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General Banter / Fox Hill-NKC WORK DAY, 6-16-12!!!!
« on: April 10, 2010, 05:47:57 pm »
So the disc golf juniors courses are poping up out East, South, and eventually North.  The track of land at Fox Hill  looks good from an aerial image, but it has some serious water shed trenches.  unfortunately, the main runoff trench runs right down the middle of the land.   And that trench has some very dangerous parts.  After walking and walking and walking this past week, i think i figured out the best route and have 15 holes nailed down. The other three will be part of the shorter holes that the students will loop while playing in class.  The pe teacher wants to have six holes that his students could "loop" and can keep playing and are all visible.   

The grant writing process is under way and i am pushing for the use of the DEFORESTER!   So we are hoping to get that finacial  angle figured out becuase we want to work smarter, not harder.  We are going to need some type of bad boy machinery to go in and clean house because it is very similar to Young park(overgrown forest). 

As we get things on track I will post a work day.  There is no parks dept to depend on,so we will need some help.  This will be another  really fun woods course(two holes are open) with lots of trees.


Young Park - Blue Springs / Young Park Tourney- Sunday, May 23rd
« on: March 31, 2010, 04:00:10 pm »
Still working out most of the details for this tournament on Sunday, May 23rd. What i do know is that we are going to have a two round event at Young Park, which means NO TRAVELING!   Still working/coming up with a  name for the event so if you  got anything good i would like to hear it.  I like the "Eastern Front", which Palmer suggested.  This is a good name when/if we combine Lee's Summit, P hill or  Young Park next year.


Rosedale / Down Under Round today?
« on: February 22, 2010, 11:39:59 am »
Snow days are fantastic, especially for teachers.  Thank goodness for inclement weather.  However, i will be in school till July 4th this summer. :-[

Who wants to play today around 1 o'clock?

John Theiss
Teacher(best job in the world) 

Swope / Stiles is the man!
« on: February 17, 2010, 08:59:32 am »
Those that play Swope often already know that Stiles is the man.   Mark Stiles picked up some nasty stuff at Swope over the weekend.  Besides the normal beer bottles, trash, condoms, Mark picked up a fricking dead cat. 

Good work Mark.  You are the man.   

General Banter / Blue Springs Youth Sports and Rec Expo-Sat Jan 30th
« on: January 28, 2010, 04:41:57 pm »
Adams Pointe Conference Center
1400 Northeast Coronado Drive, Blue Springs, MO 64014

If anyone would be interested in coming to a Youth Sports and Rec Expo, it is January 30th from 9am to 1:00pm in Blue Springs.  The KCFDC will be represented by having a booth.  The parks and rec asked us if we would like to be involved and i said of course.  I thought it would be cool if we could put on a couple demos if we have enough room.  We have a booth by the hallway in order to do demos.  Supposedly the hallway we have, is one that everyone must pass through so we are not being shoved into the corner.  Plus i thought it would be cool to have a putting contest so  if anyone would like to donate some items that would be great.  Maybe some discs that are too light or ones you just do not like or want.

I thought this expo would also be a good time to pump  the tournament on  the weekend of May 22-23.  Dan Coffman and i have talked about several different ideas.  One idea was to have a 2 round tourney at LS  and BS Young park on Sunday, May 23rd.  This will be a KCFDC tourney.  We also are working on a second tourney, a grand opening tourney for Young Park for families and rec players on Saturday.  That event will be very similar to the ones that I have run at William Yates.  A tourney for total beginners with an extremely low entry fee and once you turn in your scorecard you get a raffel ticket for a prize. 

I know this is late notice, however if you would like to come out and support disc golf and the KCFDC, please come by.  And if you have some disc golf swag to give away in a raffle or putting contest that woud be great.  Rick was very kind and donated some items for the kids. 


Adams Pointe Conference Center
1400 Northeast Coronado Drive, Blue Springs, MO 64014

Young Park - Blue Springs / Blue Springs Young Park Work Day Oct 31
« on: October 28, 2009, 03:30:37 pm »
We could really use some help with tree cutting and trimming.  The parks and rec have done an excellent job carving the holes out of thick overgrown woods.  Now is the time for disc golfers to put the final touches on the holes.  I will be out this Saturday, Oct 31 at 10 am and would love to have some help.  I have a hole by hole itinerary of what needs to be done.  I will also be out there working this Friday, Oct 30th at noon.   Please bring your own chainsaw. 

