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Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Email Blue Springs Park and Rec
« on: June 10, 2010, 03:41:21 PM »

Carol Reed
Administrative Secretary

Young Park - Blue Springs / Email Blue Springs Park and Rec
« on: June 10, 2010, 01:07:16 PM »
The Parks dept is doing a fantastic job mowing and trimming.  With each mow, they reclaim more and more space.  There is also talk of bringing in a boom sprayer and doing some more much needed broad leaf spray.  They continue to show great effort in keeping the park looking great and making improvements. 

I wanted to give folks the email if they wanted to make some comments. I tell them how great it looks all the time, but they do not need to keep hearing it from me.  If you are interested, please send them a quick email about how appreciative you are for a parks department that mows and takes care of their park.  Please let them know where you live, and if you are a KCFDC member, please include that info as well. They would probably like to know how far some folks are traveling to play their course-Leo ;D

Here is the email.


Young park is eating me up.   I lost my favorite approach disc, a yellow Classic Pro ROC and a great flippy White Wraith-167.

i have lost four discs between the two ponds in a couple weeks.

i lost a red DISC GOLF DAY putter on that hole.  looks like you pulled out every type of possible disc but puttters.  i believe the star mako is Rand's. 

You interested in doing some diving work on the other pond?  I have lost two out there already going for it.  i bet that is another jack pot.

Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: young park league
« on: June 01, 2010, 04:01:56 PM »
First league at Young park starts tomorrow at 6:00 pm.  Eric Menton will be running league.  Hope to see some new and old faces.

Legacy Park - Lee's Summit / Re: Legacy League 5/28
« on: June 01, 2010, 01:13:39 PM »
I think you'd be surprised how many golfers live in the suburbs on the eastern side of the city.

one of the biggest, if not the biggest arm in KC, Jake Bowen lives in the LS burbs.  he needs to come out of retirement.

Give BS a few years.  Young is right next to a high school.  i have already seen a ton of high school kids playing.  they will be using the course next year during PE. They have an hour and a half for pe so they will get plenty of practice.   once that happens, you will see an explosion of youth to our sport.  i am anticipating the number of course rounds per week to increase greatly next year and eventually be close to Rosie in 3-4 years.   

My dad was the fixing the sign.  he loves fixing stuff.  he is the guy that pulls stuff out of the trash and takes it home and fixes it. drives my mom crazy.   he is always giving away lawn mowers, weed eaters, vacuum cleaners, microwaves etc.  i destroyed my chainsaw putting the course in and he completely took it apart and replaced darn near everything. 

those two trees mentioned are some of the best hard wood trees in missouri.   you try not to build holes around trees that could die in the next decade. If you got a tree that makes a hole, but then dies, now the hole has completely changed.  For example hole 2 ROsie and so many at swope.   you design around hardwood trees becuase they can take a beating over and over and over when they are not as mature.    it does stink when you hit one and a thorn goes into your disc.

Thanks for  the nice comments folks, however it was a team effort like Caleb said.  i have a group of folks that i know that i can count on. They do more than just post, they work.  They were dependable, unselfish, and happy to give back.  That is what makes the KCFDC so valuable.  We can organize quickly and accomplish great things.  i do not care about the attention, i care about tax dollars not being wasted. Mike was absolutely correct when he said this course will be here forever. I was concerned by a local P&R who were not as willing to listen and be as patient as the BSPR.  And as a result, i feel that the way this course was routed, was negligent of the best land features.  I do not walk around proclaiming to be a pro course desinger,i certainly have a great deal more to learn,  but i have learned a great deal on several different projects and i consulted with many folks from the club.  The routing for Young was discussed with several folks, and the KCFDC was extremely helpful and valuable in this whole process.

Caleb is correct about thanking everyone.  I have thanked all the those that have helped in other threads and am very appreciative of their volunteerism.   This course looked fantastic on opening weekend because of their hard work.  I would have been nice to have thanked some other folks that posts here so often, but they were not available to help.  There will be more work days in the future, so if you missed out, there will be more chances for you to give back.  BSPR mentioned they wanted to open the course up in some areas so  there will be opportunities to give back.  Our courses are great in KC becuase of  generous volunteerism of the KCFDC and local golfers, so once again thanks to the best disc golf club in the US.

i suggested something similiar at the EC meeting.   i would like to see all the juniors courses, whether 18 or 9 be listed together.

like i have said many times, BSPR do it right.  i would like to see them bring in a truck with tank sprayers and just spray the whole park down.  I remember them mentioning that it was too wet at one point to bring in trucks.  Bring in hydromulch is an impressive move, especially since we already had the grand opening and they could turn their attention else where.

They are committed and they will get this course looking fantastic.  Grant it, they do not have 270 parks to maintain,but Young will continue to look better and better as time goes on.  They really are a model parks dept.

