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Tournaments / Re: Matchbox 64 MODIFIED Match Play Comment Thread
« on: March 18, 2015, 03:22:07 pm »
Saturday is the KC Ace Race

Tournaments / Re: Matchbox 64 MODIFIED Match Play Comment Thread
« on: March 18, 2015, 02:56:43 pm »
For ties, it only applies to the card you are on, because you are only competing against your card.  So ties across different cards don't matter.

From the Vibram thread, this is what Steve Dodge suggested:

Hi Chuck and Jason, tie breakers are something that would need to be worked out. Great points! In my opinion, in this format, the way to break ties would be head to head scoring.

For example, let's presume Jim and John tied with 16 points and Ed and Larry tied with 12 points on a given card. To break the ties I would see who won more holes head to head between Jim and John. And then I would do this also for Ed and Larry.

If they are still tied after that, I would do a one throw CTP on the hole that they started on. In my pragmatic opinion, if two people are tied after 18 holes and they beat each other on the same number of holes, then whoever advances is basically a coin toss (they are equally matched!) and a CTP is a fine way to break the tie.

That is one idea.  Another idea could be:

I would suggest it is a one hole playoff.  If you tie on that hole, it is then CTP to the next hole and you're done.

I like the One Hole playoff myself.  It may affect how people strategize if they think that Hole #6 may come back in to consideration if we tie.  I would like it to be, 'this hole matters only for this hole'.  After that, it doesn't matter any more.  If we tie, we play one additional hole, becaue it is a new hole and it is mano e mano.  How I do my upshot, or run a put, etc., is for this hole only.  I like that and I believe lends itself more to the Match Play feel.

Tournaments / Re: Matchbox 64 MODIFIED Match Play Comment Thread
« on: March 18, 2015, 12:46:25 pm »
Possible payout:

Tournaments / Matchbox 64 MODIFIED Match Play Comment Thread
« on: March 18, 2015, 12:40:21 pm »
Matchbox 64 Comment Thread.

Scott Reek and I are joining efforts on a MODIFIED match play format tournament created by Steve Dodge of Vibram disc golf.  I’ll be running the tournament, Scott will be collecting registrations and doing payouts.  The date is set for Sunday, August 30th.  Course is yet to be determined.

This thread is to allow some discussion to take place before the final format is declared.  Please be civil in your comments.  When the final format and course is determined, I will start a new thread specifically for that.  This is for discusison only.

This will be a NON-sanctioned tournament.  Ams can play Pro and accept cash without affecting their Am status.  There will be two divisions offered.  Pro and Am.  Pro will be awarded cash, Am will be awarded credit at DDKC Store only.  Each division will be limited to 32 players.  Each card will be limited to four players.  Eight cards per division.

Women can play but a separate division will not be offered.  In order for this to work, divisions of 4 are required.  If this turns out be be succesful, maybe we can start a 4 or 8 lady separate division next year.

World Cup Format:
On each hole, for each person in your group that you score better than, you get a point. In each round, you are only competing against the other players on your card.

Examples of scoring per hole:
Everyone gets the exact same score: 3 or a 4 or a 2 – No score is awarded, you put a ‘0’ on the score card for everyone.

You get a 3, everyone else gets a 4.  You get a ‘3’, because you beat 3 people, everyone else gets a ‘0’

Two people get a 3, two people get a 4.  The two people that get a 3 each score a ‘2’ because they beat 2 people – those that got a 4.  Those that got a 4 get a ‘0’.

You get a 2, two people get a 3, one gets a 4.  You get a ‘3’ because you beat three people.  The two people that got a 3 get ‘1’ each because they each beat one person – the individual that scored a 4.  The 4 gets ‘0’.

You get a 2, all others get a 4.  You get a ‘3’ because you beat three people.  Others get a ‘0’.  You don’t get bonus points due to the scoring spread, you only get points for how many people you beat.

You get a 2, two people get a 4, one gets a 6.  You get a ‘3’ because you beat three people.  The two that scored 4 get ‘1’ each because they each beat one person.  The one that scored ‘6’ gets a ‘0’.

A sequenced is thrown, i.e., 2, 3, 4, 5.  The person that shot a 2, gets a '3' on the score card.  The person that shot a 3 get a '2' on the score card.  The person that shot a 4 gets a '1' on the score card.  The person that shot a 5 gets a '0'.

Highest score wins.

Need to figure out tie breakers yet.  The Vibram thread had some ideas.

Round 1: 16 Foursomes total.  8 foursomes per division.