John Theiss

General Banter / Blue Springs Young Park
« on: March 17, 2009, 01:16:11 pm »
Things are moving along rather well at the new course going in next to BS South HS.  Last week, i spent my spring break working along side the parks and rec guys.  The parks and rec have brought in a machine called a deforester cutter.  It is an amazing machine that turns trees, cedars etc into wood chips in just a few seconds.  They will have the machine for at least two weeks minimum or longer, until no longer needed.  Due to the small amount of land available, the course will be similiar to the DU but longer.  There are some really unique holes, good elevation, tunnel shots, dog legs, turnovers, hyzers,placment shots, and ace runs.  The course will be a technical control type of course.  In addtion, there are three water shots.  There will be two tee pads per hole, and two pin locations for now.  I am very pleased with the on going communication between the club and the parks and rec.  The original tee pad design idea has been scrapped and the pads will be poured on site by the HS students in a votech class.  The pads will hopefully be getting formed up in early April and with concrete following soon after.  Pads should be in before school is out.  HOWEVER, the baskets will not be in until late in the Summer or early Fall.  I will keep you all updated.  Anyone that lives out that way that is interested in doing some minor tree trimming/work, please get a hold of me. 


General Banter / construction of tee pads-brainstorming
« on: February 12, 2009, 01:16:38 pm »
i have some questions for you those of you that are knowledgeable in concrete work.  The process that is being used for the tee pad construction might be somewhat unorothdox, but that sounds like the way it is going to be.  the tee pads are going to be poured into five by five sections off site.  then brought to the site and assemble there.  i am envisioning the pads seperating and tilting.   I am  curious if having a male and female end on each slab might work by keeping them locked together.  I was envisioning four to five heavy duty gage pipes that extended out of one slab and could be pushed into a female slab.  Anyone got an ideas besides sexual innuendos?


William Yates Elementary / School rules and expectations
« on: November 21, 2008, 11:13:54 am »
William Yates Elementary is open to the public after school hours and it has gotten a great deal of play since its insallation.  This course was funded by a $5,000 grant from Sprint to battle obesity. Yates is a great course to take new players of all ages.  The course is a pitch and putt type of course, but it offers great elevation, wooded shots, tunnel shots, mandos, and some alternate pads.  Players need to remember that the 18 hole course is on school grounds and responsible behavior is a must.  All Blue Springs Schools are Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug free. In addition, the course has several holes that abut houses.  Some neighbors have expressed concerns about the course, but many have openly welcomed the course.  The course has opened up some of the over grown woody areas that were once breeding grounds for illicit behaviors.  However, the school district will not tolerate innappropriate activities and Yates could be pulled if negative issues arise.

If you go out and and play Yates, please help me out and make appropriate choices.  Yates has already introduced many new faces to our sport.  And one of those new faces, Mike Keizer is now a course coordinator at Cliff.  Grab two discs and come out and throw Yates.

John Theiss
course coordinator

Found and Lost / found a cover for a phone
« on: June 12, 2008, 08:51:12 am »
I found a nice leather cover for a phone on my car at Rosie on  Tuesday, June 10th.

John Theiss

Tournaments / JUNIORS TOURNAMENT at William Yates on MAY 10th
« on: April 18, 2008, 04:31:54 pm »

WHEN:    Saturday, May 10th , 2008
   Check-in 9:30-10 am. Players meeting at 10 a.m. to go over rules.    
              A  Shotgun   Start will begin at 10:30 a.m.
WHERE:   William Yates Elementary
                3600 Davidson Road, Independence, Mo  64055
WYE is located  3 blocks West of the Independence Mall(291Hwy/470 and 39th St).  Take 39th St.  to the Davidson stoplight.  Turn North (the only way you can turn) and go two blocks and Davison ends at the school.

HOW MUCH?    $5.00, which includes a $10 value disc
LAST TOURNAMENT FILLED- you want to get pre-registered to guarantee your spot and to guarantee that we have a custom stamped  “GRIP AND RIP” disc for you.

1. Doubles Event-Parent and child will pair up and play on the same team and play in a scramble format-take the best throw out of the two partners shots and your next shot is from the spot of the previous best throw.  However, on ODD HOLES you must use the    adult’s drive(tee off) and on EVEN HOLES you must use the child’s drive(tee off).

2. Driver Disc- We are offering light weight drivers ONLY to individuals that previously    played in our    tournament because they can be very difficult to control for the beginner.

3. T-Shirts with GRIP and RIP logo will be offered to those that pre-register    and a limited number will be for sale the day of the tourney.   

2.   RAFFLE PRIZES-must turn in scorecard after finishing one 18 hole round!

                                  REGISTRATION FORM
Please pre-register for the event to guarantee your spot because last year we filled the tournament.   The cost for each   participant is $5 unless you want to get an UPGRADED PLAYERS PACKAGE (due May 1st). 
 **** Each participant must be signed up below in either the SINGLES or DOUBLES DIVISON****
                                         Single Players-$5 Entry Fee

AGE DIVISIONS:  (6 & Under),  (8 & U),  (10 & U),  (12 & U),  (15 and U),  (Adults)


First and Last Name__________________________________Division_____ 
First and Last Name __________________________________Division_____ 
First and Last Name __________________________________Division_____
First and Last Name __________________________________Division_____ 
                          Doubles (Scramble Format)-Entry Fee $ 10 per team

AGE DIVISIONS:  (6 & Under),  (8 & U),  (10 & U), (12 & U),  (15 and U),  (Adults)
***When signing up for division, use the younger partners age to determine division

