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This will be a NON-sanctioned tournament.  Ams can play Pro and accept cash without affecting their Am status.  There will be three divisions offered.  Pro, Am and Women.  Pro will be awarded cash, Am and Women will be awarded credit at DDKC Store only.  Pro and Am will be limited to 32 players.  Women is limited to 8 players.  Each card will be limited to four players. 

World Cup Format:
On each hole, for each person in your group that you score better than, you get a point. In each round, you are only competing against the other players on your card.

Examples of scoring per hole:
Everyone gets the exact same score: 3 or a 4 or a 2 – No score is awarded, you put a ‘0’ on the score card for everyone.

You get a 3, everyone else gets a 4.  You get a ‘3’, because you beat 3 people, everyone else gets a ‘0’

Two people get a 3, two people get a 4.  The two people that get a 3 each score a ‘2’ because they beat 2 people – those that got a 4.  Those that got a 4 get a ‘0’.

You get a 2, two people get a 3, one gets a 4.  You get a ‘3’ because you beat three people.  The two people that got a 3 get ‘1’ each because they each beat one person – the individual that scored a 4.  The 4 gets ‘0’.

You get a 2, all others get a 4.  You get a ‘3’ because you beat three people.  Others get a ‘0’.  You don’t get bonus points due to the scoring spread, you only get points for how many people you beat.

You get a 2, two people get a 4, one gets a 6.  You get a ‘3’ because you beat three people.  The two that scored 4 get ‘1’ each because they each beat one person.  The one that scored ‘6’ gets a ‘0’.

A sequenced is thrown, i.e., 2, 3, 4, 5.  The person that shot a 2, gets a '3' on the score card.  The person that shot a 3 get a '2' on the score card.  The person that shot a 4 gets a '1' on the score card.  The person that shot a 5 gets a '0'.

Highest score wins.

Need to figure out tie breakers yet.  The Vibram thread had some ideas.

Round 1: 16 Foursomes total.  8 foursomes per division.

Round 2: Semifinals

This is Per Division
Two Lead Foursomes
Two 2nd Place Foursomes
Two 3rd Place Foursomes
Two  4th Place Foursomes

Round 3: Finals
The winners of each of the two lead foursomes play a final Match Play round of 9 holes.  We could do this as one group of four.  The two winning Pros and the two winning Ams playing together but scoring separately.

Order of top 12 players, who get a payout.
1.  (Winner of Final Round).  Top payout.
2. (Loser of Final Round)
3-4.  Two players that finished in 2nd place from one of the two lead foursomes in Rd2
5-6: Winners of the 2nd Place Foursomes in Rd2
7-12: Equal payouts to 3rd place in lead foursome, 2nd place in 2nd foursome, 1st place in 3rd foursome

The rules will be similiar to but modified for the smaller women's division.  Will post when finalized.


Modified match play format, non-sanctioned disc golf tournament.

Limited to two pools of 32 each, Pro and Amateur and one pool of 8 for Women.

 Registration and Payouts will be coordinated through Scott Reek and Dynamic Discs - Kansas City.  Rob Martin of Maverick Disc Golf will be the Tournament Director.

 This is a SOLO match play, NOT team match play.

 All players - $21. ($1 to Kansas City Flying Disc Club, $20 to payouts). Pre-register via DD website.

Location - Swope Park. Check in 8:30 - 9:15. Players meeting is required and will be right after check in.



Beginners / Re: How to make an etiquette call?
« on: July 06, 2015, 09:08:38 PM »
You can also bring it up during the players meeting. To me, that is the warning. Especially for a repeat and purposeful offender. You've been warned, stroke them immediately.

Leagues / Re: 2015 Meandering Monday PDGA League - First Session
« on: June 30, 2015, 08:34:20 AM »
Fox Hill, 6/29/15

20 players, 16 into Ace Fund.  No aces hit, fund up to $142 after two recent aces in last 3 weeks.


