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Will we meet up top or down in down under at hole 8

Sorry Bill, just saw this.  I tend to respond to the Facebook postings faster.

Yep.  Still down under.  Sign up by 5:45, tee off as soon as cards are ready.  I may possibly push cards out earlier as daylight is getting shorter.

Communicated with Penny earlier this week, we are planning on running the normal Wednesday Rosedale league and the PDGA league together playing down under.

Tournaments / 2014 PDGA Pro Worlds - Portland
« on: August 12, 2014, 09:21:45 am »
Looky here...

Putting Competition
Division Name PDGA# Score Rank Prize
Men <50 11534 Nikko Locastro 39 TBD TBD
Men <50 4666 Steve Rico 37 TBD TBD
Men <50 15864 Jay Reading 36 3 $125
Men <50 27171 Paul Ulibarri 35 4 $105
Men <50 32315 David Madruga 34 5 $90
Men <50 12824 Scott Reek 33 6 $75
Men <50 4034 George Smith 32 7 $65

Men <50 24275 Dustin Honold 31 8 $58
Men <50 10738 Terry Miller 31 8 $58
Men <50 18512 Anthony Bee 30 10 $44
Men <50 25168 Devan Owens 30 10 $44
Men <50 25596 Kyle Crabtree 30 10 $44
Men <50 21683 Jere Eshelman 30 10 $44
Men <50 48346 Drew Gibson 29 14 $28
Men <50 25325 Patrick Blazek 29 14 $28
Men <50 46637 Colin Chambers 28 16 $24
Men <50 24437 David Wiggins 28 16 $24
Men <50 25245 Jeremy Fancher 28 16 $24
Men <50 26416 Philo Brathwaite 28 16 $24
Men <50 44131 Matt House 27 20 $20

Cliff Drive / Re: PDGA LEAGUE-NORTHEAST COURSES-Begins 7/7/14
« on: August 11, 2014, 10:07:30 am »
Bummer, won't be able to make it tonight.  With my Lawrence league over, I'm hoping to make a couple of these before it is over though

Cliff Drive / Re: PDGA LEAGUE-NORTHEAST COURSES-Begins 7/7/14
« on: August 11, 2014, 07:11:47 am »
With all of the rain this past week, is league still on tonight?  Course conditions?

Let me know your thoughts:

Remaining schedule:

8/6 - Swope - Postponed due to weather
8/13 - Rosedale Disc Golf Course DU
8/20 - Cliff Drive
8/27 - Prairie Center (prep for Old Settlers Open)
9/3 - Possible reschedule of Swope stop.

It comes down to it that this was a PDGA event.  Per PDGA rules, he qualified.  Looky here:

At the bottom of the .pdf there is a 'Pros Playing Am' division.  A Pro player with a rating less than 970 can play in Advanced in A, B, or C tier events.  They may NOT play in Am divisions for PDGA Majors (Worlds, Selinske Masters).  It does not address NT's.

There were 5 players above Chris Claring rating wise. 

I'm not sure that if I was the TD, I wouldn't have let him play (meaning I probably would have).

People are complaining about Loomis' alledged wrong interpretation of rules, but in this situation, Claring clearly was eligible to play.  I'm not defending Loomis in any way, nor am I saying Loomis had a choice if Claring played.  What I am saying is, if we are standing on a soap box complaining that we think some of the rules were not adhered to at Water Works, then we also need to stand on the same rules about which player can play in what division.  Claring was was eligible to play, so he was allowed to play.

This was not the only situation like this.  One of the individuals that tied for 1st in Recreation also tied for 1st in an Intermediate B-tier in 2013.  However, just because they won/tied in Intermediate, their rating allowed them to still compete in Recreation.  Fair, I don't know.  Legal - absolutely.  If I was the TD, I would totally allow this person to play in Rec.  Most importantly because it was legal.  Second because I view this as a situation where the person was playing above his rated division for a long time and decided for various reasons to play his actual rated division this particular time.

As info, as a Master, his rating made him ineligible for the Adv. Masters division, which is probably why he played up in the Advanced divisions along with all of the young guns.

Swope PDGA league is called off. Will try to reschedule.

Shawnee Mission / Re: One Disc Wango Results!
« on: August 06, 2014, 11:16:21 am »
One Roc, One Buzzz, and FOUR TRUTHS!!!?!??!
It is not Roc vs. Buzzz.
It's Roc and Buzzz vs. Truth.

Sounds like a lot of fun, couldn't make it due to family committements.  I would have used my Lucid Truth.

Swope tonight.  Sign up by 5:45, tee off as soon as cards are ready.

Last league night, 8/4/14

1. Josh McVey, 47, $11 Lawrence Loot
2. Dan Meyers, 55, $7 LL...
2. Ryan Sipple, 55, $7
4. Adam Seager, 58
5. Rob Martin, 60
6. John Fernandez, 61

Rec - no payouts
1. Brian White, 58

Rating Results:

I got the final report submitted to the PDGA tonight so these rounds should be on the ratings update August 26.

Also - we had a toss off for the $48 Ace Fund.

1. Dan Meyers - $36
2. Rob Martin - $12

Yes sir? Are you effing kidding me?!

I think free relief from dangerous lie was implied for the safety of players and taken by rec players in the rain at ww. it was tough spotting down there, and dangerous sidehills made for some messy muddy situations. also since billy nelson did not win his division he should stay an am until he does.

Ok I'm confused.  I know you can take optional relief with one penalty stroke, but I thought this had to be along the line of play, with the line of play being a straight line from you disc to the basket.  If you threw 50' down into the woods on hole 3 at WW, it seems the line of play would continue to extend back into the woods, with the exception of the open area that looks down into the KCMO water plant.  Optional relief isn't moving horizontally back into the fairway.  So here, if you threw into the woods and you didn't want to throw from your lie (or were unable to), it seems like your only option would be to re-tee throwing 3 (assuming that was where you threw down the hill from).  Am I missing something here?

You are not missing anything.  Your interpretation is correct.


  6/25 Ryan Kuecker, $5 KCKash
  7/9 Jordan Hinck, $10
 7/9 Matt Perry, $4
 7/16 Jake Bowen, $5
7/23 Minna Dennis, $3
7/31 Rebecca Leach, $3 KCK
7/31 Carl Pledger $4 KCK
7/31 Daniel Stracke, $6 KCK
7/31 David Jameson, $10 KCK
7/31 Paul Beard, $1
7/31 Jamie Barry, $5
7/31 Kevin Weiss, $4
7/31 Scott Reek, $1
7/31 Peter Buress, $1
7/31 Kevin Zane, $6

 Please don't ask me to give it to someone to give it to you. Come and get it at league. When you do come, ask me for it as I'm probably not thinking of who I owe money to, but who is checking in, scorecards, etc.

 Thanks, I appreciate it.

 At the end of the current 10-week session (we are on week 6), if not collected, it is forfeited.

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