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Bump, flyer updated


Will change flyer as soon as I'm able to.

I'm starting to wonder if I have set enough time for this.  I was figuring 3 hours for the Big Blue portion, 1 hour for the Junior Blue - 4 hours total.  However, if you figure 12 minutes a hole, that stretches it out to 5.4 hours.

Was hoping to start actual play at 12 noon.  Sunset is 5:01pm.

Your thoughts?

Tournaments / Re: GBO 2016 Registration dates released
« on: October 28, 2015, 04:53:14 PM »
It was full before Christmas

Tournaments / Re: Family Promise Fling benefit tournament Sunday 10/25/15
« on: October 27, 2015, 12:28:29 PM »
Thanks for all the KC golfers that came over to Lawrence on Sunday.  What a beautiful day.

We raised $506 (and still counting) to help homeless families get a new start.  Fantastic!

Thank you!

Tournaments / Re: Family Promise Fling benefit tournament Sunday 10/25/15
« on: October 23, 2015, 06:32:34 PM »
Picked up the beer tonight form Yankee Tank Brewing.  We will be serving their Scissor-tail Cream Ale and Baker Street ESB.  I also picked up Pepsi, Cherry Pepsi and Mountain Dew for non-beer drinkers.  If you look under 25, please bring a photo ID.

Reminder of the details:

Sunday, 10/25/15

3 Divisions, Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced
Player Gift Pack - Innova disc, choice of DD koozie or lanyard, Innova reusable scorecard (to first 60).

There will be a modest payout.

Sign up at 1pm.  Will tee off around 1:30pm

Centennial Park, Lawrence, KS

Leagues / Re: 2016 Leagues
« on: October 21, 2015, 11:37:16 AM »
I do not intend to run a league on Mondays.  Too early to tell about anything more than that.

DGScene says Saturday 12/5

Saturday 12/5 or Sunday 12/6?

(it's a joke...i.e. I'm not condoning breaking SMP rules)

CTP prizes are:

Innova Glow Champion VRoc
Innova Glow Blizzard Champion Katana
Discraft Z Glo Buzzz

The $10 vouchers are for players that play all three rounds and are redeemable for merchandise (not entry) to either Big Blue Monster at Blue Valley KCMO on 11/21/15 or Centennial Chain Crash at Centennial Park Lawrence, KS on 11/28/15.

Tournaments / Re: Family Promise Fling benefit tournament Sunday 10/25/15
« on: October 16, 2015, 03:41:59 PM »
Bump.  Week from Sunday, 10/25.

$20 helps raise money for Family Promise to help homeless families.  You get an Innova disc, reusuable score card, koozie or lanyard, and free beer from Yankee Tank (if you are legal age).  Will also have a raffle for a Discmania Lite basket, Dynamic Discs Soldier bag, homebrew kit and other items.

Registrations starts at 1pm.  Will try to have players' meeting at 1:30.  Can sign up day of, or it would be greatly appreciated if you signed up early at:

Had a wonderful day today for the 2 round B-Tier.  Course is in great shape.

Come on out for the one rounder C-Tier on Sunday.  Meet at 9:30, will have a short player meeting at 10AM and tee off after that. 

The bar should be open after the round for a few drinks while we wait for everyone to finish up.  They won't have any food for lunch though.


Best place to park is Hog Holler Saloon as that is where tournament central is, lunch, payouts and awards.

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