1. Travis Corporon, 49, $9 USD
2. Michael Megl, 53
3. Drew Neitzel, 56


1. Jamie Barry, 54, $5 USD
2. Ted Keith, 54, $4 USD
3. Harold Berciunas, 56


1. Javen Bowie, 57, $8 KC Kash
1. Steven Blowers, 57, $8
3. Josh Kujawa, 61, $3
4. James Thompson, 62
4. Paul Ehrhardt, 62


1. Andy Silcott, 53, $10 KCKash
2. Phil Halloway, 54, $8
3. Phil Ellis, 57, $7
4. Rob Martin, 58, $5
5. Ian Diekerson, 59, $3
6. Eric Owen, 60
7. Matt Hicks, 63
8. Jake Rebel, 65
9. Ryan Findley, 69

Next week is at Cliff Drive and will be run by Michael Krueger.

Leagues / Re: 2015 Meandering Monday PDGA League - First Session
« on: June 29, 2015, 10:07:31 PM »
Fox hill ratings are up.  Will post full results tomorrow.

You have been misinformed. And thanks to Nate Zier we have current agreements with PHill and Liberty. KCMO is on a three year cycle and will be renewed in September. BTW, we pay a percentage of all income recvd on KCMO courses annually. Thanks to mostly Jack the KCFDC has a pretty good relationship with KCMO P&R.

ok, thanks for the clarrification.  it may have been an old issue

I'm in favor of requiring individuals being members in order to post in certain sections, such as Tournaments, Leagues, etc. 

Can we have a BOD member comment on the contract question - are they still current?  I was told very recently that at least the contract with KCMO has expired.

I need to correct you.  For the Matchboxx 64, I'm the TD.  DDKC is the payout.  I will not be doing any payouts myself.  It is not me or DDKC.  It is just DDKC.  For this one event, I'm the TD for a DDKC event.

Just a question - it is my understanding that the contracts between the KCFDC and various P&R's have actually expired.

If so, the KCFDC actually has lost jurisdiction as to who can and cannot use the parks for disc golf events. 


Still haven't seen an answer from Rob about Disc Golf World though not being allowed to redeem vouchers.

I'm fairly certain DGW isn't taking vouchers for the MAC.  What's the issue here?

Matchboxx 64 (well hopefully it will be 72, I guess we'll see) is not a club event.  Neither is Chill at the Hill, Midwest Amateur Championships or the 2015 KC Mini Series which are also stickied under Tournaments.  I'm not positive, admitting that upfront, but I don't think the Trilogy Challenge or the Flippin' Sweat Tournament which are also stickied.

Jack - have you asked the original posters for those threads if their events are club events?  If not, why not?

Second - the answer regarding paying the club.  Please read the original post for this thread.  Your answer is there. Actually, it is also on the flyer (which I removed from this thread because this thread is no longer about the tournament) in very large font.

Can I get an Admin to lock this thread and Unsticky it please?

This thread makes me embarrased to be a part of the KCFDC.  Anyone else?


Well thanks, I asked you a question and you at least answered it. Somehow I think if MK, Nova, or Crispian had asked you would have had a lot more serious well thought out answer. That's probably my fault for being a wise-guy.

Joe - I gave you a well thought out answer.  Did you read it?  Seriously, I'm asking if you actually read it because with the response you provided it makes me wonder if you took the time to read it like I requested.  Just in case you didn't, here is a condensed version:

I appreciate Joe Teater (jteater) coming to my defense and supporting with the paraphrase 'dude, the guy stated the way it was...leave him alone'.  What I also read Joe to say is at some point, divisions can be so diluted that everyone is a solo player in their own division.  To which I also agree with.
Which I come to my first point.  While I'm ok with people asking questions about this or that, when I provide the guideline for how a tournament will be ran, I would really appreciate it if people would respect me and accept it for what it is.  In some way, people are asking me to respect their particular demographic.  Please respect me and how I choose to run a particular tournament, especially realizing that I go out of my way to make every other tournament as welcoming as possible.  There are other opportunities for tournaments literally every single weekend from April 1 to Sept 30 within 150 miles of KC metro.  As a TD, it is actually problematic to find a weekend that I can host a tournament without conflicting with 2 other tournaments within 200 miles, let alone 1 tournament within 150 miles.  I'm not saying this to women; I'm saying this to every Tom, Dick, Harry and Jane. (edit: and Joe)
To everyone reading this - please sign up early.  I know we (me too) don't like to sign up until we know who's playing or the weather, etc.  This tournament needs to fill to run well.  When you sign up, others will sign up.



Joe - please follow your own advice, ok?
...Or maybe everyone can accept what he said.

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