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Young Park - Blue Springs / 4-18-78 League
« on: April 19, 2012, 12:35:38 PM »
14 players out for league with great weather and  minimal wind.  We had a first timer, Tony Burnett come out to league and shoot pretty well.  After the round, Jake Daddy/Riley (Tony Hawk, Tony Montanna ) went into the pond and pulled out several discs and returned them to the owners.  Slim won the ctp on hole 3 being about 5 feet away. 

Ossa and Theiss tied and went to a 3 hole playoff with Jose taking it on Short Tee 9 to Basket 11 on mound.   Nice to see ole Teddy Keith out.  Josa mentioned that he hit several 40+ jump putts and has spent the last couple weeks practicing hard for KCWO.

Jose Ossa    54
John Theiss   54
Slim Belcher  55
Adam Johnson 56
Jake Daddy/Riley  71

Gary Lewis  57
Ted Keith  60
Doug Kroll  61
Tony Burnett 70
Tom Verstraete 71

Kevin Weiss  62
Bill Shinoski  68
Joe Mangiaracina  70
Roland Vega  70


Young Park - Blue Springs / League 4-4- 2012
« on: April 05, 2012, 12:12:35 PM »
Rain, rain, stay away!  We were able to get the entire round in with no rain or lightning issues.   Some ominous clouds to the North last night.  Wind was minimal which is usually is at Young.

Eleven players out for league.  Dan Coffman won the Masters and his protege Brandon, took Open.  Brandon and myself were tied after 18  we played hole 11 and tied and then played safari due to low light.  Played short pad 1 to 11's basket on the mound.  I was pin high and missed a shorty while Brandon was 30+ short.   We both missed and i had a long role out.  Brandon hit the come backer for the win about 30+ out.  Timko put a nice string of bridie runs together (5)  but had a couple typical "YP -you got served" holes that kept him out.  Paul and Tommy V cash again. 

Brandon Elkins 55
John Theiss       55
Matt Hayes       57
Chris Timko       57

Dan Coffman   57
Tom Verstraete  58
Paul Beard         58
Roland Vega     61
Jake Dady          62
Joe Mangiaracina  67
Gary Lewis            69

Young Park - Blue Springs / spreading straw bales this Saturday
« on: February 23, 2012, 12:45:52 PM »
I am working on securing a trailor load of straw for this Sat, Feb 25 at 10 am.  The course needs straw spread throughout to protect the seed that was put into the ground with a seed drill.  The parks department seeded the course thoroughly and we need to help protect the new growth. 

In addition, having a mild winter has led to more foot traffic on the grass versus foot traffic on snow or ice.  Getting this straw down now will help ensure better grow later.  Plus, being  a tighter course with less pin placements, the same areas get used more consistenly and wear down faster.     We are hoping to have Young Park looking fabulous for the KCWO this summer. 

Poison ivy spraying parties will be occuring later this year.  Stay tuned...

Found and Lost / Darin Bolyard-Thanks for returning my disc
« on: January 27, 2012, 12:43:48 PM »
I wanted to give a big thanks to Darin Bolyard for retrieving discs from young park's big pond and calling all these folks back.   I met up with him yesterday and he returned my disc as well as Neil Roth's.  If you do not go in for  them then you are giving up on the disc and it is fair game in my opinion.  I would even pay to get most of the plastic back.   There was no hustle or fee, just a good dude returning plastic.  He showed me his stack and asked if i knew of any of the folks.  I saw some familiar names.  I asked him who he has met and returned discs to and the list of players was really long.  I was thinking that he has found a great way to meet players since he is somewhat of a newer player.  Most newer players stay away from leagues but he had met so many of the local hard core group of players this way.  You either have to play every day or hit leagues to get to the point where you see a bunch of familiar faces.  And for so many of us, i think it is the social aspect and cool folks you meet that make disc so great. Anyway, that was super cool of him. 

Since the KCFDC is working towards being a 501-3C, it is a priority  to increase our community involvement.  We have a great opportunity to meet and introduce new folks to disc golf on Saturday, Jan 21st in Independence .  This is a great way to generate interest for our sport, promote the ICE BOWL(our best fund-raising event), promote our courses, leagues, and possibly meet future sponsors for our events, and to encourage folks to come and check out the KCWO this summer.  These are the type of grass roots efforts that are necessary in the attempt to make disc golf more mainstream and build our base. Generating interest will not only bring in new blood to our club, but it will bring us a youth movement. 

The club has been granted a free booth at the Youth Sports Expo.  We need some folks to volunteer and hang out at the booth, throw some discs at the basket, do a putting contest etc.   This is a really simple and easy way to give back to the sport and club.   Independence would be an ideal location for a course, especially since their rival cities/parks depts BS and LS currently have courses, and Raytown is possibly in the works.  It often times takes years to get the parks depts on board, but us making a strong presence will only aid us in the future

Saturday January 21st, 1-3 pm
Truman Memorial Building
 416 West Maple, Independence

The Blue Springs Youth Expo is the following weekend, Jan 28th from 9-1.  If anyone is interested in volunteering please let me know.  We were also given a free booth and  I am not sure i can swing both events due to a coaching conflict.  I can be at BS by 9:45 so i would need someone to set up.

Blue Springs Youth Expo
Adams Pointe Conference Center
1400 Northeast Coronado Drive

Water Works / Course Coordinator at WW
« on: November 29, 2011, 12:19:15 PM »
The KCFDC is looking for someone to take over as the Course Coordinator for Water Works.  This person would have to be able to get along and work well with Bill Neenan.  I believe Bill is still interested in volunteering his help and giving back to WW.  So if you think you can handle Bill's super relaxed personality, and you would like to step up and make disc golf better, throw your name out.

