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The Chill at the Hill is officially full!

Approx 25 spots remaining

Hey Scott I thought of something else that would be sweet to have at this event and possibly even keep up at the DD store. I would love it if you guys had a net and radar gun to see the speed guys can throw. With Simon Lizotte posting his MPH it makes me want to know what my mortal arm can accomplish. I think it would be something most guys would think was cool. You could even do something like at an amusement park where guys pay a few bucks and if they can guess their exact speed on their third throw they win a voucher or disc or something. I think it would be popular. Just throwing it out there!

I think this is a Fabulous idea!!

There are currently only 32 spots remaining for this event

This is a very relxed and casual event.  The only time i make up cards on this type of an event is if people attend without anyone with them, then i will add them to a group.  If you show up with a friend or a group, I am assuming that those are the groups that will play together.

There are currently 41 spots remaining.  I have been told i will be getting a few registrations at the PHill Monday NIght Travel League tonight.

The Chill at the Hill is nearly half full with 6 weeks to go!!

I am hoping to go out to P-Hill next week to walk the course and figure out what changes will be made and the pin placements for the event.  We are over 1/3rd full and with a 90 person limit and over $1000 Ace Pool, this event will fill ahead of time

Unfortunatly there is not a players package for this event

Dynamic Discs Kansas City will be hosting the 2015 Trilogy Challenge on August 2nd, 2015 at Swope Park in Kansas City, Missouri. This is a flex start event so you can start any time between 10 am and 4 pm The last group must be tee'd off no later than 4 pm.

You will be play a normal singles round using only the discs from the Trilogy Challenge,


(1) Westside Discs Elasto Sampo
(1) Dynamic Discs Fuzion Evidence
(1) Latitude 64 Retro Macana
(1) Trilogy Challenge Mini
(1) Mini Clipboard
(1) Mini Sharpie
(1) Trilogy Scorecard and Pencil

The player pack will cost all participants $30. The discs in each player pack will be unreleased until the Trilogy Öppna in Emporia, Kansas on September 19th-20th.

Online Registration:

Here is the return to the Double Down "Under" which is the same event we hosted back in December,

Pro Divisions $20
Amateur Divisions $15
Random Draw Doubles
Check in 8-8:45a
June 13th, 2015

Here is how this event works

You play two rounds at the Rosedale Down Under course and each round, you randomly draw for a partner within your division.

Example:  If the first round I get paired with player A and combined we shoot a -10, and the second round I get partnered with player B and we shoot a -6 together, my individual score would be a -16 (-10 for the first round and -6 for the second round). 

The top 50% of each division will win double their entry.  So if there are 10 open players, then 5 of them would win $40

General Banter / Re: A Night at Kauffman with Dynamic Discs
« on: May 18, 2015, 09:23:26 AM »
My initial presentation to them was to do more disc golf/frisbee style activities and what we could do to promote.  The Royals do not allow special events unless you are a sponsor of the KC Royals which start at some pretty big money.

So my thought was for this year, lets get as many peopel to attend so people could see us and start a relationship with the Royals and see what is possible in the future.

1/3rd Full

Following Dynamic Discs Chill at the Hill two round pdga event there will be a random draw doubles glow round July 18 teeing off at approximately 9pm. Then the following morning July 19 there will be a random draw triples round teeing off at 10 am. Each round will cost $5 and there will be a 100% payout based on entry numbers. There is no pre reg for either event. Camping is encouraged and The city has waived camping fees for that night.

All questions please contact Aaron Shanahan 913-747-5644.

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