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We are getting noticeable rain in Lawrence. The course can get pretty bad when it rains. I'll show up but plan on telling people to take the night off.

Thanks for catching that.  It is hole 4 basket.  Hole 2 is Tee 2 to Hole 4 basekt.

We decided to not play tall grass as OB.

duh...forgot this on first printing of score cards, added a footnote to them...

On Hole 7, Standard 9, there is a mando left of tree off tee. This cuts off the easy right hyzer route.
If you miss mando on first try, retee from tee for 3. If you miss a second time, throw from left of tree for 5.

Don't miss the mando!

oh yeah, ace fund is at $164

Next week...short course...and 22 tries to hit it.  I'll be disappointed if someone doesn't.

PDGA scores are entered

31 Players at Lakeside Hills, 6/4/14
 1. Jake Bowen, 52, $12.50
     Joe Hesting, 52, $12.50
 3. Scott Reek, 53, $8.00
 4. Kevin Zane, 54, $4.50
     Justin Atwater-Taylor, 54, $4.50
 6. Dan Shepherd, 55
     Steve Thimmesch, 55
 8. Jose Ossa, 56
     Scott Melrose, 56
 10. Becket Carduff, 57
 11. Justin Lowe, 60
 12. Jamie Loveall, 61
       Jamie Barry, 61
 14. Brett Matthews, 65

 AM1 – Paid in KC Kash
 1. Anthony Puryear, 58, $14 (holding)
 2. Andrew Stomps, 59, $11 (paid)
 3. Four way tie with a score of 60. Paid $5 KC Kash, $0.50 USD
   Shane Dierson
   Connor Callahan
   Carl Pledger
   Ben Lutz
 7. Dan Zink, 61
     Harold Berciunas, 61
     Danny Rodriguez, 61
 10. Duane Waldman, 62
 11. Jason McEwen, 64
 12. Chris Cardinal, 65
 13. Joe Teater, 69

 AM2, Paid in KC Kash – still owe to all three.
 1. Chris McKee, 64, $7
 2. Mike Kruger, 68, $6
 3. Chris Connell, 69, $2
 4. Steve Keithley, 70

 Next week – Blue Valley of Kansas; 165th & Antioch, south Overland Park, KS
 22 Holes, Par 68

General Banter / Re: Saw VII
« on: June 04, 2014, 10:17:44 pm »
YO!!!! when will Bitter and Nailer show up at Wednesday Wandering PDGA league !!! Yeah I'm calling you out BOYS! Next Wednesday we are at Blue Valley or KS

Is this correct?

For Tuesday, 6/17 Swope League - the pins will be set for the KCWO but the OB lines may not be totally completed yet?

For Wednesday, 6/18 PDGA League - WyCo will be fully prepped as it is 48 hours before it is used for Round 1 on 6/20?

Leagues / Re: League Documents
« on: June 03, 2014, 07:54:37 pm »
could we get a link to league score cards? I'm out

Been busy the last few weeks, but to confirm, league is at Lakeside Hills tomorrow right?

First evening for the Lawrence Centennial Chain Crashers. It was muggy!

I didn't think we would have enough, put it already gave us a it is:

 Open – Paid in USD
 1. Nick Altieri, 49, $8
 2. Logan Corbin, 56

 Amateur – Paid in Lawrence Loot
 1. Harold Berciunas, 55, $11
 2. Chris Stoddard, 57, $7
 2. Ryan Sipple, 57, $7
 4. Jude Chino, 59
 5. Dustin Pope, 60
 6. Steve doc Norby, 62  (a.k.a Otter)

 Women - Paid in L.L.
 1. Debra Chino, 76, $4

 Ace fund at a whopping $7, with Nick hitting the cage on #9, we almost started over on our first night.

Little note - I started this league because my first experiences of playing league was frustrating.  I rarely quite knew what was going on, felt like I was in the dark, and when I did finally started to figure it out, I realized I was always in last place.  With two great experiences with PDGA leagues - Cliff Drive last year and the Wandering Wednesday this year, I wanted to combine both that experience along with a more welcoming experience for new players.  The former is easy - you get a rating.  The later was more about bringing a greater variety of divisions (Rec and Women) and using Am Cash to push the more competitive people up to Open.

Both goals were already met this evening.  We had enough people to create ratings for the round, and it was a great pleasure to award Am Cash (Lawrence Loot) to a player that wasn't expecting to receive anything.  While I wasn't able to play, it was a great evening.

FTL well represented congrats to the gm's Harold and joe

I'd say Kansas City was well represented in general.

Yep.  Especially in MPO, eh?  Still freaks me out everytime I see someone sky one over 18's basket off of 1's tee.  Sheesh.

Where's the love James?! I'm one of the original 3 Amigos of FTL and got my first First.

Hey Rob, Hole 7 (Standard #9) should also be Mando left of the tree on right, IMO.  Forces golfers to throw a straight tunnel shot at the hole, and takes the easy hyzer out of play.  Gotta make these holes a little more difficult when you can:)   

Also, you will need to state that there is an approximate 8 foot tee pad, from where the back of the wood chips begin.  Some of the tees are drug halfway to the hole from people playing further and further to the end of the tee.  It is caused by them not putting in a log or something to force a front of the pad and/or stopping point.   Everything else should be good to go.

Make it so Number 1.

General Banter / Re: Saw VII
« on: June 01, 2014, 12:28:34 pm »
Japan is right. See what happens when you throw discs over 159.9 gms

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