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Flyer updated

This will be a Ratings Based (not Division Based) event.

EDIT - 11/9 Updated player meeting on flyer

C-Tier Singles format tournament at the newly expanded Rose Park in McLouth, KS.




Disc Golf tournament at the newly expanded 18 hole course in McLouth. Two rounds of 18 holes.

Each player will receive a bottle of Carolyn's Natural Soap Dirty Water Bug Repellent.

Additional payout and players pack will depend on division.

All pro divisions pay cash, All Advanced and Intermediate divisions will pay out merchandise credit for placement (no additional player pack), all Recreational and Junior divisions will receive a merchandise voucher and no additional payout.

 All Pro div. $32
 All Advanced div. $20
 All Intermediate $20
 All Recreational $20
 Juniors 14-19 $17
 Juniors 13 & Under $15

$3-2-5 Ace Pool:

You pay $3, I add $2, payout is $5 merchandise credit per person that pays in. Ex: 30 pay into ace - $90. I add $60. Ace will net a $150 credit towards merchandise including discs, shirts, baskets, bags, etc. that I have in stock or can order.

If no ace is hit, we will have a throw off based on a grouping of divisions.  All Pro divisions together; All Advanced and Intermediate together; All Recreational and Junior divisions together (tentative - may be adjusted based on divisions with paid ace pool members)

(The background photo is actually a hole that you pretty much need to flick a shot for a RH player.)

(edit: Original flyer has been removed because this thread has totally gone off the rails and is no longer about a tournament.  The tournament will be going forward as planned and approved by the KCFDC Board of Directors).

Modified match play format, non-sanctioned disc golf tournament.

 Limited to two pools of 32 each, Pro and Amateur.

 Registration and Payouts will be coordinated through Scott Reek and Dynamic Discs - Kansas City.  Rob Martin of Maverick Disc Golf will be the Tournament Director.

 This is a SOLO match play, NOT team match play.

 All players - $21. ($1 to Kansas City Flying Disc Club, $20 to payouts). Pre-register via DD website.

 Two divisions - Pro and Amateur, 32 players per division

 Location - Swope Park. Check in 8:30 - 9:15. Players meeting required and after check in.

Rosedale / Rosedale Down Under course coordinator?
« on: May 08, 2015, 02:49:15 pm »
5/18 6pm Rosedale DU, KC, KS

Hey, I'm not sure who the course coordinator is for Rosie DU.  Tried to find out a different avenue and proved to be unsuccessful.

If you are the coordinator for Rosie DU at this moment in time, just want to remind you that if you come to Meandering Mondays Monday,5/18,  I'll pay your league fee as a thank you for taking care of our courses.

I can only cover one if there is more than one of you.  You can decide who does the most work, who has been doing it the longest, or if only one of you can make it, whatever.

Just don't fight about it.


Rob Martin

Water Works / Course coordinator for WW?
« on: May 08, 2015, 02:38:53 pm »
Hey, I'm not sure who the course coordinator is for WW.  Tried to find out a different avenue and proved to be unsuccessful.

If you are the coordinator for WW at this moment in time, just want to remind you that if you come to Meandering Mondays next Monday, 5/11/15, I'll pay your league fee as a thank you for taking care of our courses.


Rob Martin

Tournaments / 2016 Worlds - Pro @ Emporia, Ams/Juniors @ Madison WI
« on: May 07, 2015, 02:30:11 pm »
Oh, this is too cool.


Want to get those points needed to be invited to the 2016 Worlds?

Play more events.  Like Maverick Disc Golf events and the Meandering Monday PDGA league.

Get yer points, get yer invitation, play PDGA Worlds.

In all seriousness, this is very cool.  Pro Worlds within day-trip driving distance.  Am Worlds in a wonderful beer city.  YES!

General Banter / $100 Skins per hole, Blue Ribbon Pines
« on: April 23, 2015, 09:51:36 pm »
I rarely play skins. This is two guys that put up $100 per hole skins match. Play with confidence indeed.

Tournaments / Maverick Disc Golf Schedule 2015
« on: March 20, 2015, 09:37:38 am »
BOLD items are the only one that have been fully approved.  Others have not been fully approved by the respective approval bodies including but not limited to the PDGA, State, County or City Parks Departments, and the KCFDC BOD if and when applicable.

Tournaments I'm planning on running or promoting or both.

