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300 Players and counting.  An event of this size needs as much help as we can get.  If you are available for any part of August 15/16th.  Please reach out to me and volunteer an hour or a day.  We need from you in order to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Sure all the courses are open for practice now

On Friday August 14th, we will be hosting a 1 Rounder in full MAC Layout at Rosedale park.  It is a flex start from 10-6.  You must be tee'd off by 6pm.  Pro's play for cash and Am's play for DDKC Cash.

Divisional Singles
Divisional Doubles
Mixed Doubles

less than 1 week to go

20 Advanced Mens spots left (MA1)
12 Am Grand Masters (MG1)
37 Intermediate Men (MA2)

General Banter / Re: A Night at Kauffman with Dynamic Discs
« on: August 04, 2015, 06:53:37 PM »
We are tailgating in Lot N around Lot B3 starting at 4pm.  We will have non-alcoholic drinks onsite and plenty of fun people.  Can't wait to see everyone there.

Pool A - Advanced/Amateur Masters/Advanced Women. 
1st Round - Waterworks (Saturday Tee Times)
2nd Round - Rosedale (Sunday Tee Times)

Pool B - Amateur GrandMasters/Intermediate Men
1st Round - Swope (Saturday Tee Times)
2nd Round - Waterworks (Sunday Tee Times)

Pool C - Amateur Senior GrandMasters/Intermediate Women/Recreational Men/Recreational Women
1st Round - Rosedale (Saturday Tee Times)
2nd Round - Swope (Sunday Tee Times)

#14's teepad area would be part of the course and would not be considered OB

Tee Times will be posted on the site for the event on Thursday August 13th.  Then you will need to be at your first round course for your Div/Pool prior to your tee time

Tournaments / Re: 2015 Trilogy Challenge - Swope Park - August 2nd, 2015
« on: August 02, 2015, 07:36:11 PM »
I would like to thank everyone who came out and Cooper Arnold for running the event.  We had 123 players come out today and overall i think it went very well.

Peter Gossell - 49
Michael Krueger - 49

Cam Lovich - 44

Suzie Zell - 55

Your prize packs can be picked up at Dynamic Discs Kansas City tomorrow from 10-6.  Congrats to all of the winners and thank you again for everyone who spent there afternoon with us.

Reminder:  Registration closes at midnight on Wednesday August 12th.  There will be no more registrations after that date/time.


31 spots in Advanced Men
14 in Amateur Masters
11 in Amateur Grand Masters
43 in Intermediate Men

The other other divisions are filling, but have room still

Shouldn't it be like this?

Pool A - Adv/Am Masters/Adv Women.  (Waterworks/Rosedale)
Pool B - Am GM/Int Men  (Swope/Waterworks)
Pool C - Int Women/Rec Women/Rec Men/Jr. (Rosedale/Swope)

This way, Pool B & C aren't both at Swope this first day.


Yours is the correct format

Pool A - Adv/Am Masters/Adv Women.   ( Waterworks/Rosedale)
Pool B - Am GM/Int Men  (Swope/Waterworks)
Pool C - Int Women/Rec Women/Rec Men/Jr. (Swope/Rosedale)

Depending on how registrations fills, these could change as well

Any changes?


Swope MAC Setup.  Subject to change, but i will post any chages.  Should have in position by Wednesday. OB's will not be marked until mid week of the event.  Event starts at normal #2,

#1 (normal #2) Long Practice Basket (OB Both sides)
#2 from normal #5 long to Long before the road (OB both sides)
#3 (normal #4) Long (OB Right)
#4 from normal #5 short to Long Right
#5 (normal #6) long
#6 (normal #7) Long Left (Double Mando)
#7 (normal #8) Long
#8 (normal #9 Long Left
#9 (normal #10) Short Right
#10 (normal #11) Long
#11 From #14 Long to long right normal #12
#12 from normal #13 short pad to long left
#13 (normal #14 short) short right
#14 (normal #15) to long island
#15 (Swope Gold #16) to long left
#16 (normal #17) short (Double Mando)
#17 (normal #18) Long
#18 (normal #1 Long (Double Mando)

Waterworks MAC Setup.  Subject to change, but i will post any chages.  Should have in position by Wednesday. OB's will not be marked until mid week of the event.

#1 Short Left
#1A Temp from parking lot to #1 Long
#2 Long Right
#3 Long (OB Right)
#4 to #5 short (OB left)
#6 Long
#7 Short Left
#8 Short (OB behind)
#9 Long Right
#10 Long
#11 Long Right
#12 Long Right
#13 Long
#14 Long
#15 Long Right (Mando Left)
#16 Temp across road from #16 Long
#17 to #12 Far Left (Up Hill, same as last year)
#18 Long Left

Rosedale MAC Setup.  Subject to change but i will post any changes.

#1 Long
#2 Long (OB Between #2 and #4)
#3 Long Right
#4 Long Right (OB Between #2 and #4)
#5 Long Right
#6 Temp Long, about 50 feet past the long right
#7 Long
#8 Middle Island (OB Left and right prior to the island)
#9 Long Right (OB left)
#9A Tee in upper corner next to entrance of softball parking to 9 Blacks pin
#10 Long Left
#11 Long Right (Mando Right)
#12 Long
#13 plays to #14 long
#15 Long
#16 Long Left
#17 Long
#18 Long (Practice basket on Right)

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