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General Banter / Friday Traveling League - 11/1/13 - Blue Valley 12noon
« on: October 31, 2013, 06:27:56 am »
Let's do this . . . getting ready for Fountains. Ace fund starts at $205.

tee 12noon at Blue Valley.
all tags all in all the time
$.25 skins or ? optional.

Next week Olathe Lake (Birdland with new pin placements!)

Lets do this!

Lake Perry . . . 10am?  Saturday.

General Banter / Paradise 54 - FTL Saturday October 26
« on: October 12, 2013, 11:01:28 am »
Checked out the lake today. Beautiful sunshine morning.  Courses are in prime condition. WOW!!!!
In two weeks the leaves should be changing and it will be spectacular!

$15 to play any or all three. ($5 parking at gate). $5 for each course to payouts.  Divisions offered per players signing in.
$1 per round added to FTL ace fund. 50% pay for ace.
KCFDC, DD, beer league or other tags all in on each course turned in at check in.

Sign in at: beaver creek 8am-11am.  Tee at beaver creek rolling start 8am-12noon.
             At: blackthorn 11:15am-3pm.  Tee at blackthorn rolling at 10am-4pm.
            At: woodhenge 3:15-5pm.  Tee at woodhenge 2pm-5pm.
Turn in cards after each round. All must finish by 7:30pm.
Payouts 2 hours after last tee for each course. Tags distribution same. Any payouts or tags remaining at 8:30pm will be held and distributed via me or at Dynamic Discs Kansas city.

There should be some added insentives to be announced.

General Banter / Friday Traveling League - 10/11/13 Shawnee mission -1pm
« on: October 10, 2013, 07:06:14 am »
Due to transportation limitations FTL will play Shawnee mission at 1pm. This will be a nice warm up for club championship.

Hopefully next week big blue valley. 

Then the Saturday addition marathon Paradise 54 on October 26. 1, 2 or 3 rounds. Payout each round,  tags each round. Something extra if you play all three.

See you tomorrow at 1pm SMP.

Put this whole day event on your calander. 54 holes at Paradise diamond. $15.
(optional ace fund $1 each round = $3, this will be added to the FTL ace fund for aces hit.)

Full Payouts and possible trophy for the first end of year marathon all tags in.

Flex start - get your group and go. Play one or all three.

Each round $5 of buy in will be paid out.
Tags will be collected when you arrive . . . if you can't stay until the end, tags can be retrieved at DDKC.

General Banter / Friday Traveling League 10/5/2013 - Rosie Down Under - 1pm
« on: September 29, 2013, 08:38:41 am »
Hey all, at the request of our ACE Fund winner, we move to rosie down under.

Ted will be bring some ace fund beer.

Ace fund now at $147
All tags in, all the time . . .

Should we play Shawnee mission prep for double ogg . . . or

Can we play Blue Valley Kansas?  Depending on school rules. Jeff O birthday request and many opportunities to hit that ace fund. Anyone know about playing during school hours?

Thoughts, ideas, requests or snide remarks?

Hey all, I should be back for FTL this week. Back cracker in the morning, and hopefully tee time at 1pm.

Is anyone up for a trip to Topeka? We could play any of the three courses ready for the Mighty Shunga.

Or, in prep for Buzzz vs. Roc (in conjunction with Dan H. idea), we could do a midrange challenge at Swope. Similar format as Buzzz vs. Roc, but you can use any brand midrange, and only that style disc for the whole round.

Only a day and a half to respond, so let me know what you think soon.

tags all in
Ace Fund above $260? (exact count coming)
.25cent skins

9am birdland
1pm prairie center

Ace fund $253
Tags all in.
Both rounds.

Let's get another practice round in for Old Settler's.                          1pm Prairie Center.
Ace Fund $245
tags all in

maybe try something new for some cash this week? Or should we keep with skins?

General Banter / Ratings?
« on: August 16, 2013, 08:06:00 am »
I am really confused. New ratings out this week.

I have been playing well above my rating most of the summer in several tourneys.
As of Aug. 13 I went down 1 point????

Also they only used 1 round since the last rating????? All the events have had 2 or more rounds . . . ???

Very confused.

Where shall we play?

Suggestions so far: Birdland Olathe Lake, Prairie Center (Old Settler's is next local tourney).

Road trip: Lawrence Centenial, Lake Perry, Atchison, Wichita

Another east side course: William Yates ???

Where do you want to play?

General Banter / Friday Traveling League - 8/9/13 Wilbur Young 1pm
« on: August 06, 2013, 06:45:30 am »
Rumble in the youngle Ace Fund = $226

Tags all in.

CTP $20 Mile North gift certificate, $1 per try.

see you there . . .

Just wondering if anyone knows when students return. We are hoping to get a Friday Traveling League out there before they start.

General Banter / Friday Traveling League - 8/2/2013 waterworks 1pm
« on: July 31, 2013, 12:58:31 pm »
Let's play waterworks this week in preparation for MAC.

Some may do an a.m. round at rosedale.  I can't make the a.m. round this week. Post here to let others know if you want to play morning round.

Ace Fund is $217

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