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Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Course Installation
« on: November 10, 2009, 04:19:02 PM »
Tee pads were in months ago.  Most of the time you want to wait awhile on a new course and see how the course plays before you starting pouring pads.  However, Young park is land locked so not as many options.  You know that a whole has to be here or there and the same goes with the tees.  They are some of the nicer tees  in KC.  They are 15x 5 (3 feet longer than some others courses)and there are two tee pads on 17 holes.  The short ones are very short but that is great for families,beginners and casuals. 


Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Course Installation
« on: November 10, 2009, 09:58:46 AM »
All anchor sleeves have been installed.  I have not seen this before on a course, but it is a nice concept. 

I was out there last Tuesday afternoon and they had a crew out there working. The bridge between 16/17 looks fantastic.   I would imagine that the second bridge would be finished by mid week. They are also building some smaller walking bridges and the forms were set and poured last week.   All the dirt work around the pads has been finished and been seeded.  The tractor should be in this week dropping seed throughout the course.

The baskets are Mach V's powder coated with Orange Blaze.  They are going to pop in the woods like DU's baskets.  They were in the shop when i was there last week and have not been assembled yet.  It is Roscoe's goal getting the course open by the Fall so we will see. 

Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Blue Springs Young Park Work Day Oct 31
« on: November 04, 2009, 02:51:26 PM »
All the 36 anchor sleeves should be installed by tomorrow.  They are doing something pretty cool with the anchor sleeves.  If you go to DGA website under installation
(, you will find sleeves installed inside "Valve Cover Boxes".  When the anchor is not in use, the top of the cover box is put back on and a screw holds the top cover in place. 

Anyone else ever seen this on a course?  Seems like an extra expense but it is nice when moving baskets and you do not get malaria infested water splashed all over you.

They also finished the main bridge between 16 and 17 and it is first class.  Another group of guys were doing dirt work around the pads finishing them up and dropping seed.  They are working real hard and have a nice week of weather to get this thing close to being done.

Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Blue Springs Young Park Work Day Oct 31
« on: November 02, 2009, 02:41:35 PM »
It has been one of the coolest things i have ever had the privilege of doing.  Transforming the land is so exiting.  Designing a course from scratch is awesome.  You get to let your imagination run freely and your visions of  the course change  like the weather.  Taking over grown woody land and transforming it is amazing. Seeing it go from the most nasty thorn ridden razor wire, walls of dense brush, trees growning too closely choking one another, 15 ft visibility in mosts spots, and accomplishing the task of squeezing in 18 hole course into limited space is really special.  i am very excited about the project and hope that i accomplished my goal of creating a unique course to KC. 

Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Blue Springs Young Park Work Day Oct 31
« on: November 02, 2009, 10:17:21 AM »
Three days and 20 hours later,  all of the holes are appearing to be playable after much tree trimming and clearing.  Still a few tall branches left that the parks and rec will have to get by getting up in the bucket of the skid and using a  pole saw.  We went through two chains from all the hedge that was being cut. 

Bryan Harrelson brought out his big boy chainsaw and we  dropped a couple big trees on hole 16.  This cutting helped the hole tremendously by offering a better second route.  I could not have done that work by myself and i really appreciate all the help from Bryan and  Tony "exminnasotaboy".  After opening up some areas, a few basket locations were moved and the hole has been changed for the better.

It was a good weekend of hard work and i want to thank Bryan and Tony for giving up their time.  Thanks for giving back! 


Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Blue Springs Young Park Work Day Oct 31
« on: October 30, 2009, 06:23:43 PM »
Met with the number one and number two from the parks and rec this morning and the walk through went well.  If i could get some folks to come out and lend a hand tomorrow, that would help out the parks and rec tremendously.  All we got to do is cut and pull debris out and they will haul it away next Monday and Tuesday.  It is important to get the cutting done this weekend because next week they want to start the tilling and seeding.  If we get those few areas knocked out this weekend, that allows the workers a day or two to collect and haul the brush out wth the skid and grappler attachment.  I put in a full day of work today and got a ton done.  It would be nice to have some help tomorrow.  Please bring a chainsaw and some gloves. 


John Theiss

Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Blue Springs Young Park Work Day Oct 31
« on: October 28, 2009, 05:21:47 PM »
sounds good.  my plan involves you using power tools without adult supervision.  anyone else want to use some power tools?    ;D

Young Park - Blue Springs / Blue Springs Young Park Work Day Oct 31
« on: October 28, 2009, 03:30:37 PM »
We could really use some help with tree cutting and trimming.  The parks and rec have done an excellent job carving the holes out of thick overgrown woods.  Now is the time for disc golfers to put the final touches on the holes.  I will be out this Saturday, Oct 31 at 10 am and would love to have some help.  I have a hole by hole itinerary of what needs to be done.  I will also be out there working this Friday, Oct 30th at noon.   Please bring your own chainsaw. 

