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Regular PDGA C/B Tier for most divisions consisting of two rounds of 18 holes on regular course.

We are running a juniors/novice event this year. Two rounds of 9 holes on the Jackson Park 9-hole course. Very inexpensive entry of $12 for this side event.

Player Packs:

First 95 players to sign up (Pro, Am and Juniors) will receive an XT Atlas.

In addition, All Ams and Juniors that play the full 2 rounds 36 hole main event will also get on Innova Champion koozie and to choose one of these choices:

Champion Mamba
Champion Mako3
Champion Metal Flake Ape
Champ MF Destroyer
Champ MF Super Stingray
Pro Thunderbird
Glow champion Cobra (with Innova stamp, not tournie stamp)
Shimmer Star Rhyno
Yeti Pro Aviar

or 2 DX discs:
DX Leopard
DX Shark
Black DX Aviar

All juniors in the 1 round, 18 hole side event can choose 1 of the following:
DX Leopard
DX Shark
Black DX Aviar

Pros - XT Atlas (if one of first 95)
Ams/Juniors - XT Atlas (if one of first 95) + Tournament disc (or 2 DX discs) + koozie
Juniors in side event - XT Atlas (if one of first 95) + Tournament DX disc

While the signup page shows 117 spots available, only 90 are for the main event (2 rounds of 18) and 27 are for the side event (1 round of 18 on the 9 hole course).

Both days are full.  A wait list is developing.

Saturday is sold out.  You may get on the waiting list to see if there is a spot that opens.  I will not open past 72 players.

Sunday has 54 players.  If you didn't get in on Saturday, you can on Sunday as long as there are openings.

Barter Town / Re: Want to Buy - Fluid Judges (White)
« on: March 31, 2017, 11:31:53 AM »
I used to have a few, I'll check when I get home this evening.

Saturday for Intermediate / Recreational 23 spots left.  Sunday for Pro / Advanced is 31 spots left.

The course is set up for Saturday.

Saturday for Intermediate / Recreational is 1/2 full.  Sunday for Pro / Advanced is 1/3 full.

Tournaments / Re: 2017 Schedule for Kansas City and surrounding areas
« on: March 13, 2017, 01:10:49 PM »
8/19 - Free State Fling - Clinton Park - Rob Marin - PDGA C/B' Tier

It's actually Bloomington Park at Clinton Lake.

Tournaments / Re: Maverick Disc Golf 2017 Series Driven by INNOVA
« on: March 08, 2017, 04:26:30 PM »
The Series Raffle Numbers and Points have been updated. Three pages total. On top of each page is a brief explanation.

Wow, what a windy day.  Monday morning and my face still feels weather worn. 

Results are here:

Nova wrote a blurb on her public page about the event.  Here is part of it.

The wind was HOWLING, 20-25 MPH steady with gusts to over 30 and even 40 by the end of the second round. Putts from outside the circle were simply out of the question, and any disc which showed its underside to the wind would promptly blow away, often traveling further to the side than it had forward.

Honestly, I could have left almost all of my discs at home, as every hole was played with a sequence of either a bonkers overstable driver for headwinds or a paper-plate flippy driver for tailwinds, followed by a Harp, and then a putter. (And more often than not, the putter was for dropping or tapping into the basket, as putts from outside the circle were simply out of the question.)

After the first round, there was a three-way tie for the lead among myself, Cynthia Ricciotti, and Kim Giannola. In the second round the wind was blowing even harder than the first round. Still, I used what I had learned about the wind and went for some longer putts at the fringes of the circle, sometimes with success, and in any case always making the come-backer if I did not. I think I tried this about 9-10 times, and converted 3-4, which happened to be the margin of victory.

Every exposed part of my body is parched from being in the grip of gale-force and bone-dry winds all day long. My hands, face, and even my legs from ankles to knees are dry like tissue paper.

Good times!


In all cases, the creek running through the course is OB with the exception of hole 6, 8, 10 where you throw across the creek. Then it is casual.

In all cases the sidewalk is OB, even when you are teeing off of the sidewalk. What this means is, if your disc never crosses the vertical plane to make it in bounds, the last place you were in bounds is the tee area. So, you are reteeing as a 3 (or 5, 7, etc.)

There is a mando on holes 14 & 16. They will be marked with a drop zone next to them. In both cases you must be to the left of the mando. If you go to the right, proceed to the drop zone for missing the mando with a one stroke penalty. On hole 14, since the creek left is OB, and the tree right is mando, it does make for a fairly narrow gap. Of course you can go over the OB line as long as you come back inbounds.

