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FTL Prairie Center 1pm for sure. Ace fund $290. 

Possibly a 9am round.  Looking for someone to run the morning.  I can't make it till afternoon.

If you find a place to park, and I see you on my way in, I have room for 3 in my car with free parking pass . . .

Woodhenge at 9am.
Blackthorn 1pm.

Practice for Paradise Diamond!!!

Bring a lunch and $5 for parking. (state park)

If you want to car pool post here or on Facebook Kansas City Flying Disc Club page.

Ace Fund = $260

Only four made it out to the most beautiful day of disc golf in 2014 at Lake Perry Longview. Ace Fund stands at $260.

Dan Z.  62
Harold B. 64     tag 90  DD8
Greg S.    66?
Rob H.    ??
(Greg has the scores).

Next Week SMITHVILLE LAKE - See new topic for FTL 5/16/2014

sweet, so we've resorted to magic to get courses ready?

Registered for Lawrence today! Join me?

Registered today!

General Banter / Re: Friday Traveling League 5/9/2014 we're back!
« on: May 05, 2014, 03:41:05 pm »

I was thinking about lake perry two rounds 9 and 1. Open for suggestions.

This will be a fun warm up for Paradise 54 tournament soon to be scheduled for fall hosted by FTL. DDKC and DGW will likely be involved.

General Banter / Re: : Friday Traveling League?
« on: May 02, 2014, 04:41:00 pm »
FTL will be back next week.  How about lake Perry?

8 out for the am round - 7 in the ace. None hit = $257

Duane W. 76 (wins the DD donation disc of his choice!)
Nathan H. 78
Dan Z       79
trevor      83
Harold B.  85
Jeff O.     85
Doug K   87
Travis C. DNF

Steve D. 7 or 8? (played only 17-18) only show for afternoon round.

Next week I will be in Tulsa. FTL on Thursday or Friday?
Jeff O may run a townies FTL . . . keep your eyes and ears pealed for details on both.

Friday Traveling League 4/18/2014 - Blue Valley - 8:30 and 1pm.

Tags will be collected at the beginning of each round and distributed after scores are tallied.

This will be prep rounds for CofF tourney.

Please be prepared to help pick up trash and limbs etc.
Doug said that he would provide some refreshments at lunch time.

Ace Fund starts at $250

Tournaments / Re: 2014 Swope Spring Renewal Pairs Championships
« on: April 12, 2014, 01:11:18 pm »
I don't think that the number of events is hurting.  Every event I've been in has reported record participants

16 out for the beautiful morning round. 12 in the ace with no aces hit. Fund rises to $244.

Jamie Danger 60
Beckett C.      60
MIKE D.         61
Nathan H.      65
Duane W.      66
Travis C.       66
Sean F.         66
Harold B.      70
Jeff W.         70
Justin L?      70
M. Fox         70
Drew           70
Rob M.        71
Tink John D. 79
Jeff O.         79
Justin ?      85

10 showed for the ace beer from Joe Hesting and played the last round. 6 in the ace fund and none hit = $250
hey John D. post some pics.

Mike D. 54?
Carl P.  62
John D Tink 63
Dan Z.  65
Jeff O.  65
Jeff W.  66
Harold B. 68
Travis C. 69
Rob M.   71
Doug     DNF

Next week Blue Valley. Working rounds. Doug will provide trash bags and refreshments between rounds for those who help out in clean up for City of Fountains.

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