John Theiss

General Banter / Re: Blue Springs Disc Golf Park
« on: October 20, 2009, 11:00:08 AM »
Bill, i wish i knew an exact date. however, projects of this magnitude take time.  the parks and rec have done a fantastic job out there.  they have been committed to this project and they have a people working on it everyday.  they do have some other major committments as well so they are spread thin.  one of the main skid workers was out of work for two months so that has stalled the project.  Mach V's powder coated "orange blaze" baskets have been ordered and should be arriving this week or next.  tee sign construction and design is being discussed now.  Tee pads are all installed.  the second pond was recently finished.  Bridge work is another issue and one bridge has the footings poured and finished.  the land will be tilled soon to help eradicate the ivy and then seeded.  i almost wish that they would push the project completion date back to the Spring and keep the ground/grass from being further disturbed.  I think the land looks amazing right now, however being the designer makes me biased.  the same group of  guys has been out there several different times and i appreciate their help and insight. they have seen the transformation.   i will be doing some cutting on Oct 30  at 12 if anyone is interested. 

William Yates Elementary / Re: New pin and tee box locations
« on: September 14, 2009, 08:53:12 AM »
The new tee pads are finally installed on holes
17- across creek

I have a tee post for each hole labeled with the number

Found and Lost / Re: Lost bag
« on: August 28, 2009, 12:08:41 PM »
it is so easy and convient to leave your bag in your car.  you always want to have in case you get a break in the day and can sneek in a round or some throwing.  i make the same mistake and leave mine in my car often.  this is the second bag/car stolen recently.  folks should take note and remove their beloved and sacred plastic from their car.  i might have just jinxed myself!

William Yates Elementary / Re: New pin and tee box locations
« on: August 26, 2009, 09:47:05 AM »
I just picked up the all the old flypads that belonged to the club. The club has donated these pads in order for me to have some longer tees.  i am very thankful to have these because i can change the course quickly without having  to do back breaking work.  The shorter tees will still remain, however, now players have the choice of throwing from longer distances ranging in the low to mid 200's on 5 more holes.  These old pads will be of great use at yates.  They are the perfect size for the course 5x 7.  i will be doing some dirt work tonight and should have a couple new pad locations very soon. 

These are the holes that will have the new tees first. 
#4-directly behind the curent box- just had maintanence brush hog it
 #8 -behind current box and this may become the best hole out there! great tunnel shot
 #11 directly behind the current box that i recently rebuilt- look for a tee sign  in the tree line
#13-tucked behind the big trees at the bottom of the hill on hole12, near the fence
#16 directly behind current box and is down the hill towards 15's tee- will be a blind shot

#17 needs more rock to build the rock bridge but is on  the list.  i need more rock/concrete debris to be dropped in the hole.  i am waiting for donations to be dumped into creek.  i have the culvert, i just need material to fill over the culverts for a walking bridge.

#18 will have a longer pad spray painted on the sidewalk behind the current pad. 

I want to thank the club for giving me the flypads to install at Yates.  Those old things sat around at Swope and were not being used and Yates will definately benefit from them. 

William Yates Elementary / Re: New pin and tee box locations
« on: July 27, 2009, 10:50:58 AM »
Been trying to get several changes made and working like crazy out there. the rest of my summer free time is committed, but i got several things accomplished.  After WORLDS, the course will change even more when i install some fly pads.  Seventeen will have a longer tee pad on the other sidce of the creek, along with 16, 11, 8, 4, and 3.   These alternative tee pads will lengthen several holes in the 200+ range.  Don't be fooled, those 200+ holes are very technical.  I had a great deal of help on Sunday from Kent Turpin and his friend Jason.  Kent brought out a hot saw and we cut up a large old culvert.  I am going to use the pieces to build a bridge on 17 by dropping rock over the culverts.  we put the remaining 10 feet of culvert on 5's fairway by the new pin placement to encourage water to flow away from the fairway and to give the mower an access point to mow.  I wanted to mix up the pin locations at Yates since there will be increased foot traffic this week.  Hole 4 has a section behind the tee pad that was mowed out by maintence and it is just waiting for a fly pad and an additional tee post.

come check out Yates this week.  it is usually mowed pretty low unlike one of the other courses that is open this week.  Beware of the snapping turtle on hole 1's creek!  if you find it, you can have it and make you some turtle soup.

William Yates Elementary / Re: School rules and expectations
« on: June 29, 2009, 11:14:07 AM »
i really appreciate any trash pick up.  thank you so much for doing that.  All it takes is the mowing crew to report excessive beer cans or some of the neighbors to complain and the course could get pulled.  The course is supposed to be a way to enhance the land, not detract from beauty with all the litter.  i do not get out much to play anywhere lately and i just can not always be the guy  responsible for trash pick up.  unfortunately, the location of the course will bring in some of Indep's finest citizens.  i am a product of Indep so i can talk some stuff on all the burned out, irresponsible, dip shi%#.  I am getting to the point where i might be the dic% head that starts calling the police on folks.  I have tried to be cool with folks but eventually you just want to bang some heads and if i did not teach in the district i probably would have by now.  

Legacy Park - Lee's Summit / Re: Stay Away
« on: June 25, 2009, 03:20:29 PM »
I can't blame them for not constantly tweaking the course with a golfer's mentality but the land is so rough my family and I don't even use it.  I've hiked mountain trails that were more family friendly.

Will, your post here is the exact reason why you have to commend Blue Springs P&R for grading out and discing up the whole course.  Of course lots of land will not be dug up, but they want the course to be family friendly.  Mowing seems to be the biggest issue we face in the warmer seasons.  Mowing is always going to be an issue with the parks, however, uneven, ankle breaking land is never fun.   

If the ivy ever gets under control at Young Park in the future, you will be able to enjoy the multiple pads  and smooth ground of  Young Park. However, i do foresee many ticks since it is very wooded and wet out there. 

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