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Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: Rock wash on hole 1
« on: March 27, 2015, 04:15:39 PM »
after the meeting on monday i will likely have some things we can work on. 

thanks for your interest bill.

Thanks for offering to help.  I would like to keep trees to the right side of the wash.  Eventually this trees will take out/make it tougher to use the cheat route hyzer over parking lot.  So... i am trusting your judgement to trim from the bridge to about half way across the rip rap wash way. 

Also, Nate Zier and myself will be meeting with the park officials on Monday. So if you have any concerns/wish list items please post on here. 

my list:
17's brush pile removal (from a disc golfer and he should remove it but he hasn't)
irrigation covers that are missing
trash on AA
replacement of practice basket

I made a mistake on previous post.  I originally put April 4th, however, it is this weekend March 28th.

There is a Easter Egg Hunt on Sat, March 28th at Stocksdale park.  I was told to post this from the park workers that the course will still be open and that there should not be much interference with the course.  However, each year there are around 500+ cars and easily over 1000 folks in the park.  Parking ends up backing all the way up to the radio station if coming from the north near William Jewel.

Young Park - Blue Springs / new pin locations
« on: March 21, 2015, 08:34:50 PM »
Thanks to Pate, Max, and Jack for their help in moving baskets today.

2 right -in cubby
3 long
5 left
6 right
9 right
13 long
14 straight
17 right

Flags were installed yesterday on gold baskets
3/8 gold

Great ideas.  Thanks.  The park guys will hopefully see some of your recommendations for future improvements.  I believe some benches are in the works.

There was talk of flags for some of the baskets.  not sure where that stands.  Not all the baskets(wood holes) need flags and i hope that we could get some flags for the open holes. 

#10 i was hoping to talk to the main mower named Reno.  I want him to leave me a tall strip of  grass to the right running the length of the fairway shaped like a question mark ?  for lack of better term.  leaving more area around the basket to be open and then be less area along the top of the hill where it flattens out.   i will try to get some flags put out once they do their first cut on the soccer field to mark what not to mow.  This ideas works better than an OB mando.

OB areas of grass- i have asked for a different type of seed to be planted out there to help delineate the OB.  When the fescue goes  dormant it bends over and it is hard to identify OB.  I want to get more of the broomsedge bloomstem that is currently on several holes out there for OB.  Plus the broomsedge is beautiful in the fall, winter and spring.  Even in the summer when it changes colors back it is not too tall and obnoxious to find your disc in. 

# 8 and #10 OB tall grass- i designed it to be an OB hazard that you play your lie from were it lands OB .  this way if you go for the big shot off the tee, there is a chance that if you go OB, you can make your putt to save par.  Despite what the par says, those holes are not a par 4.  Many pro players playing a gold hole that is under 500 can reach close enough to birdie  the hole.  #10,  unfortunately the wind can be a head wind so it is not as forgiving, but #8 is set up a big turnover and  with a lt to rt wind push. also this type of OB ruling will  speed up  play  since folks may not know if they go OB off the tee.  those holes are designed for just the few in town that throw 450+.  But i have talked to some who do and i know that they have reached those pins on both baskets. Those are gold holes and there should be gold holes that reward bombers and force mortals to lay up. 

Tournaments / Re: 33rd Annual Kansas City Wide Open - June 19-21, 2015
« on: March 17, 2015, 08:10:53 PM »
What does the Am. Players pack consist of ?

Seriously.......?  Can we get the courses done and help in the event before we worry about "what do I get?"  Here is the deal, GBO is all ran by a DG company where you get their stuff.

The Wide Open is ran by volunteers that scrape to get you what we can on the time we have.

Let's help why not ask, "Hey how can I help in getting the players pack more awesome?" instead.....


I will be there to spot.  I scheduled my family vacation around it along with  another hip surgery.  However, folks should have the right to volunteer, play, watch, not give a shat about the event,give a shat about the event,  and ask lots of questions without being called out.  Folks should not be worried about someone guilting them for not volunteering.  I do not understand this thinking.  It just turns folks away from not wanting anything to do with the club.  It is such a great event and keeping things positive  and fun should be our focus as a club.

Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: League?
« on: March 16, 2015, 11:37:46 AM »
Thanks for stepping Matt. 

I would hate to compete with WW.  But you do what makes most sense for you.  I think Monday makes better sense.

Park workers knocked a bunch of the list as far as cleaning up brush this week.  We have a couple pins to be installed in near future- 10 to the left in tree line and 16 to the right in tree line.

thanks for the input.   i compiled everyone's emails and sent them over to the park department.  Disc Demon had a very detailed list as well that he PM'd me.  He also mentioned that he had thought he found a park workers disc so maybe Disc Demon can post the name.  I know that a couple of the park guys periodically check the website.

thanks to Nick and Tom and the other park workers for working so hard out there.

I could use some type of disc retriever but the deck seems like a poor idea since park is supposed to be dry.  Hard to sit on a deck and party with out adult beverages.

Funny stuff though about the wooded holes.  You must love some open hole golf?  That Ted guy is one wild and crazy guy.  Is he a temp/seasonal worker?  Or are you talking about Tom who loves to throw old beat up dog chewed on discs? 
Hole #1- There needs to be a fence or wall to keep discs from rolling into the pond.
Hole #2-  A large deck needs to be built on the pond, for parties and to save discs

Hole #7- All trees need to be cut down in the fairway
Hole #9-  See hole 7
Hole #12- See hole 7
Hole #15-  Large tubes need to be assembled on each line that will take the disc to the basket. The fork in the road could add to the excitement.
Hole #16- same as 15, but just one easy to assemble tube.

Next time I run into Ted with Liberty parks I will hit him up with a few of these issues.   Ted is a player, I ran into him at Jesse James a month or so back, i think he plays regularly.

Hole 14 you are correct about the wooded overgrowth on left of the tee.  They really do need to be cleaned up some and get some of the overgrowth out to open up some sight lines.  It is a little hard to see if someone is bombing through there.  That is a great point.  Thanks Ben. 

Disc Demon,  i think i met you the other day.  You really a funny guy and that was a fun round.... no matter how many times you threw into the ponds.  I hope we can get out and throw some more holes soon.   

Liberty, MO - Stocksdale Park / list of areas/things that need work
« on: March 08, 2015, 08:19:41 PM »
I am making a list to send over to the parks department tomorrow morning.  I would like to get a list of things that folks see that need to be worked on.  I know folks want benches and more trash cans... but i am thinking items for workdays ie  cleaning up brush here or there, pushing back woods in this area etc.

What do you  want to see improved? 

The parks would like a punch list and I have several things, but i want to know what others are seeing that i might be missing.



We got the reroute done today.  #17 can play in the woods now. 

also lost an yellow eagle(red and gold stamp) on hole 2.  been awhile since i have done an honest days work and trying to snap a disc after manual labor was tough on the forearms.  thought it might skip across.....but no.

General Banter / Re: The High Five
« on: March 07, 2015, 09:47:22 AM »
what a cool idea.  i would say that you end up at p hill and finish with some glow and camping.  oh my.... how much fun would that be on/near  summer solstice? 

I think you got to finish at P Hill. That would just make for an excellent party and it is a short and easy course to wind down from.  You could play Wilbur before P Hill.  Wilbur has some decent (and sillly short) short pads for an event like this since most folks are going to be dragging by round 4 & 5. 

Clay was able to move the date up for trail building to today and we should likely have that sucker knocked out in  a few hours.  we will start at 11 and will meet up in the circle parking lot.  I am excited to learn the official ways to building a trail from the ERTA experts.  Come on out if interested.

super late notice took a little time finalizing details yesterday. 

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