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General Banter / Re: Deer Hunting Ground
« on: October 19, 2014, 01:10:49 pm »
Is that the "WinterWonderland" tourny?

Found and Lost / Left at Waterworks hole 18 orange bubble bolt.
« on: October 19, 2014, 12:02:13 pm »
Near the bush just short of the right pplacemen. TThursday 10/9/14. Name and numberinside rim

Tournaments / Paradise 54
« on: October 18, 2014, 07:19:59 am »
October 25, drive up to Smithville Lake and play all three courses in one day for the second annual PARADISE 54 hosted by Friday Traveling League. (Dyanamic Disc Kansas City sponsor) The weather should be great and the trees should be in their most spectacular fall glory!

$5 per round =
$3 payout per round
$1 ace fund
$1 over all payout
*$10 DDKC voucher for those who play all three rounds.

if you can't make all three rounds, play one or two. You can still get into the overall payout and all tags in. For the rounds you miss, you will recieve the average of all players on that round +2 strokes.

all 2014 tags in.

Woodhenge  parking lot 8am rolling start. (cards will go out 3/4 players as soon as they fill)
Beaver Creek 11:30 turn in cards and short lunch break, rolling start. (There will be cool drinks available)
Blackthorn  3:30 pm rolling start

Don't forget $5 for parking at the state park. (carpooling recommended)

15 out for the morning round - sunny and beautiful! Ace fund rises to $303

Kevin W.   52
Jamie Danger 53
Harold B.   54
Don          57
Travis C.   57
Heath K.   58
Duane W.  58
Scott R.    60
Mike D.    60
Julian G.  60
Kyle W.    65
M.Fox     66
Jeff W.    67
Tink John D. 68
Kujo       69

Afternoon round 14 out and the ace fund rises to $313

Scores pending . . .

Thanks Jack!

Course looks great,
of course it always looks great when I play well . . . !

Kessler park is cliff drive. Two rounds atccliff drive

Facebook votes heavy for cliff dr.  Therefore am at cliff drive, 1pm at Kessler park

Where shall we play? Cliff Drive or Waterworks . . . or both?
Ace Fund is $290
2014 tags all in.

We'll try to play the club champ layout.

All tags in!
Ace Fund around $290?

Shawnee Mission park 9am. 

Rosedale will be really muddy.   Taking suggestions for alternatives

Had a blast at roc vs buzz.  Let's do a one disc wango.  Bob shouldhhave everything set short.  Pick your disc and use  it for the whole round.

All tags  in. Ace fund is $270


Thanks Dan and glad you had a fun birthday!  Several suggested a one disc wango for next Friday at rosedale.

Get ready for Sunday BUZZ vs ROC.  9am and 1pm. Use any mid-range. I'll try to get layout for Sunday 's event.

General Banter / Re: Paradise 54 - FTL Saturday October 25 2014
« on: September 23, 2014, 06:45:54 am »
There was early talk of a lunch sponsor.  More details ccoming.  Plan on a rolling start around 8am at Woodhenge.

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