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75 Players showed up for a beautiful sunny December day.  2 Aces on the day.  Travis Trober on Hole #3 and Anthony Martella on Hole #4.

Everyone played two rounds at Rosedale Park (Top).  The course was set in its short positions.

Open Men
89 - Travis Corporon (Won Playoff)
89 - Jose Ossa
90 - Ben Maass
92 - Jonathan Benedick
94 - Curtis Broadhurst
96 - Andrew Presnell
98 - Lee Killian
98 - Mike Thomas
100 - Casey Atchison
101 - Daniel Stracke
102 - Anthony Martella
102 - Zeke Henry
102 - William Mersman
102 - BJ Font
103 - John Thompson
103 - CJ Hucke
106 - Justin Lowe
108 - Beckett Carduff
110 - Curtis Cooper
110 - Cecil Cameron
111 - Nick Brigandi

Amateur Masters
93 - Heath Kinton
96 - Travis Trober
102 - Bill Larrabee
103 - Duane Waldman
105 - Carl Aufner
109 - Dan Zink

Amateur Grand Masters
99 - Bill Shinoski
102 - Mike O'Rourke
103 - Harold Berciunas
104 - Kelly Warren
105 - Bob Ward
106 - Steve Stansberry
107 - Steeler Doug Kroll
109 - Earl Johansen
118 - Charlie Stout
122 - Jeff Kelley

Amateur Masters Women
123 - Nova Politte

Intermediate Men
94 - Alex DeMarais
98 - Johnny Harrison
98 - Rob Jackson
99 - Josh Hewitt
99 - Andrew Revis
101 - Grant Riutta
101 - Cody Freeman
102 - James Thompson
104 - Kenneth Beck
104 - Dakota Dodd
105 - Erik Bolton
105 - Matt Fox
106 - Steve Channell
106 - Mark Anderson
106 - Michael Krueger
108 - Javen Bowie
110 - Huston Haasch
110 - Ashton Kroenlein
111 - Matt Dixon
111 - Jeff Waldron
114 - Aaron Atchison
115 - Melvin Bingham
115 - Aaron Stevens
121 - Michael Price
124 - Michael Chisholm

Intermediate Women
126 - Kimberly Giannola

Recreational Men
115 - Josh Priebe
117 - Aaron Melchionne
118 - Marty Lammers
118 - Bryce Nichols
124 - Robert Nickelson
124 - Matt Albright
127 - Josh Lankford
137 - Dalton Anderson
146 - Raedell Counce

Recreational Women
137 - Tina Patterson
150 - Ruthann Lammers

Heritage Park / Re: Some More Cool Pics
« on: December 05, 2015, 05:44:35 PM »
Rob, do you mind if i share these pics on the Heritage Park Disc Golf Facebook Page?

19 spots remaining

only 33 spots remaining

Heritage Park / Re: Some pics from our newest course.
« on: December 02, 2015, 08:37:50 PM »
Just for now, the concrete pads will go in during the spring

Heritage Park / Re: Some pics from our newest course.
« on: December 02, 2015, 05:22:52 PM »
That is hole #13.  It has 3 huge oak trees like that, that line the hole.

Heritage Park / Re: Map of the course
« on: December 01, 2015, 06:19:57 PM »
Probably not, but the course is new and very rough still.  There are a lot of 3" thorns out there on the ground.  I have been cleaning them up but it will take some time.  I would encourage you to wait till the spring after there has been some play and time for the rough to start getting cleaned up.

General Banter / Re: Heritage Park
« on: December 01, 2015, 12:57:54 PM »
    Couple of questions:
    • Will this be part of the KCFDC?
    I would assume yes
    • If so will there be a place on the forum for it?
    • Is there a map available yet? Even a rough one?
    There is one floating on the kcfdc Facebook page, I'll get it here soon
    • Are there tee placements marked? I thought I heard there were no pads till next year.
    Teepad are marked and directional poles are in place.  Hoping to have temp tee signs up soon

    Thanks Scott for giving us JoCo folks another awesome course to play. Can't wait till Friday!

    We will postpone for Friday. Friday 12/4/2015 - heritage park 9am and 1pm

    with 2" of rain in the plans on Thursday and Friday, are we sure it is a great idea to plan it?  I know it is new, but destroying/creating ruts isn't in the best interest of the course as well....why not just move it to next friday?

    Your call, but I had mentioned to some playing there, and then changed my mind with the rain coming to preserve the land initially.  New courses are always susceptible to things along these lines.

    I agree with you Jack and i have been watching the weather and will continue to do so.  If the weather does produce that type of rain, we will probably look at a different day

    General Banter / Re: Heritage Park
    « on: November 22, 2015, 09:17:43 AM »
    It is slowly going in, we are hoping to have the baskets in the ground very soon.  There is still some work to be done on the course but it will be playable very soon

    It is not set up yet but it will be set up in the shortest configuration

    The official fundraiser dyemax.  These are available during pre registration signup or email me at  These will only be available during registration.  Thank you for the support.

    Online Registration is now open ... Whoo Hoo!! Let the preparation for the 2016 season begin

    The first event of 2016 KC Mini Series is almost 90 days away and registration will open tomorrow.  This is once again a split day event with a few changes.

    Changes for 2016


    These are split in this format to allow more options for players, whether it is to try new divisions or to play more than one day.

    Early Bird pre registration:
    When players pre register early, it really helps the tournament staff have more time to make sure the event is run to a quality standard.  In 2016 we are offering some incentives to those register earlier. 
    Some of those incentives is that the online registration will show what discs are going to be offered so you can pre pick your discs or if you do not want one of those discs, you have the option to select a voucher in its place.  These options are only available for early bird pre registration.  All other pre registration will still be offered the players package that is being distributed on the day of the event.
    I am also testing the idea of letting players decline a players package for a discount on their entry fee.  If this option is selected, then the entire players package is decline regardless of what shows up in the players package.  The discs are the only thing that are announced ahead of time, anything else is usually not disclosed until the day of the event or players package pick up.

    This process is new and can be adjusted or removed based on feedback and ease of process. 

    2016 Shawnee Mission Frostbreaker
    PDGA B Tier
    Feb 20/21, 2016
    Shawnee Mission Park, Kansas

    Saturday Feb 20th
    Advanced Men
    Advanced Women
    Amateur Masters
    Amateur Grand Masters
    Amateur Senior Grand Masters
    Recreational Men
    Recreational Women

    Online Registration:

    Current Registration List:

    Sunday Feb 21st
    Open Men
    Grand Masters
    Open Women
    Intermediate Men
    Intermediate Women

    Online Registration:

    Current Registration List:

    Course Information:

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