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Tournaments / Re: 2014 Roc vs. Buzzz at Swope Park on September 28th
« on: October 07, 2014, 08:48:06 am »
I had a big long diatribe written out in response to kidmills but decided against it.

Instead I'll say this: Thank you Eric for making sure that all of these extra events go well. Thank you for donating your time, energy, effort, and personal funds to continue ensuring that KC has one of the most active and best DG clubs in the country. Thanks for wrangling volunteers to make sure that regional tournaments and events remain the best in the midwest. Thanks for everything else you do that I've certainly neglected.
^^^Word. Heaven forbid you go play another of the 30
area courses that don't have ONE HOLE that has a pin in the wrong spot.

First world problems.
hey thanks to who ever was in charge of the buzz vs rock,i'm sure it was a great event but next time PUT THE BASKETS BACK INTO A PLAYABLE POSTION  ie hole 12 was in 11 longs placement ,easy shot but i would rather play one of the placements set for hole 12..............................SMH
thats just plain piss poor bulls***,if your going to do something goofy at least put the basket back to a playable placement,somebody dropped the ball on this one,went a whole week with it being there
just so you know patrick was here today and moved it back.......THANK YOU patrick,for covering for whoever dropped the ball on moving the basket back

three eloquently composed posts in less than a ten minute span. sounds like too much keystone light, too little common courtesy.

Thanks for all the hard work Eric!

And Mr. Mills = save the negativity for your crappy golf game.  If you are mad you didn't get into RvB, sign up sooner next time.     ::)

General Banter / PV 9-holer to Open by the end of the month.
« on: September 21, 2014, 10:21:54 am »
FYI, there will be a superclass throwdown shortly after the opening, and probably even a superclass glow dubs league through the winter(looking like Wednesdays)...with 1 night a month of variety, TBA. Keep a lookout.


So who got the #1 tag? Or did somebody sneak out early with it?


General Banter / Re: Worlds
« on: August 13, 2014, 09:00:04 am »
Could it be Bode Miller?

General Banter / Re: New Course Potential in Prairie Village
« on: August 13, 2014, 08:33:41 am »

8/12/2014 - We are pleased that the 2014 Parks Projects will soon be underway.  The contractor will be out at Santa Fe Park to install the tee pads for Disc Golf, which is scheduled for completion by September 30, 2014.  The first work at McCrum Park will be the installation of the conduit to facilitate the move of the overheard utilities to their new underground location.  The tennis court rehabilitation at Harmon Park is currently underway and is scheduled for completion by November 21, 2014.



I think you should postpone them all about 4 weeks, so that I can heal up and come back and play ;)

Chris Claring did not beat all of you guys because he is Super-human, a pro, master, accepted cash, or his rating is higher than you.  He doesn't throw farther, putt better, or tomahawk better than you.  He beat you because he is mentally better at the game than you.  Do think he was looking at the player board whining that this guy is highly rated, or this guy plays Waterworks everyday...NO fair :'(     


He saw an opportunity to take on some young guns, old skills, and homie golfers to make himself better by proving that he has got what it takes to still beat you....even being old and fat...and bearded (Sorry Chris).   

Quit crying and go improve your game.  I'm ashamed of all of you for not putting up a better fight.

Ps.  I have more.   Would you all be b%tching about Mike T if he would have won???

Also, I bet if you took all Adv. division B-tiers, and averaged them would equal out to the winner having to shoot at least 980 golf to win.  So go practice.

General Banter / Re: Raymore course
« on: July 24, 2014, 11:21:54 am »

Rosedale - Par 58
(All DZ are played if Mando is missed, If shot goes OB, then play from last place in bound)

1 - 495ft - Tennis Courts, Skate Park, Parking Lot (Long Left)
2 - 397ft - OB Line Left (Long Left)
3 - 304ft (Long Right)
4 - 436ft - OB Line Left (Par 4) (Long Far Right)
5 - 329ft (Long Right)
6 - 295fr - Over Fence (Long Straight)
7 - 361ft (Long)
8 - 515ft = OB Line, Play Drop Zone if shot goes OB, If shot from DZ goes OB, replay DZ. If shot goes OB from the Island, play from last place in bounds. (Par 4) (Long Island)
9 - 379ft - OB Line Left, Fence (Long Right of Stairs)
10 - 328ft - Road and over, Mando Right (Long Straight)
11 - 351ft - Road and over, Mando Left (First Long Left)
12 - 380ft - Road/Curb and Over (Long Right)
13 - 504ft - Road and over (Par 4) (Long)
14 - 301ft - Road and over (Bottom of Stairs)
15 - 363ft - Road and over/Fence (Long)
16 - 421ft - Fence (Long)
17 - 529ft - Road and over/Fence (Par 4) (long)
18 - 647ft - Road and over/Fence (par 4) (Long Practice Basket to Right)

Just a head's up, your Par at Rosedale adds up to 59.

