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General Banter / Friday Traveling League 1/17/2014 - NONE
« on: January 16, 2014, 05:51:14 am »
I need to take care of a bunch of stuff this weekend, getting prepared to sell the house. And the cold weather is back  . . . Sooooo, no FTL this friday. Hope to make it out at least once this weekend . . . see you out there.

Next week, (I hope) . . . Jesse James.

Although it would be good to play a double at Rosie to practice for the one rounder, we've played Rosie plenty, and we're due to play east again. And since I messed up the last phill trip . . . Let's do it.

Tags all in. DDKC 2014 tags available for purchase $5.
Ace fund = $340

Poker was fun last week, but skins is fun too. Wolf, ript anyone?   You tell me.

Two rounds at WYco, play one or both.                                          ACE FUND = $334.

We will probably play a different game this week. Birdie Poker, doubles, RIPT, Wolf . . . ?

I've got one vote for birdiie poker . . . anyone else have votes?

Let's get one more in this Year! - It's supposed to make it back into the 40s for temps.

FTL ace fund will be in play = $318

Last chance on the 2013 tags . . . Let's play!

Saturday holidays edition of FTL.  Since we missed legacy last week let's do it twice on Saturday.  9am and 12:30. This is probably the last chance to play 2013 tags.
Ace fund $286.

 Let me know if you're coming, maybe we can do some special prizes. (Or if you want to donate a year end prize).

Spread the word and let's get a good turnout.

General Banter / Friday Traveling League - 12/20/2013 Legacy 12noon
« on: December 17, 2013, 05:41:58 am »
It's time to play Legacy again. Only played it twice in FTL. Looks like Thursday night brings back the cold nasty so dress warm.

Ace Fund = $286

Wyco and Legacy are the least visited local courses, so they will be the next two to play at FTL. (unless someone has a grand idea)

The new Lake Baldwin course will probably run after legacy.

However, this friday looks really nasty. I don't mind cold, and I don't mind rain . . . but cold and rain . . . yep I'm a pansy.

I'd be ok with a week off . . .

anyone? . . . anyone? . . . Bueler?

General Banter / Friday Traveling League - 12/6/2013 Rosie top 9am, DU 1ish
« on: December 01, 2013, 07:16:30 am »
Let's get ready for the Winter Wonderland!

Up top - 9am sharp
Let's try to get down under started before 1pm.

Anyone want to play doubles/wolf/ript/birdie poker or ? any either or both rounds?

PS. Ace fund will be in play both rounds . . . currently $276

Let's walk of some turkey and avoid the black Friday crazies by playing some joungle.

official round starts at 12noon.  Ace fund at $254 (could be some good Christmas $$$).

Let me know if your going to be there.

Looks like we might get some snow! Just a dusting. Let's play somewhere that the old man won't fall on his arse.

Where do you want to play?

General Banter / Friday Traveling League - winter games
« on: November 16, 2013, 09:59:18 am »
I like all the options.

General Banter / Friday Traveling League - 11/15/13 Waterworks 12noon
« on: November 13, 2013, 04:04:37 pm »
Looks like we are going to get another nice Friday.  60 and sunny!

Where do you wanna play?
12noon tee time.

Somewhere east?

General Banter / Lost buttons on Forum
« on: November 07, 2013, 06:10:22 am »
There seems to be lost options on the forum.

Can't find the : "New posts since last visit" "read responses to your posts" buttons? ? ?

Let's play the kcfdc club championship layout.

Ace fund $213
Tags all in all the time.
$.25 skins

Invite your friends.

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