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Regular PDGA C/B Tier for most divisions consisting of two rounds of 18 holes on regular course.

We are running a juniors/novice event this year. Two rounds of 9 holes on the Jackson Park 9-hole course. Very inexpensive entry of $12 for this side event.

Player Packs:

First 95 players to sign up (Pro, Am and Juniors) will receive an XT Atlas.

In addition, All Ams and Juniors that play the full 2 rounds 36 hole main event will also get on Innova Champion koozie and to choose one of these choices:

Champion Mamba
Champion Mako3
Champion Metal Flake Ape
Champ MF Destroyer
Champ MF Super Stingray
Pro Thunderbird
Glow champion Cobra (with Innova stamp, not tournie stamp)
Shimmer Star Rhyno
Yeti Pro Aviar

or 2 DX discs:
DX Leopard
DX Shark
Black DX Aviar

All juniors in the 1 round, 18 hole side event can choose 1 of the following:
DX Leopard
DX Shark
Black DX Aviar

Pros - XT Atlas (if one of first 95)
Ams/Juniors - XT Atlas (if one of first 95) + Tournament disc (or 2 DX discs) + koozie
Juniors in side event - XT Atlas (if one of first 95) + Tournament DX disc

While the signup page shows 117 spots available, only 90 are for the main event (2 rounds of 18) and 27 are for the side event (1 round of 18 on the 9 hole course).


This year for the Longview Open, we are moving the divisions around a bit.  Intermediate, Rec and Juniors will play on Saturday with a medium layout, Pro and Advanced divisions will play on Sunday with a longer layout.

Registration opens up February 3rd at 4pm.

Saturday registration:

Sunday registration:

This event is a part of the Maverick Disc Golf 2017 Series Driven by INNOVA.  There will be a total of $1800 worth of additional vouchers and merchandise at the end of the season.  Some of it is awarded on performance and some of it will be awarded as a free random drawing for those that participate.  Either way, the more you play, the better your chances at the extra stuff.  More information can be found here:


Registration opens up for the Kanza Krush '17 Presented by Innova Discs Wednesday morning, Jan. 4th.

We will be using two sets of tees. Long tees will be used for all Pro divisions, All Advanced divisions (except Adv. Master Women if there are enough), and Intermediate men. Short tees will be used for Adv. Master Women, Intermediate Women, all Recreational divisions and all Junior divisions.

For those that register early (by Feb. 19), there will be a bonus player pack consisting of an Innova premimum disc, Innova beanie, 2017 disc golf calendar, DewFly towel, sticker sheet and pencil. This is available for all amateurs, and for pros as well (for an extra $20) if you register early. Additionally, if you want to, you can add a long sleeve shirt for an additional $7.50 OR a hoodie for an additional $20. This is also available to pros that opt to purchase a player pack (but not to pros that don't opt to purchase a player pack).

The large player pack is only available for paid early registrations.  After early registration closes, the player pack will be a premium disc and some other item not yet determined.

Finally, because registering after on-line registration closes is so problematic, for all tournaments going forward there will be a $3 additional charge to register after online closes including day of walk ups (if there is room).

(hey, doesn't that guy on the right look like Waldron?)

Tournaments / Maverick Disc Golf 2017 Series Driven by INNOVA
« on: December 17, 2016, 04:07:51 PM »
ADDED FREE STATE FLING at Bloomington Park, Clinton Lake, KS.

Super excited to announce a more cohesive tournament set-up for 2017. Besides normal player packs, trophies, and payouts for each individual tournament, there will also be year-end bonus payout and prizes worth $1800!

A total of $570 merchandise credit will be given away based on accumulated points for finishes at Series events. The merchandise credit will be available to both Pro and Amateur divisions and will be redeemed at INNOVA’S Pro shop ( ). The points structure will be similar to the PDGA NT Event points and listed below.

Additionally, there will be six large ticket items that will include an INNOVA DISCatcher Pro 28, the new mid-grade INNOVA basket (not yet released), an INNOVA DISCatcher Sport and a Traveler or Skillshot. There will also be two bags given, a ProtoBag (not yet released) and a HeroPack. These items will be rewarded at the end of the season via a drawing. Each tournament you play in, regardless of division, will get you one entry. The more tournaments you play, the more entries you will have.

In total, this amounts to over $1800 worth of product given by INNOVA directly to you for participating (and excelling in case of the point finishes) in tournaments that are a part of the Maverick DG Series Driven by INNOVA.


Points are awarded based on place for each division. If you play in more than one division throughout the year, your points will be added up by division and the division where you accumulated the most points will be the division available for payout. So if you mostly play Intermediate, but occasionally play Advanced Master, you retain all of your points for both divisions but are placed in the division you played in the most – Intermediate. There are no Pro or Am points, just points, as payout for all divisions is merchandise credit at the Innova Pro Shop. If you DNF – Do Not Finish a tournament, no points will be rewarded.

