we are able to get done in about 2.5 hours.

No ace was hit the ace fund here goes to $503.....

Steve Thimmesch tore it up with a 51 and then Dick and Peter Bures had 53 for the money winners.  I chose to play Open in lieu of a Masters division, but it wouldn't have matter much we had 9 in open.  In advance, Ryan Westa shot a personal best at 55 and field was pretty close beyond that with Bill Shinoski and Graham Long both shooting 58 to take the KcKash on the night.

It was fun, if you can get out and help at the workdays at Cliff Drive over the next couple of weekends, please reach out to me or Dick as we work hard to make the course its best this time of year.  Read in the other thread about the workday if you are wondering!

Steve Thimmesch-51=$12
Dick Parker-53=$7.50(donated to LDO-subsequent donated to Tree Love Classic)
Peter Bures-53=$7.50
Derrick Holt-54
Duane "CD-The COMPACT DISC PLAYER" Steiner-54
Jose Ossa-55
Ted Keith-58
Demian Vela-59
Jack Lowe-63

Ryan Westa-55=$12 KcKash
Bill Shinoski-58=$3 KcKash
Graham Long-58=$3 KcKash
Jason Allen-60

Ace Fund moves to $503

Cliff Drive / Re: Cliff Drive League 7/28/14
« on: July 28, 2014, 01:36:39 PM »
if you are reading this and can grab a practice basket at my place in advance, please let me know.

oops instead...grab the base from my place with the TALL BASKET in the backyard, then I will move the practice basket from 18 for this round, makes it easier.

Cliff Drive / Cliff Drive League 7/28/14
« on: July 28, 2014, 01:35:57 PM »
7-21-14-Try to use new holes #1 and #2 in this format will skip playing #9, #17, #18, play from #17pad to #18, all nickles
7-28-14-Back to all nickels.  Moderate length

So.....I am going to bring out a portable basket tonight and we will use the new #1 (will be #12 for tonight).  We will play the following configuration-
1-original (4)
4-right (short)
6-Long Tunnel
8-Hangar basket by stage
11-Short (red practice Basket)
12-Temp #1 New hole across road
13-#12 only
14-#13 long
15-#14 short
16-#15 under the tree
17-#16 long
18-#17 pad to #18 bottom of the hill

Par=56 (#1, and #14 tonight (#13 long) as the par 4's.

Come and see it if you like....or don't come at all....the choice is yours.

Cliff Drive / Re: Work day Saturday August 2 at Cliff Drive
« on: July 28, 2014, 01:05:18 PM »
do what you must, unfortunately we are taking longer than I had thought.  I had hoped that we were going to be done with the "new holes" by this past weekend, that didn't happen.  So unfortunately I signed up for this tourney back in April or May probably, so I have to play in it.  I many come out if I am on the early tee times to help finish up slightly.  I know that others are already planning on being there as well, so even though I am not there others will be.  If you can't make it Mike, I completely understand.

Cliff Drive / Work day Saturday August 8&9 at Cliff Drive
« on: July 28, 2014, 09:02:28 AM »

This weekend I will be playing in the MAC, and may help get thing started (depends on my tee time), however that doesn't mean that the work is stopping.

I want to thank Keizer, Beckett, Mark Moseley(my neighbor), G$, Ted Keith, Penney, Jose Ossa for lending a hand on the over 60 hours of work we did this weekend at the course.  We essentially have the initial hole done for the new #1 hole.  We started to cut out the new #2 hole as well, but it (honeysuckle) needs to be pulled out and taken to the top to get it out and cleared.  That is essentially what I think will be needing to be done at the workday, is really yanking out that Honeysuckle that was cut.  I am hopeful that Keizer will bring not only his 4 wheeler to help expedite this, but also remember his cables this time.  I will attempt to get out there and cut or spray pain the trees that can go on the new fairway.  Initially this will be a "temp" pad, or possibly become the "short pad" for the new #2.

Yesterday Keizer and I were able to get most of the work done on #4, #5, and #6.  Though on #6 there needs to be some trimming (weedwhacking) done off the tee, and a few other locations, really on 4, 5, and 6, I didn't get to weed eat around the trees, and that should/could be done in about probably 30-45 minutes for all the holes.

Needless to say it does look very nice out there on those holes right now.  We also were able to clear most of the downed tree on #3.

