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Not a resident Rob just a concerned disc golfer who lives in the area.

I appreciate your sincere concern. Kudos

Ah, it is Steve Stansberry! Sorry, I didn't recognize your handle. The different tees really are utilized at various tournaments, even at worlds. As long as there are 3 Propogators it's all good. Hope you can make more of Maverick's DG tournaments. My goal is cheap tournaments on new courses. Payouts might be lower, but I'm not a huge company.

Hope you understand.  It's about the game, right?!


Hey Dan Howard, here is your contact:

Let me know what Doug has to say.

Not a resident Rob just a concerned disc golfer who lives in the area.

Let me know what they say. I'm curious. Thanks Dan

If you need their email address, let me know. I'll share it with you.

Steve, et al,

This is a great discussion on ratings. I actually have spent quite a bit of time researching on how they work. You could say I'm a rating geek.

For more information, I would recommend reading this:

For further clarification, if you email Chuck Kennedy with the PDGA, he is really good at explaining things and replying pretty quickly. After emailing him personally and reading various commentaries he has written, he strikes me as being very intelligent on the subject matter.

Steve Stransberry or Strawberry? 

Both the PDGA Am Worlds and the PDGA Pro Worlds used long and short tee pads both in 2013 and 2014. It does work. It will be ok.


Nice to meet you Steve. As long as there are a minimum of three Propogators, the PDGA ratings will be rated correctly per Chuck Kennedy, the main creator of the PDGA rating system. For greater detail on how the work, I would recommend contacting the PDGA rating committee. As far as the flow goes, for this course, having different tee pads will help the flow of play, give higher divisions greater challenges, while encouraging lower divisions with a more realistic experience for their playing level.  Thanks for asking.

Yes Dan, please contact the City of Ottawa. By the way, are you a resident?  Just asking because I have two Ottawa residents plus an employee of the Franklin County Convention and Visitors Bureau that is working with me on the tournament.

Steve the Quiz Berry - have we met?  What's your real name?  Mine is Rob Martin.

My apologies, is it not OK for me to post an A-tier here? If it's not, I'll happily delete the post. Thanks.

No, perfectly fine in all honesty.  Don't let me stop you.  I lived in Chi-Town for years, and always had to drive down there to see Gary to play.  Love the area, but the drive is a killer, and the notion that there is an A-Tier closer (PDGA's fault not yours) is always something strikes me odd. 

There are plenty of people who may opt for this, so this is WAY more than appropriate to post it in here.

As Kevin indicated it is better to post it here than to delete it.

I hope the event is a big success I really do.  I just wish it wasn't on a weekend that has always been Des Moines weekend.  I am looking for an excuse to get back up there to visit and play, and I don't wanna go over to IN and Lemon Lake to play.

I haven't played this Canyon's course yet, maybe plan on playing it on my way to K-Zoo this summer, so it is very informative, regardless of this smart-ass comment! 


No disrespect meant, but sarcasm is often lost on me in the rooms, in person not so much!

Keeping for reference. 

We will have alternate tee pads.  Short for Junior, Rec, Rec Women, Int. Women and maybe Adv. Grandmaster.  Long for others.

We "AIN'T" wimps RoB. AdvGM can play longs.   ;)

Heehee.  I know, most AdvGM can kick my rear (along with Jack kicking my rear when he can find a chance to). 

I see DD Emporia sometimes puts GM's on short pads.  I'm open to discussion.

Really Jack?  You must stalk me just to bust my rear.

The actual parking lot at BV is small.  However people park in the street.

The parking lots at Ottawa, Lawrence, and Perry are small, however people park in the street.  I was addressing the issue of very limited parking brought up by others.

Thank you for your concern.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend.


Tournaments / Re: Maverick Disc Golf Schedule 2015
« on: March 20, 2015, 10:35:04 am »
As always Jack, I'm following protocol.  It has been submitted to the BOD.  Parking will be handled just like it is with all the other tournaments at Blue Valley including KCWO, City of Fountains, Club Championships, etc.

Thank you for your concern and have a great weekend.

TENTATIVE Tee Pad locations

1-5 Normal tee area for both
6 - Short tee is normal, Long tee will be marked area from walking path.
7 - Normal for both
8 - Short tee is normal, Long tee will be marked area from walking path.
9 - 13 Normal for both
14 - Normal tee area  is Long setting, Drop Zone near Mando will be the Short setting.
15 - 16 Normal for both
17 -TBD
18 - TBD but will probably move tee for both to the left side of the walking path.  Not sure yet.

Yes, I cleared it with the city.  That is always my first step.

Most courses have limited parking that cannot accomodate a full tourney.  Centennial Lawrence, Longview Perry, Blue Valley KCMO for example.  We'll deal with it.

Tee pads are taking care of by utilizing flags and allowing people to tee from grass besides the tee pad or behind tee pad.  Personally, I think the pads are no big deal when you look at the size comparred to the amount of space you have when you are driving from a lye in a fairway (directly behind your disc / marker, 11", etc.)  If it is really bothersome, you can use the marked natural pad.

We will have alternate tee pads.  Short for Junior, Rec, Rec Women, Int. Women and maybe Adv. Grandmaster.  Long for others.  Some of the long tees will be the walking trail.  It is Ottawa, not Central Park.  It isn't that busy.

Players and pedestrians will need to be careful regarding each other as with any tournament.  Both can manage.  It will be OK.

Tournaments I intend to run will not be 'normal' tournaments on normal courses using the same ol', same ol'.  Grow the sport by providing alternate options to the same old thing.  Some will like it, others won't.  Vanilla and chocolate options.

Defiance Beer returns as a sponsor.  Yum.

Thank you.

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