I feel like some of that brush helps prevent erosion that is already bad on a couple of those holes.  So hacking it down once a year seems a little better than removing it all the way.  Rosedale doesn't need anymore bare spots.

General Banter / Re: The 'Official' ACE Thread!
« on: July 23, 2014, 08:01:31 am »
Got hole 1 at Stocksdale tonight. Not sure on the distance, but threw a DD verdict. First throw, first hole. Bowen, Perry and my brother as witnesses.  Course is looking good, can't wait until it's fully complete!!

Nice!  Christening the course already.  Go spray paint the bright blue band - Jordan Hinck, 1st Ace....Jk Don't do that.

on Original hole 17 - the Mando needs to be moved back 1 tree. This allows a safe shot but still a challenge with risk/reward. the second shot doesnt interfere with 9's fairway or 18's  teepad.

^ I said same thing.  If you lay up down the hill by 17's short pin.  This is the best line up to 12's Peninsula basket.  And this doesn't affect hole 9 or 18.  The way it is now, the only good line up to 12's Peninsula basket is to throw it 550ft over into 13's fairway.  Moving the Mando would then make this hole a Par 4, instead of a Par 5 though. But what do I know.  I am only calling it how I would want to play it. Need more players that are playing in the MAC to speak up.

Nothing wrong on the #8 movement Scott, to accomplish that feeling on #1 though you may want to think about the short hole #1, and the parking to long #1 though. 

I think you will have a hard enough time finding parking for everyone without using some of the limited spaces for a tee.

Scott, I enjoyed the course on Wednesday.  No missed Mandos, no OBs, but still should have shot better.  But I had fun with the changes.

There is a few Mandos that are questionable to me, but Hey, what do I know...I'm just a pro, and I can't play in the my voice does not matter  :'(

Only 1 last thing, and this will probably tick off half the field....but I think next year, in order to really call it the Midwest Amateur should be strictly 1 Champion.  1 rec, no int, no age restrictions....1 Champion to rule them all.  Actually 2 champions, with the Women's Champ.

I look forward to seeing all you crazy guys chucking your plastic at the MAC.  Maybe I will help you find your disc if it goes in the woods....If it doesn't go too far in.

Good Luck

Joe - this is not a ball buster, just my thoughts...

I think the intention for the MAC is to give Ams the experience of playing in a larger tournament without paying a $100 entry fee.  Tee times for instance are never utilized for a C or B tier.  Sometimes A, but not B or C. 

With larger tournies, such as GBO, Shunga Nunga, etc., tightening up the fairways and extending them is part of the tournament experience.  Admittedly, I tend to shoot below my rating on longer holes, mandos, OB rope, etc.  However, I enjoy them more when they are utilized in a tournament.  If I want to play the normal course, I go to league or have a casual but serious round with my friends.  For tournaments, I personally want the difficulty kicked up a notch.


I agree with some of the comments here. Where as I don't personally have the tournament experience, I can get as much experience playing the same course over and over but not gain 'that' much knowledge of 'how to play'. Just in preparation for the MAC, I've started playing Rosedale and Water Works on an alternating schedule every week. Yet, I'm quickly learning it doesn't really matter with the regular course set ups, a tournament NEEDS to change the regular layouts. The whole point of playing disc golf, is to have fun, get better, and compete against your own play, as well as others.
I, for one, am excited to play new courses and set ups. I believe that's where the true reward is in playing tournaments.
Just my thoughts...

And This^^^

Who wants to play the same course you can play any day of the week all year long.  And the people travelling in from out of town are still playing on the same hills, grass, trees.  They just don't get to play the easier set-up we play all year long.

Challenge yourself!

I'm excited to watch my friends play well on these amped up courses ;)

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