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Tournaments / Kansas City Wide Open 2016 split?
« on: November 25, 2015, 10:03:20 am »
Could I please get some clarrification whether the KCWO 2016 will be split or not?  I thought I read that it was, then it wasn't, but am not sure.  If it is going to be split, when will the second installment be?  Thanks.

Tournaments / Eudora KS non-sanctioned tournament 11/14/15
« on: November 05, 2015, 08:43:11 am »
I am not a part of this.  I do not formally endorse it.  I just happened to see this the other day and passing along information.

Bluejacket Park DGC
Eudora, KS

$10/team of 2


Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$10 additional fee for players without current PDGA memberships.

$42.00 Open

$37.00 Open Women
$37.00 Master
$37.00 Grandmaster

$28.00 Advanced
$28.00 Advanced Women
$28.00 Advanced Master
$28.00 Advanced Grandmaster
$28.00 Advanced Senior Grandmaster

$23.00 Intermediate
$23.00 Intermediate Women

$18.00 Recreational
$18.00 Recreational Women

$15.00 Junior II - Boys
$15.00 Junior II - Girls

Some divisions may collapse to a lower division if not engough registrants.

Registration is open:

Ace / CTP Fund will be a minimum of 2 Grip Equipment bags, maybe more depending on fund participation.

Beer after the second round will be provided by Yankee Tank Brewery for those of legal age (may have to show an ID if you look younger than 25).

Player pack disc choices will be:

Player pack choices:

GStar Valkyrie
Champion Metal Flake Destroyer
Champ MF Firebird
Champ MF Mako3
Star Ontario Roc

Fundraisers (or $5 upgrade over normal entry)

Glow Champion Gator
Colored Glow Champion Leopard3
Colored Glow Champion Rhyno Destroyer (they ran out of colored glow Rhynos)
Colored Glow Champion Roc 3

Will have a CTP-per-card or Win-card-win-prize.  Probably CTP, not sure yet.  It will be Innova towels (that I forgot to bring to Wrangle Woods - doh!)


I've been getting a lot of questions about the Saturday vs. Sunday Wrangle in the Woods.

They are two separate tournaments.

You don't have to play in one in order to play in the other.  Play only Saturday or only Sunday or both.

Saturday is 2 rounds set to medium length.  It is a B-Tier.  Higher costs, larger player pack, higher payouts.

Sunday is 1 round set to maximum length.  Lower costs, lower payouts.  Player 'pack' is for Rec and Jrs. only in the form of a voucher for you to choose what you want.  All other divisions are payouts based on 100% of net.

Sunday will have common PDGA divisions, such as Open, Advanced, Intermediate, Recreational.  These four divisions will be open no matter what.  Juniors and Women divisions will open up for 1 or more players.  All other divisions (Pro Masters, Advanced Masters, Advanced GM) will need a minimum of 3 to open the division.  In the registration process, all divisions are currently open, but if not enough are open they may be collapsed to a least common denominator division (which is the same for all tournaments really).

$17 Pro divisions
$16 Am divisions

You do not need to pre-register, but it is always appreciated and will make the morning go smoother.  Pre-registration is here:

Player registration at 9:30 AM.  Player meeting at 10 AM.  Meet at Hog Holler Saloon. 

Tournaments / Family Promise Fling benefit tournament Sunday 10/25/15
« on: October 04, 2015, 02:07:13 pm »

Family Promise Fling will be a one rounder somewhat casual tournament to raise money and awareness for Family Promise of Lawrence.  Family Promise is an organization that specifically helps homeless families (i.e. at least one child with one adult) to find safe housing, food, assistance and recovery back into more permanent housing. 

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to transform the lives of homeless children and their families by providing safe shelter, food, counseling, and training in partnership with local communities of faith through hospitality and daily living support in a compassionate setting.  The program is designed to address the needs of families and equip them to move into permanent housing as quickly as possible.

Cost is $20 for three available divisions: Experienced, Intermediate, Beginner.  Player pack will be one Innova DX disc, plus beer for those of legal age donated by Yankee Tank Brewing based in Lawrence, KS.  There will be other small payouts, and raffles for a basket, bags, etc.

Pre-registration is not required by greatly appreciated:

Found and Lost / Found: Star Vulcan at Liberty
« on: September 06, 2015, 03:20:58 pm »
Found Star Vulcan at Liberty Bad Rock over a month ago.  (Forgot about it)

There was a name and number on the back at one time.  All but first name crossed out. 

Provide the first name and color...

Maverick Disc Golf's first B-Tier:

This is actually two events on the same weekend, same course.

Saturday, 10/10/15 is a B-Tier.  Course will be set with various pin locations and average a 'medium' seting.

Saturday Registration:

Sunday, 10/11/15 is a C-Tier.  This will be a one rounder with every pin set long. 

Sunday Registraion:

Saturday will have $500 added cash to the PRO divisions.  MPO and FPO divisions are open even if one person registers.  In order to open up a second division, at least four players need to be in the requested division.  If less than four players are in a division at tee time, the divisions will collapse to the next closest division.

Saturday's Am Player's Pack will be one stock stamped Hyzerbomb disc, Maverick dri-fit tee shirt, nice reusable plastic pint cup, and one free drink at Hog Holler (good for one tap beer, well drink, or pop).

Player packs for all Amateurs. Advanced and Intermediate divisions will have added merchandise payouts beyond player packs. Recreational and Junior divisions are Player Pack only.

Sunday: Pro divisions will pay 100% of net entries.  Rec and Junior ams will receive a $17 voucher.  Advanced and Intermediate will have no player packs and 100% of net entries paid as merchandise credit.  (Net entry fee = Entry fee - PDGA fee which is $2 per person for C-Tiers).