3/7 - Jackson Park Open, Atchison, KS

4/12 - Longview Open, Perry, KS

5/23 - Kanza Krush in Ottawa, KS

5/30 - Yankton 2-Step - Saturday at Gavin's Point, Yankton, SD
5/31 - Yankton 2-Step - Sunday at Fantle Memorial, Yankton, SD

6/13 Tick Flick presented by Carolyn's Dirty Water Bug Repellent 6/13/15, Rose Park, McLouth, KS

8/30 - Matchboxx 64 at Swope.  Collaboration with Scott Reek and DDKC. - cancelled

9/12 - Atchison Aviatrix, Jackson Park, Atchison, KS

10/3 - I Like Sp'Ike at Eisenhower State Park, Lake Melvern, Osage City, KS

10/10  Wrangle in the Woods presented by Hyzerbomb Discs, Longview DGC, Perry, KS. First ever Maverick B-tier.  2 rounds set medium length
10/11  Wrangle in the Woods Reprise.  One round C-tier set extra long.

10/25 Family Promise Fling, Centennial Park, Lawrence, KS.  Non-sanctioned.  Benefit tournament for Family Promise in Lawrence, a non-profit organization that helps homeless families.

11/21 - Big Blue Monster - Blue Valley, KC, MO - 1 rounder of all 27 holes in long positions. 

11/28 - Centennial Chain Crash presented by Grip Equipment, Lawrence, KS. 


Registration is now open for Kanza Krush, Ottawa, KS, May 23, 2015, C-Tier


Facebook listing:

Known sponsors:

Defiance Beer
TriLion Studios
Maverick Disc Golf

We will be using two sets of tees.  Short tees for Juniors, Recreational, Rec Women, and Intermediate Women.  Possibly Adv. Grandmasters, not sure yet.  Long tees for everyone else.

Am Player's Pack will be a Discmania or Innova disc and a Innova Mini Driver (heavy weight mini)

Tournaments / Matchbox 64 MODIFIED Match Play Comment Thread
« on: March 18, 2015, 12:40:21 pm »
Matchbox 64 Comment Thread.

Scott Reek and I are joining efforts on a MODIFIED match play format tournament created by Steve Dodge of Vibram disc golf.  I’ll be running the tournament, Scott will be collecting registrations and doing payouts.  The date is set for Sunday, August 30th.  Course is yet to be determined.

This thread is to allow some discussion to take place before the final format is declared.  Please be civil in your comments.  When the final format and course is determined, I will start a new thread specifically for that.  This is for discusison only.

This will be a NON-sanctioned tournament.  Ams can play Pro and accept cash without affecting their Am status.  There will be two divisions offered.  Pro and Am.  Pro will be awarded cash, Am will be awarded credit at DDKC Store only.  Each division will be limited to 32 players.  Each card will be limited to four players.  Eight cards per division.

Women can play but a separate division will not be offered.  In order for this to work, divisions of 4 are required.  If this turns out be be succesful, maybe we can start a 4 or 8 lady separate division next year.

World Cup Format:
On each hole, for each person in your group that you score better than, you get a point. In each round, you are only competing against the other players on your card.

Examples of scoring per hole:
Everyone gets the exact same score: 3 or a 4 or a 2 – No score is awarded, you put a ‘0’ on the score card for everyone.

You get a 3, everyone else gets a 4.  You get a ‘3’, because you beat 3 people, everyone else gets a ‘0’

Two people get a 3, two people get a 4.  The two people that get a 3 each score a ‘2’ because they beat 2 people – those that got a 4.  Those that got a 4 get a ‘0’.

You get a 2, two people get a 3, one gets a 4.  You get a ‘3’ because you beat three people.  The two people that got a 3 get ‘1’ each because they each beat one person – the individual that scored a 4.  The 4 gets ‘0’.

You get a 2, all others get a 4.  You get a ‘3’ because you beat three people.  Others get a ‘0’.  You don’t get bonus points due to the scoring spread, you only get points for how many people you beat.

You get a 2, two people get a 4, one gets a 6.  You get a ‘3’ because you beat three people.  The two that scored 4 get ‘1’ each because they each beat one person.  The one that scored ‘6’ gets a ‘0’.

A sequenced is thrown, i.e., 2, 3, 4, 5.  The person that shot a 2, gets a '3' on the score card.  The person that shot a 3 get a '2' on the score card.  The person that shot a 4 gets a '1' on the score card.  The person that shot a 5 gets a '0'.

Highest score wins.

Need to figure out tie breakers yet.  The Vibram thread had some ideas.

Round 1: 16 Foursomes total.  8 foursomes per division.

Round 2: Semifinals

This is Per Division
Two Lead Foursomes
Two 2nd Place Foursomes
Two 3rd Place Foursomes
Two  4th Place Foursomes

Round 3: Finals
The winners of each of the two lead foursomes play a final Match Play round of 9 holes.  We could do this as one group of four.  The two winning Pros and the two winning Ams playing together but scoring separately.

