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Tournaments / Re: Kansas City Team Challenge 2017 - June 24-25
« on: February 20, 2017, 12:42:08 PM »
I think it would be only fair to let each side choose their "away" jersey color. Since I choose each sides colors the first year. Yes, it was me. Sorry bout that. The caveat would be that we need to decide early enough for the printers to get the shirts in stock.

I vote purple for West side Away jersey's than!!!!!!

Tournaments / Kansas City Team Challenge 2017 - June 24-25
« on: February 20, 2017, 08:08:29 AM »
So Eric Eastwood has thrown in to be Captain of the East Side this year, and I am willing to continue to lead the West to victory again, as long as there are no objections.

Eastwood and I will work well together to solve any problems and come up with a plan early this year, so everyone knows the format, courses, qualifiers, shirts ordered, times, etc.
We also talked about having home and away jerseys this year, so Missouri doesn't have to wear their hot black shirts both days.  So be prepared to spend $40 on shirts this year, unless you have one, than it will only be $20.
Missouri's second color will be a White or Gray, and Kansas will take vice versa.

And do not fret ladies, if there is enough interest on both sides of the line this year(at least 4 competing ladies on each side)(so start recruiting), we will add 2 spots to each team, making 16 men spots, 2 women, plus 1 alternate woman, and 4 Alternate Captain's picks. 

Discuss, and if there are no objections we will start working on setting some dates for qualifiers.

Regular Wednesday League MOVED to tonight (Tuesday) for nicer weather. 
20 holes at Rosedale.  Random Draw doubles. 6:30 tee.  $5 to play, $1 for ace
1-10 up top, 9-18 down under.

Ace fund at $52.  See you there.

Last 2 weeks results:
Heritage 1/11/17
Kelly B/Cade - 48 - $30
Joe/Jamie L/Jeff J/Drake J - 50

Started out with 6, but lost a couple after hole 8. It cold fast that night. So Jamie and I teamed up and  took the worst doubles score through 8. But Kelly and Cade were too good to catch.

Rosedale 1/18/17
Joe/Ben Lutz - 42 - $24
Pat K/JT - 50 - $10
Silus K/Cali - 52
Cade/Gustavo - 53

Next week was supposed to go south to Blue Valley KS for superclass, but with the putting league going on, staying central at Rosedale seems to bring better numbers. So Superclass Doubles will head down under at 6:30 next week 1/25/17. You may play down under with a superclass disc or a driver. No putters or mids. And not both, superclass or driver.

 Ace fund now at $52, with 100% payout.

Originally posted as an off day, I will be running a random glow doubles at Rosie up top tomorrow (Wednesday). 6:30 tee, instead of the normal 6:00.
Should be a nice evening, ace fund starts at $46.

FULL MOON Day Glow Doubles at Heritage Park tomorrow night.  Random draw, $5 to play, $1 extra for ace fund.
Going to be a balmy 55 degree evening.
However we do have to tee at 5:30, The gates are locked at Heritage at 8:00 pm.  So we need to be done and out by 7:45.  So if you are not signed in by 5:25, you are S.O.L.

If you want to get out enjoy the weather, join me down south.

Ace fund starts at $40

Leagues / Re: The Return of Wandering Wednesday
« on: January 04, 2017, 08:09:15 AM »
No league at swope tonight.  Too cold and I am under the weather.  Go to Putting league at the Soccer Lot.  7:00pm

12/21/16 Superclass Results

Par 60
Joe/TCorp - 53 - $24
LeeK/MattyO - 54 - $10
AndrewS/JonO - 56
MikeK/Cali MikeK - 61

Next week off...but I may decide to play somewhere.  Look for postings.

Ace fund $40

Dust off your Zephyrs, Te Mokos, and other old lids. Random draw Superclass Doubles tomorrow night at Harmon Park, 79th and Delmar/Mission Rd. 6:00pm, $6
Going to be a balmy 35degrees at 6:00  ;D

$32 ace fund

Leagues / Re: The Return of Wandering Wednesday
« on: December 20, 2016, 08:54:08 AM »
Dust off your Zephyrs, Te Mokos, and other old lids. Random draw Superclass Doubles tomorrow night at Harmon Park, 79th and Delmar/Mission Rd. 6:00pm, $6
Going to be a balmy 35degrees at 6:00 ;D

5 out for a chilly evening at Rosey.
Cali-Singles scores
Joe - 44 - $16
Kelly Markum - 48 - $9
Kevin Zane - 50
Matty O - 53
Angelo - 54

Ace fund up to $32

Next week, dust off your Superclass discs for some Random Draw Superclass Doubles at Harmon Park, 79th and Mission. $5 to play, $1 for ace.  6:00 start.  Should be a little warmer next wednesday with a forcasted high of 40 as of now.

Cali-Singles at Rosedale tonight. 6:00, $6

I have a few lights for sale if needed.

see you there.

Wednesday Night League is a GO.  Dress warm and meet at Raymore course.  6:00 tee, $6, random draw dubs.

See you there.

Only 4 out on a beautiful evening at Swope.

We decided to play 20 holes of Wolf for score.
Eastwood -16 $10
Hesting -11 $2
Killian -11 $2
Bill M -10

Next Wednesday 12/7 - Raymore - 6:00pm - Random Dubs - $6  - Ace fund will start at $28

Swope tonight, random draw dubs.  $6 at 6:00pm
Course is set up fairly short, we will play all OB's, with Mandos on 1, 10, and 14.  Long Tees on all except 14 and 16.

Meet in Parking lot by 2's tee.  I have a few lights available if needed.
Ace Fund starts at $23.
See you there.

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