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Shawnee Mission / Tue League Still happening?
« on: August 13, 2013, 09:44:04 AM »
Is the Tue League still happening out at SMP?  I don't see any results posted since June?

Tournaments / Re: 2013 Discraft Ace Race
« on: August 12, 2013, 03:54:44 PM »
I have never been to an Ace Race before.  I thought it would be much quicker than it was, especially since it was only one throw per person, per hole.  I thought I could show up at 9, and get two rounds in by noon.  I guess everyone had the same idea that I did. 

Check in, large groups, and general confusion as to the layout were big slow downs I think.  All in all a fun event though. 

The disc was a bit more stable than I normally throw, so it took some getting used to.  I managed to hit metal once, but with the slow down between holes, it was hard to get any sort of consistency.  I left after one round, because I had another commitment.  I didn't think it would take almost 3 hours to check in and play one round.  I'll plan accordingly next year and get there early!

Tournaments / Re: Old Settlers Open 2013
« on: August 09, 2013, 09:31:36 AM »
Just signed up, this should be another awesome event! 

Tournaments / Re: 2013 Midwest Amateur Championships - August 3rd
« on: August 05, 2013, 09:48:19 AM »
I just want to say thank you for putting on a great tournament.  It was well organized and thought out.  A huge thank you for all of the water available for the afternoon round at WW!!  I think I drank about a gallon of water during that round.  Those hills were tough on a big man!

As for the entry fee vs players pack, I agree that this was a great players pack for a low fee.  I'd like to say that I made it home with everything, but my stool didn't fare so well!!  It only made it about half way through the first round before collapsing. 

As to the additional rounds, A vs B tier etc...  I would like to see a similiar format next year.  I can see a case for making the Advanced an A tier, and or having them play a third round, but leave at least the Rec div to play an easier layout.  I have heard quite a few people comment that Rec is mostly younger players.  That may be true, but it's also for inexperienced players, or players who just want to go and have fun in a competition environment.  I.E. Fat Old men play Rec too :)  Just my $.02!

Again, Great tourney!  I had a blast!     

Tournaments / Re: 2013 Midwest Amateur Championships - August 3rd
« on: July 30, 2013, 10:14:12 AM »
Someone must have a direct line to the big guy upstairs, as we are going to have another awesome weekend!  <90 in the midwest???  Two weekends in a row???  Say what???  Looks like a 40% chance for rain both days, but as long as its not an all day thing, a brief shower might help keep things cool. 

Bag Tags / 2014 bag tag ideas
« on: July 30, 2013, 08:24:04 AM »
I think it would be cool to have different historic areas or landmarks of KC from in or around our parks.  I.E. the Water Tower at Waterworks, or the Scenic River Overlook near Cliff Drive, Historic Northeast district homes, Oklahoma Joe's near Rosie, or the Rosedale arch, the Club House at Swope Park, even Union Station or Liberty Memorial although they are not really associated with the parks ...  there are plenty of historic and or scenic areas in or near our parks that could showcase the diversity of KC and our many parks. 

Found and Lost / Lost Blue Blizard Wraith at Legacy hole 8
« on: July 29, 2013, 02:06:49 PM »
Lost it Saturday morning.  Should be to the Right of the big tree in the rough.  I looked for about 10 minutes and couldn't find it.

General Banter / Re: Disc Golf shoes
« on: July 15, 2013, 03:59:51 PM »
I wait for Bass Pro or Cabelas to have a sale on hiking boots and pick up a pair.  I usually have to special order (13 EEE), but they most other sizes available.  They only last about a year,  but for $30 it's not a bad deal. 

General Banter / Re: Pay to play in KC
« on: July 08, 2013, 04:37:33 PM »
Most recently, while I was wading through knee high grass searching for another bad throw during the Paradise Diamond tourney, I looked across the lake to the Ball Golf course and had to admire their very neatly manicured green, beautiful green fairway and distinct lack of knee high grass.  It was at that time, while I was noticing the third tick crawling up my "bag", that I thought what a pay to play course for DG could be like. 

