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The PDGA does have suggestions about such things as forced OB carries...

Nice document.  Never seen that before.

Pleasant Hill / Re: Parking issue after lunch
« on: July 15, 2015, 10:30:14 AM »
It has been handled.

Says Shanahan in a Brooklyn accent.

Leagues / Re: 2015 Meandering Monday PDGA League - First Session
« on: July 14, 2015, 11:34:25 AM »
Started off hot, then it rained.  It was a nice rain.  First time ever I was glad to play disc golf in the rain.

14 players, all into Ace Fund.  No Aces hit, fund up to $156 now.


1. Eric Eastwood, 48, $9 USD
2. Jamie Loveall, 51
3. Matt Dixon, 55


1. Aaron Shanahan, 54, $7 KCKash
2. Mike Krueger, 57, $4
3. Mike Petrin, 65


1. Rob Jackson, 57, $6 KCKash
1. Derek Broockerd, 57, $6
3. Rob Martin, 60


1. Steve Stansberry, 57, $8 KCKash
2. Tim Heiber, 61, $5
2. Ben Whitesel, 61, $5
4. Bryce Nichols, 66
5. Austin Anderson, 69


League tentatively planned on being at Blue Valley of KS if we can get the logistics worked out.

Leagues / Re: 2015 Meandering Monday PDGA League - First Session
« on: July 13, 2015, 06:49:59 AM »
Pleasant Hill tonight. Sign up at 5:40, tee off at 6. Bring your own water, cut back on the beer. I will have a water cooler as well.

Pleasant Hill / Water for PDGA Monday league 7/13/15
« on: July 12, 2015, 03:07:21 PM »
I think we should have some extra water available for Monday night due to the extreme heat.  I do have a 5 gallon water cooler.  I can get ice for it.  Are there working water spigots at the park? Thinking probably over by the camp ground area?

If someone is willing to take care of it all, bring a cooler, ice and water, I'll let you. 

General Banter / Re: Been seeing alot of Rebel Flags
« on: July 12, 2015, 12:43:26 PM »
I tried it at the 2014 KCWO. It was interesting :).

Interesting?  Indeed.

General Banter / Re: Thirsty
« on: July 10, 2015, 01:42:23 PM »
DDKC has drinks for sale.  Or they used to.  Stored in a refrigerator behind the counter

Tentative payouts based on full registration. Pro pays cash, Am pays store credit at Dynamic Discs - Kansas City. Thanks DDKC for the added cash to pros and ams!

Of course, if it doesn't fill then payouts will be adjusted.

Women's payout will be similiar for percentages, but smaller to match the field.  Will post when finalized.


This will be a NON-sanctioned tournament.  Ams can play Pro and accept cash without affecting their Am status.  There will be three divisions offered.  Pro, Am and Women.  Pro will be awarded cash, Am and Women will be awarded credit at DDKC Store only.  Pro and Am will be limited to 32 players.  Women is limited to 8 players.  Each card will be limited to four players. 

World Cup Format:
On each hole, for each person in your group that you score better than, you get a point. In each round, you are only competing against the other players on your card.

Examples of scoring per hole:
Everyone gets the exact same score: 3 or a 4 or a 2 – No score is awarded, you put a ‘0’ on the score card for everyone.

You get a 3, everyone else gets a 4.  You get a ‘3’, because you beat 3 people, everyone else gets a ‘0’

Two people get a 3, two people get a 4.  The two people that get a 3 each score a ‘2’ because they beat 2 people – those that got a 4.  Those that got a 4 get a ‘0’.

You get a 2, two people get a 3, one gets a 4.  You get a ‘3’ because you beat three people.  The two people that got a 3 get ‘1’ each because they each beat one person – the individual that scored a 4.  The 4 gets ‘0’.

You get a 2, all others get a 4.  You get a ‘3’ because you beat three people.  Others get a ‘0’.  You don’t get bonus points due to the scoring spread, you only get points for how many people you beat.

You get a 2, two people get a 4, one gets a 6.  You get a ‘3’ because you beat three people.  The two that scored 4 get ‘1’ each because they each beat one person.  The one that scored ‘6’ gets a ‘0’.

A sequenced is thrown, i.e., 2, 3, 4, 5.  The person that shot a 2, gets a '3' on the score card.  The person that shot a 3 get a '2' on the score card.  The person that shot a 4 gets a '1' on the score card.  The person that shot a 5 gets a '0'.

Highest score wins.

Need to figure out tie breakers yet.  The Vibram thread had some ideas.

Round 1: 16 Foursomes total.  8 foursomes per division.

Round 2: Semifinals

This is Per Division
Two Lead Foursomes
Two 2nd Place Foursomes
Two 3rd Place Foursomes
Two  4th Place Foursomes

Round 3: Finals
The winners of each of the two lead foursomes play a final Match Play round of 9 holes.  We could do this as one group of four.  The two winning Pros and the two winning Ams playing together but scoring separately.

Order of top 12 players, who get a payout.
1.  (Winner of Final Round).  Top payout.
2. (Loser of Final Round)
3-4.  Two players that finished in 2nd place from one of the two lead foursomes in Rd2
5-6: Winners of the 2nd Place Foursomes in Rd2
7-12: Equal payouts to 3rd place in lead foursome, 2nd place in 2nd foursome, 1st place in 3rd foursome

The rules will be similiar to but modified for the smaller women's division.  Will post when finalized.


Modified match play format, non-sanctioned disc golf tournament.

Limited to two pools of 32 each, Pro and Amateur and one pool of 8 for Women.

 Registration and Payouts will be coordinated through Scott Reek and Dynamic Discs - Kansas City.  Rob Martin of Maverick Disc Golf will be the Tournament Director.

 This is a SOLO match play, NOT team match play.

 All players - $21. ($1 to Kansas City Flying Disc Club, $20 to payouts). Pre-register via DD website.

Location - Swope Park. Check in 8:30 - 9:15. Players meeting is required and will be right after check in.



Beginners / Re: How to make an etiquette call?
« on: July 06, 2015, 09:08:38 PM »
You can also bring it up during the players meeting. To me, that is the warning. Especially for a repeat and purposeful offender. You've been warned, stroke them immediately.

Leagues / Re: 2015 Meandering Monday PDGA League - First Session
« on: June 30, 2015, 08:34:20 AM »
Fox Hill, 6/29/15

20 players, 16 into Ace Fund.  No aces hit, fund up to $142 after two recent aces in last 3 weeks.


1. Travis Corporon, 49, $9 USD
2. Michael Megl, 53
3. Drew Neitzel, 56


1. Jamie Barry, 54, $5 USD
2. Ted Keith, 54, $4 USD
3. Harold Berciunas, 56


1. Javen Bowie, 57, $8 KC Kash
1. Steven Blowers, 57, $8
3. Josh Kujawa, 61, $3
4. James Thompson, 62
4. Paul Ehrhardt, 62


1. Andy Silcott, 53, $10 KCKash
2. Phil Halloway, 54, $8
3. Phil Ellis, 57, $7
4. Rob Martin, 58, $5
5. Ian Diekerson, 59, $3
6. Eric Owen, 60
7. Matt Hicks, 63
8. Jake Rebel, 65
9. Ryan Findley, 69

Next week is at Cliff Drive and will be run by Michael Krueger.

Leagues / Re: 2015 Meandering Monday PDGA League - First Session
« on: June 29, 2015, 10:07:31 PM »
Fox hill ratings are up.  Will post full results tomorrow.

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