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Rosedale this week.
Swope next week.
Waterworks the next.
Run up to the MAC.

ACE fund is around $180.
Possibles at current rosedale settings.

Found and Lost / Lost at Prairie Center #4
« on: July 16, 2015, 01:19:42 PM »
Red gstar tern with 2014 Midwest Am stamp. (During warmup - let a friend throw it and we forgot to pick it up.

Lost before the birdie bash July 5

"Big Country" phone is no longer in service. Tried PDGA. Kevin Smith in Georgia (phone #) and Blue Springs are both not current

warm up for the chill

Ace fund starts at : $176

Am: combo mombo - 10 into the ace fund = $340
Ace hit on hole 6 short pad by Jose Jose! $170 (I owe you $104 - $4 more than I had calculated)

AM (par 108)
Kevin Z.   98
Jose O.   104
Jamie D.  106
Justin L.  106
Rob H.    118
Jeff W.    118
Jason A. 119
Brian C.  119
Nailer    120
Harold B. 121

PM (reg. longs - par 54) Ace starts at $170 + 6 = $176
Kevin z.   56
Jeff W.   66
Ben       66
Harold B. 67
Matt H.   68
Brett M.  69
Doug K.  72
Jose O.  DNF

next week: Pleasant Hill - prep for the chill

Ace fund is over $300. Get some.

Due to heavy rains, this may be theleastt muddy call text,  message if you are running late. 

Working on possible thornfield FTL, however he may want as much as $25 person per round. Seems high to me. I will play the charity event.

Taking suggestions for alternatives

Jeff W. in charge. Maps can be found onfFacebook.
Ace fund starts around$300.

Looks like the east vs West tournament will play these two courses. Which do you want to pla?
Bad Rock - 1
Olathe lakeside Birdland  -  0

Random draw doubles?

Ace fund over $290

Eastwood says Raymore is ready. No tournament this weekend. Ace fund starts at $280


Carpools anyone?

Several courses have not been yet ftled this year. Also divas/ladies on Saturday at swope. Where shall wepplay in the rain?

9am Peter Pan. 1pm Jones West.

Do you want to play both or one course twice? What is your preference? I will make theccall tomorrow.

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