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General Banter / Re: Blue valley is a winter wonder land
« on: December 23, 2011, 11:57:11 pm »
Very nice shooting fellas! Very nice indeed.

Found and Lost / Re: Lost Yellow Champ Beast- 11th RAC Stamp
« on: December 23, 2011, 10:54:35 pm »
YEAH! Happy to reward you!!!! I'll be by to get next week!   :) Thanks to one kind soul.

General Banter / Re: Blue valley is a winter wonder land
« on: December 23, 2011, 10:51:17 pm »
I agree, Jay should have birthdays more often...
At least once a year, and hey, what were the top three scores? 60,61,62?

General Banter / Re: Blue valley is a winter wonder land
« on: December 23, 2011, 08:44:41 pm »
Great time today! I had the pleasure of meeting Vince, Eric Eastwood, and Kelly Markum. Also played w Peter and Tall Guy (James).

Found and Lost / Lost Yellow Champ Beast- 11th RAC Stamp
« on: December 23, 2011, 05:41:34 pm »
I was playing w Andrea Thursday and left it on 9 at Rosie.
My name is  in the rim (faded) as is the number. If you find, please return. Reward.

Jack, Thanks for the reminder to tap people in construction. I may have found a solution to the generator issue. Will post again when I know something.

Tournaments / KAN U WYCO - Saturday, March 17th
« on: December 19, 2011, 09:06:27 pm »
The KCFDC is accepting proposals for the 2012 KAN U WYCO. A number of individuals have expressed interest in running the event, while the usual suspects have not.

The KCFDC would very much like to be the sponsor of the event. The tournament will be March 17th. Yes, it is St. Patrick's Day. Interested in running the first local PDGA event of the year to kick start the season? 

Interested? Send a proposal with details concerning how much money you will need if any, what the return to the club will be, player's packs for Am and Pro players, any other perks for players and any additional info to any current BoD member and we will, hopefully, make a decision at the January 11th meeting, which all are invited to attend per usual.


That's the spirit. I can't do it all, but I'd love to help.

Matt, A generator is a huge expense for something we would rarely use except for Ice Bowl or Lion's Den. A good idea just probably not the best use of club funds.

Matt has always been willing to help and has given lots of merchandise in the past. Anyone else want to help?

All right KCFDC community! 56 views and not one response? No ideas out there? No volunteers?

So you see as a community this is how we put on great events. I can think of five people who always want to be part of something great, but the thing is we do not want those same  five people always doing everything as that leads to more of the same and no change. I know there are lots of new players and up and coming members of our community who have ideas and passion. Bring it on!

We consistently have the largest Ice Bowl in the country and the world, so let's show some appreciation for a great cause and the great players who come out and make this happen.

Share your ideas and thoughts! Furthermore, if you have a great idea, how can you/we make it happen with the help of your local club?

Tournaments / Ice Bowl Chili Contest- Organizer and Volunteers Needed!
« on: December 16, 2011, 05:25:16 pm »
The KCFDC is looking for a volunteer to run the food portion of the Ice Bowl on Sunday Jan 29th.

Your responsibilities would include running the chili contest: labeling crocks and pots for judges, organizing the judges/judging, making sure all entries have power (generator- if you have one great, or you know someone- the generator should be large as in industrial), and helping to put out condiments, drinks, plasticware, plates, bowls and napkins all of which is provided by the club. Additionally, anyone who can conjure up some form of sponsorship would be great, either in merchandise, of any type, or gift certificates, etc.

We are also looking for a beer sponsor if you have an in with any local or national brewers.

If interested, please contact me via this board, and I will coordinate with Rick and the club.

Thank you KCFDC community!

Winter Leagues / Re: 12/15/11 Water Works Glow
« on: December 16, 2011, 11:02:24 am »
Nice playing in the dark! I gotta get back to WW league. That Ace Pool is ready to be hit, by me  ;D

General Banter / Re: Blue valley is a winter wonder land
« on: December 16, 2011, 10:59:52 am »
I will say I am in as well. Assuming nothing comes up in the mean time.

I too was lost with the honey badger reference. I watched the famous honey badger video on You Tube last night and also learned a football player at LSU is nicknamed the honey badger becasue he takes what he wants and just doesn't care. I think the reference is taking what you want like a honey badger.

Great update. We are secretly and vicariously playing golf through your adventures. JEALOUS.

Tournaments / Re: 30th KCWO Think Tank
« on: December 08, 2011, 10:02:24 pm »
Let’s get this thread going again. This tournament is just around the corner.

With the 30th Wide Open fast approaching, I summarized some the relevant previous posts to possibly elicit some more feedback for the TDs/Planning Committee. My thoughts and opinions are pretty obvious as well.

Pro Side - NT event

Pro players seem to be treated well historically speaking from the posts here. From reading here, KC has traditionally had a deeper pay out on the pro side, and as one pro player said the KCWO is a great event to see friends they haven’t seen a while. If anything, from posts on the board, getting more pro players to sign up earlier would attract more players in all divisions earlier than later.

Am Side - A  and B Tier event

Wow this is where there was a lot said, so…

Players packs came up again and again. Kind of a split opinion on whether having a great players pack with name brand discs and quality schwag or a smaller players pack with a voucher to an on-site vendor.

Competition came up a few times as well as a result of the trophy only discussion. As it is now Ams playing in the A tier will play for merchandise. A positive I would guess from what I have read and heard.

Courses were pretty important for Am players as well. Traditionally, pro players have played all the premier courses for KCWO, Swope Gold, BV, or Waterworks long, etc. Course selection is key to Ams playing as well.

The option to go watch a pro final nine was encouraged.

Other concerns included the having PDGA tournament sight updated regularly and having clear lines of communication for out of town players. I’d love to see the club try to get more places to sleep for out of town Ams. Having food available between rounds or having a meal is something I have heard as well. People, like me, are also concerned about paying to be a PDGA member just to play a couple tourneys a year.  Clearly it is a personal choice, but it makes the WO cost 50 more, and for what?

Personally, I‘d like to see many more KC club members play the KCWO and represent. Vary rarely have I been carded with local players for the WO. I’d also like to see the Ams play great courses i.e. WW long, Swope Gold, Cliff, or Rosedale long. It’d be great if there could be food on the course when players have two rounds. It would make travel so much easier, especially for out of towners.
I hope this elicits some response, even of you think I am way off the mark and full of it.  :)

Swope / Re: Swope Glow-Tuesdays 6 pm
« on: November 29, 2011, 10:49:52 pm »
Thirteen out tonight. Miles and I had the pleasure of playing with Jose and Stiles. They shot -14. Not bad in the dark. Some real nice doubles play out there tonight. Uh-huh.

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