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Several suggested this idea. We'll get some locals out too.

Carpools are forming.
Quick Trip at Ridgeview just west of I35 Olathe departs at 7:15am.
Who has cars? Who needs ride, but can  $ for gas?

(I could pitch in  $ for gas, your car)

Prairie Center / glow tonight?
« on: January 25, 2016, 05:22:09 pm »
5:20, where is everybody?

Icebowl warm up. (No mulligans )

Ace fund starts at  $394

Hopefully the weather will be decent.
Ace Fund starts at $380.

Incentive ideas? (disc buy in/pay-outs?)
Skins. CTP ideas/donations?

2016 tags!
ACE fund $347

Check out this event at a great course put on by a great group and growing club in Manhattan.  Find information on disc golf scene.

Ace fund around  $230.

Ideas for Christmas rounds??? Maybe a Saturday 26th ftl???

Optional disc buy in. Bring a qualitynew disc.  Payout 1st place gets 1st choice etc.

$1 ace fund at over $390

Yes, that's right! Olathe Heritage Park 1pm FTL!
Bring a quality disc donation buy in. (1st place gets 1st choice etc). Don't bring crap.
$1 ace fund.

Meet at shelter #10. Enter from 159th & Pflumm or 161st & Lackman.

Rosedale top side. Send your significant other to the craziness shoppin. Bring your extra  discs  and some cash to buy, sell or trade for cChristmas presents. We'll make our own crazy.

Ace fund is around$390
2015 tags in play.   

Winter Leagues / Kcfdc Glow?
« on: November 17, 2015, 11:22:52 am »
I think I missed the first one. When is the next club glow? Nomad?

FTL first time at Eastwood disc golf course!

Ace fund is around $350
2015 tags in play.

Tournaments / Paradise 54 - 2015 Saturday October 24 Third annual FTL
« on: October 20, 2015, 07:53:44 am »
Play all three Smithville courses in one day! $5 per round. $1 ace fund per round. Play one, two or all three. Woodhenge 8 - 8:30 tee. Blackthorn 12 - 12:30. Beaver Creek 3-3:3. I  will send you out when you are ready. You can play at your own speed. I will give full instructions when you getyyour card.

CTP prizes from MaverickDiscGolf will be in play on three holes. MaverickDiscGolf is also sponsoring a $10 voucher for merchandise only for any who play all three rounds. (must be redeemed at one ofmMaverickDiscGolf last two tournaments this year).

I like spike tournament is Saturday. There is a glow round Fridayeevening. Let me know if you want to play FTLdduring the day. I am leaning toward making the trip since I have not played this course.

9am and 1pm.

Sorry for the late notice.

Meet at 9 picnic table

Ace fund around  $270

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