Legacy Park - Lee's Summit / Re: Legacy League 5/21
« on: May 25, 2010, 12:37:23 PM »
He is moving up?   Right Doug?  once you win, you need to move up and let some other bagger enjoy some swag ;D

1   Arturo Villarreal   55   50   105   $120
2   Leo Daprato   52   59   111   $72
3   Bobby Villarreal   59   54   113   
4   Dick Parker   56   61   117   
5   Cooper Arnold   62   62   124   
6   Marshal Wolfe   67   999   DNF   
1   CD Steiner   54   55   109   $131
2   Brian Gammon   57   56   113   $83
3   Bruce Hudson   61   60   121   $61
4   Ben Hansen   63   61   124   $45
4   Jamie Barry   64   60   124   
4   Ted Keith   64   60   124   
7   Otto Spiers   64   61   125   
8   Pete Cashen   61   66   127   
8   Gary Lewis    66   61   127   
10   Mike Thomas   70   58   128   
Advanced Men               
1   Eric Minton   60   62   122   $37
1   Nick Winkelbaur   65   57   122   $26
3   Spencer Weatherholdt   65   59   124   $20
4   Greg Lewis   64   61   125   $16
5   Roy Nestlerade   61   68   129   $12
6   Will Love               66   66   132   $9
7   Tiger Brasel   65   71   136   
7   Mike Bailey   69   67   136   
9   Chris Cossette   70   65   135   
10   Davin Markley   3   71   74   
11   Craig Walker   63   999   DNF   
11   Bruce Wheling   77   999   DNF   
Advanced Masters               
1   Ron Klein             61   58   119   $31
2   Steve Hostetler   67   57   124   $22
3   Steve Drew   60   67   127   $16
4   Lance Dwyer   68   63   131   $12
5   Jay Rivard   65   69   134   $9
6   Tom Verstraete   67   69   136   
7   Steve Clayton   70   72   142   
8   Steve Glover   73   71   144   
9   Kerry Stanton   72   999   DNF   
Intermediate Women               
1   Kim Harrelson   83   74   157   $12
2   Becky Stebbins   88   94   182   $8
Intermediate Men               
1   Doug Kroll   65   63   128   $24
2   BJ Font                75    67      142   $13
3   Landon Coons   76   68   144   
4   Dan Hillaker   72   74   146   
Recreational Women               
1   Tiffany Verstraete   95   92   187   $8
Recreational Men               
1   Matt Crow   59   66   125   $21
2   Juan Hernandez   69   62   131   $17
3   Mark Hamblin   68   71   139   $13
4   Cecil Freeze   71   68   139   $13
5   Bill Shinoski   72   69   141   $10
6   Sean Chancellor   76   66   142   $9
7   Rizzlo Jones   75   68   143   $8
8   Brad Lenheim   72   72   144   
9   David Edwards   72   73   145   
10   Bob Walker   77   70   147   
11   Shane Whitaker   75   73   148   
12   Dennis Smith   75   74   149   
13   Jason Curless   79   74   153   
14   Jean Smith   76   78   154   
15   John Arnold   84   76   160   
16   Jason Ammerman   82   79   161   
17   Kent Kelly   87   86   173   
18   Nicholas Hassenius   89   88   177   
19   Aaron Shay   123   125   248   
20   Matt McNally   76   999   DNF   
20   Michael Wolfe   80   999   DNF   
20   Grant Masters   84   999   DNF   
20   Jared Edwards   86   999   DNF   
20   Mike Kanik   94   999   DNF   

got a pair of sunglasses that were turned in on Sunday at the Eastern Front.  they are in a green case with the the logo Eagle Creek-traveler gear.  Silver frames

Thanks to Drew Neitzel who helped me out today.  That was very generous of him to give up his whole day and keep things running smoothly.  He did so much and i think we need to team up again next year and expand this tourney to another course.  Also thanks to Dick, Lance, and Leo who also helped with score cards. Thanks to RIck, whow has been very insightful as well. I want to thank Dick Parker for continually answering my phone calls throughout this process over the last couple months. Dick was there to answer every call and every stupid question.   

It is going to be hard to top this tourney off next year.  The players packs were super nice and  the raffle was fat.  Sweet discs, one of the best shirts has done, and a beautiful day.  I am thinking that next year we use Blue Springs and P Hill and campout at P Hill after the second round.  we can BBQ at P hill next year and have big PARTY !!!

Blue SPrings League will be starting shortly.  Should be starting up in the next couple weeks.  It will be on Wednesdays.

Tournaments / Eastern Front is FULL.
« on: May 22, 2010, 02:12:57 PM »
We are full.   We will not take any walk ups.  72 is the max. 

There is always next year.  We will expand next year to two courses and use another course in Eastern Jackson County.

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