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4/9/14 Wander Wednesday at WyCo

11 came out for a blustery evening.

1.   Kevin Zane, 57 - $10

tie for second.  Jon and Steve chose to play off instead of splitting it and chose long distance as the deciding factor

2.   Jon Thomas, 58 - $8
3.   Steve Thimesch, 58, lost playoff of long distance tee
4.   Scott Melrose, 60
5.   Chris Cardinal, 65
6.   Carl Pledger, 66

1.   Joe Teater, 68 - $9
2.   Andrew Stomps, 69, $6
3.   Rob Martin, 71, $3
4.   Chris Connell, 73
5.   Juan Hernandez, DNF

Ace fund up to $116

Next week we start the 10-week PDGA Sanctioned.  First week is at WyCo.


Normal KCFDC league fees + $1 for everybody, regardless of PDGA membership.

General Banter / Re: Colorado Courses
« on: April 08, 2014, 04:08:09 pm »
when I travel I use this:

you can list it by state and edit search, etc.

then read various reviews

Played both the 18 and 9 last Saturday.  Courses were in great shape from the last time I was there 3 years ago.

Glad to see they have concrete tee boxes.  A bit short, but better than grass.

Tournaments / Re: 2014 Paradise Diamond - PDGA B Tier - May 17th, 2014
« on: April 08, 2014, 03:14:02 pm »
I dont' see this on PDGA's website as being registered.  Am I missing something?

Got a vote for cliff as prep for city of fountains tournament

Joe's Colt45's would fit in well there.

^^^  ;)  Yes, there will be Colt45's, OE 800's, and Fried Catfish for all!

have you had that fried catfish from the gas station on the BLVD immediately south of Cliff and 1-2 blocks west near the college?  I love it.

Whatever you do though, don't bring one of these:

stupid, epic fail on Vibram's part

Got a vote for cliff as prep for city of fountains tournament

Joe's Colt45's would fit in well there.

Just got done playing Atchinson Jackson Park Saturday.  This is the time of year you want to play that park before grass is an issue.

Same for Riverfront Park in Lawrence, Perry Lake, and Pomona Lake.

1. Rob, have you gotten any feedback from the guys who run Wednesday league at Rosedale on if we could co-mingle with them one week?

It seems like there would be enough room for 15 extra players out there.  I just think if we are going to wander around the courses on the KS side, Rosedale should be included.

2. Another thought is playing down under, but I don't know how everyone else feels about having DU rounds count towards their rating, OR if RDU is even PDGA-recognized.

I know there is still one date that is TBD, and it would be fun!  I am looking forward to making it out this Wednesday, and for the official rated rounds to start the next week.

3. One other question: To play in the Open division AND collect $$$ would I have to have a Professional PDGA membership?

Thanks for your questions. For ease of reply -
1. Not yet.  We got 8 weeks or so before the TBD, but it will be set on where plenty early.
2. Yes, Rose Down Under could be used for a PDGA league. 
3. You don't have to be  PDGA member to play open or amateur for the league.  The $1 charged as the add-on over normal KCFDC league fees are charged from everyone regardless of PDGA membership.

~210 ft hole 9, Arboretum Course, Parsons, KS
Steep Hyzer with an Elite-X Wasp
Will Schusterick called it in Mid-flight.

Nice.  I love me some Wasp.

Set it LONG and brutal... Each week we will plant a new tree as well.
Hey dude, how much longer and more brutal can you get? Actually I do like 4 in the long pin.

Rob, I now have the keys for Wyco and have started moving baskets around.
Cool! I like the idea of setting it short early and slowly stretching it out but whatever you want to do.

Hey - I'm back to having every other Friday off.

Suggestions for next week:

Just got done playing Atchinson Jackson Park today.  This is the time of year you want to play that park before grass is an issue.

Same for Riverfront Park in Lawrence, Perry Lake, and Pomona Lake.

General Banter / Saturday Round, 4/5/14?
« on: April 04, 2014, 10:26:33 am »
Any interest in a round Saturday west of KC?  Would consider Perry, Lawrence, Topeka, Ottawa, Pomona.

Need to be back home by 5:30, so like to tee off no later than 12:30 or 1.  AM ok.


11 came out this first evening of Wandering Wednesday and dodged the rain that never came.  We played Wyandotte Co which was still set at Kan-U-Wyco settings without the OB.  Par 60.

Open – Paid USD
Kevin Zane – 59, $10
Jon Thomas – 62, $2
Carl Pledger – 64
Chris Cardinal – 71

Ams – Pay out as KC Kash
Harold Berciunas – 66, $11
Heath Kinton – 68, $4
Joe Teater – 68, $4
Duane Waldman – 68, $4
Rob Martin – 68, $3
Chris Connell – 71
Steve Keithley - 73

9 in for Ace Fund.  Now up to $109

Looks like Bonner Springs got a lot of rain.  One website said 0.97 inches, while another said 0.25.

From now until 7pm, the chances of additional rain is 10%, 20% by 8, 40% by 9.

I'm planning on still being out there.  We'll go as long as it is not lightning or torrentially raining while we are there.  I can handle a light rain.

I'll send cards of 3 off as soon as people are availabe to try to get the rounds in.  It may be helpful to text me your number so if we do have it call it off during the round I can get ahold of you if you are on the other side of the park.

My number is 7   8   5, seven sixty-four, two two two 9.

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