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Me likey!

I'll bet that was Rob Bitter, I will edit. You were the first rob that came to mind when I was looking at the scores.

Thanks JeffO. for getting the scores

Mike D.    51
Matt C.    57
Paul S.    59
Bob W.?  61
John ?    62
Jim ?     65
Greg S.  67
Jeff O.    67
Rob B.   68
Steve    69
Amy C?  92

if you have any more details - post here

Seven out for the Lake Baldwin round, 6 in the Ace which rises to $346 for WW.

Mike D.    47
Steve D.   48
Austin       55
Jeff O.      56
Harold B.  57
Tink         59
Trevor      64

Sorry for the late score posting:

11 out at Old Pike am:
Frank W.     47
Nathan H.   55
Travis C.     55
Greg U.      57
Jeff W.       57
Mike F.      58
Aaron S.    59
M. Fox       62
Jeff O.       65
Harold B.  72 and a swim
Keagan W.  76

9 in the pm round:
                score     KCFDC
Frank W.    52           5
Joe H.        53          12
Greg U.     53           22
Mike F.      56          164
Ryan N.     57           184
Jeff W.      58           
Harold B.  59 (13 better and dry)
Jeff O.      60

Only 1 last thing, and this will probably tick off half the field....but I think next year, in order to really call it the Midwest Amateur should be strictly 1 Champion.  1 rec, no int, no age restrictions....1 Champion to rule them all.  Actually 2 champions, with the Women's Champ.


I think division competition is important. Honestly if there are none,  I'll not be playing as many in rec and intermediate will not be competitive. We already have club championship.  I do think it would be better to group players by some kind of qualifying criteria.  Use tournament ratings and/or by invite similar to am world's but pool by current year scores/ratings.

General Banter / Friday Traveling League - 7/25/2014 9am Waterworks
« on: July 22, 2014, 04:31:25 pm »
Waterworks should be set for the  MAC. Ace fund  $346.
PM round by request.

PM round? 1pm at same or Lawrence Centennial?
Ace fund $340

General Banter / Re: WaterWorks Hole 17
« on: July 16, 2014, 08:06:50 am »
This is where common sense should come in to play.  OB. That is not how the hole was inteded to be played. Don't use stretched technicality to get yourself out of a bad throw. It's about the integrity of the game.

Found and Lost / Lost my prescription sunglasses at centennial park
« on: July 15, 2014, 08:14:32 am »
Reward if found.  Black with red nike swoosh. 

Lost my prescription sunglasses at centennial park last night. Reward if found.

Just got the ok to play old pike!  Bring a few bucks to drop in the donation box if you can. See you at 9am!

5 for Old Pike.
1 Baldwin/Centennial

I'll check with Old Pike again, but a couple of years ago, I called and they said if we dropped a couple bucks in the donation box we could play. I've played several times out there since and no one has questioned me.

(I would like to play Baldwin, but I prefer tee pads. Also we played Centennial a little over a month ago. I like this idea too.)

Where do you want to play? Four fridays until MAC, we should probably play rosey and ww two of those weeks. I was thinking we could do an Old Pike or Jesse James this week.

What's your vote? I'll make announcement on Wednesday evening.

Hey all, we're back and gonna do it a bit different and join Joe Hesting's super class doubles tourny on Friday. $10 for payout, ace fund/CTP, and KCFDC. For an extra $1 you can get into the FTL ace fund, ($3 if you have never played FTL). Ace fund currently $322. Tags are in!

If you want to play another round at 1pm regular singles, let me know and I will negotiate with the wife.

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