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Doug.  My doctor prescribes me meds.  Want his contact information?

Tournaments / Re: Jackson Park Open, Atchison, KS, March 7, 2015
« on: March 06, 2015, 08:44:10 am »
Tournament is full with 2 on the waiting list.

Temporary holes are completely set up but without the actual basket.  Where the basket will be is a spray painted mark plus an orange flag.  Views of the holes along with descriptions can be seen here:

Tournaments / Re: Jackson Park Open, Atchison, KS, March 7, 2015
« on: March 05, 2015, 09:56:01 pm »
Safety concerns.  For 90 people playing at one time the holes are too close together.  So, we took out hole four because hole 1 and hole 3 would be throwing down on the tee box. We took out holes 11 and 12 because they basically are throwing at each other.  For 5-15 people in the park, it can be avoided.  For 90 people, the level of concern is too high and it would slow down the tournament because people would be waiting on each other on holes that they are not even playing.

And...temporary holes are cool.   ;)

Tournaments / Re: Jackson Park Open, Atchison, KS, March 7, 2015
« on: March 05, 2015, 09:48:20 pm »
Temporary holes are completely set up but without the actual basket.  Where the basket will be is a spray painted mark plus an orange flag.  Views of the holes along with descriptions can be seen here:

Tournaments / Re: Jackson Park Open, Atchison, KS, March 7, 2015
« on: March 05, 2015, 12:46:48 pm »
Down to 7 spots left.

Ladies - I have one woman coming from Iowa.  Anyone want to join her?

Tournaments / Re: Jackson Park Open, Atchison, KS, March 7, 2015
« on: March 04, 2015, 07:59:45 pm »
Some updates:

Weather still looks great - awesome!

Up to 73 players, 17 spots left

All preregistrants will be entered into a drawing for the custom dyed Prodigy F7 elsewhere posted - thanks to Madd Mike Petrin​.

All Ams will receive a players pack to include a Discraft tournament stamped disc.  All rec will also get a Trilogy koozie and Discraft sticker.  Whoa!  I know, right!

I promise the Intermediate and Advanced payouts will be fatter than my first tournament - that was a learning curve and I will still on the flatland.  We are not talking Everest here though, this is a C-Tier, and not GBO.

Second round 'Win your card, win a prize' includes a goodie bag of a Discraft reusable score card and a Trilogy koozie.

There will be three CTP's throughout the tournament.  The prizes are a DD trucker cap, Lat64 trucker cap, and a DD Dyemax CTP Suspect.

There is a SINGLE DD Dyemax Hot Round Suspect goes to the hottest round of all players.  One disc to rule them all...  If you tie, we'll do a putting dual or something like that.  I'll let you decide.

Lat64 Luxury Bag Ace/CTP fund - we are at 53, so there is a second bag available.  Pictures of the bag are posted somewhere on the facebook page.  Refresher on rules:
No aces - everybody that paid in will do a CTP for the two bags.
One ace - The person that hit the ace gets first choice of colors.  Everyone else does a CTP for the second bag.
Two aces - Only those two people do a CTP for the two bags for the color choice.
Three aces or more - Only those that hit an ace will to a CTP for the two bags that are available.

CTP rules - Closet to pin is kind of a misnomer.  This is the priority listing:
Chain out
Cage top or basket bottom are same priority
then actual distance to poll.

If five people chain out - those five do it again by themselves.  You get the idea.

Tournaments / Re: Jackson Park Open, Atchison, KS, March 7, 2015
« on: March 03, 2015, 08:03:02 pm »
67 registered / 23 left

We have 5 Open players now.  Current registration list:

We are right at 50 players that have either paid in or said they would pay in to the Latitude 64 Luxury Bag Ace/CTP fund.  I'm pretty sure we'll get to 51 for the second bag to be available.

Leagues / Re: 2015 Meandering Monday PDGA League - First Session
« on: March 03, 2015, 04:22:19 pm »
If there is a conflict, please let me know in a civil manner.

