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Water Works / Trash cans?
« on: December 07, 2015, 10:58:46 am »
I was told that the cans were missing, anyone have any information on this?

General Banter / Re: What types of beer do disc golfers like?
« on: December 07, 2015, 10:52:05 am »
........ Bottles versus Cans can also come into play.

Bells has done a FANTASTIC job with the canning process for the 2hearted and Oberon.....just' sayin....

But many comments in this comment are very TRUE.

For example, I prefer to have the Champagne of beers on the workdays as I feel it is the best beer cold for me personally, and though I love 2 Hearted from Bells Brewing out of Comstock and Kalamazoo MI the need to drink it during workdays often ends with a shorter timeline and less work than when I am drinking water and High High Life has it's own lounge in Des Moines, and that place is cool enough to carry over to drink.

So if you can't drink Bells 2 Hearted Ale from Kalamazoo MI where they bottle and can it in Comstock MI, then I suggest you find alternate beers to enjoy, dislike, and share, and critique.  After all.....I think that we all know....our favorite beer is the beer in our hand, and we can't vote that often....well some of us can't

Tournaments / Re: Ratings Based Tournaments
« on: December 07, 2015, 10:20:03 am »
yep.  It is me.

Tournaments / Re: Ratings Based Tournaments
« on: December 07, 2015, 09:51:03 am »
run an event then......I stand by my comment, you are new to the sport, you haven't ran event, and you have expectations that aren't real in the world at times.  ( are NOT alone in that stance as well might I add...myself included)

Sorry you view it as patronizing, I viewed it as a "matter of fact", because in all honesty that is what it is a simple matter of fact.

Try not to take things online so personal I don't....but then I am different, and I am ok with that.

Tournaments / Re: Ratings Based Tournaments
« on: December 07, 2015, 09:08:46 am »
TDs and event organizers are busy people. I get that. But if I ask a question which can be answered with two words or a quickly-typed sentence, and get no answer, .......... and get no answer, it gives me the impression that the organizer either has way too much on their plate and they need to delegate (or hire assistants), or they just can't be arsed.

You are new to the sport, and haven't ran an event, so I will let this slide a little, but suffice it to say there are other priorities for TD"s to attend to and often and in many ways they DON'T have time to give to your internet question.  If you TRULY have a question that needs to be answered, there are a couple of them....wait for an answer as in MANY CASES the question you seek is needed by many and will be answered with and when it is time.

the ONLY PEOPLE that truly have the time to give that you sort of seek here is the notion of those that run DG store's full time.  in MANY MANY cases that isn't the case, and in all honesty you should thank your lucky stars each and everyone of us because we do have sooo many talented people in our community that step up to run events for you to enjoy, and critique. 

Again ROB, run it as you want, it is yours to do....

Tournaments / Re: Ratings Based Tournaments
« on: December 04, 2015, 12:41:10 pm »
....  Anyway, the 'player pack' for non-school events was a t-shirt.  Really good ones were a pair of running shorts.  That's it.

However, the Am Payout is so ingrained into our current DG tournament scene, that it isn't going to change. ..... As a TD, if I tried that now, I would get maybe 5 people to come.  If anyone is so willing to try it, I'm specifically talking about a PDGA sanctioned event.  Not a mini/league where I pay $10 and don't get anything tangible, not even a rated round.

I get what Dick is saying.  I actually agree with it to a point.  It's just not going to happen within the next 5 years.

The problem is it won't change because people that run events like you refuse to change it as well.  As long as people continue to have this model of giving away you are right it won't go away.  You want to help make it go away, quit doing it.....

But again dude you as TD decide, kudos for doing it regardless of what you decide, but ultimately the decision is only yours....

Tournaments / Re: Ratings Based Tournaments
« on: December 02, 2015, 04:40:55 pm »
As of right now I am an 850 or so rated player by the PDGA system. I have played one rated round in two years.

I would be a major sandbagger if I were to play by that rating. It is not a perfect solution. Just sayin'

The PDGA Rating system is inherently flawed for those that aren't active.  Also for those that play above their rating all the time.  I truly believe that I am probably closer to a "940-950" golfer yet consistently throw Crappy rounds to make me at the 911. 

However it is a tool that we have and can use.  Now you can also add in the "handicap" rating as well, or I think that we as a club need to truly work on a standardization of "course handicapping" with "SPECIFIC HOLE ASSIGNMENT" in our case with some courses having 6 pins it would be some time to create this monster.

Bottom line though, run what you feel is best Rob, you as the TD lead the way if people don't like it, they will let you know.

Tournaments / Re: Ice Bowl 2016
« on: December 01, 2015, 04:46:10 pm »
of that I think of it, if someone WANTS to run a Satellite event at Rosie on Saturday the 30th with a 10:00 Shotgun start, I don't see absolutely any reason that CAN'T happen....any volunteers?

