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Water Works / Re: 2pm Today if Interested
« on: December 22, 2009, 10:58:02 pm »
how did i miss you out there?   i got out there at 12 and left at 3:30.  i was just throwing several holes over and over.  i probably would have played but it was so nice to be able to practice becuase no one was out there.

Rosedale / Re: Down Under Work Day 11-27-09///New Pin placements//Tee Boxes
« on: November 28, 2009, 10:14:41 pm »
some down under tees are looking super nice.  each year it gets nicer and nicer. damn, if more people helped steve, we would have the best natural tee pads i have ever seen in the US.  i do not know who can argue with what you all are doing and i am in for your next work day.  it is really amazing and remarkable.  that is great stuff guys.  damn, some of those pads are straight up professional style and you folks out there that play on  saturdays enjoy the labor of love from Steve and others.  great job.  those stones around  some of the pads are set with perfection and look amazing.  top notch!!!  wow!!   DU is just getting better and better.  The baskets, the pads, the tee signs, the directional signs from Keizer, etc, it is looking fantastic and is such a gem. I had such a great time playing with the great guys that came out and helped out for the work day.  It really is not work.   Such a great time.  go work and then play!!!   
that was a great day!


Legacy Park - Lee's Summit / Re: Legacy Progress
« on: November 21, 2009, 07:27:18 pm »
It is very nice to see that Steve Casey and the parks dept are making some changes.  I was pleasantly surprised by the number of folks out playing today at Legacy.When driving into the park i jokingly asked, "is there some kind of tournament out here?" The parks dept has put money into this project and it has been a shame that the course was not getting the foot traffic.  However,

 "if you cut it, they will come."   

I definately understand the concerns and complaints that you constantly hear about (whether on the board or from park users) how ridiculously tall the rough is and  the nasty locust thorns.  However, the changes have made great improvements.  We got to applaud Steve Casey and their efforts.   How nice is it to be able to see across the fields and fairways?  Of course it is also great becuse you can find your discs easily.  I saw several rec groups and some coed groups and they were able to play at a decent pace.  That pace does not happen when the rough is super high and so tight.

It is great to see how much nicer the whole park looks with the mowing.  Every time i went out there to play, i felt like i was in my grandpa's  cattle pasture that boasts nasty locust and hedge thorns.  The parks dept is moving in the right direction by trimming up trees in the fairways.  Some fairways are actually resembling disc golf fairways that offer players reasonable escape routes or just reasonably safe places to walk without getting stabbed by thorns.   

Of course their are many problems with their design, but it is nice to see progress.  This is a step in the right direction and their actions will increase the foot traffic in the park.  I would really like to see the LS parks and rec put more trust into our course coordinator.  Although, it is nice to hear that they are taking recommendations from Brian but how about giving him the opportunity to do some of the minor tree trimming.   Or hey here is a crazy about a work day where the KCFDC gets the course trimmed up to disc golf standards.  Our club is responible for bring the worlds biggest disc golf tournament in history to KC and we probably are somewhat knowledgeable in tree trimming.   It is not a woody course, so why have all your trees looking like they belong in a nasty over grown woody conservation area.   This is where Blue Springs has done an excellent job with Young park.  They understand what type of course they have and they trust in my judgement.  They allow me the freedom to do the trimming necessary to make a hole fair, safe, and presentable.  Bryan Harrelson and myself dropped a big tree and made huge piles of brush and they were on it.  It really is not much different with so many of our other courses and their respected parks depts. 

Dan is very accurate with the subject-Legacy Progress.  It is great to see progress and i hope it continues and i  would be glad to volunteer out there for any work day. Keep up the good work Steve Casey and LS parks and rec.


Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Course Installation
« on: November 21, 2009, 06:33:49 pm »
what are you doing walking and not playing on a wonderful day like today?   I got the pleasure of playing 2 and 1/2 rounds today-p hill, yates, and legacy.  you are right, Young park is looking good and it is definately different for KC.

and how about Legacy?  It was looking real good.   Get out there and  play it folks!  It is all mowed down and some minor tree work has been done. 

Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Course Installation
« on: November 10, 2009, 04:19:02 pm »
Tee pads were in months ago.  Most of the time you want to wait awhile on a new course and see how the course plays before you starting pouring pads.  However, Young park is land locked so not as many options.  You know that a whole has to be here or there and the same goes with the tees.  They are some of the nicer tees  in KC.  They are 15x 5 (3 feet longer than some others courses)and there are two tee pads on 17 holes.  The short ones are very short but that is great for families,beginners and casuals. 


Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Course Installation
« on: November 10, 2009, 09:58:46 am »
All anchor sleeves have been installed.  I have not seen this before on a course, but it is a nice concept. 

I was out there last Tuesday afternoon and they had a crew out there working. The bridge between 16/17 looks fantastic.   I would imagine that the second bridge would be finished by mid week. They are also building some smaller walking bridges and the forms were set and poured last week.   All the dirt work around the pads has been finished and been seeded.  The tractor should be in this week dropping seed throughout the course.

The baskets are Mach V's powder coated with Orange Blaze.  They are going to pop in the woods like DU's baskets.  They were in the shop when i was there last week and have not been assembled yet.  It is Roscoe's goal getting the course open by the Fall so we will see. 

Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Blue Springs Young Park Work Day Oct 31
« on: November 04, 2009, 02:51:26 pm »
All the 36 anchor sleeves should be installed by tomorrow.  They are doing something pretty cool with the anchor sleeves.  If you go to DGA website under installation
(, you will find sleeves installed inside "Valve Cover Boxes".  When the anchor is not in use, the top of the cover box is put back on and a screw holds the top cover in place. 

Anyone else ever seen this on a course?  Seems like an extra expense but it is nice when moving baskets and you do not get malaria infested water splashed all over you.

They also finished the main bridge between 16 and 17 and it is first class.  Another group of guys were doing dirt work around the pads finishing them up and dropping seed.  They are working real hard and have a nice week of weather to get this thing close to being done.

Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Blue Springs Young Park Work Day Oct 31
« on: November 02, 2009, 02:41:35 pm »
It has been one of the coolest things i have ever had the privilege of doing.  Transforming the land is so exiting.  Designing a course from scratch is awesome.  You get to let your imagination run freely and your visions of  the course change  like the weather.  Taking over grown woody land and transforming it is amazing. Seeing it go from the most nasty thorn ridden razor wire, walls of dense brush, trees growning too closely choking one another, 15 ft visibility in mosts spots, and accomplishing the task of squeezing in 18 hole course into limited space is really special.  i am very excited about the project and hope that i accomplished my goal of creating a unique course to KC. 

Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Blue Springs Young Park Work Day Oct 31
« on: November 02, 2009, 10:17:21 am »
Three days and 20 hours later,  all of the holes are appearing to be playable after much tree trimming and clearing.  Still a few tall branches left that the parks and rec will have to get by getting up in the bucket of the skid and using a  pole saw.  We went through two chains from all the hedge that was being cut. 

Bryan Harrelson brought out his big boy chainsaw and we  dropped a couple big trees on hole 16.  This cutting helped the hole tremendously by offering a better second route.  I could not have done that work by myself and i really appreciate all the help from Bryan and  Tony "exminnasotaboy".  After opening up some areas, a few basket locations were moved and the hole has been changed for the better.

It was a good weekend of hard work and i want to thank Bryan and Tony for giving up their time.  Thanks for giving back! 


Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Blue Springs Young Park Work Day Oct 31
« on: October 30, 2009, 06:23:43 pm »
Met with the number one and number two from the parks and rec this morning and the walk through went well.  If i could get some folks to come out and lend a hand tomorrow, that would help out the parks and rec tremendously.  All we got to do is cut and pull debris out and they will haul it away next Monday and Tuesday.  It is important to get the cutting done this weekend because next week they want to start the tilling and seeding.  If we get those few areas knocked out this weekend, that allows the workers a day or two to collect and haul the brush out wth the skid and grappler attachment.  I put in a full day of work today and got a ton done.  It would be nice to have some help tomorrow.  Please bring a chainsaw and some gloves. 


John Theiss

Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Blue Springs Young Park Work Day Oct 31
« on: October 28, 2009, 05:21:47 pm »
sounds good.  my plan involves you using power tools without adult supervision.  anyone else want to use some power tools?    ;D

Young Park - Blue Springs / Blue Springs Young Park Work Day Oct 31
« on: October 28, 2009, 03:30:37 pm »
We could really use some help with tree cutting and trimming.  The parks and rec have done an excellent job carving the holes out of thick overgrown woods.  Now is the time for disc golfers to put the final touches on the holes.  I will be out this Saturday, Oct 31 at 10 am and would love to have some help.  I have a hole by hole itinerary of what needs to be done.  I will also be out there working this Friday, Oct 30th at noon.   Please bring your own chainsaw. 

John Theiss

General Banter / Re: Blue Springs Disc Golf Park
« on: October 20, 2009, 11:00:08 am »
Bill, i wish i knew an exact date. however, projects of this magnitude take time.  the parks and rec have done a fantastic job out there.  they have been committed to this project and they have a people working on it everyday.  they do have some other major committments as well so they are spread thin.  one of the main skid workers was out of work for two months so that has stalled the project.  Mach V's powder coated "orange blaze" baskets have been ordered and should be arriving this week or next.  tee sign construction and design is being discussed now.  Tee pads are all installed.  the second pond was recently finished.  Bridge work is another issue and one bridge has the footings poured and finished.  the land will be tilled soon to help eradicate the ivy and then seeded.  i almost wish that they would push the project completion date back to the Spring and keep the ground/grass from being further disturbed.  I think the land looks amazing right now, however being the designer makes me biased.  the same group of  guys has been out there several different times and i appreciate their help and insight. they have seen the transformation.   i will be doing some cutting on Oct 30  at 12 if anyone is interested. 

William Yates Elementary / Re: New pin and tee box locations
« on: September 14, 2009, 08:53:12 am »
The new tee pads are finally installed on holes
17- across creek

I have a tee post for each hole labeled with the number

Found and Lost / Re: Lost bag
« on: August 28, 2009, 12:08:41 pm »
it is so easy and convient to leave your bag in your car.  you always want to have in case you get a break in the day and can sneek in a round or some throwing.  i make the same mistake and leave mine in my car often.  this is the second bag/car stolen recently.  folks should take note and remove their beloved and sacred plastic from their car.  i might have just jinxed myself!

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