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More information will be posted later, but here is an early design.

General Banter / Innova? Innova!
« on: September 04, 2014, 07:33:05 pm »
So, curious what your favorite Innova models and plastics are?

Mine are:

Yeti Pro Aviar (bagged)
Mako - Star (indispensable)
Gator - Star (sometimes bagged) and beat DX (putter when playing GBO windy)
TL - Pro and Star (both bagged)
Teebird - GStar (bagged)
Valkyrie - Star, Starlite, (both bagged) Echo Start, Champion, Glow Champion in that order all as backups
Destroyer - Pro and Star (bagged both)
Tern - Gummy/Jolly Launcher Champion (bagged)
Wraith - Blizzard Champion (bagged)

Alternates depending on circumstances

Mako3 - Champion
Sidewinder - Champion
Leopard - Champion
Rhyno - DX stiffer
TeeDevil - Blizzard Champion
Viking - Champion

Tournaments / 2015 PDGA Pro and Am/Jr. Invitation Criteria
« on: September 01, 2014, 06:11:15 pm »

The invitation criteria has been posted for the 2015 PDGA Pro and Am/Jr. worlds.  The amount of points has gone up due to the overwhelming amount of people that have qualified the last couple of years and how quickly the tournaments have sold out.

My thoughts?

Overall, it is a good thing.  Selling out tournaments in 48 hours shows the demand is too high.  By making it harder, it *potentially* makes it leaner for the better players.

The timing is not great.  They should have announced this at the beginning of the year for the next coming year.  However, it is still possible to do something about it now.  Play tournaments - get points.

Winter Leagues / September and/or October Wednesday glow?
« on: August 19, 2014, 09:17:11 am »
Wanting to gauge interest in September and/or October Wednesday glow as a continuation of Wandering Wednesday. 

This may or may not be necessarily wandering.  I'm more concerned about which courses lend themselves to setting up glow easily.

Originally I was thinking of taking a short break in September and doing just a 4-week mini-series in October.  However if there is a lot of interest, I would consider just moving straight into a 4-7 week glow series ending no later than October 29th. 

Cost would be:

$3 - payout - normal KCFDC league payout schedules
$1 - club
$1 - cover glow equipment.  If / when enough money was collected this $1 would stop being collected.  It may be a situation where we just don't collect one week, or where we stop collecting for the rest of the series, etc.  I would buy some higher quality glow sticks from Amazon instead of the cheap crap from Dollar General.  The models I was looking at were nearly $1 per stick.
$1 - Optional Ace Fund.  Would consider rolling the PDGA league ace fund through this glow series.

For courses options:

WyCo - I like how the baskets are close to the road so someone can drive around in a car and place glow sticks on before the round starts.

Rosedale - seems to be an easy glow course, but what makes me hesitant is how busy this course is.

Swope - I like Swope, but Swope at night makes me nervous.

SMP - I think glow here would be really fun, but I really dispise their strong stance on no alcohol and nazi like approach to dogs and leashes.

PC - little leary, back 9 would be a pain to find a disc if it went into the woods at night.

We would start at 6pm.

As info, Sept 10 sunset is 7:35.  October 29 sunset is 6:21.

General Banter / Topeka courses updates
« on: August 15, 2014, 05:42:03 pm »
Ran into Mitch Bonjour at Lake Shawnee today.  He said that Crestview is getting an overhaul after the mowing season this fall.  All new Mach X baskets, new larger tee pads and new pins (the underground kind with a water cap).  It is running about $3K per hole.

The Crestview baskets will then be moved to replace Lake Shawnee's baskets, some of which were home made back in the 80's. 

Lake Shawnee's baskets will replace the ones at Rice Park.

Good stuff.

Tournaments / 2014 PDGA Pro Worlds - Portland
« on: August 12, 2014, 09:21:45 am »
Looky here...

Putting Competition
Division Name PDGA# Score Rank Prize
Men <50 11534 Nikko Locastro 39 TBD TBD
Men <50 4666 Steve Rico 37 TBD TBD
Men <50 15864 Jay Reading 36 3 $125
Men <50 27171 Paul Ulibarri 35 4 $105
Men <50 32315 David Madruga 34 5 $90
Men <50 12824 Scott Reek 33 6 $75
Men <50 4034 George Smith 32 7 $65

Men <50 24275 Dustin Honold 31 8 $58
Men <50 10738 Terry Miller 31 8 $58
Men <50 18512 Anthony Bee 30 10 $44
Men <50 25168 Devan Owens 30 10 $44
Men <50 25596 Kyle Crabtree 30 10 $44
Men <50 21683 Jere Eshelman 30 10 $44
Men <50 48346 Drew Gibson 29 14 $28
Men <50 25325 Patrick Blazek 29 14 $28
Men <50 46637 Colin Chambers 28 16 $24
Men <50 24437 David Wiggins 28 16 $24
Men <50 25245 Jeremy Fancher 28 16 $24
Men <50 26416 Philo Brathwaite 28 16 $24
Men <50 44131 Matt House 27 20 $20

Found and Lost / Hannah Nelson
« on: July 12, 2014, 11:23:23 am »
Anybody know Hannah Nelson? Found a disc at Legacy. Phone number has been disconnected.

General Banter / Steve Brinster Sentinel on sale today only 7/1/14
« on: July 01, 2014, 10:27:17 am »
Almost bit on this one, but I really have enough discs.  Great price though.

