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Winter Leagues / Down Under League 11/15/14
« on: November 22, 2014, 09:03:20 am »
First off, apologies to all for the confusion around drawing cards for teams last week. Won't happen again.

Meet by #9 Down Under 12:30-12:45. $10/per person. We will draw cards for teams at 12:50. Tee 1:00.

Once cards are drawn, entry is officially closed. I hate to turn people away ($10 is well.... $10), but have had to several times the last couple years. 1st and best option is to be there on time. 2nd option is to get in touch with me prior to cards being drawn and we will draw for you. 3rd option is to refer back to the 1st option.

Alrighty then, Kevin Corbett aced #8 last week for $145 which will be paid in full today. That shot (with Dave Z as his partner) broke a tie with Joe H and Das Loomis who took 2nd in a tightly bunched field. Today will be a different layout with some alternate pads. Weather looks to be damp but rain holding off until tonight and tomorrow.

$240 (24x10) = $192 payout = $90/$50/$30/$22
                          $24 Ace fund +$266 carried=$290/2=$145 to Kevin
                          $24 Club

-11 1066 KevinC/ZMan
-10 1055 JoeH/Loomis
 -9  1046 PeteC/Jeff
 -8  1038 Tank/Yaj
 -8  1038 BillyN/OldMikePike
 -8  1038 Mckee/Zane
 -7  1028 Arturo/CHI
 -7  1028 James/Ryan
 -6  1019 Mike/Steve
 -6  1019 Chris/TravisC
 -5  1010 DKnox/Steve
 -4  1001 FredF/Wisby

Winter Leagues / Down Under League 11/8/14
« on: November 15, 2014, 08:24:44 am »
32 people showed up to play on a great day to start our 15th season. Oddly, the scores were somewhat average considering there were alot of power teams. Oh well... Hoop location will be the same as the baskets are frozen in place right now. We will move some tee-pads for a different look at the same track.

This is shaping up to be the perfect day for Winter golf. 30 degrees with the season's first snowfall throughout the round. We'll have a bonfire going too.

Dejais le nevar!

32 people $320 total. $256 paid, $32 ace fund, $32 Club.

-9 1036 Das/D'Open
-9 1036 Tank/Danny with an "I"
-8 1027 Joe H/Kevin
-8 1027 ScottR/Matt
-8 1027 Lee/Z
-8 1027 John K/ArturoV
-7 1018 Ossa/Wisby
-5 1002 OldMikeT/WillieNelson
-5 1002 Fred/Boone
-4  994  Bart/Deuce
-4  994  Todd/PeteC
-4  994  Utz/John
-4  994  BobbyV/Jason
-3  985  Yaj/Steve
-2  977  HalBaby/Steve
-1  966  Pat/Glover

Winter Leagues / 2014-2015 Down Under League 15th season
« on: November 08, 2014, 09:01:07 am »
Down Under League starts today as we usher in the 15th season of league play. We meet at #9 DU and park in the back lot at Rosedale next to the softball fields. 12:30-12:45 sign-up, start around 1:00pm. Course is in good shape, though it can be tough to find discs under all the leaves. Make sure you have an identifier on your disc should you lose it. DD/Josh have been incredibly awesome in following up with lost discs put in the disc return next to #1 up top. Same rules apply. $10/person = $8 payout, $1 Ace, $1 Club. No checks, no coin please. Ace fund carryover from last season is $234 + today's total.

We have yet to card an 1100 rated round (unless you talk to Tank) so let's see what happens. I've seen consistently really good doubles and cali rounds all summer, so I'm expecting ratings to increase on average.

Oh yeah, Abajo Debajo Ligo comienza hoy!

Winter Leagues / Down Under warm up today 11/1/14
« on: November 01, 2014, 09:47:54 am »
We're playing $10/person random draw doubles Down Under today. League officially starts next Saturday. Sign up 12:30, tee time 1:00. We park in the back lot at Rosedale and meet at the picnic table by #9. All payout.

Winter Leagues / Re: Down Under League
« on: October 13, 2014, 10:50:55 pm »
DU Doubles League starts Saturday November 8th. 1:00pm. Random doubles $10/person. We'll play a "fall/winter training round", all cash payout 11/1. We've had 3 -16's so far this summer, so be ready. The competition has been solid.

General Banter / Re: Mud
« on: October 09, 2014, 06:52:56 pm »
Tom's right. Enjoy the fun. We play this course in every condition you've never thought of including glow. Slow down and don't be pussies.

Rosedale / Re: 5/14 mini
« on: May 17, 2014, 08:57:13 am »
Yep, me, Ben H, Danny K, Frank W. Some of us have a really hard time making the 6pm start, so we started playing KC Cali instead. Pete C and Mike T are usually there as well. Hope we didn't mess up league flow. We usually play pretty fast since a lot of holes push.

Who is running Wednesday league? Saw Scott's name on the other league.....

