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Wednesday May 6th is your last chance to make the West.

I am changing the time to 5:30 cut/off to sign-up.  Because of the draft, I will need at least a half-hour to get the bracket made and get everybody teed.

If you are running late, you can call me (Joe - 913-620-5881) and I will put you down.  But if you are not on your tee by 6:00 sharp, you will forfeit.

If you know for sure that you will be there, no doubt about it, then please pm or text me.  It will help me to have a better head count, so I can prepare how I am going to do the bracket.  Since there are only 3 spots left, it makes it a little trickier.  If we do not get down to 3 people that night, The players still in it will have until the following Friday, May 15th, to get with their competition and decide who wins by a final match-play.  If this is hard to understand, you will better understand when you show up.

When I have a final tally of players at 5:30, I will randomly draw names out of a hat to decide bracket positions.  Then you will play a 9-hole match against the person you get matched up with.  You will play in a foursome, and the winners after 9 holes will move on to play each other on the back-nine.  Losers will play each other on the back nine too, they will be eliminated from earning a spot though.  If players get through 9-holes A/S (all square, tied), then it will be sudden-death playoff until a winner is decided.

Because there is only 3 spots available:

There will most likely be 3 small brackets look like this:

vs    9holes                                Winner
                                            vs           9holes                     West side Spot earned
vs     9holes                                Winner

This format will hold 12 people, perfect scenerio.  As more people join.  It will get trickier and there may have to be some byes handed out.  But that will all be randomly drawn as well.  Luck of the draw.

Since it isn't a league, but I will be pulling people away from Rosedale, I am going to charge $1 to play, that goes to the club.  You can make any side bets you want to with your competition.

Hope everybody is looking forward to this as much as I am :o 

I wish I could play in it!!  But I will provide some competition for 9-holes to anybody that earns a bye.  That way they don't get rusty.   All other qualified team members are welcome to come out and cheer on our fellow Kansans and pull for upsets!  We can get a little side-match-play action in too.

Wow!  Great Turnout at Lakeside last night.  27 total out, with 26 of them being West-siders competing for 5 spots + ties. 

Tom Butler will have to give you the official totals, but I can provide the newly-qualified West side team members. 

Justin 2-Names - 53
Peter Bures - 55
Richard Parker - 55
Bryan Guthrie - 55
Mike Davis - 56
Steve Thimmesch - 56

Because of ties, there were 6 qualified.  Which leaves 3 spots available for the last chance match-play on May 6th.

Our team is almost full, and I don't think the East side even knows who their captain is yet.  It's okay if you guys want to go ahead and sh%t your britches already.  I'd be scared too, if I was looking at this list from the other side of the border.

1.Arturo Eeezzy Villareal
2.Bobby McPutts Villareal
3.Cooper Fear the Beard Arnold
4.Kelly Back to the Best Side Babbit
5.Just Joe Hesting
6.Isaac SilkySmooth Heinen
7.Justin Aviator Starks
8.Justin Hot-Dog-Undefeated-Time-Machine
9.Petter Long-Arm Bures
10.Dick Punch Parker
11.Bryan Gunner Guthrie
12.Mouthy Mike D
13.Steady Steve T


2nd West Side Qualifier

Monday, April 13th 5:30pm @Lakeside, aka Olathe Lake, aka Birdland....Lowest scores......5 spots available


The Final 4 spots will be given out at the Match-Play Qualifier.  I am going to go ahead and set a date for that as well, so people can get it on their calendar.

Bracket Match-Play Qualifier

Wednesday, May 6th @ 5:30pm - @ Wyco

Have to bump this date up a couple days.

We will be playing match-play format on the front 9 & back 9 at Wyco.  Top 4 finishers will be added to Team West.  This will be fun and gives anyone that shows up an equal chance at making the team.  Bracket will be randomly assembled, based on how many players show up.  If you know that you want in, send me a pm.  It will help me get an idea how many we are looking at.  Thanks

So I just realized that the 2nd Qualifier is Monday the 13th, while PDGA League will be at Big Blue Valley that week (for City of Fountains). There is doubles on Sunday at Lakeside as well, if this is an excuse to prepare for BV. 

Do we really want to make people choose between these?

Life is full of choices.  And I need to field a team, without waiting until the last minute.  If you want to play for the West, play league in the west on Monday.  You can go practice Blue Valley anytime.  Just go out to a big field and throw as far as you can.

1 week from today.  Earn your spot.

2nd West Side Qualifier

Monday, April 13th 5:30pm @Lakeside, aka Olathe Lake, aka Birdland....Lowest scores......5 spots available

General Banter / Re: Belton Course
« on: April 02, 2015, 09:01:35 AM »

The best navigation is after you finish the front nine, get in your car and head east on 58 highway, turn south on Madison to the Raymore course and play our 18 holes, with tee pads.


