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Tournaments / Re: 2015 Frostbreaker Open and Rosedale Cup
« on: January 01, 2015, 08:49:07 pm »
Wyco and Rosedale will be split like the we're in 2014.  I'm hoping to get everything submitted for 2015 next week.

Scott Reek - 92
Andrew Presnell - 92
Jay Rivard - 93
Aaron Shanahan - 94
Luke McCall - 94
Scott Oswalt - 94
JB - 96
Dan Zink - 96
Andrew Stomps - 97
Brendan Egan - 97
Steve Dresser - 97
Duane Waldman - 98
John Davis - 98
Kevin Weiss - 98

Joe Teater - 98
Coop - 98
William Mersman - 99
Anthony Puryear - 99
Lee Killian - 101
Ben Dresser - 101
David Brockman - 104
Mark Anderson - 105
Martin Moranville - 105
Nate Zier - 106
Michael Kreuger - 106
Lanny Quigley - 107
Jen Brockman - 107
Jeff Waldron - 112

Andre Labruyere - 104
Derek Broockerd - 104
Chris McKee - 104
Mike Petrin - 104
Jeff Fenton - 106
Dan Morphew - 107
Travis Trober - 107
Ben Patterson - 108

Bryan Fenton - 109
Steve Stansberry - 109
CJ Hucke - 110
Dylan Swanson - 113
Austin Anderson - 125

Players Packages can be picked up from Dynamic Discs in KC today from 10-6 if you are in the area and want a earlier selection than waiting till Saturday Morning

Current Pre Registration for the Winter Wonderland.

FW2         Lis   Borg-Bowman
MA1         Andrew   Presnell
MA1         Mark   Lienemann
MA1         Travis    Corporon
MA2         Jeff   Waldron
MA2         Earl   Johansen
MA2         Paul   Barkofske
MA2         Nick   Meyers
MA2         Javen   Bowie
MA2         Bill   Shinoski
MA2         Matt   Dixon
MA2         John   Sherman
MA2         Nate   Zier
MA2         Anthony   Birchfield
MA2         Chris   McKee
MA2         Marty   Lammers
MA2         CJ   Hucke
MA2         Ryan   Bruno
MA2         Mark   Anderson
MA3         Russell   Brooks
MA3         Emily   Kackley
MA3         Dylan   Swanson
MA3         Bryce   Reynolds
MA3         Kyle   Reynolds
MG1         Dan   Morphew
MG1         Harold   Berciunas
MPO         Luke   McCall
MPO         Joe   Hesting
MPO         Das   Loomis
MPO         Jon   Oakes

Current Pre Registration

Pro         Scott   Reek
Pro         Jeff   Waldron
Pro         Luke   McCall
AM         Jeff   Fenton
AM         Bryan   Fenton
Pro         Steve   Dresser
AM         Ben    Dresser
AM         Michael   Kreuger
AM         Nate   Zier
AM         Dylan   Swanson
AM         Duane   Waldman
AM         Chris   Mckee
Pro         Aaron   Shanahan
AM         Ben    Patterson
Pro         Jamie   Barry
AM         Harold   Berciunas
AM         Anthony   Puryear
AM         CJ   Hucke
AM         Double   Down
AM         Dan   Zink

As of now there are spots available

73 Players? So someone can Cali?

I fixed it, it was a typo

The "Double Down" under will be taking place this sunday at the Rosedale Down Under course.  Because of daylight restrictions, this event will cap at 72 players/36 teams.  You can pre register to secure your spot or at a minimum, send me a PM so i can get you added to the list.  Even with a fun unsanctioned event, the more i know ahead of time, the smoother It will run.

Winter Wonderland Week

Everyone wants to know the secret hole.

Check it out!

RWW Hole Set UP (Bob Ward Approved)

1   Short Right
2   Short Right
3   Short Right
4   Short Middle
5   SPECIAL HOLE!!! :o :o  Play 5 Tee Pad To Hole 6 Basket In The Tree Cluster   ;) ;D 8)
6   7 Short Right
7   8 Left Blue Pin
8   SPECIAL HOLE!!! :o :o  Island Shot From RWW Painted Tee Pad  ;) ;D 8)
This is a true island hole. The tee shot must come to rest in bounds to establish a lie on the island or the player must keep throwing from the RWW painted tee pad with a stroke penalty.  :P :-[ ??? :-\ :'( 
9   Short Right
10  Short Middle
11  Short Right
12  Short Right
13  Short Left
14  Stairs
16  Short Left
17  Short Straight
18  Short Right

Josh Harvey
DDKC 913-403-0710

Course is set for the Rosedale Winter Wonderland.

Might be a secret hole for this tournament.

How could Rosedale have a "secret hole"?

Stay tuned...

Barter Town / I am looking for Vibram Mini Markers
« on: November 26, 2014, 11:22:35 pm »
I am looking for a variety of Vibram Mini Markers.  If you have any that you are willing to part with, please let me know. 

General Banter / Re: Heritage Park
« on: November 25, 2014, 07:30:58 am »
Spring is stlll the plan but with winter coming, it just depends on how much we get done before snow fall and what needs to be dont in the spring.  The Baskets have been ordered.


I will let you know when I am there again.  I usually do most of the work during the week since the weekends are harder for me

So if you win, you get double your entry back, if you get last cash, you still get double your entry back?

Yep, as long as you are in the top 50%, you win double your money

Pro is Cash and Amateur is Dynamic Discs KC Credit

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