If you are not familiar with Prime Discs, this sale is one day only, today, 7/1/14

Lost on Hole 1, to the left, at Wilbur Young on 6/25/14.  Would appreciate it back please.

** Can I have an Admin sticky this thread?  Thanks  **

Wandering Wednesday PDGA league will continue next week. 

FINAL   Schedule for Wider Wandering Wednesdays (WWW)
(Subject to change if something comes up)

6/25 - W. Young
7/2 - WyCo - Session 1 sort of Player Party.
7/9 - Legacy
7/16 - Water Works (prep for H2Open)
7/23 - SMP
7/30 - Roesdale Up Top (prep for Midwest Am. Champ)
8/6 - Swope
8/13 - Rosedale DU
8/20 - Cliff
8/27 - PC (prep for Old Settlers Open)

Leagues / League supplies
« on: June 11, 2014, 03:10:04 pm »
Seems like we need to print some more league supplies.

I'm out of score cards and have about a 2 week supply of KC Kash. 

This is the 22 hole layout we will be using for PDGA Wandering Wednesday league June 11, 2014.  Designed by Joe Hesting

1: Par 3, 230’, Standard hole 1
2: Par 3, 525’, Hole 2 tee to hole 4 basket.  Fence OB, play from Dropzone.
3: Par 3, 277’, Standard hole 5
4: Par 3, 216’, Standard hole 6
5: Par 3, 198’, Standard hole 7
6: Par 3, 212’, Standard hole 8
7: Par 3, 213’, Standard hole 9.  EDIT:Mando left of tree off tee. Miss it first try, retee from tee for 3.  Miss it second try, throw from left of tree for 5.:
8: Par 3, 251’, Standard hole 10, Fence OB, play from where it went out.
9: Par 3, 254’, Standard hole 11
10: Par 3, 174’, Standard hole 12
11: Par 3, 296’, Standard hole 13  Barbed wire fence on right OB. Play from where it went out.
12: Par 3, 222’, Standard hole 14  Barbed wire fence on right OB. Play from where it went out.
13: Par 3, 251’, Standard hole 15
14: Par 3, 256’, Standard hole 16. Sidewalk and beyond OB.
15: Par 3, 291’, Standard hole 17
16: Par 3, 258’, Standard hole 18. Sidewalk and beyond OB
17: Par 4, 485’, Alternate tee box near crosswalk on W 165th St to practice basket.
18: Par 3, 425’, Alternate tee box near W 165th St.  Third tree east of the parking lot entrance.  To hole 1 basket.  Sidewalk and beyond OB.  Fence OB, play from drop zone which is #1 tee.
19: Par 3, 223’, Standard hole 2
20: Par 3, 203’, Standard hole 3
21: Par 3, 232’, Standard hole 4
22: Par 4, 666’.  Alternate tee box near shot putt circle just west of standard hole 4 basket to practice basket.  All concrete, sidewalks, parking lot, fence OB.  Play lie from where it went out.
22 Holes   Par 68      6,358 feet

Starting Monday, June 2nd, I will be running a PDGA sanctioned league at Lawrence Centennial.  Sign up at 5:45, tee off as soon as cards are done.

There will be four divisions offered:

Pro: $5. $1 PDGA fee, $4 to cash payout

Amateur: $5. $1 PDGA fee, $4 towards payout redeemable at Drop Zone Extreme Sports

Woman: $5. $1 PDGA fee, $4 towards payout redeemable at Drop Zone Extreme Sports

Recreational: $2, No Payout ($1 PDGA, $1 admin costs)

Optional Ace Fund all division — $1 additional

League amateur / woman payouts are paid as Lawrence Loot which is redeemable at Drop Zone Extreme Sports located at 811 E. 23rd Street, Lawrence, KS. Drop Zone carries Innova discs, hats, bags and other equipment.  I am not an employee of Drop Zone.  My desire was to find a local retailer in Lawrence to work with using a similar format as the KCFDC league system of pros and amateurs.

Cliff Drive / Trash abatement
« on: April 14, 2014, 10:26:08 pm »
At Cliff Dr last weekend I saw two trash cans. One on hole 3, other on hole 5. I know I'm asking a huge request when I expect people to actually put their trash in a can, but when the course doesn't even have cans, where will an irresponsible person put their trash? Carry in carry out won't work when local residents carry in bag fulls of trash to dump along the road.

Seriously, what can be done to curb the trash at Cliff? It's disgusting. And no I'm not interested in cleaning a park 45 miles from me when residents 4,500 feet from the park use it as a landfill.

I don't like to b%tch unless I have some suggestions, so here it goes:

Put cans on every hole. Lot easier to put bottles in a can when there is a can.

Put signs along the road (bigger then the 8x11 signs on Cliff Dr) that inform of the illegal dumping consequences. I'm serious. Ask the city to have metal signs that are 2 feet by 3 feet with huge letters that say illegal dumping will cost you $X fine. Make it abnoxiously visible. I'd rather see the signs then another bag of household trash dumped along the road.

OK - here's the controversial suggestion. If locals are going to dump......let's provide them a dumpster. We provide clean needles to addicts. Let's provide an empty dumpster to dumpers.

Am I crazy?

Centennial Park - Lawrence, KS / work?
« on: April 12, 2014, 01:06:36 pm »
Anybody else notice all the work being done at Centennial lately?  Who's been doing it, the city or volunteers?

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