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Winter Leagues / Re: dg NOMAD Glow!
« on: February 16, 2016, 04:05:25 PM »
i would be down for a month of bad glow in march at stocksdale park in liberty

that would be cool

Review this link for hole lengths:

 Pars are as of what the local recreation commission used for their tournaments. Creek and walking trail are O.B. on holes that you dont have to travel directly over.
Red is normal tees
White is short tees used for Kanza Krush
Blue is long tees used for Kanza Krush

First column is Red, second is White, third is Blue

Expand All Pin Positions Hole #   Favorite Holes   
Expand Pin Positions 1      264 ft (3)   264 ft (3)   264 ft (3)
Expand Pin Positions 2      214 ft (3)   214 ft (3)   214 ft (3)
Expand Pin Positions 3      211 ft (3)   211 ft (3)   211 ft (3)
Expand Pin Positions 4      314 ft (3)   314 ft (3)   314 ft (3)
Expand Pin Positions 5      627 ft (4)   627 ft (4)   627 ft (3)
Expand Pin Positions 6      169 ft (3)   169 ft (3)   295 ft (3)
Expand Pin Positions 7      417 ft (4)   417 ft (3)   417 ft (3)
Expand Pin Positions 8           206 ft (3)   196 ft (3)   280 ft (3)
Expand Pin Positions 9      322 ft (3)   322 ft (3)   322 ft (3)
Expand Pin Positions 10      203 ft (3)   203 ft (3)   203 ft (3)
Expand Pin Positions 11      325 ft (3)   325 ft (3)   325 ft (3)
Expand Pin Positions 12      364 ft (3)   364 ft (3)   364 ft (3)
Expand Pin Positions 13      339 ft (3)   339 ft (3)   339 ft (3)
Expand Pin Positions 14      989 ft (5)   379 ft (3)   989 ft (5)
Expand Pin Positions 15      236 ft (3)   263 ft (3)   263 ft (3)
Expand Pin Positions 16      594 ft (4)   594 ft (4)   597 ft (3)
Expand Pin Positions 17      630 ft (5)   318 ft (3)   630 ft (4)
Expand Pin Positions 18      257 ft (3)   257 ft (3)   257 ft (3)
Totals (Dist./Par):   6681 ft / 61   5776 ft / 56   6911 ft / 57

Hey Ben - sorry if I came off a little strong.  Just trying to make sure we are clear on what are actual PDGA rules, and what are misinterpreted PDGA rules.  Thanks for understanding

OK guys I know I have played in events with three people in the division.  The three of us were sent out on a card, just the three of us.  That would be considered a group.  The three people on the card, in the group, was the division.

That was at the discretion of the TD of the tournament you were in.

So if you have 4 people that want to play novice, the division must be allowed?

As I understand it, yes. Unless the TD has declared a restriction ahead of time.


A Tournament Director may, by giving adequate public notice, restrict the divisions offered. Absent such notice, the Tournament Director shall offer for competition any division which has four or more players that are eligible and wishing to compete. Tournament Directors may offer divisions with less than four players at their discretion.

I have provided notice that a division will be opened up at four players.  Less than four players, a division may remain open, or it may be combined with another division. 

In general, for the divisions I run, for any segment, the least common denominator will be used.

For example - Pro Mens Divisions.  3 in Open, 2 in Masters, 2 in Grandmasters.  Grands will be pushed down to Masters to make a group of 4.  Open is the least common denominator and will remain a division at 3.

Another example - Advanced Mens.  6 in Advanced, 2 in Advanced Master, 4 in Advanced Grandmaster.  The four in Adv Grands constitute a minimum division and will remain.  The 2 in Advanced Master do not.  They can be pushed into Advanced, or downgrade to Intermediate if they qualify.  In this example, if there were 3 in Advanced Master, the four of us (TD and 3 players) would talk it over and determine what works for the majority of the 3.

Ben Crosby - Competition Rule 1.6D is regarding the grouping of players on a card, not players within a competition division.  Two different things.

Lunch will still be available for purchase from Hog Holler Saloon.  Instead of taking prepayment through the registration process, we are streamlining the handling of money and you can pay the saloon directly for lunch.