Round 2: Semifinals

This is Per Division
Two Lead Foursomes
Two 2nd Place Foursomes
Two 3rd Place Foursomes
Two  4th Place Foursomes

Round 3: Finals
The winners of each of the two lead foursomes play a final Match Play round of 9 holes.  We could do this as one group of four.  The two winning Pros and the two winning Ams playing together but scoring separately.

Order of top 12 players, who get a payout.
1.  (Winner of Final Round).  Top payout.
2. (Loser of Final Round)
3-4.  Two players that finished in 2nd place from one of the two lead foursomes in Rd2
5-6: Winners of the 2nd Place Foursomes in Rd2
7-12: Equal payouts to 3rd place in lead foursome, 2nd place in 2nd foursome, 1st place in 3rd foursome

Tournaments / Re: 33rd Annual Kansas City Wide Open - June 19-21, 2015
« on: March 17, 2015, 10:08:34 pm »
Thank you John for bringing a higher road to the forums instead of guilt trips.

Confirmed today, we'll have some CTP and 'Win a card, win a prize options'.

Hog Holler Saloon​ is donating Qty (2) $25 gift certificates for CTP prizes.  These certificates will be able to use on a date after April 12 (i.e. not the date of the tournament).  Come back to play the course again, and stop in for a great meal and drinks.

Maverick Disc Golf​ will be providing a 'Win your card, win a Drink' ticket, redeemable at Hog Holler of course, to be used after the second round.  Maybe it should be, 'lose your card, win a drink'.  That may be more appropriate.  I'll think about it.

Remember, all players, Pro and Am, will receive a free golf towel courtesy of TriLion Studios​.

Register by April 9, and Ams will receive a bonus pack item.  I'm waiting for the Innova order to be delivered before I confirm what it is.

Doh!  Flyer doesn't have start times.

8:00am - 8:45am Check in at Hog Holler Saloon across the street. Required.

9:00am Players meeting at Hog Holler Saloon across the street. Required.

Figure a one hour break for lunch.  As lunch is available on site, I would not expect lunch to go beyond one hour (meaning running to town for lunch may be a bit tight on time).

Leagues / Re: 2015 Meandering Monday PDGA League - First Session
« on: March 12, 2015, 06:32:01 am »
Perhaps next time throw an Olathe Course in there, would ya? :)

Olathe has their own league and at the request of the coordinator I did not schedule those courses.

Leagues / Re: 2015 Meandering Monday PDGA League - First Session
« on: March 11, 2015, 08:30:13 pm »
Registered the league this evening.  It is officially titled:

"Meandering Monday League in Kansas City"

in the PDGA Events listings.

Tournaments / Re: Lawrence Open April 11, 2015 - PDGA C Tier
« on: March 11, 2015, 08:19:16 pm »
I would compare it to Rosedale or Swope (without Swope 13? - the long hole).  Mid-range holes, mid-level elevation.  Trees but by no means wooded.

While it may look like scorched earth now, in 30 days it will be green grass.  Burnt underbrush recovers pretty quickly and is really healthy for the course.  Not your typical golf course care.
From Dawn to Dusk's facebook posting:

"Went to Longview today and the CORP. was burning off the course some minor clean up and it ahould look great for the Longview open 4-12-15"

Tournaments / Re: 33rd Annual Kansas City Wide Open - June 19-21, 2015
« on: March 10, 2015, 11:15:24 pm »
Who is on the committee?  Who are the TDs for the B-tier?

Current registration:

Clarrification of Ace Fund rules:

Instead of a cash payout, a Latitude 64 DG Luxury Bag will be given if an Ace is hit.

Rules for 50 or less players in Ace Fund:

Player who hits an Ace gets the bag.

If more than one Ace is hit, only those those players that hit an Ace will do an Ace Run after the second round.

If no Ace is hit, all players will participate in Ace Run after the second round.

Rulese for 51 or more players in Ace Fund:

Two Lat64 bags will be available to be given away.

No Aces - everybody plays the Ace Run.

One Ace - that player gets their choice of bag, everyone else plays the Ace Run for the second bag.

Two Aces - those two players get a bag. Game over. They can do an Ace Run for color choice if they want to.

Three or more Aces - only those players participate in the Ace Run.


Your strategy is either to run it or to get close - it depends on your playing style.

This is not a true CTP. An Ace trumps a chain out which trumps the cage top or basket (equal) which trumps the pole. If nobody hits anything, then it is CTP - closest to pin.

Had about 6-8 players not able to play in Atchison because it filled. Please sign up now so you don't get shut out.

Old tournament. Please unpin

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