So here is what I had listed heading into the weekend from last week's mental notes.  After I play at league tonight, I am sure I will have more possibly less to discuss.....

Here is the list of the work that needs to be done.  It is a COMPREHENSIVE LIST, so please don't think that we will be getting all of this done, but we shall try right?

Hole #1-weed eat, and trash clean up
New holes #1 and #2-remove Honeysuckle, clear out ravine of cut limbs from last weekend, complete trail, and continue to work on teeing area on #2 and expansion on the first green area.  This will require most of the work.
Hole #2-Mow the grass, clean up around green on the long placement.
Hole #3-weed eat around the side of the hill, weed eat around the pin placement, and expose the rock removing at the roots if possible the honeysuckle.  Work with P&R on getting the downed tree removed from the teeing area.
Hole #4-mow the fairway, and the side of the hill on the short placement
Hole #5-mow the front fairway, and the top green areas, and remove the downed Paw-paw trees
Hole #6-mow the fairway, and remove the downed tree.  That can be placed behind the basket down the ravine as we fill that with debris for better erosion control.
Clear better swath out of the woods towards #7 pad
Hole #7-work with P&R at removing the downed tree, clear the hillside, and the back pin placements for the Mini Golf clearing the rock all the way up to #8 tee where....
Hole #8 and the stage area all the way cleared out and expose the rock, clean up around the long pin, and go deeper into the woods between the stage and the long pin for the LDO.

That is all for now that is high on the list, we can worry about the other new holes after we get the new ones done.



So as you can see we really have right now #2 to mow and clean, and #3 to clear and expose the rock some more, then we need to work on the LDO area.   If you can make it out there this Saturday or Sunday that would be great.  If you can make it out there during the evening that would be great.  If you can get out and help make the course better we will all love you, just please let me know.  Most of the area on 2 is ready to be done with a standard push lawnmower.  Hole #3 will need loppers and a weed whacker....the LDO area needs all of that and your tender love to make this event even better.  We want to do as much around that area as we can folks for the Mini Golf, and to show off how we clean the area.

Now is the time to make it happen!

Cliff Drive / Re: Cliff Drive History
« on: July 28, 2014, 08:49:07 AM »
The more you learn about the area you will get sad, and wonder how it is neglected by so many.  It is very rich in history, and really is one of the last places in the KC area that you can come in and impact the area for the positive.

There is a lot of individuals that share this knowledge and excitement of the area for certain.  One of the plans that I am working on will include a disc golf course to the east of the Museum, a little 6 hole, possibly 9 that will adjoin to the next 18 holes.  It needs support of the people though and really it is sad, but people don't help as much as they play.

We have done a lot of work as an organized body to help reinvigorate the area for certain.  That is why more and more eyes are on it.  That has been now over 15 years that we started to use the land for disc golf, pre-social media.  If we had the social media that there is today, people wouldn't believe what has transpired on just the disc golf course alone.

As we continue to work to improve the existing course I am reminded of all the trash that we took out initially.  Though at times Cliff appears "trashy" to some, it generally can be cleaned up in an hour or so in the area that has been littered.  That used to take 2-3 days to remove all the trash.

You are correct though, the history of the area beyond even the Long Family Museum at Corinthian Hall is but a small aspect of the history, culture, and heritage that the area has to offer.

Thanks for the time to visit the area, I know many appreciate it, and sharing it helps us all!

Blue Valley / Re: Big Blue Pin Placements
« on: July 25, 2014, 08:47:04 AM »
Suhweet- we will be there for league in 2 weeks on Monday night!

it needs to replaced with native grasses and shrubs then.  Having the invasive plants hurts the ecological impact all the way.  Something to be said, you need to replace with proper vegetation when you remove if the covering is bare.

Beginners / Re: Discs for Kids
« on: July 23, 2014, 11:00:01 AM »
Talk to the stores, DGW about putting an EDGE kit together would be ideal.  THey know what they are, and may be able to order it if you needed it.

RETURN THE MID NATIONALS TOURNEY.......RATINGS BASED EVENT.  This is EXACTLY the format that should be looked at Scott.  I played it, I marshaled it, it was one of the few things that the ratings worked on well in all honesty.  Levels based solely on ratings, not gender or age.  Considered a Major as well....

entire STUMP removal is better than TOrdon.  Years of experience have taught me this.  I have used it, and it will continue to grow, even if applied correctly.