Leagues / 2015 Meandering Monday PDGA League - Both Sessions
« on: March 03, 2015, 04:21:46 pm »

First Session:

4/6 - Shawnee Mission Park.  Will try to start check ins at 5:15, will send people out as soon as cards can be filled.  Last card out will be about 5:30-5:40
4/13 Blue Valley KC, MO  Check-in 5:15.  Will try to start check ins at 5:15, will send people out as soon as cards can be filled.  Last card out will be about 5:30-5:40.  May have to play the middle distance inner course due to daylight – City of Fountains week

4/20 5:30pm Swope, KC, MO – Corporate Challenge week

4/27 5:30pm WyCo, Bonner Springs, KS – GBO week, WyCo is similar to Emporia courses

5/4 6pm Legacy Park, Lee’s Summit, MO

5/11 6pm Water Works, KC, MO

5/18 6pm Rosedale DU, KC, KS

5/25 - Memorial Day – no league

6/1 – 6pm To Be Determined.  E vs. W course or W. Young Blue Springs, MO

6/8 – 6pm Lake Shore, Pleasant Hill, MO

6/15 – 6pm KCWO course to be determined.  Either Swope Gold if playable, otherwise Rosedale Up Top.

All course coordinators get to play for free the week the league is on their course.

For the 10-week PDGA League, the fee structure will be:
KCFDC Members
With Ace Fund - $6
Without Ace Fund - $5

Non-KCFDC Members
With Ace fund - $7
Without Ace fund - $6

Divisions offered:
The reporting of divisions will differ for the PDGA and KCFDC.  For the payout portion (KCFDC), it will be based on standard KC league formats.  In order to have a division, 3 people or more need to be available for the least restrictive denominator per Pro or Am division

For example –
1-5 Open players – all play Open.
6+ Open players, can split into various divisions (Open, Pro Masters, Pro Women, Pro Grand Masters, etc.)

1-5 Am players – All play Advanced
6+ Am players – Can be split into various divisions (Advanced, Advanced Women, Intermediate, Rec, etc.)

Payouts will be the approved KCFDC format as shown here:

Reporting to the PDGA:
As far as reporting to the PDGA there are two benefits: first to get a rating, second to get point used for Pro and Am Worlds.  It benefits everyone, top and bottom, to be placed in the same grouping for points if the highest categories are used.  Therefore, for the PDGA reporting it will be simply Open and Advanced regardless of gender or age.

Best place to find results:

Leagues / Re: 2015 Summer Leagues
« on: March 03, 2015, 03:30:50 pm »
Legacy Lee's Summit will be on the PDGA Meandering Monday schedule a couple of times.

Leagues / Re: 2015 Summer Leagues
« on: March 03, 2015, 10:50:01 am »
Maverick came  from the street I live on.  Maverick Lane.  Same neighborhood as Rawhide, Bonanza, Ponderosa, Trail Dust, Cimarron.  It's the 'Old West' neighborhood in Lawrence that is ironically in the Southeast corner of town.

Leagues / Re: 2015 Summer Leagues
« on: March 03, 2015, 09:54:31 am »
Jack - you presume too much.  I don't run leagues to make money.  Is your issue with the league or with Maverick Disc Golf?

Maverick Disc Golf has yet to run an event on KCFDC courses.  If I ever choose to do so, it will be through the BoD if it is on club courses, or through the P&R if it is not a club course.

I'm not going to hide that I make money on Maverick Disc Golf.  I also work my butt off and make less than $5 per hour doing so.

Do we really want to get into the issue of whether or not it is OK to make money running events?  Rick, Scott, Pete, Dick, Josh, Lars, Bren, Nils, you folks want to chip in on whether you make money running tournaments?  Jack - I see you are signed up for the Glass Blown Open?  That is a 'for profit' enterprise.  I'm shocked you are supporting a 'for profit' enterprise. 

Does it even matter?  Is this about leagues?  Or is it about Maverick Disc Golf?  Or is it actually about Jack Lowe not getting his way?

You win Jack.  You always win.

**edit** - I did start the Lawrence PDGA league as a means to make money.  I think I made a whopping $20 through the 10-week session; maybe $30.  Lawrence Centennial is not a KCFDC course.