The job requires work but no one is supposed to do all of the work.  The CC is a leader that is visible on the course, talks to new players and is an ambassador for the game and club, organizes works days when needed, organizes trash removal, and reports any concerns/wishes to the KCFDC Board. 

For the last couple years funding for a school course in NKC school district has been under way at 106 and N Antioch. This  is a 35-40k project with all the construction required and the 8K raised could of never funded what we have accomplished thus far.  I have not posted much about the progress of this course but i have to give a shout out to Messengers Lawn Care.   They have been involved from the beginning and have donated heavy machinery countless times along with skilled drivers whenever we rent a deforester or whenever we need dirt work.  A couple months ago they brought out a battalion of workers with chain saws, a skid, and a chipper.  Today, Messengers donated even more mass labor.  There were  25 workers out today with 5 dedicated professional chainsaw workers,   a tractor and brush hog, a stump grinder, a dumb truck, a skid, a chipper, and 18 laborers who were pulling debris to the mulcher and stacking wood.  Messengers has donated thousands of dollars to this project and their crew worked really hard today.  This crew came in today and cleaned house and put us  much closer to getting the deforester back in to concentrate on grinding out stumps instead of cleaning and clearing anymore.  So if you live in Kansas/Missouri(near Kansas border) and have a lawn care provider, please consider Messengers for your lawn care needs.   Please support Messengers, Gail the owner, will not disappoint.  Messengers is responsible for making disc golf better in KC and  Fox Hill will not disappoint. 

Projected opening date will be May 2012.

Other notable groups donating time and money
Damon Pursell Construction
Platte City Bobcat for discounted Deforester fees
Discs Unlimited for discounted DB5 baskets

General Banter / Vortex basket
« on: September 29, 2011, 03:52:12 PM »
Check out the Vortex basket made by Arroyo.  There is some interesting debates on disc forums about altering the chain design.  Spit outs stink when you are on the road trying to make a living as a touring player and that missed putt causes you to lose big money. 

Tournaments / 30th KCWO Think Tank
« on: September 15, 2011, 09:08:32 AM »
It is time to get folks thinking and generating ideas for the monumental 30th Anniversary of the KCWO.  We wanted to start a thread where folks can share any ideas that they have.  This is our event KC and we want your ideas.  There is great history that surrounds this event due to Kansas Citians working so hard and giving so much of their time to make it memorable.  How can we all make it better?  Please give us your ideas.
-pros and cons of last year
-what you would like to see this year?
-what will it take for you to play?
-where would you like to volunteer-course prep ideas, TDing, crowd control, artwork, etc
-what do you see and experience at other top-notch events and how can the KCFDC reproduce that?
-number of days for the event(depends on how it is sanctioned)
-which courses do want to see being used for the event?
-ideas for host hotels
-players party ideas, who wants to be part of a social chair and plan out drink specials at local taverns?
-trophy only for AMs?  pros and cons of going that route.  How would you like for it to be set up
-do you have an ounce of artistic talent?  Start generating ideas for an image that could become iconic and part of disc golf history.

It is time to start creating buzz for this event and make it "THE EVENT"  that folks all over the US want to be involved with. 

William Yates Elementary / work day this Saturday- 9:00 am
« on: August 11, 2011, 09:00:20 AM »
Yates needs some love.  It has been a little neglected.  Much work on the eastern side has been giving to Young or P Hill and it is time to get out there. we are going to put  concrete in number 4's tees due to them washing out, relocating an old pad and using the materials on another, installing some new fly pads, spraying for ivy, staining the tee signs, emptying trash, trimming etc.

Several small projects but plenty of things so there is something for anyone that is interested.  There will be some work that is not as back breaking.  please come out and give a hand for a little while. 


Found and Lost / found mark crow- red boss at young park
« on: July 26, 2011, 03:56:33 PM »
red star boss with mark crows name on it.  i am betting that this disc was lost in the pond and then rescued and resold based on where i found it.

General Banter / New Disc -Wedge
« on: July 21, 2011, 05:42:45 PM »
I just picked up a Wedge at DGW for my nephew.  What a cool disc.  super light and flexible.  We had fun calling it the "wedgie" so that is now how i will now on refer to it.  also got him a Dragon so he will never have to worry about losing it in the water. 

the wedgie weighed 129 which was great.

great newbie disc for anyone, not just kids.  i had fun throwing it.

Tournaments / Blue Bird Disc Golf Series at Young Park- 7/16/11
« on: July 15, 2011, 01:07:40 PM »
Blue Bird will host its second local event this sat at Young park.  for more event info go to the Young Park disussion thread.

Young Park - Blue Springs / directional arrows freshly installed
« on: July 08, 2011, 10:36:28 AM »
I went to the parks department yesterday to get paver stones and more green protective tree fencing.  They cut arrows into the paver (similar to WYCO) and the arrow points to the next tee.  I have been wanting to get this done forever but finally getting around to it.  This should make the course much easier to follow. 

hoping to get more tree guard up asap. there are a couple trees that are showing serious signs of injury.  They are oozing sap out of the wounds where discs have broken the bark. hole 11 has a really nice cherry tree that protects players from throwing the high anhyzer.  that tree is showing signs of injury.

Young Park - Blue Springs / League 7-6-11
« on: July 07, 2011, 11:15:12 AM »
do not have much info from last weeks league.  numbers were low and course set long so folks agreed to play doubles.  Jordan had some sweet shots i was told.  most notable was parking #18 long. this week gary parked #8 up in the middle, jordan threw a big anhy on #10 and was 20 out.  i did not hear much from the other cards.  4 holes moved short: 2, 4, 9, 18

9 players out for
Gary 59
John 61
Jordan 65

tom 60
bill 62
sean 64

Paul 76
zac 79
loyd 80

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