I think the major problem with this idea is that the economy sucks, and most Disc Golfers are hard working folks just trying to have some cheap fun and maybe get a little exercise.  Taking what is now a cheap sport and making it pay to play would just rub salt in the wounds, and probably drive off a few individuals that make great contributions to the sport and our parks. 

On the other side of the coin, think of it like using the Jackson County Lakes.  Our taxes pay for the lakes, but to camp or to use the marinas you still have to buy a pass.

Right now P&R, be it KC, LS, Olathe, etc... owns the land/parks that the courses currently reside on.  I'm sure they would love to go Pay to Play to generate more income, but I wonder how much of that would be returned to the parks.  Up until this year, I have purchased a Jackson County lakes pass.  I have watched the fees get higher and higher over the past few years, until this year when the fees got so outrageous (I'm sure glad they spent a small fortune to overhaul the county offices) that I did not purchase a lake pass.

The only way I see Pay to Play working is on privately owned and developed land, like many Ball Golf courses.  In that regard, I can see a nice multi-sport complex with immaculate greens, disc shacks, maybe even a club house with a locker room and the whole 9 yards.  The question is, would anyone pay for the "extras"?


Have you played many leagues?  Your interpretation isn't the same as the majority of those that attend KCFDC leagues.  Maybe except the Jack's NE KCMO PDGA league, which should be since it's a rated round.  Even rounds with side bets or other money in play that I've played, all PDGA rules don't apply.  It's up to the group majority to decide whatever rules you play by.  What I'm saying is you can decide whatever rules you want and convince your friends to go along with, but I thought your question was to ask the KC community what we think.  I think your interpretation of a competitive round is not what the majority think.   

I have played in a few leagues, in fact I'll use last Friday night at Legacy as an example.  It was Friday, it was an unsanctioned doubles league, I was drinking and smoking *something*, but I was still asked to be quite while other people were throwing, and expected to abide by courtesy rules, including order of play.   

But from what I'm hearing on this forum I guess I can show up to any league event, talk as loud as I want, cuss, smoke, drink, hell run naked through the middle of the course all without penalty?  SWEET!!!  BTW it won't be "family friendly" and you might just have to bleach your brain after you see it, but what the hell?  No penalty strokes here as long as I stay in bounds, right?

Thanks for the input.  I am not talking about tournament specific rules, such as no drinking, no smoking etc...  I'm talking about PDGA rule book rules.  PDGA actually has a rule about smoking, under courtesy.  Just make sure it doesn't bother anyone.  I don't say anything about drinking, but I know PDGA sanctioned tourneys have a no drinking/no smoking rule to try and make the event more "family friendly" which is cool with me, for tourney play. 

Here is what I would say are the three major types of rounds and how I think the rules should apply by default.  Any deviation from this should be announced before play.  I.E. casual but tags, tags but OB only, etc..  that way everyone is aware. 

1) Casual/Practice rounds - Rules don't need to be applied, tags are not up for play.  This is what I would say is for trying out new discs, new throws, learning a course, etc... 

2) Competitive rounds - Tags are up for play, PDGA rules apply.  This is what I would say is for league, money, pride/bragging rights etc...

3) Official Play - Tags are up for play, all PDGA rules apply as well as any special tournament rules

I agree that this is about having fun, but I think most Men are competitive by nature.  No offense to the competitive Women out there, I know my wife can be just as competitive as I am, if not more.  I just think that when Men get together it's amplified.

I thought I would throw out this topic to some of the more experienced players out there to see how everyone handles this.  Here is some background on me and the group of people I usually play with.  I have only been playing the sport for a few years, and started playing with the goal of having fun, and doing something healthier than sitting on the couch.  When I started I didn't have a clue what I was doing, often throwing putters off the tee, and drivers on the approach.  I threw multiple discs per lie, played the disc where it lied, used gimmie's etc... as things have progressed and my skill level has increased as well as my knowledge of the sport, I began playing more legit.  By legit I mean, no mulligans, keeping score, etc... Naturally as my group also increased in skill level (we all started playing about the same time) we began getting more competitive, to the point now where we all have Bag Tags, play in tourneys, play 3-4 times a week, etc... 

