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Winter Leagues / Wed. Night Glow @ Harmon Park, 79th & Mission
« on: December 09, 2015, 11:00:30 AM »
Wednesday Glow at Harmon Park tonight 12-9-15.
Going to be an incredibly warm evening!

$5 to play, $1 for ace fund.  Bring your own lights
Check-in by 6:20 and tee at 6:30.  20 holes with a few new unique shots every week.

Tonight we play Random Draw DoubleBirdie Dubs.

A couple different looks for tonight:

Ace fund is up to $31 + whatever we get tonight.  All holes will pay 100% of ace fund, except for hole 9 & 18, which will pay 50%.

Order of Holes tonight:
First 11 holes
Alternate Pad north of Playground to 1’s Basket…Regular Holes 2-8 …Temp A-Play on top of South Side of Skate Park Bowl to basket in trees to the East – Temp B-Play from temp pad by Basket A back to basket in skate bowl…Regular Hole 9
Second 9 holes
Alternate Pad north of Playground to 1’s Basket … Regular hole 2… Hole 3 from alt pad on sidewalk to the north of normal 3 pad… Regular holes 4-6…Temp A-Play temp pad on top of South Side of Skate Park Bowl to basket in trees to the East – Temp B-Play from temp pad by Basket A back to basket in skate bowl…Hole 9 from temp pad on east side of skate park.

PS: Next week on 12/16/15 we will be playing Superclass dubs!!  So break your Zephyrs out, or go pick one up in the next week.

This sounds like a good time and I live about 8 minutes from the course so I'm gonna try to get over there this Wed.  Never played glow before, so dumb question time: Besides LEDs for my discs, am I supposed to bring any other illumination (flashlight, headlamp, etc.)?  Also... so I can give my wife an idea when to expect me home... what time does it usually wrap up?

All you need is lights for the discs you plan to throw (couple drivers, couple mids), and tape to put them on, but somebody will have tape if you do not.  And you don't really need a light for your putter in this park.  It stays fairly lit up from all the parking lot lights around.  No head-lamp necessary, unless you want one.  But you are not allowed to light up the basket while you are putting. We usually finish somewhere around 8:30.  Come out and join the fun.


Are you dues current?

I'll pick you up a tag.

Yes, and thanks!

Any chance someone can pick me up a bag tag and bring it to Heritage?  I'll give you $5 + a beer for your trouble at the 1:00 round.

How do you mean? DD? KCFDC? Did you play in the club championship? I might be able to help but need some more info.

Just need a 2016 KCFDC tag. Did not play clubs, and just need to purchase the next available #

Basically trying to get someone to run by DGW on their way south, if it's not outta their way.


Any chance someone can pick me up a bag tag and bring it to Heritage?  I'll give you $5 + a beer for your trouble at the 1:00 round.

15 out for glow on a chilly but calm night in PV.

Travis Corporon/Cali -                       50 - $32.50
Travis Trober/Joe Hesting -               50 - $32.50
Dan Stracke/Matt Dixon -                  51 - $10
Graham Long/John Thompson -        52
Alex DeMarais/Curtis Cooper -          53
Anthony Martella/Zane Hesting -      54
Matt Ovel/Tracy Walker -                  56
Andrew Schout/Anthony Birchfield -  57

I threw my first night ace on hole 8 with an enforcer on a hyzer skip.  Nestled right into the chains.  Ace fund was at $31 with everyone in last night, and it will stay there.  I am leaving it to grow.  Let's get it up to $50 next week.  Come out and join the fun.  Same time next Wednesday.

Wednesday Glow at Harmon Park tonight.
Random Draw Dubs. 
$5 to play, $1 for ace fund.  Bring your own lights

We draw cards at 6:25 and tee at 6:30.  20 holes with a few new unique shots every week. 

Last Wednesday(11/25/15) results:

CJ Hucke/Dan Stracke           - 49 -  $30
AJ Kroenlein/Joe Hesting       - 51
Alex DeMarais/Graham Long - 55

Ace fund at $16 plus tonight's players. Pays 100%

Tonight's layout:

General Banter / Re: Heritage Park
« on: December 01, 2015, 01:41:34 PM »
    Couple of questions:
    • Will this be part of the KCFDC?
    I would assume yes
    • If so will there be a place on the forum for it?
    • Is there a map available yet? Even a rough one?
    There is one floating on the kcfdc Facebook page, I'll get it here soon

    Found here now:
    • Are there tee placements marked? I thought I heard there were no pads till next year.
    Teepad are marked and directional poles are in place.  Hoping to have temp tee signs up soon

    Thanks Scott for giving us JoCo folks another awesome course to play. Can't wait till Friday!

