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General Banter / Re: Heritage Park
« on: August 28, 2015, 09:39:34 AM »
I just met with the parks department and we "think" we can possibly get Heritage park in the ground still by Mid October.

We cant do much until after Labor day weekend, but for the next several weeks, I will be working out there.  Unfortunately weekends don't work well for me especially in September, but I can do late night mid week workdays like 4 to dark or during the days if your are available

So if you are available starting after labor day at all, please message me 920-379-0056 and lets get as many people to help as possible to ensure that we can get this course in the ground.

Disclaimer:  Weather and quality will play a factor in the course getting installed this year

Tom has told be he is hoping to have the course in tournament position by Saturday

General Banter / Re: Heritage Park
« on: August 25, 2015, 08:42:59 AM »
I have a meeting friday with the parks to see what the status is and if we can establish a timeline.  A lot of work has been done recently.  I will keep you posted

You will need to call and bug Josh or email us at

I had planned on it being on the pdga site but just learned that you can't post amateur payout on the site for an am only event.

The system we use and see it is also what we use to keep track of what's been used, so there is not an good way to post it.

I am hoping to get some more course details within the week.  As of now this event will hold 90 players, we can extend it but will only do that if there is enough pre registration to make that a worthwhile expansion.

While I am working on closing the books on 2015, I would love to hear what was good about 2015 and what was bad about 2015. I can fix it if i don't know it.

Somethings i know i need to work on
Making sure all discs in players packs are marked so you know what they are
More detail to the Program, especially on the Swope Course

I want to take this time and thank the 336 competitors that came out and gave me there time this past weekend for the 3rd Midwest Amateur Championship.  I was very proud to host this event and very excited to see so many faces.  A lot of time is put into events like this and it would not be possible without the help of so many.   

Assistant to the TD: Michael Chisholm
Waterworks Course Director: Drew Neitzel
Rosedale Course Director: Josh Harvey
Swope Course Director: Cooper Arnold
H2O Engineer: Pete Cashen
Players Party Director: Mike Petrin
Players Party Staff: Mac Brooks, Derek Broockerd, Justin Penning
Rosedale Course Prep: Bob Ward
Waterworks Course Prep: Mark Mills
Swope Course Prep: Patrick Smith

Emporia RV Staff: Cory Obermeyer
DGNomad: Moonlight Doubles
Parkers KC BBQ: Chris Parker
DJ Twiggy: Sean Chancellor
My Tee Signs Sponsors
Boulevard Brewing
Tall Grass Brewing
Scott Oswalt

There are more that were behind the scenes and those helping the people helping me.  This truly is a multi person show and many do not get the thanks they deserve.

Again thank you and I cant wait to see you all again in 2016

Results from the Friday 1 Rounder.  Payout is at the DDKC store.

Pays 2, 4 played
1. Jason Brown - 64 $25
2. Brenden Egan - 68 $15

Pays 3, 7 played
1. Andrew Schout - 72 $30
2. Chris Fasl - 74 $25
3. Aaron Lilleouien - 77 $10

Am Dubs
Pays 11 spots (12 with ties) 27 teams played

T1. Melton/Megl & Strait/Walker 51 $90/team

T3. Gray/Kurr & Karpovich/Larrabee & Kelly/McKee 52 $60/team

6. Stracke/Renzelman 53 $45

T7. McVey/Danford & Sears/Rousis 54 $38/team

T9. Ward/Milsap & Puryear/Bachman & Janssen/Derry & Corporon/Webster 56 $18/team

Now that the courses are getting mowed, I can start getting things marked.  My plan is to have everything marked between Wed and Thursday.

Just over 50 hours left until registration closes.  Don't be that person who is going to call me to get in and i am going to have to give you some really bad news.

is the flex one pounder open to any player?

Yes the 1 Rounder is open to anyone.  Open and Amateurs

2015 Midwest Amateur Championship Schedule of Events

Thursday 8/13
Players Pack Pick Up at DDKC 10-6p
Tee Times posted at by 5pm

Friday 8/14
Players Pack Pick Up at DDKC 10-6p
Rosedale 1 Rounder Flex Start 10-6 ($10)
  Divisional Singles
  Divisional Doubles
  Mixed Doubles

Tee Times start at 8am.
Boulevard Brewing Players Party
  Swope Park 6-10p
  Putting Competition
  Swap Meet
  DJ Twiggy
  Parkers KC BBQ
  Other Games
  Midwest Moonlight Doubles ($20/Team) starts at 9ish

Tee Times start at 8am
Awards at your finishing course

300 Players and counting.  An event of this size needs as much help as we can get.  If you are available for any part of August 15/16th.  Please reach out to me and volunteer an hour or a day.  We need from you in order to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Sure all the courses are open for practice now

On Friday August 14th, we will be hosting a 1 Rounder in full MAC Layout at Rosedale park.  It is a flex start from 10-6.  You must be tee'd off by 6pm.  Pro's play for cash and Am's play for DDKC Cash.

Divisional Singles
Divisional Doubles
Mixed Doubles

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