School ______________________________________

First and Last Name _________________________________________
First and Last Name__________________________________________Division_____                  
BONUS PLAYER PACKAGES  pre-register by  MAY 1st
*mail to William Yates by MAY 1st  CASH ONLY PLEASE
T-SHIRT  Package   $10                                                          Youth M ___    Adult L __
   *No disc is included so mark below if  you want the
standard Multi-purpose disc that is in the basic players  package    Youth  L ____  Adult  XL ___

Driver Disc $5  Only available to experienced players                                 ______
Extra Multi-purpose Disc $5                                                                _________

                  $ TOTAL = _________   

If YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL ME AT     -I can send you an official registration form

General Banter / Benches at WYCO
« on: March 25, 2008, 12:31:08 pm »
Come out to WYCO this Saturday morning at 10 am to help install benches.  It would be great to see a group out there knocking it out.  Bring shovels, wheelbarrows, long levels, water jugs for transporting water for concrete , tools etc.

Let's get WYCO looking good!

John Theiss

General Banter / New course-Young Park Blue Springs
« on: November 07, 2007, 12:09:35 pm »
It looks as if things are rollilng in EJC with Yates in the ground and now Pleasant Hill.  It was just announced in the Examiner that Young park has been approved for funding for a future site.  Brandon Martin, a fellow Blue Springs School District empolyee is bucking up and writing a very large grant.  He is very motivated about this project and is looking forward to getting all those interested in helping.  The great thing about this spot is the proximity of the course to the high school.  We will now be able to have elementary and high students  to have direct access to the sport. 

I have been working with Bradon and have met with board members and the site is nice.  There are going to be two small ponds, hopefully some cool water shots.   

Thanks to all that came out to Yates.  We had 105 players.  It was really cool to see that many newbies out playing.  We plan on having another one in the spring if you missed out. 

We are having our first juniors tournament at William Yates Elementary, November 3rd.  The tournament is open for all ages.  KCFDC  has thrown in a couple discs for prizes.  I have been in contact with numeruos disc companies seeking donations.  We are asking for donations of any sort... coupons to restaurants, gift cetificates, shirts etc.  The tournament is geared for beginners and families.  For FIVE DOLLARS you get a disc, a lunch, and chances to win raffle prizes. If we can get enough donations then the top cards will prize.  As of now, certificates will be given to the top cards.  Kids love any type of recognition, but prizes would make it that much better.  I realize that this is the same weekend as our club championship, but those of you who are not playing and have younger children, a niece or nephew, you should come out and introduce the game to someone new.  As a physical educator,  I understand how important success correlates to equipment and environment.  Take a new player to course that does not destroy their confidence.  There are alternative pads for the more experienced player.  Yates is 18 holes with tee pads, tee signs, tunnel shots, turnover, uphill, downhill, a creek, and some mandos.  We are sending out registration forms throughout elementary schools in Blue Springs.  We are not allowing walk ups.  If you want to play, you need to fill out a registration form and send it in by Oct 30th.  We do not want to order extra discs and be stuck with them.  We are not trying to line our pockets here folks.  FIVE DOLLARS for a disc, lunch, and raffle prizes.  Spread the word!!!

To get a registation form email me at 

ps Just put in for holes at my school John Nowlin Elementary.  I would like to thank the Cashens for once again stepping up and donating the sleeves, and to Rick who supplied the baskets, and lastly to the Blue Springs maintanence department for digging out the pads and holes, saving me the wear and tear on my body.

John Theiss

General Banter / Blue Springs Work Day Sunday-10:00 AM
« on: September 20, 2006, 10:10:54 am »
I just got the go ahead for some materials from Home Depot this week.  This  Sunday at 10:00 am, we are going to be installing the steel sleeves and tee sign posts,  moving rail road ties, forming the ties into tee boxes, laying down weed mat  inside the boxes,  and moving rail road crossing ties into place as bridges.  Materials/tools needed: heavy duty staple gun and staples to install the weed mat,  heavy duty scissors to cut the weed mat,  1/2 inch   one foot installer bit and cordless drill/heavy duty drill to completely drill through whole fromt the spikes,  mini/sledge hammers to pound the rebar through the ties into the ground, chainsaw to cut the ties, tools to remove stumps left over form the brushog,  buckets to carry water to the holes for mixing concrete.  My father is bringing his heavy duty gas generator to run the drills so if you have a 1/2 wide one foot long installer bit and drill please bring it.

If anyone has a dual axle trailor and truck I have more ties and limestone that I need to pick up this week.  Please let me know if you can help with the truck/trailor this week.  IF I get these extra materials, there are some spots that we could lay more ties to prevent erosoin like in the DU.  The limestone would be thrown in a water shed creek/run off and  hopeful preserve the efforts that were made earlier this summer when we ran the bobcat through that area.  

If we have another big turn out, we could get this course up and running by the first of October.   The Chiefs are off this Sunday so it is a great chance for you to come out and support your sport.

Call me if you have any questions, 816 739-9361

Thanks, John Theiss

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