Order of top 12 players, who get a payout.
1.  (Winner of Final Round).  Top payout.
2. (Loser of Final Round)
3-4.  Two players that finished in 2nd place from one of the two lead foursomes in Rd2
5-6: Winners of the 2nd Place Foursomes in Rd2
7-12: Equal payouts to 3rd place in lead foursome, 2nd place in 2nd foursome, 1st place in 3rd foursome

Leagues / 2015 Meandering Monday PDGA League - Both Sessions
« on: March 03, 2015, 04:21:46 pm »

First Session:

4/6 - Shawnee Mission Park.  Will try to start check ins at 5:15, will send people out as soon as cards can be filled.  Last card out will be about 5:30-5:40
4/13 Blue Valley KC, MO  Check-in 5:15.  Will try to start check ins at 5:15, will send people out as soon as cards can be filled.  Last card out will be about 5:30-5:40.  May have to play the middle distance inner course due to daylight – City of Fountains week

4/20 5:30pm Swope, KC, MO – Corporate Challenge week

4/27 5:30pm WyCo, Bonner Springs, KS – GBO week, WyCo is similar to Emporia courses

5/4 6pm Legacy Park, Lee’s Summit, MO

5/11 6pm Water Works, KC, MO

5/18 6pm Rosedale DU, KC, KS

5/25 - Memorial Day – no league

6/1 – 6pm To Be Determined.  E vs. W course or W. Young Blue Springs, MO

6/8 – 6pm Lake Shore, Pleasant Hill, MO

6/15 – 6pm KCWO course to be determined.  Either Swope Gold if playable, otherwise Rosedale Up Top.

All course coordinators get to play for free the week the league is on their course.

For the 10-week PDGA League, the fee structure will be:
KCFDC Members
With Ace Fund - $6
Without Ace Fund - $5

Non-KCFDC Members
With Ace fund - $7
Without Ace fund - $6

Divisions offered:
The reporting of divisions will differ for the PDGA and KCFDC.  For the payout portion (KCFDC), it will be based on standard KC league formats.  In order to have a division, 3 people or more need to be available for the least restrictive denominator per Pro or Am division

For example –
1-5 Open players – all play Open.
6+ Open players, can split into various divisions (Open, Pro Masters, Pro Women, Pro Grand Masters, etc.)

1-5 Am players – All play Advanced
6+ Am players – Can be split into various divisions (Advanced, Advanced Women, Intermediate, Rec, etc.)

Payouts will be the approved KCFDC format as shown here:

Reporting to the PDGA:
As far as reporting to the PDGA there are two benefits: first to get a rating, second to get point used for Pro and Am Worlds.  It benefits everyone, top and bottom, to be placed in the same grouping for points if the highest categories are used.  Therefore, for the PDGA reporting it will be simply Open and Advanced regardless of gender or age.

Best place to find results:

Tournaments / 27th Memorial Championship presented by Discraft
« on: February 26, 2015, 11:00:28 am »
Anybody know Jason (Jack) Hebenheimer?  He lives in Jefferson City, MO.  My very first PDGA tournament I played in, Kan-U-Wyco in 2012 I was on his card.  I think he is now 16 or 17.

Anywho - he's tied for first place in Advanced with 186 players.  Pretty cool.

Two 1100+ *tentatively* rated rounds yesterday in Open:

Very first PDGA sanctioned tournament at Longview.

Go here for details:


Registration and current player listing is open at:

Facebook event page:

$50 Open
$40 Masters, Grandmasters, Women - Pro
$35 Advanced, Adv. Masters, Adv. Grandmaster
$30 Intermediate / Intermediate women
$22 Recreational / Rec. women
$20 Juniors 19 and under
$15 Juniors 16 and under
$10 Non-PDGA fee*

*This is a PDGA Sanctioned C-tier.  All players are able to play.  If you are not a *current* PDGA member, a $10 fee will apply.

All players will receive a TriLion golf towel.
All amateur players will receive choice of Innova disc and Innova Mini Driver
All amateur players that pre-register by April 9 will receive a bonus pack item - a SS Innova logo T-shirt.

Hog Holler Saloon is offering a $8 lunch special.  Includes pulled pork sandwich, baked beans, potato salad and drink.  Drink is good for refillable pop (during lunch) or a single beer.

Player check in is at Hog Holler Saloon across the street from 8:00 - 8:45 -required.
Player's meeting at 9am  - required.

$5 Latitude 64 DG Luxury Bag Ace Fund:

Instead of cash payout for the ace fund, a Lat64 Luxury Bag will be given. If no ace is hit, a CTP will be done after 2nd rounnd to determine winner.  Only those that pay into the fund will be eligible.  If more than 1 ace, then only those players that hit an ace will do the CTP. When 51 players opt for Fund, a 2nd bag will be given. 

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