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A few more additions to the MAC. On Saturday we will be offering a Trilogy Challenge at Swope Park from 10-6 for those not playing or looking for more to do.

Also during the Players Party, Nomad DG will be hosting the Midwest Moonlight Doubles Championship. This will be a pick your partner doubles offering both an Open and Amateur Division for $20 per team.

What am I missing.  Par 4 on #4, #13, #17 and #18.  54 + 4 Holes - Par 58

Courtesy of Tom Moore

Rosedale - Par 58
(All DZ are played if Mando is missed, If shot goes OB, then play from last place in bound)

1 - 495ft - Tennis Courts, Skate Park, Parking Lot (Long Left)
2 - 397ft - OB Line Left (Long Left)
3 - 304ft (Long Right)
4 - 436ft - OB Line Left (Par 4) (Long Far Right)
5 - 329ft (Long Right)
6 - 295fr - Over Fence (Long Straight)
7 - 361ft (Long)
8 - 515ft = OB Line, Play Drop Zone if shot goes OB, If shot from DZ goes OB, replay DZ. If shot goes OB from the Island, play from last place in bounds. (Par 4) (Long Island)
9 - 379ft - OB Line Left, Fence (Long Right of Stairs)
10 - 328ft - Road and over, Mando Right (Long Straight)
11 - 351ft - Road and over, Mando Left (First Long Left)
12 - 380ft - Road/Curb and Over (Long Right)
13 - 504ft - Road and over (Par 4) (Long)
14 - 301ft - Road and over (Bottom of Stairs)
15 - 363ft - Road and over/Fence (Long)
16 - 421ft - Fence (Long)
17 - 529ft - Road and over/Fence (Par 4) (long)
18 - 647ft - Road and over/Fence (par 4) (Long Practice Basket to Right)

Waterworks - Par 58
(All DZ are played if Mando is missed, If shot goes OB, then play from last place in bound)

1 - 338ft (Short Left)
1A - 268ft - Mando Left (Near Circle drive to #1 Long)
2 - 432ft - Road/Curb and over (Par 4) (Long over hill)
3 - 351ft - Fence, Mando Left (Long)
4 - 595ft - Fence, Terrapin Station Walls and In (Par 4) (To #5 medium pin)
6 - 390ft (Long)
7 - 381ft - OB Line, Mando Left (to #10 long)
8 - 531ft - Curb and over/Mando Left (Par 4) (Long)
9 - 288ft - Curb and over (Long Right)
10 - 240ft - OB Line (Short right)
11 - 309ft - OB Line (Long Left)
12 - 381ft - Curb and over/Fence/Mando Left (Long Right)
13 - 365ft - Between OB Line (Long Left)
14 - 485ft - Over wall, touching road and over/Mando Left/OB line (Long)
15 - 322ft - Over wall, touching road and over/Mando Left (x2) (Long Right)
16 - 377ft - Over wall, touching road and over (Long)
17 - 627ft - Over wall, touching road and over/Between OB Line/Mando Left (Par 4) (Long Right to #12 Penisula hole)
18 - 312ft - Curb and over (Long Left)

MA1 - 6 spots left
MA3 - 8 spots left
MM1 - 10 spots left
MG1 - 6 spots left
FA3 - 1 spot left

All the other divisions are full

Tournaments / Re: 2014 Trilogy Challenge - Swope Park, MO - July 20th
« on: July 23, 2014, 10:05:41 am »
Jordan Hinck was our grand champion winning in a playoff, shooting a 49


We are officially over 250 registered players.  Every division is getting close to single digits left for available players.  With 2 weeks to go, do not wait to much longer.

Tournaments / Re: 2014 KC Mini Series
« on: July 19, 2014, 06:05:10 pm »
Is Old Settler's happening?  It's not on the PDGA website.

Yes it is.  It is on the PDGA site now, I am just waiting on some information to get it loaded for registration.

The OB Lines wont be added until the week of the event

I really do appreciate everyone's feedback and I will be going back out and do some re-evaluating, which is one of the reason I set it the course up already.  I can't say I will make everyone happy but I do want it to be a challenging, fun course for the event.

Tournaments / Re: 2014 Trilogy Challenge - Swope Park, MO - July 20th
« on: July 18, 2014, 03:42:32 pm »
yes there are

I agree the drop zone needs to be adjusted

The only reason I don't like it is because it rewards a bad shot also.  If a person throws it 100 feet and burns it into the ground, they still have the ability to save Par or birdie based on a Par4.  If people are 100 feet away from the mando and go for it, then 9 and 18 do come into play if the shot is turned over or thrown to wide.  It is only a good option if the shot lands near the shorter mando.  I personally like the shorter mando also but from a safety stance and a difficulty stance I like it where it is. 

That's my thought on why I did what I did

I was wondering if you have a payout table already for this event? I think this is the first time I've ever played an Am only event so I was just curious what that makes the payout structure look like and how many spots get paid. I'm in intermediate. I know that one is full already so I thought you may at least know the structure for that, or a rough estimate. Thanks!
And is rec playing trophy only or do they get paid out also?

As of now 40% - 45% of the MA2 INT field will receive a payout and Recreational is trophy only.  That could change, but as of today, this is where I am on it.  If it changes drastically I will post the change.

The registrations are coming in.  We are planning a one rounder on the Friday before the event (August 1st) along with Team Who Man with a Friday Clinic and Saturday they will be present with an obstacle course during the players party.
Any more info on this?

It is still planned.  A flex start $10 one rounder at Rosedale Park from 10-6.  Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles.  Open to anyone who wants to play.

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