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Kinda a week off from tournament play in kc. Sam Weber in town for weekend.  Let's play down under.  I will be heading to Hays after the morning round for the Frontier Open.  Some will be playing the Ozanam charity tournament this weekend at thornhill.

Upcoming FTL  events:
1) possible ftl at thornhill.  (Possible donations to a charity)
2) possible ftl dg party at Mike Davis property
3) FTL Paradise 54 at Smithville Lake 10/25/2014
ctp prizes . . . I need to thin my stash.

Who's going?

Thanks Rob!
Am round at PC

MIKE D . . . . 54  . . . undefeated at FTL![/size]

Harold B. 57
Justin L.   60
John B.    61
Steeler    61
Dan Z.    61
Duane W. 62
Dan H.    63
Kujo       66
M. Fox    67
Tony T.  67
Jeff O.    70
Jeff W.    70
Nate Z.   72
Ryan P   DNF

after the pm round the ace fund grows to $226 for next week.

Sam Weber is in town for the weekend next weekend . . . suggested courses Down under, lakeside, cliff dr. (we played lakeside and cliff in the last month.) So looking at DOWN UNDER next week.

1pm round will be at lakeside . . . bring your umbrella!

3 votes for lakeside. Anybody be disappointed if we don't play prairie center second round?

AM round at pc.  2 votes to play lakeside at 1pm. 

Taking votes

Preparing for the Old Settler's lakeside "birdland" 9am.

1pm round if someone will facilitate.

Also work project on tee #4 at 5:30. See bom tutler for details.

Thanks for posting the pm scores! Here are the am scores. (played 21, not sure if it was the same layout?)

Dan Z.   69
Jason A. 72
Harold B. 73
Jeff W.     74
Rob H.     77
M. Fox    77
Kujo       77
Nate Z    89

Thanks for the rounds gentleman . . . I played a great round at the LDO!

if you get a chance go to cliff again soon and play the two new wooded holes near the practice basket between one and two.

Next week Olathe Lakeside "Birdland" 9am and 1pm. Ace fund rises to $204

Lets party before the party!!

Ace fund has been hit - congrats John Theiss!!! Well deserved after all the hard work and serious thought put into that wonderful Stocksdale course.

Ace Fund $190

Ace fund $356

Address is 901 s. La Frenz rd. Liberty

The new course in Liberty is ready for play! Let's break it in with ftl 2 rounds.

Shawnee Mission / Re: One Disc Wango Results!
« on: August 07, 2014, 06:58:18 AM »
Only threw the soft judge.  Oddly missed three putts.  I think it was my personal best at smp

Ace fund in play both rounds. All tags in! See you tomorrow!

Me likey!

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