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Scott Reek is on his honeymoon.  It will be awhile before you get an update.
Meanwhile, check here:

Beginners / Re: Zoysa
« on: June 27, 2014, 09:45:16 am »
for particularly bad basket areas, the area could be prepped, seeded and fenced off with snow fencing to give it a chance to grow.

Beginners / Re: Zoysa
« on: June 27, 2014, 08:49:19 am »
I agree that we need some heavy duty grass on our courses.  I'm not a grass guy, herbal or otherwise.  I do tend to like native grasses as introduced species prove to be a bad idea down the road.  However, I'm not too concerned if something goes dormant as long as it doesn't go dead.  I'd rather have dormant brown grass then packed dirt and bare roots leading to dead trees.

I do think this is something that as a club we should put some finances towards

Do you have someone to run it?  Chris Connell is willing to run a league. I don't know if Fridays and or east side will work for him.

Ratings are up for 6/25/14 Wilbur Young, Blue Springs, MO.

Par 57

3 1000+ rated rounds....but this week's shout out goes to:

Kelly Babbit - 1007 rated round as an Am player - old man Am at that.

Joe Hammontree - for 2" too low for a dead center chain crashing ace on Hole 17 short.

Steve Thimmesch - for some helping a brother out

Next Week - Wyco.  Sign up at 5:45, tee off as soon as cards are ready.

First night of the Second Session of PDGA (Wider) Wandering Wednesday.

6/25/14 - Wilbur Young, Blue Springs, MO

23 in for the ace fund.  No aces, but witnessed Joe Hammontree hit #17 short dead center, 2" too low with a Buzzz I believe.

Ace fund is now up to $240.  Remember, Aces hit pay out 50%, $20 is retained to pay for your next year's annual club dues.

      OPEN         USD   
1      Joe Hesting      51   $14   
2      Das Loomis      52   $9   
3      Becket Carduff      54   $7   
4      Kevin Zane      58      
5      Jake Bowen      60      
5      Chris Cossette      60      
7      John Thiess      63      
7      Dan Shepherd      63      
9      Pierce Harris      65      
10      Steve Thimmesch      67      
      MASTERS         USD   
1      Kelly Babbitt      52   $8   
2      Jamie Barry      57   $4   
3      Kevin Weiss      58   $3   
4      Paul Beard      62      
5      Jim Sherwood      72      
      WOMEN      Paid USD      
1      Minna Dennis      66   $4   
      AM1         Paid KC Kash   
1      Joe Hammontree      63   $9   
2      Chris McKee      68   $6   
3      Jake Riley      70      
4      Jeff Waldron      71      
      AM2         Paid KC Kash   
1      Charles Bryan      69   $8   
2      Rob Martin      70   $5   
2      Ryan Kuecker      70   $5   Owe
4      Mike Krueger      75      
5      Ben Polen      78      

Lost on Hole 1, to the left, at Wilbur Young on 6/25/14.  Would appreciate it back please.

Summer Leagues / Re: 2014 league at Wilbur Young
« on: June 25, 2014, 09:10:33 am »
6/25 Wilbur Young League--PDGA Wandering Wednesday
 i will be handing over league duties to Rob tonight. he is bringing the PDGA league over to the east side for a couple of stops in the next few weeks. Young is the first. super excited to have it out.
sign up by 5:45 or so- tee off by 6:00.
DON"T FORGET- the PDGA league is an extra $1. covers Rob's PDGA fees.
course is looking decent. come on out and toss some plastic!


Reminder, we are at W. Young tomorrow, 6/25.

Going to change division offerings a bit for payouts.

Open will remain Open

If there are at least 3 that want a Masters, we will open on up.  We will have either a Pro Masters, or an Am Masters, but not both.  If there are some that want both, we will go with the one that has the most players.  This is to prevent too much of a dilution of divisons. 

Women - I will open up a women division regardless of minimum numbers.

First session I offered AM1 and AM2 with the cut off at 850.  Averaging the Am players, the average was 875.  The median was 888.  I'm going to set the cut off for this session at 880.  If your PDGA rating is 880 or below, you can play AM2.  AM2 payouts are flater and deeper meaning that the top guy gets paid less than the top guy in AM1.

I got a call last night about a dad asking if he can bring his two sons.  I pointed him to the kids league, but it seems like that was only for 6 weeks.  If we get kids, I will open up a <= 13.  Older than 13, they probably could compete in AM2.

Posted a flyer for this at Centennial in Lawrence. 


Final 9 was a blast. I'm glad we went with all 3 of the players tied for 3.

Why isn't the Round 3 scores for Advanced posted on PDGA yet?

After June 22nd they can be used at Disc Golf World for the coming week.

Most weeks I get the question if there is a Masters division.  If there are at least 3 players, I'm willing to start opening up a Masters.  I would prefer to have either a Cash Pro Masters or a Am KC Kash Masters, but not both so we don't dilute the other divisions.

We would use either the Masters payout grid or the Intermediate grid which spreads payments deeper.  My thoughts are if you want to make the higher, stronger payouts, play in the respective Open or AM1 divisions.

What do you think?

FINAL   Schedule for Wider Wandering Wednesdays (WWW)

6/25 - W. Young
7/2 - WyCo - Beer night
7/9 - Legacy
7/16 - Water Works (prep for H2Open)
7/23 - SMP
7/30 - Roesdale Up Top (prep for Midwest Am. Champ)
8/6 - Swope
8/13 - Rosedale DU
8/20 - Cliff
8/27 - PC (prep for Old Settlers Open)

After PDGA registration costs, player entry fees, and supply costs, I have about $42 left over. July 2nd, I'll be bringing a couple of cases of beer (probably Blvd Pale Ale and Coors Light) to WyCo.  I'll get some Gatorade or canned iced tea as well.  The intention is that this will be for Session 1 players that have played at least 2 rounds April 16 through June 18.  If there is any left over, we'll share with others.

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