If you want to learn how to remove it stumps and all, come on out to Cliff this weekend and watch, and then help and learn! ;D

General Banter / Re: AM Worlds Query.....and possibly Pro.....
« on: July 22, 2014, 04:31:27 PM »
I have a whole spreadsheet of this as well as the Pro's, and I have it broken down as well for a combined total and percentages of participants for the worlds.  Now I don't take out DNF's, I leave them in as well though...the interesting thing to me is that 2009 was the BIGGEST worlds until 2011 in Charlotte.  and this year provided that the pools stay at their current level will have the largest AM and Pro worlds since then.  KC actually had more AM's than Emporia last year in the 2009 worlds.  I do NOT count Jr's in the total in case you wonder how that happens.  Jr worlds, though important typically don't equate to more than one pool that needs to be monitored.  In some years it is separated away from the other worlds, recently it has been part of the Am's for the most part.  Not to diminish, but statistically you know its one pool.

Now as for the mapping of the worlds, you need to look at the trends.  A brief glance indicates that the MM1 pool large one year, the next year the MG1 tends to go up the next......except it has flattened and mirrored each other since Charlotte, so nowyou plan and map a pool for each division, where this year there are 145 in those divisions, last year there was 165, so Emporia chose to open more slots than Minnesota, but they have more attendees as they are looking at 530 in the AM field versus 476 last year in Emporia.  So there is 20 slots that didn't happen, and you can bet it was a decision to not have a different pool with multiple divisions. 

Each TD makes a call as to what makes the most sense to them and their staff.  Last year Lemon Lake had 47 Pro Masters, and 57 Grandmasters, in 2010, they had 62 Pro Masters and 57 Grand Masters, both were lower, Pros were as well.  So the mystic of a new location can also add to that.  If you enjoyed playing you may return, if you played it, you may go elsewhere this year to play a new adventure....

You work closely on determining pools at the onset, and your courses, your staff, and the ability to work it.  Des Moines did 3 sets of tee times in 2004, I did 2 in 2003, this all matters on staff and scheduling. 

It is a nightmare to look at over and over again, but ultimately you hope to balance what is fair, then what works, and what will be balanced in competition.

This year clearly the MM1 and MG1 got less than last year, and FAR LESS than Charlotte (216 there) so almost 25 % from Emporia, and 33% from this year.....but it does mirror almost all other locations that hosted a "AM WORLDS" only, as only those that ran the combined appear to be able to manipulate the system to more than what you are seeing now.....

General Banter / Re: AM Worlds Query.....and possibly Pro.....
« on: July 22, 2014, 02:31:36 PM »
Pro Mens % of the Pro Worlds Field since 2003
Flaggstaff   45%
Des Moines   46%
Allentown   43%
Augusta   42%
HighBridge   46%
K-Zoo   46%
KC   40%
Crown Pt.   44%
Santa Cruz   41%
Charlotte   37%
Crown Pt.   44%
Portland OR   37%
TOTAL    42%

Masters % of Pro Field since 2003
Flaggstaff   26%
Des Moines   26%
Allentown   20%
Augusta   20%
HighBridge   20%
K-Zoo   25%
KC   22%
Crown Pt.   20%
Santa Cruz   24%
Charlotte   25%
Crown Pt.   16%
Portland OR   18%
TOTAL    22%

% of Pro Grand Masters since 2003
Flaggstaff   15%
Des Moines   11%
Allentown   19%
Augusta   18%
HighBridge   13%
K-Zoo   12%
KC   17%
Crown Pt.   19%
Santa Cruz   16%
Charlotte   17%
Crown Pt.   19%
Portland OR   18%
TOTAL    16%

% of Pro Women making up the Pro Worlds Field since 2003
Flaggstaff   7%
Des Moines   8%
Allentown   8%
Augusta   8%
HighBridge   9%
K-Zoo   7%
KC   6%
Crown Pt.   6%
Santa Cruz   8%
Charlotte   8%
Crown Pt.   8%
Portland OR   10%
TOTAL    8%
Interestingly this is the first year above 40 (at 40) and the first year they represent double digits on the spectrum.....

Then there is the Sylvia Voakes rule.....she seems to be a 1 person division when playing......odd....almost as odd as the Advanced Legends division.....what are you really waiting for at that point?

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