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Day 1 is in the books and Round 2 tee times are live

Congrats to the Round 1 Leaders
Advanced Men: Kevin Shaffer
Advanced Women: Heather Schreiber
Amateur Masters: Scott Walsh
Amateur Masters Women: Elisabeth Borg-Bowman
Amateur Grand Masters: Rob Amos
Amateur Sr Grand Masters: Charlie Chung
Intermediate Men: Andrew Revis
Intermediate Women: Kimberly Giannola

**** PDGA C' Tier 1 Rounder at Swope Park ****

Tomorrow from 10-6, last card must be teed off no later than 6pm.

Divisional Singles.  $10
Pros = Cash
Amateurs = Funny Money>

The course is Open to practice but if you want a little more competition.

Meet at normal hole #2.

Pool A and B Tee Times are uploaded. Hopefully there are no changes and if there are, i will post here. to protect yourself, please check again prior to going to the course for your round.

Pool C Tee Times are uploaded. Hopefully there are no changes and if there are, i will post here. to protect yourself, please check again prior to going to the course for your round.

I sent an email out to all competitors this morning

Welcome to the 2016 Midwest Amateur Championship.  This should be a great week and I hope you all enjoy it as much as i will.  Below is some basic information.  If you have other questions, please let me know.

You can also find many answers on:

Tee Times:
Tee Times will be posted at the above link but will also be at these links hopefully no later than 8pm CST on Wednesday August 24th.

A Tier:

B Tier:

Players Packs
Players packs can be picked up starting tomorrow Tuesday August 23rd from 10-6pm at Dynamic Discs Kansas City.  The address is 2854 West 47th St, Kansas City, KS

We will be set up there from Tuesday until Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-2.  We will also be set up at the Swope Players Party from 6-9pm.

IMPORTANT:  Only the person who is present can pick up there players package.  You will not be able to pick it up for a friend or family member.

Your players package is pre packaged so when you check in, you will get a box full of goodies.  Sometimes those discs are not a good match for you, so at the players party at Swope, there will be a trade table.  So if you get a disc you are not happy with, you can trade it for what is available. The tules to the trade table are, your disc must be in the exact same condition you received it in and you can only trade for the same plastic and disc type.  So you if you are trading in a Latitude 64 Opto Mid Range, you can only get a Latitide 64 Opto Midrange.  It can be a different mold, color and/or weight.

The payout will be after your division completes the 3rd round, not when all of the divisions are complete.  So if you are in Amateur Masters, once the last Amateur Masters card is in, we will calculate payout and do awards right away, so you can get on the road.

Payout must be used by August 28th, 2016.  Payout vouchers can only be collected from the course you finish your 3rd round from and can be spent at the MAC merchandise tent or at Dynamic Discs Kansas City.

If you need to cancel, please respond to this email or call/text me at 920-379-0056.  It makes the event run slower if directors have to look for you and you are not going to be there.  Even if you already have your players pack and decide you can't make it, please be courteous and let me know.

I hope you have a great week and good luck

Just over 48 hours left before the online registration will close.  Remember Sunday 8/21 at 8p CST, registration will close whether the event is full or not

Is there a players party by chance?

Also, what are some other good courses to hit up when round is over?  I've played WW, Cliff and Wyandotte, heard Bad Rock Creek and Wilbur Springs.

There is a players party at Swope Park from 6-9p on Saturday August 27th.

Also, is the map for SMP missing tall grass OB lines on 5?

This MAP is correct and it is a PAR 61

It's the Final Countdown !!!

I want to remind any last minute procrastinators that online registration will close Sunday evening, even if the event is not full. Please do not be that person who calls me next week wondering why registration is closed or how they can get in. If you are going to play, please sign up soon. if you are not going to play, come on out and spectate or help the event out in some capacity by spotting or helping in numerous other ways.

Ill talk to the PDGA again about it

Shawnee Mission Map/Details

None of the courses are set yet

Swope Course Map/Details

Rosedale Course Map/Details

Many of the Caps have been adjusted based on current registration and going to a 10 min tee time vs a 8 min tee time. This has made a few divisions almost full. If your division fills, please go on the waitlist, I will do my best to get everyone and will probably do another cap adjustment as it gets closer based on needs.

This is my initial thoughts for SMP and probably will be pretty close

1 - Middle
2 - Long (Water Long OB)
3 - Super Long temp under pine tree with Mando
4 - Long, tee from path straight back about 80-100' (Path, Tall grass left OB)
5 - Long (TG OB)
6 - Long
7 - Long (RD OB)
8 - long, possible temp basket (TG Left OB)
9 - Long
10 - Long
11 - Long, possible temp basket
12 - Long (TG OB)
13 - Middle (TG OB)
14 - Long (TG Left OB)
15 - Long (TG OB)
16 - Long
17 - Long (TG Left OB)
18 - Long. (TG Right OB)

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