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Cliff Drive / Trash abatement
« on: April 14, 2014, 10:26:08 PM »
At Cliff Dr last weekend I saw two trash cans. One on hole 3, other on hole 5. I know I'm asking a huge request when I expect people to actually put their trash in a can, but when the course doesn't even have cans, where will an irresponsible person put their trash? Carry in carry out won't work when local residents carry in bag fulls of trash to dump along the road.

Seriously, what can be done to curb the trash at Cliff? It's disgusting. And no I'm not interested in cleaning a park 45 miles from me when residents 4,500 feet from the park use it as a landfill.

I don't like to b%tch unless I have some suggestions, so here it goes:

Put cans on every hole. Lot easier to put bottles in a can when there is a can.

Put signs along the road (bigger then the 8x11 signs on Cliff Dr) that inform of the illegal dumping consequences. I'm serious. Ask the city to have metal signs that are 2 feet by 3 feet with huge letters that say illegal dumping will cost you $X fine. Make it abnoxiously visible. I'd rather see the signs then another bag of household trash dumped along the road.

OK - here's the controversial suggestion. If locals are going to dump......let's provide them a dumpster. We provide clean needles to addicts. Let's provide an empty dumpster to dumpers.

Am I crazy?

Centennial Park - Lawrence, KS / work?
« on: April 12, 2014, 01:06:36 PM »
Anybody else notice all the work being done at Centennial lately?  Who's been doing it, the city or volunteers?

General Banter / Saturday Round, 4/5/14?
« on: April 04, 2014, 10:26:33 AM »
Any interest in a round Saturday west of KC?  Would consider Perry, Lawrence, Topeka, Ottawa, Pomona.

Need to be back home by 5:30, so like to tee off no later than 12:30 or 1.  AM ok.

Rosedale / Mixed Safari Up Top Down Under
« on: March 24, 2014, 07:38:48 PM »
Has anyone played or come up with a mixed safari mash course of up top and down under?

These were my thoughts this evening:

Up 1-5 (5 holes)
Down 9-17 (9 holes)
Up 6-12 (7 more)
21 hole lay out.

Or, if you really wanted to stick with a total of 18:

Up 1-5 (5 holes)
Down 9-17 (9 holes)
Up 6, 9, 10, 11 (4 holes)
18 hole layout.

Up 5
Down 9-17
Up 6-12, 18
18 holes

Up 1
Down 1-10
Up 6-12
18 holes

Lakeside Hills / PDGA course listing
« on: March 22, 2014, 10:57:00 AM »
This course is not listed on the PDGA's website.  Does one of the bird crew want to add their course?  Otherwise I'll do it.

The Spring 2014 PDGA League will be a rolling, wandering league titled Wandering Wednesdays.  Just because we are wandering, we are not lost.  (Believe it or not, a lot of thought has been put into this.)

The official PDGA 10-week portion of the league will start April 16.  This delayed start is so we can capture the last Wednesday before the Wide Open in the league format, June 18th.  I'm hoping we get some pro's out there to test the course prior to the tournament.  We’ll have two weeks of non-PDGA reporting on April 2 and 9 because I’m antsy to get going.

For the 10-week PDGA League, the fee structure will be:
KCFDC Members
With Ace Fund - $6
Without Ace Fund - $5

Non-KCFDC Members
With Ace fund - $7
Without Ace fund - $6

Fee structure for non-PDGA dates (April 2, 9) will be:
KCFDC Members
With Ace Fund - $5
Without Ace Fund - $4

Non-KCFDC Members
With Ace fund - $6
Without Ace fund - $5

The schedule will be:

April 2 – WyCo – 5:30 check in, 5:45 or earlier tees (non-PDGA date)
April 9 – WyCo – 5:30 check in, 5:45 or earlier tees (non-PDGA date)

April 16 – WyCo – 5:30 check in, 5:45 tees

April 23 – Prairie Center (PC) – 5:30 check in, 5:45 tees

April 30 – Shawnee Mission Park (SMP) – 5:30 check in, 5:45 tees

May 7 – Lakeside (Olathe Birdland) – 5:45 check in, 6:00 tees

May 14 – WyCo - 5:45 check in, 6:00 tees

May 21 – PC - 5:45 check in, 6:00 tees

May 28 – SMP - 5:45 check in, 6:00 tees

June 4 – Lakeside - 5:45 check in, 6:00 tees

June 11 – To be determined.  Will post by May 29

June 18 – WyCo - 5:45 check in, 6:00 tees.  Should be set to KCWO Gold settings

The June 11 TBD will be determined after informally listening to suggestions from those that actually come to the league.  Because this is a KCFDC approved league, for various reasons it needs to remain on a KCFDC KS course.  Our choices will be:
SMP, WyCo, PC, Lakeside, Rosedale Up Top (if ok with Rosie league director), Rosedale Down Under. 

WYCO / Moving league to Wednesday?
« on: March 13, 2014, 10:30:31 PM »
Of the consistent Friday night leaguers (defined as going 50% or more of the time), what is your opinion of moving league to Wednesday?  Of the inconsistent leaguers (defined as going on average once per month/ 25% of the time), what is your opinion? Please list your participation level in your comment. Thanks.

WYCO / (OLD INFORMATION) 2014 WYCO League information
« on: March 13, 2014, 01:34:51 PM »
***********  Not to confuse anyone new on the WyCo league, the information in this thread is no longer valid.  It is being retained for historical purposes  ************

At the BOD meeting last night, the Spring PDGA League was discussed.  It was decided to move WyCo league to Wednesday nights.  This would have the least impact on other leagues and allow for continuity through the season.  I've volunteered to run WyCo league from April until the end of August at a minimum.  If things are still going well, I'll continue through the remainder of the season.