Leagues / Re: 2015 Summer Leagues
« on: March 02, 2015, 09:44:25 pm »
I'm not going to argue Jack.  You win.  You always win.

It really is obvious that you have a deep seated hatred for me.  It is unfortunate you feel that way.

I'm not arguing with Jack fellow club members.  However, as his post above borders on slander, for the record, I do feel a need to post my side of things.  Then I'm done.

I put my time in as a volunteer.  Of course I can never match what others have done.  The postings on the forum won't let us forget it.

I volunteered as a spotter for 2013 KCWO instead of playing.  How many KCFDC members have spotted even one tournament?
I volunteered as an Assistant Director for the 2014 KCWO B-Tier.  Wasn't even invited to the worker's party until it was too late to attend.  I was told that it would be made up to me at the club elections.  It didn't happen, but it didn't even mention it until now, because I didn't volunteer to get something, even bragging rights.  I did it because it was the right thing to do.

I secured the CO2 donation for 2014 KCWO.

I solely secured the beer donations of the last two Ice Bowls which alone brought in $1000. 

2014 Ice Bowl, I took a whole Saturday to brew beer, along with two other club members to brew my own beer and then give it away for donations.  I served the beer the whole day, which meant I couldn't play in the final round, so that as a club we would be responsible in how we distribute alcoholic beverages instead of letting the taps flow freely to every irresponsible person, of age or not of age.  I borrowed the serving equipment from a homebrew club I belong to, and then cleaned the equipment by myself.  I also secured an additional two kegs of beer besides the beer I/we made.

For the 2015 Ice Bowl I secured not only three kegs of beer, but also the people to serve the beer so the club wouldn't have to do it.  I submitted a plan on how to secure additional donations to those that were running the Ice Bowl.  Heaven forbid we don't something differently than what we have done since the beginning of time.  For over a full month I did not get a concrete answer to my suggestion, so two of us made a decision without Mr. Lowe.  Only after it was publicly stated what the policy would be, it backfired in my face and I ate the crow myself and rescinded it.  Gosh, I really enjoyed that.  If only I would have gotten an answer to my proposal to the multiple requests I made for an answer, or received a reply sooner than 30 days after I first brought it up. 

I have volunteered a work day at Cliff Drive because we 'had to' put in new holes.  Only to find out this wasn't actually true.  I really enjoyed the misinformation I received on that one.

Before I was even a member of the KCFDC, I organized a work day at Centennial Park in Lawrence and cleaned up over a dozen bags of trash along with securing the food donations and drinks from local business to feed the workers.  This wasn't done so that I could take advantage of the course.  I did it because it needed to be done.

I volunteered an entire Saturday working at Perry Lake - Longview - a course that a lot of KCFDC people enjoy.  How many of the KCFDC played Longview and worked on that course? 
Topeka DG are having a workday Saturday 2/7 from 9-3 if interested.  I'll be there.
I was there.  I am 100% positive that I didn't see a single other person from KC there.  Although I did see some players from KC.  Not busting on them at all, just saying all of us enjoy the fruit of other people's labors.  Not all of us make a public declaration of it and accuse people of leeching off the system.

Besides volunteering for the KCFDC, I have spent well over 200 hours feeding homeless people in the city I live in - Lawrence.  Yep, I don't live in Kansas City metro area.  I was unaware that was a requirement to be a part of the KCFDC club.  I do work here though, does that count for anything?

The issue ladies and gentleman, is that I'm willing to stand up to some of the old guard here in our club.  Jack in particular has it out for me because I called him out publicly on an issue where he threatened to pull the baskets at Cliff only to manipulate people into work days when he never intended to actually pull them.  I have a very deep issue with people that manipulate others.  Now Jack is very upset with me and it has gotten personal to him.

I'm sorry that everyone else had to be pulled into this. 

Leagues / Re: 2015 Summer Leagues
« on: March 02, 2015, 04:04:16 pm »
Speaking of governance, does the KCFDC by-laws address this topic in any manner?  If so, can someone cut and paste for all to read?

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