1: 264’, Par 3. OB sidewalk right, parking lot left, playground long. Both use regular pad.
2: 214’, Par 3. OB sidewalk right. Both use regular pad.
3: 211’, Par 3. OB sidewalk right. Both use regular pad.
4: Short Pad: Normal pad, 314’, Par 3. Long Pad: NEW THIS YEAR. Behind, on sidewalk. Approximately 335’, Par 3. OB creek right, long, and left. Sidewalk is OB.
5: 620’, Par 4. Tee Pad will be moved up 10’ to level ground. OB creek right, sidewalk left, sidewalk long, playground long.
6: Short: 169’, Par 3. Long: 295’, Par 3. Regular pad is the short pad. Long pad is the sidewalk currently marked with a green line. OB, Sidewalk left, private lawn right and long.
7: 417’, Par 3. OB sidewalk right, creek left. Both use regular pad.
8: Short: 196’, Par 3. Long: 280’, Par 3. Regular pad is the short pad. Long pad is the sidewalk currently marked with a green line. OB Sidewalks. Creek is casual.
9: 322’, Par 3. OB playground right, creek left, sidewalk long.
10: 203’, Par 3. OB sidewalk right, long. Creek is casual. Both use regular pad
11: 325’, Par 3. OB Sidewalk right, creek left. Both will use green line painted on sidewalk. It's a safer tee area and only 15' difference.
12: 364’, Par 3. OB Sidewalk right, creek left. Both use regular pad.
13: 339’, Par 3. OB Sidewalk right and long, creek left. Both use regular pad.
14: Short: 379’, Par 3, Long: 989’, Par 5. Long pad is the regular tee area (989'). Short pad is the Drop Zone which is up by the pair of trees (379'). See drop zone rules above. OB sidewalk right, creek left.
15: 236’, Par 3. OB sidewalk left, creek right.
16: 594’, Par 4. OB sidewalk left, creek right. See drop zone rules above. Both use regular pad
17: Short: 318’, Par 3. Long: 630’, Par 4. Long pad is the regular tee area. Short pad is on the bicycle / walking path to the right of the fairway. It was marked with green paint. This is the sidewalk towards the industrial buidings, not the walking path that winds through the park. OB sidewalk right and left.
18: 257’, Par 3. Both will tee off sidewalk immediately to the left of the normal tee area - marked with green paint. It is a safer tee area. OB sidewalk right and long. On concrete under bench.

Short: 5776’, Par 56 Long: 6932’, Par 58

Longview Open is at the Longview Public Use Area Disc Golf Course in-between Perry and Ozawkie, KS.  I've personally have played over 170 courses in 18 states and this is in my top 5.  It is worth the drive!

Five weeks to go. Each day is limited to 72 players (four per card). If you register after online registering closes, there is an additional $3 fee. Player pack will most likely be an Innova Discs t-shirt, premium disc, hat, and swag items. Will have CTPs first round, Win your card prize second round.

Saturday is will be set medium for Intermediate, Rec and Junior divisions:

Sunday will be set longer for all Advanced and Pro divisions:

You can sign up for both days, but only one day will count towards the series points:


Intermediate, Recreational and Juniors on Saturday with a medium setting.

1 Middle
2 Middle
3 Short
4 Middle
5 Short
6 Long
7 Short
8 Middle
9 Middle
10 Middle
11 Short
12 Middle
15 Long
16 Short
17 Short
18 Middle
Par 58, 5882'

Pro and Advanced on Sunday with a longer setting.

Hole, Position, Move from Saturday?
1 Middle
2 Long yes
3 Middle yes
4 Long yes
5 Long yes
6 Long
7 Short
8 Middle
9 Long left yes
10 Middle
11 Short
12 Middle
13 Long
14 Short
15 Long
16 Middle yes
17 Middle yes
18 Long yes
Par 61, 6731'

Picture attached is the historical pins for past events. The first Longview Open in 2015 is not listed because it was one day and we moved pins between rounds.

Tournaments / Re: 2017 Schedule for Kansas City and surrounding areas
« on: February 17, 2017, 09:10:54 AM »
Rob can correct me, but I believe the I Like Sp'Ike tournament is not happening, but on the same day Rob will be hosting the Free State Fling at the new course at Clinton Lake, Bloomington Park.

Yep, it's true

Tournament is full.  A wait list has started.  There are two wait lists specific to each Pool.

Registration for the next tournament, Longview Open, is open.

Saturday (Intermediate, Recreational, Junior):

Sunday: (Pro, Advanced):

24 spots left.  18 spots for the Long Pad Pool, 6 spots for the Short Pad Pool.

The cutoff for Early Registration that will receive the larger player pack has been moved up to Wednesday, Feb. 15.


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