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General Banter / Ice Bowl and Swope send off
« on: January 29, 2018, 10:32:17 AM »
What a fantastic day of golf.  Tough pill to swallow losing Swope but it was a great way to say good bye.  Glad I was able to be at the last event.  Thanks to everyone that made it enjoyable.  So much energy and love invested on that land.

I was thinking of all the younger golfers that i saw out.  One day they will be the ones telling the  stories of  old Swope while many of us may no longer be around/able to share that history. 

General Banter / Fox
« on: December 19, 2017, 12:06:46 PM »
Is there any news on Fox?  I have heard different things and I am not on Facebook.   Please post details if there is any way to help him if he is  still alive-food, donations etc

Juniors Disc Golf / July 5th kids clinic KCPAL- near Blue Valley
« on: June 28, 2017, 08:08:11 PM »
Kansas City Police Athletic League is a community  center 2 blocks from  Blue Valley.   I will be hosting a disc golf youth clinic on July 5th.  One of their board members is responsible for all the donations that made Fox Hill happen. A lot of big things have been happening there and it is a great place for kids.

As of now it is a one day clinic. We split it up into 2 groups.  It might turn into another day if there is enough interest.  I believe we will have around 50 kids in each session.  So that is more than i am used to in my classroom setting and could use some help.

PM if you would like more details.  DD is supporting the event as well.


Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Baskets moved
« on: June 08, 2017, 08:11:14 PM »
moved holes 3, 6,7,9,10,11,12,14,16-18

Tournaments / Re: 2017 Kansas City Diisc Golf Day
« on: May 23, 2017, 02:17:43 PM »
I would like to buy a couple packages but will not be in town.

Someone else asked the same question i believe.  I want to support the club but i need to know before i leave town. 

Hate to miss this.   Please let me know if i can purchase a couple packages.  I am not on Facebook so please do not send me there. 


Young Park - Blue Springs / 3-15 work day
« on: March 15, 2017, 08:00:37 PM »
7 hours of invasive removal
-honey suckle
-russian olive
-multi-flora rosa

Thanks to all that came out.  Great work.

Tournaments / Re: 2017 Ice Bowl Information
« on: January 31, 2017, 08:46:21 AM »
Thanks to all that volunteered to put on another fantastic event in KC.

General Banter / Re: Cooper Arnold--Apology and thanks
« on: October 19, 2016, 12:43:58 PM »
Coop, congrats on a great weekend of golf.   Great to see you winning back to back.

Tournaments / Re: Kansas City Juniors Open- Oct 1st, 2016
« on: September 17, 2016, 03:48:46 PM »
Disc Golf World has graciously donated swag which will go towards the raffle, CTP, and ROF.  Plus to sweeten up the players packs, they added coupons for each youth competitor to redeem at their new location in the north land.

Sweet players pack again this year.  Thanks DGW, Innova, PDGA, and DD. 

Tournaments / Re: Kansas City Juniors Open- Oct 1st, 2016
« on: September 16, 2016, 12:40:36 PM »
Things are shaping up nicely.  DD, Innova, PDGA, and Mavericks have contributed sweet swag.

We have  DD baskets for 1st place in each division.

Niice prices coming in as well for CTP, ROF, and the raffle.

Tournaments / Kansas City Juniors Open- Oct 1st, 2016
« on: September 02, 2016, 10:11:58 AM »
KC Juniors Open-Oct 1st at Fox Hill

Here is an old post from last year.  Price is $10 for Singles and $15 for Doubles. 

For those folks that are new to disc golf, this event is not geared for just the competitive golfer.  I had someone ask me what this event is all about and I wanted folks to know that we are providing an opportunity for kids to play tournament golf  that is geared exclusively for juniors, but any skill level is encouraged to play.  You have to start somewhere and this is the event for your kids.  With 5 different age divisions and the top 3 in each division prizing out, your chances to prize out are promising.  Plus all players will win something disc golf related from the raffle.  So  here is the scoop. Where else can you play in an event that you receive a tourney disc, a lunch, raffle ticket,  ROF (in the past we hooked it up here as well), CTP, and a chance to prize out all for the price a $10 entry fee?  Sounds crazy, but with the help of many great sponsors we are able to pull off an exceptional players pack for a super low price.  We want to thank our sponsors Dynamic Discs, KCFDC and Innova for making this event be so special.  Our goal is to keep the price affordable  in order to attract juniors that might have only played in PE at school or occasionally with dad. 