This was based on approximately $1 per person for select events in 2016 that at the time would carry over to the Series in 2017. Slight adjustments have already been made as to what tournaments were selected to be in the Series and what wasn’t.

Most divisions will have their own payout structure. For some divisions that have historically lower turnout, multiple divisions will be combined for the additional payout. For example, Pro Women and all Pro Divisions outside of Open are in one BONUS payout division. Each are rewarded their own points, (First place in their own division gets 100 points, Second place gets 95, etc.) however all players for those divisions will be combined and the top point winner will get the First Place payout, second point winner will get the Second Place payout, etc. This would also apply to all Groupings as described below.

Each tournament you play, regardless of division, gets you one entry into the year-end drawing. Simple as that. Plan on picking up the large ticket items in Lawrence, KS. A case by case compromise can be made on alternate plans for delivery for those that cannot pick up in Lawrence, KS. We can work that out when the time comes.  If you live in the Kansas City metro, I work in Overland Park and we can work out a way to get the item to you.

Barter Town / Lots of homebrew equipment
« on: December 10, 2016, 10:54:30 PM »
I homebrewed my own beer for 25 years from 1990 - 2015.  I've finally decided to give it up.  I have a ton of stuff for sale, primarily centered around brewing 10-12 gallon batches.  If you are interested, I have it listed on Lawrence Brewers' Guild facebook page.


Two rounds of 18 holes at Centennial Park in Lawrence, KS.  Grip Equipment is the presenting sponsor providing bags for the Ace Fund.  The revenue generated from this ace fund is being used to pay for a portable restroom, park fees and an added item that all (Pro and Am) will receive.  Please consider participating in the Ace Fund.

INNOVA Champion Discs is the disc sponsor. 

Yankee Tank Brewing is providing Qty 3, 1/6 Barrels of beer for free to players of legal drinking age after the second round is completed. 

Non-PDGA fee for those that are not current - $10
DAY OF Registration fee - $3.  (This is waived if you pre-register)

Registration is open and the tournament is already 40% full.  Because day of registration is becoming problematic, a $3 Day Of fee is being implemented for the purpose to encourage people to pre-register online prior to the closing of registration which is usually 5:30 - 6pm the night before.


Innova Discs that were ordered:

Player Pack Discs:
Champion Wraith
Champion Roc3
Black Champion Thunderbird
Champion Metal Flake Ape
Champion Metal Flake Colossus
Champion Metal Flake Leopard
Champion Metal Flake Teedevil
Champion Metal Flake Teebird
Shimmer Star Rhyno

Other discs available for purchase:
Champion Glow Destroyer (stiffer, not gummy this time)
Champion Glow Gazelle
Champion Glow Roc3
Champion Glow Valkyrie
Champion Colored Glow Gator
Champion Colored Glow Tern
Champion colored Glow Whale

There will be a Win Your Card, Win a Prize for the second round.  Undecided what it is yet, but probably something like a Sportsack or similar value.

Tournaments / Thursday Throwdown at Swope, 10/6/16 PDGA C-tier
« on: September 19, 2016, 09:11:52 PM »

PDGA C-tier tournament - on a THURSDAY!

This is for those that have a non-traditional work schedule, or vacation time to burn.

Two rounds of 18 holes.  This is not a flex start, it is a normal 2 round shot gun start tournament.

Pre-registration (very much appreciated to make the morning go smooth) is at:

Day of registration and player check in is from 8:15 - 9am, with a player meeting as soon as we're ready.

Morning round, then lunch on your own, afternoon round, then payouts.

Costs and Payout Structure:

$22 Pro divisions.  $2 towards PDGA fees, $1 to KCFDC (from Maverick DG), $20 towards payout.
$22 Advanced divisions: $2 towards PDGA fees, $1 to KCFDC (from Maverick DG) $20 towards merchandise payout.  No player pack.
$22 Intermediate divisions: $2 towards PDGA fees, $1 to KCFDC (from Maverick DG) $10 merchandise player pack voucher, $10 towards merchandise payout.
$16 Recreational divisions: $1 towards PDGA fees, $1 to KCFDC and PDGA (from Maverick DG), $15 merchandise player pack voucher, no additional payout.

+$10 for non-current PDGA members.  By the way - If you register with the PDGA on October 1st or later, the membership will carry through until December 2017.  May as well become a member or renew your membership.

Ace Fund:
$2.  Pays out 100% cash if an ace is actually hit during play.  Otherwise, pays out 100% as merchandise credit after second round during CTP.


All rocks OB. All streets and beyond are OB. Normal course mandos in play.  Pretty standard stuff.
1. Short
2. Medium
3. Regular 3 pad to long across driveway. Will need to block parking lot. OK for a weekday. Drive way itself is a river.
4. Medium
5. Long pad to long left
6. Long
7. Back fence
8. Medium
9. Short
10. Medium
11. Medium
12. Back corner fence
13. Long pad to left cliff corner
14. Short
15. Short near tri-pod tree
16. Regular tee middle medium pin.
17. Short with mando
18. Long pad to short pin

Tournaments / Big Blue Monster 2016 11/5/16
« on: September 09, 2016, 11:31:24 AM »

Registration link is open:

This tournament will have two pools. Each pool plays one round of 18 holes.