WyCo league will start the first Wednesday of April, April 2. 

The PDGA 10-week league will start April 16.  This delayed start is so we can capture the last Wednesday before the Wide Open in the league format, June 18th.  I'm hoping we get some pro's out there to test the course prior to the tournament.

I have an idea on how I would like to do pin placements.  For the first PDGA date, April 16, I would like to have all 18 holes set on their easiest pins.  Over the 10-week period, we would move 2-3 baskets making it progressively harder until June 18th is set for the Wyandotte KCWO Gold setting.

I'll post more information as we get closer.

Leagues / RESULTS: Spring PDGA League format poll
« on: March 06, 2014, 09:57:59 AM »
I would like to gather interest and opinion regarding a possible PDGA Spring league.  It would run approximately April & May.  Depending on the days/ dates, it may run into June as well.

This is for informational purposes only.  The top choice may not necessarily be the one chosen (if any).  Besides what players would like, it would need to be approved by the BOD and would depend on the perceived impacts on other club leagues.

You can vote twice.  If you have one choice this is strongly favored over the second choice, please leave a comment explaining why.

The fee structure would stay the same as normal KCFDC leagues except for the additional $1 PDGA fee.  Basically, whatever you used to pay (member vs. non-member, ace fund, etc.), add $1.

General Banter / JohnE 'It's About Time' McCray
« on: March 06, 2014, 08:37:36 AM »
From the few videos I've watched of JohnE, I was impressed.

While this blog is one of the most painful to read (regarding grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.)  I'm highly interested in watching to see how he does this coming year.  It would be awesome to watch him win a NT or Major.

BTW - anybody now what the deal is with the Capital E?

General Banter / Scott Stokely is (sort of) touring again
« on: March 04, 2014, 09:30:14 AM »

After a 13 year break from disc golf I've decided to hit the road again and bring back the "National Champion Scott Stokely's Disc Golf Throwing Clinics" at 75 courses around the US and Canada. At each event I will provide a FREE throwing clinic teaching both basic and advanced disc golf techniques . After each clinic will be an optional round of random draw doubles with small entry fee.

Leagues / 2014 KCFDC PDGA League suggestion thread
« on: March 03, 2014, 04:15:28 PM »
Any interest in running a PDGA Sanctioned league at one of the upcoming leagues?

Tournaments / Tulsa Selinske Masters Field Events (aka Reindeer games)
« on: February 13, 2014, 10:09:16 AM »
Anybody going to the Tulsa Masters sign up for the field events?  Putting, Distance, 18-hole mini golf

General Banter / Did you like my homebrew? Please help...
« on: February 03, 2014, 03:09:13 PM »
If you really want to be technical, drinking home made beer outside of the brewer's home is illegal in Kansas.  To submit homebrewed beer to a competition is also illegal.

Kansas home brewers have been working with an attorney to change the laws regarding this. 


If you live in Kansas, please take 10 minutes to send your representative an email asking him to vote yes to this bill.

the KS vote for homebrew legislation changes could happen this coming week, you need to contact your
reps and senators if you want to make this happen. Dont put it off, do it today.

here is how to find out your ks rep and senator email address using your home address

Easy steps:
1. Look up your representative here:

Scroll down until you find "Kansas Representative"

(or use this link which is the actual state link but harder to use:
Link to Representatives info, ... se/roster/)

2. Send him/her an email.

As the subject line, use "House Substitute HB 2223"

Address the email as:

"To the Honorable (Representative's name),"

if that is too awkward, use, "Dear Representative (full name)"

Ask them to:

Please support House Sub. for HB 2223 when it appears above the line for floor debate and action.
Please ask their fellow legislators to vote for this bill,
To contact Senators they know to support the bill when it arrives there.

This is what I wrote:

As a constituent in your area, I ask that you support House Substitute HB 2223.  I believe this bill to be representative of individuals in our area and is inline with our current culture.  It is time to make sharing homebrew with our invited guests legal.
(n) "Guest" means a natural person who is known to the host and
receives a personal invitation to an event conducted by the host. The term
"guest" shall not mean a natural person who receives an invitation to an
event conducted by the host when such invitation has been made available
to the general public.
(b) the making of wine, cider or beer by a person from fruits,
vegetables or grains, or the product thereof, by simple fermentation and
without distillation, if it is made solely for the use of the maker and, the maker's family,
 guests and judges at a contest or competition of such
beverages, provided, the maker receives no compensation for producing
such beverages or for allowing the consumption thereof

At the end of the email, take responsibility for your request.  You are appealing to your Governmental
representative that is in office whether you voted for them or not.

I ended mine with:

Thank you,
Rob Martin
(actual address)
Lawrence, KS 66046
(mobile phone number - optional)

If this sounds too complicated, then just email them and ask them to vote yes for House Sub for HB2223

3. Let our attorney know you sent the email so he can follow up.  For me, I just did a BCC with his email address.

Philip Bradley

Please ask them to send me a quick email of who they have contacted and I will follow up.
Remember to mention this is a substitute bill that is an agreed to compromise that only allows the below mentioned activities.
FYI- link to bill ( ... 1_0000.pdf ), the significant parts are below and attached is the actual substitute bill. Please note last year, Jason(Asst. Revisor) modified the language both in the definition of “guest” and in 41-104 from what he received from Walter(ABC).




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