Winter Leagues / Abajo Debajo Ligo 3/1/14
« on: March 08, 2014, 08:33:47 am »
OK, the groundhog was right. Another cold, wintery day DU. Doesn't seem to stop some hot golf though. Ryan and Billy torched a decent field last week shooting a 45. A bunch of 1000 rated or really close to 1000 rated players teamed up to tie at 47. The course will be easier today with the last chance to pick up some ace$$. Last official league of the season!!

Gente tan larg, su sido un ano de la diversion. Abajo Debajo Ligo la cierra hacia fuera es 14th estacion.

$160 = $80/$45/$25/$10  Ace $217 Club $812

-9 1072 WillyNelson/PrivateRyan
-7 1054 D'Open/Beckett-in-law
-7 1054 Arturo/JordanH
-7 1054 Tank'N'Joe
-6 1046 Fred/Derf
-5 1035 DKnox/Jo$eO
-5 1035 BillNeenan(really)/Shane
-3 1016 Corbett/Yaj
-3 1016 Balmer/James
E    988 TJ/Danny

Winter Leagues / Down Under League 2/22/14
« on: March 01, 2014, 10:35:57 am »
Finally, another ace D.U. Fred Fortson nick-o-shay'd his way into #8 from the long tee pad to score $197. Not bad. Today will be a bit chilly with Winter Storm Titan rolling in (when did winter storms get names???).

Otro dia hermoso Abajo Debajo....

$176 = $80/$50/$30/$16 Ace $394 (1/2 goes to Fred) Club $792

-12 1072 Ken'N'Barbie
-12 1072 Otto/Cecil
-10 1053 Frank/JoseO
 -7  1028 Tank/Yaj
 -6  1017 FredF/D'Open
 -6  1017 TJ/Zink
 -6  1017 Craig/Steve
 -5  1008 GregU/DV
 -5  1008 DickP/DKnox
 -3    992 DZ/Paul
  E    968 OldMike/Alex

Winter Leagues / Down Under league 2/15/14
« on: February 22, 2014, 09:01:42 am »
Another tough round with icy tee pads and snow, though not as bad as the previous week. Murph and the FlyingO led the pack with a -10 (44) closely followed by pretty much everybody else. Assuming our recent heat wave was enough to thaw out some pin placements, the course will be set a bit more difficult today.

Abajo Debajo se esta estirando para eliminar los gattos hoy!

16 golfers $128 = $60/$35/$20/$13 Ace now $372 Club $770

-10 1052 Murph/FlamingO
 -9  1044 ArturoV/DZ
 -8  1033 Travis/Justin Tennessee
 -8  1033 Mike'N'Jakes
 -7  1025 Pat'N'Freds thingy
 -6  1016 Utztertag/SullyZink
 -5  1007 Yaj/ERoc
 -5  1007 DKnox/Scott

Winter Leagues / Down Under League 2/8/14
« on: February 15, 2014, 09:46:34 am »
In 8" of snow, Tank and his life partner Knat shot a blistering -14 (40) to cash $60. If conditions were a little worse (no real rolls-dale factor in deep powder) and the track a little longer, this would be one the highest rated rounds in several years. Either way, it's the best factored score this year. We'll move a few tee pads back today, but it's still a pretty short track.

Folks keep asking if we play in these crappy conditions. Si! Always! We build big fire! Unless it's a hard rain or lightning is involved, we always play. Our last league this season will be March 8th.

Abojo Debajo no ha terminado hasta que digamos que ha terminado!

Ace $356 Club $754

-14 1096 Tank'n'Knat
 -7  1030 PeteC/WillyNelson
 -5  1018 ERoc/WizBee
 -4  1009 Yaj/Ryan
 -4  1009 OldMike/Shane
 -1    982 FredF/DKnox

Winter Leagues / Down Under League playing Sat. 2/8/14
« on: February 07, 2014, 07:30:54 pm »
Of course we're still playing. Should be fun...

Winter Leagues / Down Under League 1/25/14
« on: January 25, 2014, 09:10:04 am »
Playing today in conditions that aren't so bad for once. No ice, temps above 5 degrees, almost balmy. Reviewing the scores the last few weeks, I haven't seen anything above a 1070ish round. The conditions have been brutal, so the rating might be adjusted up a bit. I love it when I see a couple of 1000 rated players team up and then barely manage a tie with lesser rated teams. Tank and Arturo, we expect so much more. Learn to putt.... :-X

Season to date, we are now $294 Ace and $692 Club. Strangely, only 1 ace this year. Beckett.

Abajo debajo sea facil de jugar hoy. Apenas pida Mike D'Open!!

Leagues / DU League as scheduled
« on: January 23, 2014, 04:27:35 pm »
Down Under League will play as usual this Saturday 1/25/14. I know some people might be playing their Ice Bowl round DU on Sat, but League will go on as scheduled. Might try to move some hoops if they aren't frozen in position.

Winter Leagues / Down Under League 1/11/14
« on: January 11, 2014, 08:51:36 am »
After 3 weeks of cold crap, we'll get a chance to play in relatively normal temps. A wee bit sloppy for sure, but hopefully enough has melted that we can move some baskets (and tee pads). I'll catch up on scores next week.

El plumon debajo sera mojado y desuidado hoy!

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