Few notes:

  • Tournament is about 1/3 full
  • The Innova Makani bonus disc is for all Pros and Ams that pre-register by March 3rd.
  • We will use alternate tee pads on some holes.  There will also be a natural tee pad next to each concrete diamond for players to use if the do not like the concrete diamonds.  Some of the longer holes will actually be throwing from the sidewalk
  • The broken basket on hole 15 will be bagged and an alternate basket about 25 ft farther will be used.

Registration is here:

General Banter / Re: No Disc Golf carts?
« on: February 10, 2016, 09:30:10 AM »
I like to think of disc golf as a form of exercise.  Using a cart really defeats that purpose.


I've used a motorized golf cart at Municipal in Emporia to play disc golf.  I found it to not be worth it.  Carts are to remain on the cart path.  By the time you walk to your disc, walk back to the cart, etc., you are not saving that much walking.

Wha?  That's funny. Thanks for pointing that out.

If you haven't been out to play this course, you should. It's amazing.

I've played 144 courses in 17 states.  It is in my personal top 5 favorite courses.


Longview Open presented by Innova Champion Discs

One day event with 2 rounds of 18 holes.  Divisions are split between Saturday April 9, 2016 and Sunday April 10, 2016

Divisions and Entry Fee

Saturday, April 9

All Advanced - $37
All Recreational - $26
Junior 2 Boys & Girls - $26

Sunday, April 10

Open - $54
Pro Women / Masters / Grandmasters - $49
All Intermediate - $33
All Novice - $26
Junior 1 Boys & Girls - $26

Registration can be found here:  (Make sure you register on the correct day).

Check in is at Hog Holler Saloon, the restaurant / bar directly across the street from the disc golf course.  Lunch will be made available for purchasing.  Instead of pre-selling the lunch tickets, you can buy them directly from HHS.


Innova Champion Discs
Maverick Disc Golf
Hog Holler Saloon
Dawn to Dusk Disc Golf Club (Topeka, KS)

This tournament is an Educational Disc Golf Experience Tournament Sponsor.  $1 of all entry fees + 100% match from Maverick Disc Golf will be donated to the EDGE Program.


Player pack will be one each of:

Event Exclusive Premium Golf Disc (in the past, these have been the newest discs Innova has been releasing such as Lepoard3, Commander, etc.  I do not know what it will be).

Innova Core Performance Tee
Adjustable Mesh Cap
Goodie bag with swirly mini, sticker and pencil.

If you register on line before Monday, March 28, 2016, you will be assured of getting a shirt of the size you choose.  After that, correct shirt size is not certain.

Special thank you to Scott Oswalt for the great design work and putting up with my need to tweak stuff.  Thanks Scott!

"USAF, Makani, and Firebirds, OH MY!" ;)

A MP tourney aka "Must Play"indeed. 

I still a'wonder about this upcoming "hobble, hobble, hobble" tourney. Tom has a gun? 

Does PDGA have a conceal 'n carry clause? ;)


In addition to normal player pack (for Ams), ALL players, PRO AND AM, that pre-register by Thursday, March 3rd will receive a brand new release from Innova Discs - the Makani. The Makani is not even approved yet by the PDGA, or even on the Innova website it is so new.

Innova's description of it:

The Makani is a fun new lightweight large diameter disc for
all sports. The Makani was designed with versatility in mind.
Whether you want to play a casual game of catch on the beach, a
pick-up game of Ultimate in the park, or even a round of disc golf,
the Makani is ready to fly for you.
Diameter: 24.1 cm
Makani Sport disc 140 GRAMS

So, what is it? If you know what a Te Moko is, it is *incredibly* similiar in mold, without the ridges on top that the Te Moko has. Unlike the Te Moko, the Makani light weight, so it is more suited for playing catch with a person or possibly a dog. Sometimes I see players playing catch before rounds to warm up. The few I weighed were right at 144 grams.

Why the Makani? 

When I approached Innova about being the title sponsor for this event, I requested a player pack item that was a bit unusual. Something other than the typical golf disc, or shirt.

Lots of pictures can be found here:

Registration is here:

Am Player Pack disc choices are:

Flat Top Pro KC Roc
Champion Metal Flack Destroyer
Champ MF Firebird
Champ MF Sidewinder
Star Firebird - some with nice swirls
Star Roc3 - some with nice swirls

Available for purchase or $5 upcharge over normal entry:
Champ Glow Eagle, Leopard3, or Destroyer
Color Champ Glow Destroyer, Leopard3, Boss

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