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Heritage Park / Re: Some pics from our newest course.
« on: December 02, 2015, 04:30:34 PM »
love that last pic of the huge tree

Tournaments / Re: Ratings Based Tournaments
« on: December 02, 2015, 04:29:20 PM »
Thank you all for the comments.  I'll wait awhile longer before I write what I think about them.

Tournaments / Re: Ratings Based Tournaments
« on: December 02, 2015, 04:27:38 PM »
Rated round tourneys are nice but you should always be allowed to play up (some guys like donations)...Personally I have an 880 rating with the PDGA and have been playing 930+ golf here in KC. I would not play a rating based tourney layout knowing I could not play up because I would feel bad sand bagging.

Playing up was an option for the two I've been involved in.  You can't play down obviously.

Tournaments / Ratings Based Tournaments
« on: December 02, 2015, 01:17:40 PM »
What are your thoughts on Ratings Based Tournaments (vs. Division Based Tournaments).  Big Blue Monster was a ratings based tournie.

I have my opinions on them but I'm interested in hearing yours.

General Banter / Re: Practice Basket
« on: December 01, 2015, 08:51:15 PM »
Gateway makes one called a Bullseye.  Really easy to put up and take down.  No bolts.

Tournaments / Re: Maverick Disc Golf Schedule 2016
« on: December 01, 2015, 01:10:49 PM »

Tournaments / Maverick Disc Golf Schedule 2016
« on: December 01, 2015, 12:29:03 PM »
BOLD items are the only one that have been fully approved.  Others have not been fully approved by the respective approval bodies including but not limited to the PDGA, State, County or City Parks Departments, and the KCFDC BOD if and when applicable.

Tournaments I'm planning on running or promoting or both.

March 5 - Kanza Krush Presented by Innova Champion Discs  C/B Tier at Kanza Park, Ottawa, KS

April 9 & 10 - Longview Open Presented by Innova Champion Discs C/B Tier at Longview DGC, Ozawkie / Perry / Perry Lake, KS.  One day event with divisions split.

Saturday, 4/9/15 Divisions:
 Advanced Women
 Advanced Masters
 Advanced Grandmasters
 Advanced Sr. Grandmasters (if 3 or more request it)
 Recreational Women
 Junior 2 (16 & Under)

 Sunday, 4/10/15 Divisions:
 Open Women
 Intermediate Women
 Novice Women
 Junior 1 (19 & Under)

May 28 - Carolyn's Dirty Water Open (aka Tick Flick) C Tier at Rose Park, McLouth, KS. 
Ratings Based tournament instead of a Division Based tournament like the Big Blue Monster was.
Registration link:

June 18 - Atchison Aviatrix presented by Innova Champion Discs.  C/B Tier at Jackson Park, Atchison, KS.
Registration link:

August 20 - Limestone Classic C/B Tier at Swope Park, Cottone Wood Falls, KS
New course designed by Eric McCabe.
Registration link:

September 24 & 25 - Yankton (SD) 2-Step  2 separate tournaments in Yankton, SD.
Saturday at Gavins Point registration:
Sunday at Fantle Memorial registration:

October 1 - Raymore Rumble C/B Tier at Recreation Park, Raymore, MO

November 5 - Big Blue Monster, C-Tier w/ normal divisions at Big Blue Valley, KCMO

November 26 - Centennial Chain Crash, C/B-Tier Centennial Park, Lawrence, KS

Hi rob.  Have you a list of tournaments and dates for your series yet. Just trying to get a list of all tournaments and dates written down on the calender.  I know it early still.

Will post shortly

What's to tell? Six dozen intrepid DGers braved the fear of icy roads, just-below-freezing temperatures, gloomy skies, wet socks, on-and-off light sleet and freezing rain, grass that was crystallized under a layer of ice (creating some interesting skip shots), chains that were slick with ice (creating some insane chain-outs and -throughs), teepads caked with ice and mud which made footing treacherous, wide quagmires of thick mud around many teepads, bathrooms locked shut for the winter, and a daytime which had a hair under ten hours of daylight because it's almost the winter solstice. 
And despite that we had a great time!

Yep.  This pretty much sums it up.  I'm glad we didn't postpone it.  There were a few golfers that came in the night before and stayed in a hotel in order to not miss it.  Only about 8-10 didn't make it.