First Pool: Original Long 18 holes.

Original 18 set in the maximum length possible which will include new pin placements on 3-4 holes that are even longer. Approximately 11,500 feet, par 74. Divisions for this pool:
ALL OPEN ($22 - pays out $20 per player)
ALL ADVANCED ($20 Player pack disc and additional payout)
ALL INTERMEDIATE ($20 Player pack disc and additional payout)
ALL RECREATIONAL ($15 Player pack only - premium Innova disc)
JUNIORS 1 (18 & UNDER) ($15 Player pack only - premium Innova disc)

Second Pool: Junior / Exec 9 holes (x 2 laps)

This is the Blue Valley Short Course - Smaller 9 hole course played twice back to back without a break. This is not as easy as it may seem. 5400 feet, part 56. Still has some pretty significant elevation. Divisions for this pool:
ALL NOVICE ($10 Player pack only - base Innova disc)
ALL JUNIOR DIVISIONS II AND BELOW (15 & UNDER) ($10 Player pack only - base Innova disc)

Disc stamp:

Tournaments / Raymore Rumble Presented by INNOVA 10/1/16
« on: August 25, 2016, 09:14:16 AM »

This will be the first PDGA Sanctioned tournament at Recreation Park in Raymore, MO. 

Registration is open:

PDGA C PRO / B AM TIER Tournament.

Pro is 100% payout after PDGA fees.

Am Player Pack for those that sign up prior to September 18 will be:

- Innova Premium Disc (last two tournaments were the Mystere and the Savant. Rumor is this one will be the Gargoyle)
 - Innova cotton t-shirt
 - Innova mesh hat
 - mini, sticker, pencil

You also have the option of foregoing the player pack for a $15 discount if you sign up before 9/18.

After 9/18, the 'No Player Pack' option will not be available, and the above player pack will not be available as I have to order them two weeks prior.  Instead, the PP will be an Innova disc of some sort (not determined yet but not the exclusive tournament disc above) and a shirt from current stock (i.e. size not guaranteed).

Leagues / Clean up events from front page
« on: July 26, 2016, 01:12:49 PM »
Maybe it's time to clean up events from front page.  For example - Wandering Wednesdays is no longer running.

Limestone Classic in Cottonwood Falls, KS.  CF, KS is about 15 miles west of Emporia.  This course was designed by Eric McCabe and will be the first PDGA sanctioned tournament at the 'other' Swope Park.



Dynamic Discs
Walnut River Brewing Company
Chase Disc Golf

Lunch will be available for purchase on site by Southfork Smokeshack.

Free beer will be provided after last round by Walnut River to those of legal age.  Bring an ID.

While this doesn't solve all of the problems with the various World Championship invitation process, it does take steps towards a better process.

Tournaments / Atchison Aviatrix, 6/18/16 C/B-Tier, Atchison, KS
« on: May 29, 2016, 08:47:50 PM »

Next Maverick DG tournament is the Atchison Aviatrix on June 18.

For early registrants that register before June 6 at 6 AM, (One week away) the Am player pack will be:
Innova Champion Savant - only released via tournaments (or you can swop for one of the discs listed below)
Innova cotton t-shirt
Innova mesh baseball cap
Mini, stickers, etc.

For all other Amateur players that register after 6 am June 6 or the day of, the player pack will be
Innova Pro plastic disc (R-Pro Boss, Pro Destroyer, Pro JK Aviar)
Shirt (various cotton and dri-fits in stock)

Registration link:

Same ranger that installed the Longview Course at Perry Lake is installing a new course at Bloomington Park on the west side of Clinton Lake west of Lawrence.  Technically, this is Clinton, KS.  Kent Bryan helped lay out the course itself.

Should be open mid-summer?

Tee pads have been poured. Some clearing has been done. This course is more open and less maintenance then Longview is. Very nice tee pads. From what I could tell, some wooded holes, some wide open holes, good use of elevation. Easily accessible to other park features like camping, etc., so I think it will be used more by people just getting into the game.

From what I can tell, several holes will be in this area.  I'm certain the grass will be mowed down. 

Carolyn's Dirty Water Open at Rose Park in McLouth, KS on May 28, 2016.

The work crews out at Rose Park have done quite a bit of work on the back holes around the pond.  It will be noticeably better than it was last year when it was only 6 weeks old at tournament time.

This will be a ratings based tournament similiar to the Big Blue Monster last fall.

Registration is open.  Tournament flyer will be posted soon.

All divisions are $25. 

Gold division is Pro - Open and will pay as Cash or Merchandise credit for those that want to retain Am status.

Rest of divisions pays as merchandise.
All ams will receive a Gateway disc (various molds will be available).

Purle division (<800 Rating) will receive a bonus pack item with no additional payout.

Registration is here:

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