    League at Harmon will be a go tonight for all those staying in town.

    Would like to start closer to 6:00 to try and miss the rain, so show up early please.

    $5 dubs, $1 ace fund
    I DO NOT HAVE EXTRA LIGHTS. So please bring your own.

    A couple extra holes in the mix. 20 total again.
    See you there.

    Text me if you are coming but running late. 913-620-5881

    11 out for the first Wednesday glow league.

    Random Draw Best Shot doubles.

    20 holes - Par 60

    Jamie Loveall/Joe Hesting - 47 - $35 won tie-breaker on a 4-hole playoff of 4 island holes.
    Steve Dresser/Mike Quiroga - 47 - $20         Dresser slammed chains dead-center on hole 7, but it spit it right back out.
    John Thompson/Graham Long - 48
    Matt Ovel/Daniel Stracke - 50
    Ben Dresser/Alex DeMarais - 59  Ben gleamed the cube on the bowl at the skate park....with his disc.
    Andrew Schout/Cali - 60

    Fun had by all.  Some cool extra holes and nice weather. 

    Next Wednesday we will play random draw doubles, but you must use 10 drives each between you and your partner, so choose wisely. And there will be some new holes in the mix.

    See you then.

    Come out tonight for the first Santa Fe Trail Glow dubs at Harmon Park!!            Weather has cleared up and should be a steamy 50degrees at 6:30.

    2 Island holes in the mix for the extra holes tonight.

    Bring your own lights.  I will have a few extra for sale, but it is first come, first serve. 

    If there are no spots available by the Park pavilion, you can park by the skate park on East side of the park, or on North side of the YMCA parking lot by hole 4.

    $5 to play, $1 for the Ace fund.  Try to bring small bills if you can.

    See you there! ;D

    Map for tonight:

    Ob Rules:

    1 & 11 – All pavements to right and road.  On and across sidewalk behind basket. Inside dumpster  fence.
    2 & 12 – On and across sidewalk to the right.
    3 & 14 – On and across sidewalk to the right.  Mando - left of first tree on the right.
    4 & 14 – YMCA parking and fence
    5 & 15 – YMCA fence
    6 & 16 – Parking lot on right, Skate Park behind basket.
    7 & 17 – None
    8 & 18 – None
    9 & 19 – On and across sidewalk behind basket.  Pavilion to the right of basket.
    10 – All cement.  Inside dumpster  fence. 
    20 – Must land on Island.  Once on Island, normal OB rules. 
       No OB strokes for missing island on drive.  Just keep re-throwing.  Each set of throws from you and your partner count as one throw.  e.g. You and your partner throw and you both miss, you both throw again and both miss. Then you throw again and land on island.  You are on lying 3, putting for 4.


    Notice time change for late-risers.

    6:15 check-in, 6:30 start

    Winter Leagues / Wed. Night Glow @ Harmon Park, 79th & Mission
    « on: November 12, 2015, 01:08:22 PM »
    Time change: 6:30 start
    Bored since daylight savings kicked in?  Me too.  Since Harmon is so close to my home I have convinced the wife to get Wednesday night's free.  If you have not played this 9-holer, it is a fun little track with some sweet ace-runs, easy 2's, and a few hard 2's.

    I will be out there at 6:15 this coming Wednesday, November 18th for a 6:30 startRandom draw doubles this first week.  We will mix it up each week.  But you will always know ahead of time what we are playing.  Also, I will be bringing an extra basket to create a mystery 10th hole every week.  We will play 2 rounds of 10 for a total of 20 holes.  $5 + $1 for ace fund.  Meet in shelter to the east of hole 2.  Bring your own lights, found at DD or DGW. 

    If you partake in extracurriculars, do so on your own time.  This course is right next to the PV police station.

    Hope to see you all next Wednesday.

    General Banter / Help Duma out!
    « on: November 10, 2015, 06:15:14 PM »
    Attn: Disc golf Dog Lovers

    Our fellow friend and thrower Dick Parker's dog Duma is really sick and has required a very expensive surgery to remove a cancerous mass in his mid section.  If you have a few extra bucks lying around please support Duma's fund to help Our friends Dick and Kate out.

    If you can't, give a dog a hug.


    Tournaments / Re: 2015 End of Year Tourneys List
    « on: August 25, 2015, 09:30:49 AM »
    why don't you do it?  You seem to want it.....

    >LIKE<   ;D

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