Tournaments / Re: Ice Bowl 2016
« on: December 01, 2015, 04:43:54 pm »
Nope, Since Rosie isn't being used I need to set up Swope and will be doing that on Saturday.  Not enough time truly to try to set it up (in what I will assume is cold) and with 2 courses at Swope we should be able to accommodate everyone Sunday morning that needs to get round 1 in.  It also gives me time to set up Swope for Sunday much more so than trying to cram everything in and hopefully releases stress on that front.

initially thinking that we would be at is just moving things in, with Swope it is setting up, tearing down, etc....

Heritage Park / Re: Map of the course
« on: December 01, 2015, 02:55:59 pm »
Thanks K-Mont!

Tournaments / Re: Kansas City Wide Open 2016 split?
« on: December 01, 2015, 01:43:16 pm »
As I understand the dates are set. I think the info is about format. I could be mistaken though.

I hope those are the dates Elk. I have to put in vacation in the next 30 days for Jan through Apr or potentially be denied if the schedule is full. Dates should be decided soon. Enough of this schedule bantor please.

Well folks, there isn't always a way to provide accurate information on your timelines.  We all wish that we could have everything "our way" but when you look at issues that we can't always control, like the PDGA informing us that we can have the NT for the Wide Open but you can't have it as you have hosted it the past decade on dates and timing) to the belief that we were also told that Emporia wouldn't get the Worlds and the NT as well....

Does it stink for those of you planning, yeah it does, and we have gotten MUCH better as an organization working on getting dates out as quickly as we can.  Just a few years back we typically provided only dates for events up to the Wide Open and then worked the schedule after the NFL schedule came out to plan for the Club Championships.

Now though we have essentially the prospect of 5 companies/individuals planning their schedule.  As businesses you have to plan it.  I get it, and I believe that everyone does, but from an all volunteer group that helps to promote, works with the municipalities to ensure the courses are insured, ready, and able to happen you need to wait.  In most cases you can't even schedule with the partners in the park until after the first of the year, or in some cases until after April we are also at the behest of the systems that we work with.

A way to avoid this is what Rob and Scott have already done, give information of when they want to have the dates, and then go through the process.  In another case, you have a new Board starting this month, since this information came out, so you can't rightly expect to have answers on everything if the BoD can't guarantee the information until it works with the parks as well to ensure no conflicts will exist.

As I stated earlier, probably nothing is concrete until after the BoD meeting on the 14th.  Be thankful that regardless of what happens it is clear that there will be plenty of options locally to play during the week with the many leagues, and the weekends with the companies and individuals running events for you to enjoy.

Tournaments / Re: Ice Bowl 2016
« on: December 01, 2015, 01:24:49 pm »
Some preliminary information to align with dates for folks.....

Times for the Satellite Ice Bowls will be registration from 9-10 and will be shotgun starts at all locations as well;
Saturday January 16th-Raymore MO
Sunday January 17th-Olathe KS (Prairie Center)
Saturday January 23rd-Shawnee Mission Park
Sunday January 24th-Liberty MO
Saturday January 30th-Rosedale Park
Sunday January 31st-Swope Park First round flex start 8-11 with the Final 9  at approximately 2:00 PM
Sunday January 31st, Swope will be available for people to play their initial round as well.  Registration will start at 8 AM, and we ask that you be on the course by 10:30 AM as we want the final 9 to be ready to start by 2:00.  We can also use volunteers for Sunday at Swope, we need about 16.

For those of you that don't know.....the Final 9 will have you playing with people that have a very similar score (generally +/- 1 to 2 strokes) and each CARD/Group you play with will win a disc for winning the final 9.  We are asking people to get started no later than 10:30 on Sunday as we plan about 2 hours a round in the short configuration, and with many people on Sunday it could be longer. 

Also we do need volunteers on all courses to help, but the bulk load will be needed Sunday at Swope.  Please let me know if you can help. 



Tournaments / Re: Maverick Disc Golf Schedule 2016
« on: December 01, 2015, 01:05:21 pm »
cool, just a thought though....Aug 13th is the Worlds finals in Emporia.....And though it may not matter, the Lion's Den will probably be on the 6th of August is our initial plan.  Thought I would let you know about that in the scheduling.

For future reference Rob, what I have found to be EXTREMELY helpful is to send a text message to everyone with their phone's.  There are a few places out there that help if your service provider doesn't allow it.  I have been forced with making drastic changes during events and it is tough.  Set up a text file and an e-mail blast as well as the social media channels to spread news out.

It sounds like it didn't matter this weekend in regards to the event, but in the future to be proactive it is something to plan for.

with 2" of rain in the plans on Thursday and Friday, are we sure it is a great idea to plan it?  I know it is new, but destroying/creating ruts isn't in the best interest of the course as well....why not just move it to next friday?

Your call, but I had mentioned to some playing there, and then changed my mind with the rain coming to preserve the land initially.  New courses are always susceptible to things along these lines.

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