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In conjunction with the KC Diva Spring Feeva, any female competitor that is preregistered for that event can get 50% off for the Carolyn's Dirty Water Open event if you pre-register by Wednesday May 17th.  Over is only available for players that have never played in a Maverick DG event before.  Sorry ladies, if you played in a Maverick DG event, this offer is not available.  I'm giving the offer to help the Spring Feeva (which is sold out already) and to encourage more women to play Maverick DG events and increase the women's pools.

Best way to register for the 50% off is to contact me and I can take your information personally.  Otherwise if you pre-register online, I could also refund 50% of the fee. 


Besides my normal plaque trophies I provide for Divisional Winners, Carolyn's Natural Soap is providing two over top score winners.  One each for men and women regardless of division.

This is the beginning of those trophies.  A base and tag will also be added.  They are about 12" tall and valued at over $40 each.


Two rounds of 18 holes at Rose Park in McLouth, KS. This is a PDGA Sanctioned C-Pro / B-Am tournament. PDGA membership is not required, but an additional $10 fee will apply to non-members. $3 late registration fee will be assessed after online registration closes (or day of walk ups).

Lunch will be available on site for purchase.

Check in / Late Registration: 9-9:45 am
Player meeting: 9:45


Player Pack:

All players (Pro included) will receive a Carolyn's Natural Soap voucher good for a small bottle of an unnatural bug repellent (i.e. no DEET) called Dirty Water, or a bar of all natural soap.

All Advanced and Intermediate players will also receive a $15 voucher to pick their own item plus additional payout.

All Recreational and Junior players will receive a $15 voucher + a bonus disc from a specific selection (mostly discs from last year's event, but also some other random items).

Ace/CTP fund will be for an Innova Herobag.  $3.50 during online registration, $4 day of.  At 25 players paid in, there will be a second bag added.

Centennial Park - Lawrence, KS / Re: signs?
« on: April 17, 2017, 10:21:20 AM »
Does anyone know why there are no signs on this course?

It's in planning stages.  Probably will be end of summer before it happens.  Meanwhile, here's a map:

The distances are so far off, it's laughable.

Some very cool things are happening in Lawrence for disc golf.

Last Saturday, 20+ people showed up to help move the old Mach IIIs from Centennial out to the Riverfront course and move the newer Mach V's to Centennial.  Our goal is within the next year to raise money for brand new baskets for the Centennial, move the Mach V's back to the river, and find a new use for the Mach IIIs.

After moving the baskets on Saturday and playing a random doubles round, a handful of people went out to Clinton State Park (on the east side of lake) to begin maping out 7 more holes to make that 11-hole course a full 18-hole course.

The Tuesday night league handled forever by Hans Coleman is on a rotating schedule between Centennial, Riverfront, Clinton Lake State Park and Poke & Hope (a private course on west side of  town) with formats of singles, doubles, Wolf, etc.

Meeting last week with the Lawrence P&R, they are finally open to making Riverfront a legit full 18-hole course.  Very, very freaking cool.  Part of their requirement for working with the players (sharing keys to locks, planting trees at Centennial, working at expanding Riverfront) is that they want an organized group.

Therefore, the league (club) will be having an election for a 7-person board on April 25.

We have our first Junior player sign up for the side junior event.  It would be great if we could get a few more kids from the KC area to join him.

Juniors Disc Golf / Atchison Aviatrix junior side event, May 6, 2017
« on: April 12, 2017, 02:19:31 PM »

Besides the regular 2 rounds of 18 hole event for the Atchison Aviatrix, there will also be a Junior II (15 & Under), III, IV and V (8 & Under) side event where they will be playing 2 rounds of 9 holes (probably back to back).

It is a PDGA B-Tier for Ams, so the juniors will get a rated round and points if that is something you are interested in.  Regarding a player pack, the juniors at the side event will get a tournament stamped DX Leopard, DX Shark or Black DX Aviar.  Additionally, the first 95 players for any division (Pro, Am, Junior big course or Junior small course) will also get an XT Atlas as part of Innova's sponsorship. 

Organized junior event, PDGA sanctioning, 1-2 discs, for $12.  I'm actually losing money on this.

To be aware, the junior 9 hole course is shorter than the normal course, but it is not 'easy'.  There is still significant elevation, some holes actually have some distance (one is 420') and OB roads surround the park.  There can also be wind depending on weather.  However, compared to the Jackson Park 18-hole course it is easier.

Think of Blue Valley in KCMO.  The junior 9 is easier, but it's not easy.  It too has significant elevation, OB sidewalks, one hole is 400', can also be very windy...pretty much like Jackson Park 9.

Here is the dgscene page for the Jackson Park 9.


Junior I (18 & Under) are invited to play in the longer 2 rounds of 18 main event.

Here is the map for the tournament.  We modify the layout for safety and flow reasons.  Original Hole 4 is skipped.  Hole 5 has a longer teepad placed farther back, and the makeup hole is 7b inbetween holes 7 and 8.  It's my understanding this hole 7b is going to become a permanent hole this summer, possibly in time for the tournament.

The 2017 Atchison Aviatrix is a EDGE Tournament Partner this year. I've committed to donate at least $120 to the EDGE program from the tournament.  Last year, the Longview Open was an EDGE Tournament Partner donating $280 to the EDGE program and some of that money came back to Kansas to help start a kids disc golf instruction club in Topeka.

You can find out more about EDGE here:


Regular PDGA C/B Tier for most divisions consisting of two rounds of 18 holes on regular course.

We are running a juniors/novice event this year. Two rounds of 9 holes on the Jackson Park 9-hole course. Very inexpensive entry of $12 for this side event.

Player Packs:

First 95 players to sign up (Pro, Am and Juniors) will receive an XT Atlas.

In addition, All Ams and Juniors that play the full 2 rounds 36 hole main event will also get on Innova Champion koozie and to choose one of these choices:

Champion Mamba
Champion Mako3
Champion Metal Flake Ape
Champ MF Destroyer
Champ MF Super Stingray
Pro Thunderbird
Glow champion Cobra (with Innova stamp, not tournie stamp)
Shimmer Star Rhyno
Yeti Pro Aviar

or 2 DX discs:
DX Leopard
DX Shark
Black DX Aviar

All juniors in the 1 round, 18 hole side event can choose 1 of the following:
DX Leopard
DX Shark
Black DX Aviar

Pros - XT Atlas (if one of first 95)
Ams/Juniors - XT Atlas (if one of first 95) + Tournament disc (or 2 DX discs) + koozie
Juniors in side event - XT Atlas (if one of first 95) + Tournament DX disc

While the signup page shows 117 spots available, only 90 are for the main event (2 rounds of 18) and 27 are for the side event (1 round of 18 on the 9 hole course).

Both days are full.  A wait list is developing.

Saturday is sold out.  You may get on the waiting list to see if there is a spot that opens.  I will not open past 72 players.

Sunday has 54 players.  If you didn't get in on Saturday, you can on Sunday as long as there are openings.

Barter Town / Re: Want to Buy - Fluid Judges (White)
« on: March 31, 2017, 11:31:53 AM »
I used to have a few, I'll check when I get home this evening.

Saturday for Intermediate / Recreational 23 spots left.  Sunday for Pro / Advanced is 31 spots left.

The course is set up for Saturday.

Saturday for Intermediate / Recreational is 1/2 full.  Sunday for Pro / Advanced is 1/3 full.

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