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It's a really nice map though

Using the tournament map:

#4 - it may be leaning somewhat but from my visit 11/3 it didn't seem to be bad enough that I noticed.  I think they all lean to various degrees.
#10 is the newish long, down into the woods, 60-75' longer then the normal pin.
#11 is actually the short pin.  It's fine.
#12 is actually set long, it's fine.  We can leave it there.
#13 - I don't know what was used in '09.  It's near the road, just pass the culvert.
#16 - Not the super long pin, the medium long pin.  Where it is now there is a path directly to the next tee box.
#20 - New pin that is about as long as the one by the road, but it is actually closer to the trees.  Not the short one by the trees.
#22 - It is past the tree, up the hill.
#23 - I intended this to be the really long one, but it's not.  It's fine.
#24 - is the pin that is in the trees on top of the hill to the left.  Never played this pin before.

As of now, there are 19 spots left.

General Banter / Re: Chainless
« on: November 01, 2017, 02:53:27 PM »
I don't care for Mach X's myself.  Too many chains.  It pushes soft putts out.

I do think the Innova DISCatcher is a nice middle ground.

Thanks Cade

This is a club sanctioned event.  Please put in rotation on front page.  Thank you.

Will an admin please pin this thread as it's a KCFDC endorsed event.  Thank you.


One round, 24 holes on modified layout:


Prices range from $17 for Juniors to $30 for Pros.
(This is going to be a LONG round.  Not recommended for young juniors, say less than 13).

First 100 players to register will receive a free Innova DX Colt courtesy of Innova.
All amateurs will receive a tournament disc.

Recreational and Juniors are trophy only.
Advanced and Intermediate divisions will have additional merchandise payout based on performance.
Pro divisions will have cash payouts.
Payouts at 100% after PDGA and KCFDC fees ($3 total)

Check in at shelter near normal hole 11 Long.
Time: 8:45 - 9:30
Player meeting: 9:35
Tee off after player meeting.

Facebook event page where information is updated first and more regularly:

Tournament is half full. 

Thanks to the Raymore's Recreation Park course designer Eric Eastwood, we have $100 added cash to the pro purse.

Registration link:

I created two different pools.

Long pads:
All Pro all divisions
All Advanced all divisions
Intermediate men
Recreational men
Junior 18 & under men

Short pads:
Intermediate women
Recreational women
Junior 18 & under women
Junior 12 & under girls
Novice men
Junior 12 & under boys

Yes, a Novice men division was added which is not real common. If you signed up for Rec and want to move to Novice, let me know. Novice is 850 and under, but if you are on the border, you probably should play Rec.



While there is construction at the park, we will be able to utilize 17 of the original holes and have a temporary hole 5 just north of normal hole 5.

So far this year, 4 of the 6 Maverick Disc Golf 2017 Series Driven by Innova have sold out.

I don't have Facebook.

I understand.

1. 318', par 3
2. 537', par 4
3. 429', par 4
4. 297', par 3
5. 186', par 3
6. 399', par 3
7. 507', par 4
8. 387', par 3
9. 261', par 3
10. 435', par 3
11. 240', par 3
12. 210', par 3
13. 318', par 3
14. 465', par 3
15. 714', par 5
16. 381', par 3
17. 588', par 4
18. 315', par 3
Total: 6987', par 60

The tee signs are posted here:

I've coordinated with The Clinton Store for lunch on Saturday.

For $9.99 (+tax probably) you'll get a nice pulled pork sandwich, chips, coleslaw and a can of pop.

They will also have hamburgers and other options. I think subs too.

You literally drive right by this place on the way to the course. The next closest location is McDonald's 6th St Lawrence which is 25 minutes one way. I HIGHLY recommend you plan on The Clinton Store or bring your own lunch.

Also - they do sell most big brand beer, ice cream bars, etc that you would find in a small town / campground store.

They also have a dinner in the evening if you want something after the tournament. Reviews say it's pretty good. I believe it changes every weekend from steak, chicken fried steak, pork ribeye, salmon, etc.



Saturday, August 19, 2017
8:45am - 9:30am   Player check in, late registration (Required)
9:30am   Player Meeting (required)

The southern route to the course is closed due to construction.  Come through the northern route which goes through Stull.

Coming from East via I-70:

Coming from east via K-10:

For the Pros - I'd inquire if the $1,000 is for the whole event together, or if Monday will have their own $1K.  As it's a separate PDGA event, I would interpret it as $1K for MPO on their day, and $1K for Monday, but I wouldn't go there presuming this if it mattered to you.  If you look at dgscene or FB you can find his contact information.

BTW - I signed up.  There was enough good vibes on FB about it that sold me.


Thinking about going to this one.  All Pro and Am Master divisions are on Labor Day Monday.  Other divisions on Saturday and Sunday are full and have been for over a month.

$1,000 added cash - can't believer there are not more Masters looking at this (Nova, Loomis, Pete, Eastwood, Jamie)

Part of the player packs for all players (Pro and Am) are these scorecard clipboards. If you register no later than Monday, July 31st, yours will be customized with your name and PDGA number (if you have one).

Thanks to Dgnomad for the great customer service in getting these done.

Special thanks to Grip Equipment for the sponsorship to making this happen!


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