While I am by no means a professional disc golfer, I have joined the PDGA and the KCFDC and have read the PDGA rule book.  Here is the 6 million dollar question:

Are PDGA rules generally to be applied during each round of golf, be it casual, league, or tournament?  I.E. if five or six guys play regularly and we are playing competitively (Tags) should all the PDGA rules be enforced? 

The following scenario developed during a recent casual but competitive round: Player 1 throws OB on the very first throw of the game.  The other players note this is OB, enforce the penalty stroke and drop/re-throw.  Later on during the round, player 1 notices the other players throwing out of turn.  Player 1 gives a warning not to throw out of turn.  Subsequent violations are also noted, and further warnings are given.  Several holes later, player 1 throws into a tree and has to spend a few minutes looking for his disc.  Instead of helping the player look for his disc since he is obviously the away player, the other players continue to play the hole ahead of the away player, thus throwing out of turn.  Since multiple warnings had been given, Player 1 calls for a penalty stoke to be assessed to the players who had violated the courtesy rule of throwing out of turn.  Instead of accepting the extra stroke, the other players decline this penalty stroke and bring up excuses such as "we are not PDGA members", "this is not a tournament", "the rules were not announced prior to the beginning of the round", etc...  basically whining :) 

Technically I could have actually enforced any number of other courtesy rules for "throwing minis", "advancing on the fairway beyond the away player", "practice throws" (throwing multiple discs from the same lie (non announced provisional throws)) or "shouting".

The way I see it, since we were playing a competitive round, PDGA rules should have been in effect (OB is always enforced, why not other PDGA rules).   

Just curious how other players observe the rules.  Does everyone announce that PDGA rules are in play?  If they are not announced, are none enforceable; including OB?  Again, I'm talking about competitive rounds where there is something at stake such as tags, not practice rounds. 

Bag Tags / Re: What tag you got? 2013
« on: July 03, 2013, 08:05:19 AM »
I'm currently rolling with a high 200's tag because the group I normally play with doesn't like rules.  Oh, I mean they don't like it when rules are applied to them.  They are more than happy to add a stroke to my score when I throw out of bounds, but seem very reluctant to take a stroke themselves for courtesy violations; even after ample warnings have been given.   

Tournaments / Re: 2013 Midwest Amateur Championships - August 3rd
« on: July 02, 2013, 01:53:15 PM »
So far the players package is looking like this so far.  At least this is what we are striving for.  An awesome value for a low entry B Tier Event. 

1-2 Discs
Dri Fit Shirt (Bonus for those registered by July 18th)
Re-usable Score Card with mechanical golf pencil
Other odds and ends

Please pre-register so we can get an accurate count of what to order so we can give the players the best value.

Awesome players pack!  Can't wait for pay day so I can pre reg.

Found and Lost / Re: Lost at Legacy
« on: July 01, 2013, 04:20:02 PM »
Update on my lost discs: I finally got a chance to talk to Scott at LS P&R and unfortunately it looks like somebody climbed the fence and took both the disks because nither were turned in. Scott was very courteous and apologetic but those discs most likely won't be coming back home.
Now, I'm generally a peaceful minded guy but if you find someone throwing a green force with a purple stamp and has my name on the back or a whole lot of blacked out stuffon the back, you have my full permission to kick a thief in the taint  >:(

Did you ask if you could go look around?  I've done that before.  Unless they land in front of the shed or some place visible, it may be a while before they find the discs.  I always make a note of where they are, or I think they might be (I've landed a few in the mulch pits).  They could have slid under some equipment, or other junk that's around the fence area.  If they landed in the wide open where other people can see them, then I'm afraid you are probably correct in that someone climbed the fence.   

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