I have been venturing over to Belton after work on the way to pick up my daughter.  Best way to play the course?....Make up your own holes.  Terrible design.  But hey, it is 18 baskets close to my work.  At least there are no tee-pads, so it can be easily re-designed!

@eastwood - Let me know when you want to meet and walk it.

General Banter / Re: Heritage Park
« on: March 31, 2015, 03:26:44 PM »
Where do I go when I get to the park?

Wish I could make it out Scott  :(   Family Easter out of town.  Leave a few thorns for Steeler and this Nailer guy to throw into  :o

Leagues / Re: 2015 Summer Leagues
« on: March 31, 2015, 03:21:58 PM »
I put together a list of all the leagues, calendar events / logistics, directors, forum info, etc.

Here are the files if you want to use those: Summer Leagues.pdf Summer Leagues Color.png Summer Leagues White.png

Nice Rob!

Looks just need a tally just to the right of all these leagues with Ace Fund totals(rising and falling)  :)   

jk, that might be pretty hard with rate at which weekly information gets transported to the club.

The course is set except #1 and #12 need to move to long.

Round 1.
Holes #1-#9 Best Shot
Holes #10-#18 Worst Shot

Round 2.
Holes #1-#9 Best Disc
Holes #10-#18 Alternate Shot

Best Shot: Both players throw and select the best shot.

Worst Shot. The other teams on the card will pick which shot is the worst. Both players must hole out for the hole to be complete.

Best Disc: each player plays the hole as singles and take the best score between the two players.

Alternate Shot: team decides who starts. Players never throw 2 times in a row.


So question:
I currently live in Missouri, but moving to Kansas prior to tournament. Born in Lawrence so I guess that makes me more of a Kansas guy historically. Technically tied for Kansas qualification at Rosedale and will do best to qualify for MO. But are there any rules/precedents on this?

The whole historical,  where your heart is, thing was shot down last year.   You  can only play for the team on the side which you live.

So what's the residency cut-off? It could be set as the date of the event.  But I think the fairest thing to do, for the captains, is to put the cut-off at 2 weeks prior to the event.  That is when tentative rosters are supposed to be set each year.  Where you reside, on that date, ultimately determines which side you're eligible for. This year that date is May 24th.   

I think it logical that if you qualify for one side, then move to the other side of the line, your spot on the moved-from team doesn't travel with you. 

Babbit, Joe would have to determine what he'll do about the tied for spot. But begs the question; do you have to live on the side when you qualify for that side? 

Yeah, we tried keeping Shanan in Kansas last year.  No such luck.  So if Babbit is moving to Kansas, he is ours!  And we will let you have Shanan.

Ties count.  So if you will be living on this side of the line before May 24th,  you are on the Kansas team (And we will be happy to have you, even with your Silly Babbit remarks earlier this year  :o -
Any team leader for the East that gets Tanya Harding (played by Jack) to bash the knee caps of Nancy Kerrigan (played by Joe) with a bat I will vote for.

But I do need to know before the next qualifier (April 13th), because that will drop the 6 spots available to 5.

So question:
I currently live in Missouri, but moving to Kansas prior to tournament. Born in Lawrence so I guess that makes me more of a Kansas guy historically. Technically tied for Kansas qualification at Rosedale and will do best to qualify for MO. But are there any rules/precedents on this?


Only rule I see is "The one and only hard and fast rule here is that you must reside in the state of the side you’re to play for."

I'd say that if you will living on Kansas side before tourney, then you belong to us ;D  But I don't make the rules.

General Banter / Re: PDGA Ratings Update
« on: March 25, 2015, 10:54:05 AM »
I think those official ratings are dropping a lot more because the pools are being combined when they become official.  SMP Frostbreaker for example:  The pro/adv pool is being lumped in with the Int/rec pool, that played on 2 different days; one being 50 degrees and the other 0 degree wind chill.  I believe that is why ratings dropped 20 points.  Wyco and Rosie will do the same.  Happened last year the same way. 

General Banter / Re: PDGA Ratings Update
« on: March 25, 2015, 10:50:31 AM »
If all the 970-990 rated players from KC, rented a bus and went on tour together with the big boys, we would all be 1000 rated players.  And not because we would get better, but because we would be playing with higher rated players.  Stupid system. 

If you go to one of Rob's or Jack's PDGA leagues and you are the highest rated player by 20 points, you better beat everybody there by 2 strokes just to match your rating.  Doesn't even matter is everyone in league shot better than normal. 

Tournaments / Re: 2015 Kan-U-WYCO March 14th-15th
« on: March 23, 2015, 09:03:46 AM »
The video is up!

Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks Steve! Pretty sweet footage Phil!  Lot of cool putts and throw-ins.

General Banter / Re: West Side Team Page
« on: March 19, 2015, 11:35:02 PM »
                                              I had posted a few weeks ago the schedule for olathe league....pc in April all month with a 5:30 start.

Please show me where you posted this schedule at, because I have looked in all the obvious places...outside of your pocketbook.

Maybe I'm blind though.

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