Most importantly, a majority of the event proceeds are donated to United Way.  Bill Lentz, the Fox Hill pe teacher and tourney co-director's goal every year is to raise $300 for United Way.  Fox Hill has hosted a Frisbee tournament and disc golf event in KC for numerous years and we hope to continue  growing this event and raising money for United Way. The flyer states that is  the 3rd annual KC Juniors Open, but this event started as a frisbee  and hula hoop event fundraiser for United Way is one of the longest frisbee events in KC's rich history going steady for 25 years.

 25 years later ...

Here is a little history of Fox Hill disc golf and the doubles event.  Fox Hill's first PE teacher was Coach Duane Hall.  He started up a disc golf double tournament 22 years, back in 1991.  Coach Hall brought the event to Fox Hill from his former school, so the exact number of years is not known at this point.  Every year the event has raised funds for United Way.  The event has always cost $10 with all proceeds going to United Way.  It is believed that this event has raised between $5,000-$8,000 dollars over the last 22 years.  Coach Hall used the resources that he had available in supply closet, like so many PE teachers.  He made targets using cones, hula hoops, and homemade PVC flagsticks. 

Enter Coach Bill Lentz in  1995.  Bill picked up the tradition and continued to promote disc sports, disc golf, and ran the doubles event.  Folks have attended this event over the years to spend quality family time together, get some exercise, and raise funds for United Way.  Players did not complain about the types of baskets, the players pack, or the course set up.  They were simply out to have fun and huck some plastic.

Bill and I have been friends since we met at the Missouri Cupstacking Championship 11 years ago and he contacted me several years back about getting a disc golf course.  When we walked the land for the first time, I did not want to tell him how expensive it was going to be to clear all that land, grade it, seed it, spray it etc, but he remained optimistic.  Several years later, much to my amazement, Bill made Fox Hill a reality.  With thousand of dollars donated, thousands in machinery hours donated, thousand in time given by Messengers lawn care workers, Eagle Scout projects planned and finished, KCFDC work days,  Steve Dresser  running his skid, we now have  a real course to continue the legacy of Coach Duane Hall's doubles event.

Fox Hill Doubles will now be held for the 25th year and Kansas City will be getting a quality Juniors event that will coincide with the longest running doubles event in Kansas City.  Don't miss out....... come out and join us for a fun filled family day of disc sports at the Kansas City Juniors Open...

General Banter / Re: leagues for kids
« on: August 19, 2016, 08:53:54 AM »
There will be another kids tourney this fall at Fox Hill Elementary.  The event is called Kansas City Juniors Open.  This is not a league, but a chance for kids to come out and play against each other.  It is very casual and geared towards being super affordable, lots of giveaways and good player pack, introducing new kids to the game, and family fun.

We are working on the dates now and hoping to get info out in the next couple weeks.

Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Photos from FTL
« on: June 20, 2016, 04:54:05 PM »
That is the fattest Hackberry i have ever seen.  All the hackberries that i see are usually in the woods and are  usually long and limb out towards the top, not the bottom like that.  The owners told me that they have had numerous generational tree forts come and go.

30 hours of volunteer work by:
Brain Sweezy
Nate Zier
Greg Matton
Tyler Matton
Kevin Weiss
Charles Byrd
Scott Murphy
Husker Ben

With a fresh mow that was LONG over due, and major trimming, the course looks much better.  Thanks to Kevin and Tyler for allowing us to use their trucks for hauling out debris.  I was able to get out there early and trim out a bunch so our army of workers had plenty to pull and stack in the trucks and we were able to work effectively as a team and accomplish a lot.  Everyone worked really hard.  I hope to get out this summer and get back to spraying the edges to keep things knocked down.

Thanks KCFDC for the drinks and stump killer.  Biggest work day that we have ever had out there on a night that folks could have chosen to play numerous courses or leagues or just stay home in the AC.  Thanks everyone.  The course needed it badly.

Work day is on.

I got my saws ready and took them apart, cleaned the air filters, chains  sharpened, and are razor sharp ready to cut.

Back sprayer is loaded up

2 containers of Tordon

2 loppers

Gatorades and water and Nate is grabbing adult beverages

1 chain saw, 1 telescoping pole chainsaw, 1 pole  hand saw

2 rakes

Bring yourselves.  We go the gear.  We need some more mules. 

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