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13 out in the morning and 16 out in the afternoon! 12+14 in the ace pot . . . NO ACES hit = $454

Scores coming soon . . .

Meet down under between 8/9 at the tables. Tee 9am and 1pm.

Bring scorecards if you have some. (I have 4). (printer is down).

Tournaments / Idle Hour Open in Parsons Kansas April 5-6 - anyone?
« on: March 27, 2014, 07:28:18 am »
wife is out of town, and I would like to take a road trip.

anyone want to join?

3 rounds and a 9 hole finish. Ring of fire. Doubles on Friday. Anyone?

General Banter / Idle Hour Open in Parsons Kansas April 5-6 - anyone?
« on: March 27, 2014, 07:22:37 am »
Anyone wanna go to IHO in Parsons/Altamont ks.? I'm thinking about it . . . wife will be in San Diego.

Car pool and hotel cost sharing?

General Banter / Re: KC Sport N Social
« on: March 26, 2014, 02:52:40 pm »
Kansas City sports authority is also a potential partner for promotion especially to youth and families.

5 or 10 bucks to play?

No buy in to play.
Ace fund $1 per round.
25cent skins.  Worse possible lose $4.50 (optional)
Par poker (another option) $2 per 9 holes.

Amounts for side games are always negotiable and encouraged on the cards. $$$$$

Let's practice for the DUI! (DGW tourny on Saturday!!!)

tags all in all the time!
Ace Fund = $428 (optional $1)
25cent skins or par poker on the cards.

Many ace opportunities . . .

Hey Harold, we haven't played Wyco in a long time. How about there.  :)

I hope you all had fun in Emporia, where are we playing this week?  I need something to look forward to as I work...

Hey! nice thinking Joe! However, DUI is next Saturday soooooo, it looks like we will be playing Rosie Down Under!
Lots of ace runs and the ace pot sits at  $428

General Banter / Re: The 'Official' ACE Thread!
« on: March 24, 2014, 04:44:49 pm »
Got #17 at Peter Pan in Emporia with a Champ Roc3!

Nice! - I missed by inches on the second round (of course, I was throwing a driver to get there).

I'll do my best to make as many as possible. Hard to tell where and when I will be working on Wednesdays . . . Thanks for workin it!
Keep posting reminders . . . I can be forgetful out side of my routines.

Harold Berciunas

I have room in my car. Who needs a ride?

Who's going to make this trip?

Let's do a road trip and practice rounds at Peter Pan for the DD Monkey Island Open.
I already have 4 in my car and several others will be there per conversation/facebook/forum.
I will also invite the Emporia disc club folks out.

Morning round 9am at Peter Pan.

Afternood round TBA - we can vote/discuss playing one of the other two great courses in Emporia Jones East and West. Both will be used in the GBO so this will be good practice too. Cast your opinions here/facebook text or face to face.

Rides: Carpools are forming. Post here or on facebook to get together. (My car is already full).

Let me know if you are going to make it, just to make sure 

18 out for the 9am round. 16 in the ace pot and no aces hit (alot of aceable holes today) = $419

Bobby W.    52
Beckett C.   53
Paul S.        56
Frank M.      56
Joe H.         56
Mike D.       56
Jeff W.        57
Jamie DB    58
Duane W.   58
Heath K.    59
Travis C.    62
Greg S.      63
Nathan H.  64
Fox           64
Harold B.   65
Rob           68
Justin        71
John D.     DNF

Afternoon round found 9 out and all in the ace fund 0 aces = $428

Eric E.      53
Ron K.      54
Heath K.   56
Mike F.     60
Dan Z.     61
Jeff W.     63
Harold B.  64
Travis C.  66
Brett M.   68

Next week: road trip to Emporia!!! Peter Pan at 9am. Second round TBD post on the forum for carpool rides.

General Banter / Re: Wyco League Change?
« on: March 15, 2014, 07:59:35 am »
In response to the apparent upheaval, I will address what I have read here. First and foremost, Rob Martin took the initiative, gauged interest, created a poll, researched what he needed to do, and brought it to the meeting for approval. (Applause all around for proactive and involved membership!)

It seems odd to me that once the decision was made there was suddenly all of this interest. Where was it before? Quality organizations do not spend their time and energy reacting. Instead, they are proactive and look towards the future. Again, Rob has demonstrated this in every way.  In addition to Rob’s efforts, Chris Timko searched as did Mike Petrin (VP of Kansas), Ben Crosby (VP of MO), and Rick Rothstein (at-large board member and salty staple of the KCFDC). There was no positive response. So, just to be clear there was a lot of behind the scenes work on this well before this meeting.

Changing the league date is not at all about competing with another WYCO league (WYCO Park is 18 miles from Rosedale). We have precedence for this as well. The KCFDC already runs two leagues on Tuesday night (SMP is 21 miles from Swope). Wednesday is the night Rob can run the league and that is the park he prefers.

The commitment to running a league is more than just being there. It also doing the paperwork, reporting, and depositing. For the league coordinator, this is key to running successful leagues on the club side. If we do not accurately report, we cannot pay out aces in a timely fashion (remember Young Park last year?), nor can we report income accurately which has negative consequences across the board for the clubs status and makes headaches for our treasure and lawyer. I would also add the improvements the KCFDC has funded in the last years are from that income as well tournaments. 

Lastly, WYCO is a Wide Open course this year. I am sure many players, local and out-of-towners, will appreciate the opportunity to play rated rounds leading up to the event. The bottom line is Rob took the initiative, and if in the end this doesn’t work out and people don’t like it, we will make changes. Change is hard to do. I get it. People may choose to play WYCO Friday still and that is awesome. No one is saying otherwise. It is true Swope went back to Tuesday, and we have had Van at the reigns all that time as well. IT’S THE PEOPLE that make the difference anywhere and everywhere you go. Let’s not beat down Rob for being on-the-ball.

two thumbs up.

You can't please all the people all the time - don't kill yourself trying.

What I have found out in KC disc golf, is to do what you are capable of doing to try and grow and better the sport, the club and the KC golf community.

If you can't make a Wednesday WYCO league . . . don't go.
if you don't like PDGA leagues . . . don't go
if you want to play WYCO on Friday nights . . . go play
If you really want WYCO Friday nights league . . . step up and run it (or team up with others)

There is no rules saying there can't be two leagues on the same course on two different nights.
There are no rules saying that your league has to be KCFDC.

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