The weather sure isn't cooperating this morning. I'm torn between postponing the tournament and going ahead with it. I feel compelled to go forward because I know there will be some that will show up without having read this post. There is no way to be able to get ahold of all 74 players in time and I would feel very bad to not have the tournament knowing some made it out expecting it to happen. From last night's perspective, it seem like the freezing rain would stop in time for us to play.

PLEASE use your best judgement on whether you should come or not. If you decide to not come, I will mail you your disc.

I'm sure having the tournament or not having the tournament will leave some players disappointed and mad. I am sorry for that. Please be safe, and if the road conditions of where you are at are bad, please stay home

OK, I was out at the course today. The tee pads are not icy, but some were quite muddy. I shoveled mud off of 4 and 7. I was actually kind of surprised on how it was sprinkling ice, it was more playable than I thought it would be.

FINAL Hole Set Up
1. Long right
2. Short right - MOVED from Long
3. Long
4. Short
5. Long middle by bushes
6. Short
7. Middle before creek - MOVED from Long
8. Right
9. Long left by light pole
10. Middle top
11. Left
12. Left
13. Short before creek
14. Short right
15. Middle
16. Short right
17. Short (wanted middle but it was full of mud) - MOVED from Long.
18. Middle - slope

Picked up the Yankee Tank beers.  We will have Oktoberfest, Cloud 9 IPA and their Pilsner.

Also picked up supplies to make hot chocolate after the rounds.

Check in from 7:15 - 8.  Meeting at 8 ish. 


I'll be out there Friday to reset the pins to this list just below. Last year, the local players moved quite a bit of them during the break. I'm guessing that will probably not happen this year as some of them did not get in before it sold out, and with the weather forecast, moving pins probably won't be on the top of the list.

*Tentative* Course settings.
 1 - Long right,
 2 - long behind tree
 3 - long
 4, long left
 5 - Long center near trees
 6 - short
 7 - long
 8 - long right
 9 - near light pole
 10 - somewhere on top plateu
 11 - left
 12 - left
 13 - short (to help congestion)
 14 - long left
 15 - long if pin is working, otherwise, medium. Long pin gets filled in with mud when it rains.
 16 right near sidewalk
 17 middle
 18 slope or bushes.

Tournaments / Re: Kansas City Wide Open 2016 split?
« on: November 25, 2015, 12:45:35 PM »
I understand that in this day in age we want information and we want it now. If you could just allow the pieces to fall into place, we will surely get that information out asap. Thanks for your understanding.

Sorry to push the issue.  It isn't just for me.  The decision of this affects others.  Namely when I schedule a tournament in Atchison which the city is asking me to schedule now.  It won't do either of us any good if I pick a date only to have the KCFDC want that date also.

Thanks for your understanding.

Tournaments / Kansas City Wide Open 2016 split?
« on: November 25, 2015, 10:03:20 AM »
Could I please get some clarrification whether the KCWO 2016 will be split or not?  I thought I read that it was, then it wasn't, but am not sure.  If it is going to be split, when will the second installment be?  Thanks.

General Banter / Re: Grading Cards
« on: November 23, 2015, 10:57:35 AM »
It's surprising how often it happens.

Since 11/2014 I have ran 12 events not counting the 7 player one rounder and the 9 player glow event.  Only one time out of 12 had I not had an error.  Every other event has had at least one error per tournament.  Some of those tournaments had only a dozen cards on 18 holes with typical Par 54 and there was still an error.  I even had an error first round, did an announcement before second round about double checking your score (back when I used to do a short meeting prior to second round which I don't do anymore) and still had someone turn in an error.

I'm also not immune to errrors as  TD.  I counted a card wrong, double checked it, stroked the player, only to have the player show me my error.

On Saturday we had one error (out of 4-5), I had someone else double check it, and also confirmed it was wrong.  The player asked me about it on Sunday.  I took pictures of the card, he double checked it and demonstrated to me that I ( and the second counter) was wrong.  I corrected his score, apologized profusely, and we worked out a details of what it cost him reward wise.

Mistakes happen.  Saturday was particularly rough counting cards with the 27 holes and the 7s, 8s, and 9s on some holes.

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