Optional Saturday Meal:
For Saturday, Hog Holler is running a special of pulled pork sandwich, beans, potatoe salad and drink for $8.  Normally, just a sandwich and fries is $8.  So, the potatoe salad is substituted for fries (for quicker serving) + beans and drink for free with the special.  You can preorder your meal during registration to pay for it all at once.

Sunday meal?  Probably not due to the start time. (See Below)

Saturday check in: 8 - 8:45am.  Player meeting at 8:45.  Tee time will be set at player meeting.

Sunday check in: 9:30 -  10am.  Player meeting at 10 am.  Tee time will be set at player meeting.  While not confirmed yet, I'm presumming the kitchen will be open after the round if you want to order some food.

Camping - Longview campground closes 10/1/15.  However, Slough Creek campground, a Corp of Engineers facility will be open until 10/15/15.  Camping is $12 - $18 depending on what hook ups you need.  I did check the place out - the tent area is pretty cool and overlooks the lake.

Saturday: Instead of $ payout, a Hyzerbomb Flak Bag will be given for the Ace Fund. If no ace is hit, a CTP will be done after 2nd rnd to determine winner. If more than 1 ace, then only those players will do CTP. When 41 players opt for Fund, a 2nd bag will be given.
No ace fund for Sunday - it will all be set extra long.

The first tournament at Longview - the Longview Open - was my tournament that sold out the fastest.
While I don't want to hype it up, with the extra cash, nicer player pack, probably nicer weather, ability to camp and play a third round on Sunday, you may want to consider signing up early for this one.


Rob Martin

Tournaments / 2016 PDGA Worlds Invitation Criteria - Both Am and Pro
« on: August 27, 2015, 09:38:50 am »
If you are wanting to go to Pro Worlds in Emporia or Am Worlds in Madison, WI (heck yeah!) in 2016 you really should read this:

Young Park - Blue Springs / Meandering Monday 8/17/15
« on: August 11, 2015, 02:03:32 pm »
Meandering Monday PDGA League will be at W. Young 8/17/15. 


Club members - $5
Non-club members - $6

+$1 Optional ace fund, currently at $220.

Sign up starts at 5:30.  Need to start pushing cards out as daylight is shorter.  Will try to get cards done by 5:50.


October 3, 2015

Eisenhower State Park, aka Melvern Lake

Two rounds of 18 holes.




Eisenhower / Melvern is more open than wooded, but there are some definite wood holes and one particular hole (15) where you drive off a hill (cliff) over water to reach the other side.  There is some landing area if you want to set up first.

This is a Kansas state park, park entrance fee is required.  There is also quite a bit of camping available from tent areas to RV's, to cabins and yurts.  They even have facilities for horse camping.  Yes, you can bring your horse to camp with you.

Park Fee schedule:

$7-19?/night camping based on how many utilities you want and that 10/3/15 is two days after the 'Off Season' rates kick in.

I will be camping at Maime's Cabin near hole 15 for sure Friday night and maybe Saturday night too.  Check in will be there at the cabin 8:30 - 9:00 am Saturday morning.


I'm going.

Looking for a room mate.  I'll be there Friday and Saturday nights staying at the TownePlace Suites.  Really need someone who does not snore.  Prefer non-smoker, but if you smoke outside I'm ok with it.  Actually, the entire hotel is smoke free from what I see.  I do drink beer, etc. in my room but generally don't get stupid about it. 




Two rounds  of 18 holes. 

Players pack for Ams will include a tournament stamped Innova disc and an Innova sticker.

Following are the disc choices.

Aviar - Champion Metal Flake
Aviar - GStar
Rhyno - Gummy Champion
Tern - Gummy Champion
Wraith - Echo Star
Boss - Champion Blizzard

Available for purchase (or $5 upgrade over regular registration):

Firebird - Colored Champion Glow
TeeBird - Colored Champion Glow

There will be a 'Win your card, win a prize' for the second round which will include your choice of 2 of the following:

Innova patch
(Innova) Air Force patch
Innova Lapel pin
Innova License plate frame

$5 - Dynamic Discs Ace / CTP fund:
Instead of $ payout, a DD Ranger Bag will be given for the Ace Fund. If no ace is hit, a CTP will be done after 2nd rnd to determine winner. If more than 1 ace, then only those players will do CTP. When 41 players opt for Fund, a 2nd bag will be given.

Pleasant Hill / Water for PDGA Monday league 7/13/15
« on: July 12, 2015, 03:07:21 pm »
I think we should have some extra water available for Monday night due to the extreme heat.  I do have a 5 gallon water cooler.  I can get ice for it.  Are there working water spigots at the park? Thinking probably over by the camp ground area?

If someone is willing to take care of it all, bring a cooler, ice and water, I'll let you. 


Modified match play format, non-sanctioned disc golf tournament.

Limited to two pools of 32 each, Pro and Amateur and one pool of 8 for Women.

 Registration and Payouts will be coordinated through Scott Reek and Dynamic Discs - Kansas City.  Rob Martin of Maverick Disc Golf will be the Tournament Director.

 This is a SOLO match play, NOT team match play.

 All players - $21. ($1 to Kansas City Flying Disc Club, $20 to payouts). Pre-register via DD website.

Location - Swope Park. Check in 8:30 - 9:15. Players meeting is required and will be right after check in.



Non-sanctioned 1-rounder.

One round singles format. Non-sanctioned. Pre-register or sign up day of at 1pm - Sunday, 7/12/15.

 Pros pays out cash.

 Amateur pays out merchandise credit.

 Novice - each player will receive voucher with no additional payout.

 Minimum 100% payout for all divisions.

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