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Found and Lost / Lost my prescription sunglasses at centennial park
« on: July 15, 2014, 08:14:32 AM »
Reward if found.  Black with red nike swoosh. 

Lost my prescription sunglasses at centennial park last night. Reward if found.

Just got the ok to play old pike!  Bring a few bucks to drop in the donation box if you can. See you at 9am!

5 for Old Pike.
1 Baldwin/Centennial

I'll check with Old Pike again, but a couple of years ago, I called and they said if we dropped a couple bucks in the donation box we could play. I've played several times out there since and no one has questioned me.

(I would like to play Baldwin, but I prefer tee pads. Also we played Centennial a little over a month ago. I like this idea too.)

Where do you want to play? Four fridays until MAC, we should probably play rosey and ww two of those weeks. I was thinking we could do an Old Pike or Jesse James this week.

What's your vote? I'll make announcement on Wednesday evening.

Hey all, we're back and gonna do it a bit different and join Joe Hesting's super class doubles tourny on Friday. $10 for payout, ace fund/CTP, and KCFDC. For an extra $1 you can get into the FTL ace fund, ($3 if you have never played FTL). Ace fund currently $322. Tags are in!

If you want to play another round at 1pm regular singles, let me know and I will negotiate with the wife.

No FTL this week nor probably next week. My wife and I leave for Puerto Rico Friday am and return next week. (Ace fund will be in play in San Juan . . jk ) see you all in couple weeks!

Lake Olathe it is!  9am and 1pm.

What are your thoughts about playing regular league format? $4 to go to full pay out $1 to ace fund.

General Banter / Re: Friday Traveling League - 6/13/2014
« on: June 12, 2014, 01:03:27 PM »
Looks like lake Olathe birdland is pulling ahead with 3 votes

General Banter / Re: Friday Traveling League - 6/13/2014
« on: June 12, 2014, 04:50:19 AM »
I'm planning on two rounds.
Wyco - 2 votes
BV kansas was real fun last night - 1 vote
Bird land - 1 vote
Water works - 1 vote

Where do you want to play? Wyco (KCWO coming), Blue Valley kansas (ace fund over $300), Jesse James (been awhile) or ? ? ?

Where do you want to play?

Swope 9am and 1pm

6 out for the morning round. Ace fund rises to $300

Mike D.  52
Harold B. 55
Dan Z.    55
Danny T  55
Greg S.   58
Daniel A. 70

Afternoon round had 5 out. Ace fund to $304

Harold B. 55
Dan Z.     57
danny T. 58
Jeff Oz.  60
Trevor M. 70

Where shall we play next week? Close missouri side? One vote for swope.

5 out for the afternoon round. Ace fund up to $295

Harold B.   58
Dan Z.       60
Nathan H.  61
Anthony    61
Jeff W.      66

General Banter / Re: Saw VII
« on: June 01, 2014, 10:58:04 AM »
Didn't realize it had actually cut the limb. Did you sharpen the edge before throwing?

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